Balcony Winterization: Prepare Your Balcony for Winter in 5 Steps

by Maria Konou

Autumn is here! With it come greater chances for cold weather, winds, and rain. If you love spending time on your balcony, you might want to consider some preparations and improvements before the winter arrives. That way, you will still be able to spend time on your balcony, even if the conditions are not sunny and perfect. In this article, we will help you on your balcony winterization journey! You will learn how to prepare your balcony for winter in just five simple steps. If you do not want to do the work all at once, just do one step every week. By the time the cold months arrive, you will have successfully prepped your balcony for the new climate conditions! Let’s see the steps:

Time to learn how to prepare your balcony for winter in a few simple steps

what to do with balcony plants in winter

Balcony Winterization: Prepare Your Balcony for Winter in 5 Steps


The first step to any home improvement journey is to clean up! After all, you need to see what you are working with before making any plans and changes. So, throw out all the rubbish, remove or disassemble furniture if needed, wash the windows and all the surfaces, and finally vacuum and mop the floors. When you are cleaning the windows, carefully look around for any mold or hidden dirt. If you find some damage from the summer rain, make sure to treat it with the right products. No one wants mold growing in their home.

The first step of the winterization process is to clean up the balcony


how to protect balcony plants in winter

#Organize Storage

After you are done cleaning, it is time to sort out the things you removed from the balcony. For example, if you have summer decorations and furniture, sort it into boxes and label them before putting them into storage. That way, you will know exactly where everything is, and it won’t disappear. If your storage space is limited, you can keep things on hooks or in special organizers that will save you valuable space.

Organize the things you don’t need right now into labelled boxes

winter proof your balcony

#Take Care of Your Plants

Every plant enthusiast knows that with the change of seasons, a lot changes for your plants as well. They surely cannot withstand the harsh conditions and cold temperatures, so probably most of them have to be brought inside. That of course depends on where you live. Before moving your plants, however, take care of a couple of things. You need to remove any dead leaves, dust off the leaves, treat plants for parasites, and do a general inspection on each plant.

Your plants also need special treatment and help before the winter arrives

how to keep your balcony warm in the winter

#Update your Furniture

Think about whether you need to update the furniture on your balcony. Generally, you won’t be spending as much time there as you did in the summer, but there are still ways to enjoy your balcony. Folding models are typically considered the best for the balcony because it is easy to move them around, and bring them inside whenever needed. Once the cold weather sets in, you might want to clear out your balcony from any unnecessary furniture.

Think about what type of furniture will be most practical for your balcony and habits

prepare balcony for winter

#Change the Decor

To really set the vibe of the changing season, think about switching your balcony decor! For example, remove the linen and cotton textiles with wool and velvet to create a more autumnal atmosphere. Add warm knitted blankets and more pillows to make everything cozy and comfortable. Maybe you can even add a rug to keep your feet warm? In addition, you can also trust scented candles and dry flowers to set the mood. If you have a protected balcony and not terribly cold temperatures, you can still keep some of your plants on your balcony. All of these little changes will help you feel better about the months that are slowly but surely approaching.

Changing your summer decor will help set the tone for the winter

winter balcony decorating ideas

Now you know how to prepare your balcony for the winter months!

winter balcony ideas

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