Pampas Grass Decor Ideas For a Lush, Boho Interior

by John Griffith

If you have recently been spending time browsing through Instagram or Pinterest, you have probably noticed that there are a few trends, which are taking over. Bloggers and influencers usually always combine their efforts to make something extremely popular, so it floods your news feed. And what else is there to do than to follow suit. One of those trends is something very simple to achieve. So, today, in this article we are going to show you how to recreate those lush, boho interiors with Pinterest worthy pampas grass decor ideas. We have also prepared a fun DIY wreath, which you can try and make at home. Trust us, pampas grass is the trend to follow especially for the fall season. It is a plant that can often be found in Thanksgiving decorations.

Pampas grass decor is so easy to recreate

arrangement with white faux pampas grass two candles placed on top of three books with white covers gray wall

What is pampas grass?

Pampas grass is an ornamental grass, which is very easy to look after. It is often used in interior decor, although if you have a garden, it will undoubtedly look just as great. The good news for anyone who wants to add this plant to their landscape is that is it is so easy to look after. The only thing you need to know is that when you plant it, it is important to provide it with enough space to grow. The other thing is that the grass usually reaches anywhere from 5 to 10 feet in width and height. So, like we said, space is a must have. It doesn’t require lots of water, so if you live somewhere with the occasional rainy day, you will be okay. If, however, you live somewhere extremely hot, where rain is a rarity, then it is a good idea to occasionally water the grass so as not to dry completely.

Pampas grass can look just as good in the exterior as it does in the interior design

bedroom decor in white with wooden floor pampas grass decor glass vase with pampass grass on the night stand

How to dry pampas grass?

Usually when it is used as a decor inside your house, the grass can be dried. How does that happen you might ask? Well, it is quite easy. Grab a small bunch of it, tie it together and hang it upside down from the ceiling in a cool, dry place. Leave there for about two weeks and you are all set. What’s more, you can spray it with hair spray, so as to stop shedding. Make sure you wear gloves and a shirt with sleeves when you are cutting the stems, because what many people may not know is that pampas grass is extremely sharp and can actually cut you.

Just dry three stems of pampas grass and you have yourself a wonderful flower arrangement

beige and white wall faux pampas grass wooden bench with vinyl player and white ceramic vase on top

Spraying the grass with hair spray keeps it from shedding

beige and white wall in the background pampas grass being spray painted in gold placed in white vase

Pampas grass decor ideas

There are a few ways in which you can use pampas grass in your home’s decor. The first one, of course, is as a flower arrangement. If you have a gorgeous large vase and you are looking for a way to add to its gorgeousness, then filling it with pampas grass is just the right way to do it. Whether you decide to decorate your hallway, living room or bedroom, pampas grass will add lots of lushness and boho feeling to the room. That is especially true if you like to keep the colors neutral.

We all have those large vases which can fit so many flowers, or pampas grass

window to nowhere

Other ideas for pampas grass

Pampas grass can also be used to create wonderful wreaths and decorations for your walls. Who says that pampas grass in a vase is your only option. You can add it to a wreath, or even your lamp shades and lightning fixtures. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use this luscious plant all over your house. It will give your interior an understated boho look, which is going to showcase the simplicity of your decor and add depth to it.

Ingenious way to use pampas grass

black chairs with blankets wooden table set for four people where to buy pampas grass on the chandelier

DIY pampas grass wreath

decorations for the wall diy wreath step by step diy tutorial how to dry pampas grass exposed wood beams white walls

How to make a DIY wreath?


  • dye in two different colors of your choice
  • large pot
  • 13-15 pampas grass feathers
  • 10-inch grapevine wreath
  • wire cutters
  • floral wire
  • hair spray
  • scissors

This is everything you are going to need to recreate this tutorial

white gold pink pampas grass wreath spray paint scissors pampas grass in vase diy wreath step by step tutorial


  1. Spray the large feathers with hair spray.
  2. Use the pot to heat water and add the dye. Submerge the small feathers in the dye and let sit for about 15 minutes or until the desired color is achieved.

You can dye the feathers in any color you like

how to dry pampas grass and dye it in red paint inside blue pot placed on wooden surface

3. Dye the small feathers in two different colors to add more depth to the wreath.

4. Once ready, let the feathers dry. Re-fluff them and spray with the hair spray.

Spray with hair spray to avoid shedding

spray painting a branch of pampas grass how to dry pampas grass palm tree in the background

5. Start wiring the feathers to the wreath. Use the floral wire to attach the feather on both ends of the wreath. Wiring them in two places will keep the feathers attached without moving.

6. Cut off the stem.

Cut off the floral wire once you have attached the feather to the wreath

wooden wreath how to dry pampas grass branches being tied to it step by step diy tutorial

7. Repeat with each big pampas grass feather to create a fan like shape.

8. In the same way, add the small feathers between the big ones, attaching them with the wire.

Try and recreate this fan-like shape

how to dry pampas grass back of the wreath made with white grass placed on wooden surface scissors on the side

9. You can add other small floral decorations in between the feathers.

Voila! Easy and beautiful pampas grass decor

wreath made with white pink gold pampas grass in vase placed on wooden surface diy wreath step by step tutorial

Source: Dalla Vita

You can find even more ideas in our photo gallery below

black and white ceramic vase filled with dried pampas grass photographed on white background pampas grass decor

black fireplace artificial pampas grass inside ceramic vase placed on wooden table with black chairs

black metal railing with clothes hanging on it pampas grass leaning on the white wall next to it macrame hanging on the wall

You can use pampas grass for minimalistic, Scandinavian style Christmas decor

blonde woman decoratingher mantel for christmas wearing white cardigan where to buy pampas grass two candles and stockings brick accent wall behind black cupboard with a glass vase with dried pampas grass inside marble dining table black chairs brick accent wall in living room with white sofa wooden table wooden floor with large carpet dried pampas grass inside glass vase in the corner

brown leather armchair ottoman small wooden vase next to it artificial pampas grass ceramic jug with pampas grass inside brunette woman wearing colorful dress leaning on white cupboard with two ceramic vases with colored pampas grass round mirror on white wall

If you are not the best at taking care of plants, you can fill your corners with pampas grass

colored pampas grass wooden chair with white pillows glass vas with pampas grass white walls and wooden floor dried pampas grass inside tall white vase standing next to sofa covered with white blanket throw pillows white walls and floor faux flowers arrangement in white pink gold dried pampas grass placed inside white ceramic vase placed on wooden table faux pampas grass wooden cupboard with framed art vase with pampas grass on top next to large mirror

Give your mantel a makeover with this minimalistic decor

fireplace with mirror and art hanging above it pampas grass decor vases of pampas grass on the mantel gold vase with tall pampas grass inside placed on wooden table photographed on white background gray sofa and ottoman with wooden table in living room with white walls faux pampas grass on the table industrial style green tall pampas grass inside glass vase placed on wooden table with white chairs large mirror next to it leaning on white wall

Pampas grass can be a great centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table arrangement

large wooden dinig table with plastic chairs colored pampas grass arrangement in the middle thanksgiving decoration living room with white sofa glass coffee table brown glass vase with colored pampas grass inside white carpet marble table with large glass vase with faux pampas grass inside stone accent wall wooden floor in living room mirror leaning on white wall in bedroom with wooden floor tall pampas grass inside white ceramic vase night stand next to bed lamp and white vase with pampas grass in it wall decorated in blue and white pampas grass decor woman wearing white pants shirt hat holding pampas grass standing next to vase filled with the plant

Or you can always plant some in your garden and elevate your exterior

pampas grass in vase white pampass grass bush planted in front yard trees in the background pampas grass metal round vase with the plant inside placed on tiled floor next to small wooden bench pampas grass wreath hanging on white wall tall pampas grass candle and vase on black mantel tall mirror where to buy pampas grass wooden chair and side table next to it ceramic vase with pampas grass

Nothing beats this understated centerpiece

tall pampas grass in the middle of white table runner on wooden table three candles greenery on it three ceramic vases filled with pampas grass placed on small wooden table white wall in the background

artificial pampas grass inside white ceramic vase placed on top of kitchen island wooden basket with small pumpkins inside three jugs vases arranged on white surface colored pampas grass inside one of them photographed on white background where to buy pampas grass white shelves on gray wall small glass vase with pink pampas grass framed photos white pink pampas grass bush planted in the ground tall trees in the background pampas grass in vase white walls behind black metal railing with coats hanging on it dried pampas grass inside white tall vase

Elevate your art collection with a gorgeous pampas grass vase arrangement

wooden floor and white wall ceramic vase with artificial pampas grass framed art next to it leaning on the wall wooden floor white walls tall mirror surrounded by wooden vases and chair where to buy pampas grass wooden table with open magazines on it glass vase with artificial pampas grass black bow tied around it

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