Express your festive mood with these Thanksgiving decorations

by John Griffith

Let the festivities begin. With Halloween just a few days away, kicking off this festive season, it is high time we start thinking of our holiday decor. Which is why, today we have prepared an article to help you replace the Halloween decor with a Fall/Thanksgiving one. So, here are a few Thanksgiving decorations ideas, as well as 4 super easy and simple DIY tutorials.

Thanksgiving decorations to help you express your holiday mood

thanksgiving decorations, large pumpkin, candle lantern, black wooden wall, fall leaves, arranged on table

When is Thanksgiving?

This year Thanksgiving falls on November 25th. Is is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of October. It is a day of giving thanks, celebrating the blessings of the good harvest and spending time with family.

Autumn flower arrangements are always a great idea

large bouquet, made of autumn flowers, in large silver vase, thanksgiving decorations, black background

What are the most popular Thanksgiving decorations?

Thanksgiving is a day, celebrating the blessings of the harvest. Naturally, it involves lots of pumpkins, pears and apples. Autumn flowers and fall leaves are another holiday must-have when it comes to decor. Needless to say, orange, yellow, brown, red and gold are the most popular colors. These are the most popular fall colors, which bring a lot of coziness to your home. Candles and wooden crates and logs are another great addition to any Thanksgiving decor.

Fall colors are truly beautiful and when arranged together create a real piece of art

autumn flowers, large bouquet, thanksgiving decorations, wooden table, orange leather armchair

Table Thanksgiving decorations are very important for the Thanksgiving dinner

plate settings, on wooden table, flower bouquets, flannel table cloths, thanksgiving decorations

Wreath made of pumpkins, apples, pine cones and fall leaves

wreath made of pumpkins, pine cones, apples and leaves, thanksgiving decorations, blue plates, wine glasses

Super DIY #1

fall decor, step by step, diy tutorial, pumpkins made of flannel table cloth, on wooden logs, green ribbons

Thanksgiving decorations – DIY pumpkin


  • large roll of toilet paper
  • 18-inch square piece of fabric
  • 4-inch piece of branch
  • green ribbon

These are the materials you are going to need

flannel table cloth, toilet paper roll, green ribbon, wooden stick, fall decor, step by step, diy tutorial


  1. Grab the toilet paper roll and start unrolling it at least 10 times, then roll it back up loosely in order to achieve a rounder form.
  2. Place the toilet paper in the middle of your fabric.
  3. Grab a corner of the fabric and tuck it in the toilet roll. Keep going around until all of the fabric is tucked in the toilet paper roll.
  4. Grab your piece of branch and tie ribbon around it. Tuck it into the center of the toilet paper roll.

Follow these steps for an eye-catching decoration

step by step, diy tutorial, photo collage, fall decor, toilet paper roll, turned into a pumpkin, with table cloth

You can attach real fall leaves with some glue instead of using a ribbon

hand holding, wooden stick, green ribbon around it, fall decor, step by step, diy tutorial

Lovely Thanksgiving table decoration

wooden table, white chairs, fall decor, pumpkins scattered around, wine glasses, candles and leaves

Cinnamon stick candle holders – beautiful, creative and aromatic

candles with cinnamon sticks, tied with twig, around them, arranged on white plate, thanksgiving decorating ideas, walnuts scattered

The Thankful tree – DIY #2

the thankful tree, step by step, diy tutorial, thanksgiving decorating ideas, large jar, full of walnuts, fall leaves around it

DIY #2 – The thankful tree


Materials needed for this easy and creative DIY

chalkboard on small wooden piece, chalk and scissors, thanksgiving decorating ideas, brown ribbon


  1. Fill the jar with the walnuts and decorate it with a ribbon.
  2. Stick the tree branches into the jar. Make sure it is secure and doesn’t move.
  3. Write things that you are thankful for, or let your guests do it with chalk on the wooden tags.
  4. Hang them on the branches.

The assembly of the materials is super simple

Gorgeous cornucopia full of paper flowers

cornucopia with faux, paper flowers, thanksgiving decorating ideas, wooden log, red table runner

DIY #3 for your Thanksgiving table

diy tutorial, step by step, pumpkins painted in gold and blue, silver trays attached, thanksgiving decorating ideas,

DIY Thanksgiving table centrepiece


  • foam pumpkin medium size
  • glue gun
  • silver tray
  • copper paint
  • paint brush

Find all the materials you need for this DIY in any dollar store near you

thanksgiving decorations diy, gold paint, silver tray, glue gun, orange pumpkin, step by step, diy tutorial


  1. Remove the stem from the pumpkin.
  2. Use the paint brush and cover the pumpkin with the copper paint. Let it dry.
  3. On the top of the pumpkin put glue around it.
  4. Attach the serving plate and press firmly until it sticks.
  5. You can make a second level by attaching another pumpkin on top.

pumpkin painted in gold, thanksgiving decorations diy, glue gun, step by step, diy tutorial

Creative and effective table decoration

white background, thanksgiving decorations diy, pumpkin painted in gold, silver tray attached to it

Thanksgiving door decor

massive wooden door, wreath with autumn leaves, thanksgiving decorations diy, pumpkins arranged around it

white pumpkin carved, faux flowers inside it, on wooden log, thanksgiving decorations diy, wooden table

DIY #4 – cinnamon-scented pine cones done in two different ways

pine cones, in wooden basket, cinnamon powder, inside a jar, purple cloth, turkey decoration, cinnamon sticks

DIY cinnamon scented pine cones


  • pine cones
  • cinnamon essential oil
  • Ziploc bag
  • small spray bottle
  • clear dry craft glue
  • craft brush
  • ground cinnamon
  • plastic container

Option 1 – cinnamon-covered pine cones

pine cones, covered with cinnamon powder, turkey decoration, in a plastic container, on wooden table, step by step, diy tutorial

Option 1 instructions:

  1. Using the craft brush coat the pine cones with glue one by one. Don’t let the glue dry.
  2. Hold the pine cone over a plastic container and start covering it with ground cinnamon. Make sure you cover the whole pine cone.
  3. Shake off the excess and let them dry.

Option 2 – cinnamon-scented pine cones

pine cones, inside a ziploc bag, turkey decoration, sprayed with essential oil, on wooden table, step by step, diy tutorial

Option 2 instructions:

  1. Add 20 drops of the cinnamon essential oil to the spray bottle.
  2. Add a small amount of water (about 1/8 cup) and shake well.
  3. Put the pine cones into a Ziploc bag and spray lightly with the essential oil.
  4. Distribute by sealing the bag and shaking it well. Repeat this step two, three more times so that the pine cones are well coated.
  5. Seal them in the bag and let them sit so that the fragrance infuses well. You can leave them for about 4 weeks, spraying again with the oil after 2 weeks.

Thanksgiving decorations

thanksgiving banner, turkey decoration, pumpkins arranged on table, plate settings, alcohol bar, wooden ladder

brown bottles, wheat inside, arranged on mantel, thanks written on them, turkey decoration, red wall, fall leaves wreath

And here is a video tutorial on how to set your Thanksgiving dinner table

wooden log, candles inside, autumn decor, small pumpkins, pine cones, fall leaves, arranged as table runner

DIY orange pumpkin vase

diy orange pumpkin vase, autumn decor, step by step, diy tutorial, faux flowers, photo collage

emma table setting, autumn decor, flower arrangement, in the middle of the table, with roses, pine cones

Fall decor

small pumpkins, pine cones, fall leaves, candles inside wooden crate, on wooden table, autumn decor

faux pumpkins, candles inside, candy apples, autumn decor, candles in glasses, wooden table

outdoor thanksgiving decorations, yellow and orange, flower bouquet, fall leaves, wine glasses white table runner

give thanks, table runner, outdoor thanksgiving decorations, yellow wine glasses, wooden table, plate settings, flower arrangement

Thanksgiving decorating ideas

big white pumpkin, smaller pumpkins, painted gold, arranged as table runner, outdoor thanksgiving decorations, wooden table

grapes and pumpkins, candles and wheat, on wooden log, outdoor thanksgiving decorations, wooden table, plate setting

hello fall, wooden cake stand, small pumpkins, pine cones, arranged on it, outdoor thanksgiving decorations

rosemary wreath, over napkin, madeline table setting, outdoor thanksgiving decorations, white plates, marble countertop

Thanksgiving decorations DIY – beautiful mason jar candle holders with fall leaves

fall leaves, glued to a mason jar, pinterest thanksgiving, candles inside, step by step, diy tutorial

wooden chairs, orange ribbons on them, pinterest thanksgiving, flower bouquets, plate settings, white table cloth

pinterest thanksgiving, small pumpkins, arranged as table runner, candles between them, plate settings, wooden table

give thanks banner, rustic decor, dessert table, pinterest thanksgiving, white cake stands, wooden floor

Autumn decor

pine cones and candles, inside a wooden log, pinterest thanksgiving, wooden table

thanksgiving door decor, orange table runner, white pumpkins, pinterest thanksgiving, plate settings, candles inside vases

pumpkins arranged as table runner, thanksgiving door decor, white table runner, wooden table

gold pumpkins, fall leaves, candles arranged, in the middle of the table, thanksgiving door decor, water glasses

Outdoor Thanksgiving decorations

large flower bouquets, pumpkins and candles, arranged on each step, thanksgiving door decor, wreath on the door

Another easy DIY – autumn wreath

step by step, diy tutorial, photo collage, wooden wreath, with fall leaves, thanksgiving door decor

candles in glasses, fall leaves, inside large vases, thanksgiving home decorations, wooden table

mason jars, painted in white green and orange, flower bouquets, inside wooden crate, thankful and blessed, thanksgiving home decorations

pumpkins and leaves, arranged in the middle of the table, thanksgiving home decorations, plate settings, candles everywhere

Thanksgiving home decorations

give thanks banner, stuffed toy turkey, thanksgiving home decorations, flower bouquets, dessert table

wooden wreath, with faux leaves and fruits, thanksgiving home decorations, black door, orange ribbon

happy thanksgiving sign, wooden chairs, horse painting, flower bouquets, plate settings, turkey figurines, on the table

Pumpkins, fall leaves and flowers – what more could you possibly need

welcome written on pumpkin, pumpkins arranged in barrel, happy thanksgiving sign, flowers and fall leaves, in the background

table runner, pumpkins and fall leaves, arranged on it, happy thanksgiving sign, wine glasses, plate settings

small pumpkins, arranged in tall, glass vases, happy thanksgiving sign, blurred background

Candles are a must-have when it comes to Thanksgiving table decorations

wooden logs, pine cones, pumpkins and candles on them, happy thanksgiving sign, table runner, wine glasses

turkey decorations for thanksgiving, fall leaves, hanging from the lamp, plate settings, wine glasses, wine bottle, on the table

plate settings, white and black table runner, turkey decorations for thanksgiving, black and white pumpkin, in a wooden crate

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