40+ Indoor Water Fountain Ideas For a Relaxing Ambience

by John Griffith

Some people may think of an indoor water fountain as a luxury. However, the truth is that there are some pretty affordable options out there. And as surprising as it may be, water fountains actually have benefits for your home and your well-being. In this article we are going to show you more than 40 ideas for gorgeous indoor fountains. What’s more, we are going to discuss their benefits, where to position them and how to pick the most suitable ones for your home and overall interior. So, if you have decided to add this type of feature to your home, this article is just for you. If not, it might make you want and indoor fountain. But, after all, why not. It will bring so much character to your home and make it feel like you are in a spa.

In this article you will find a few ideas for indoor fountains

beams on the ceiling of open plan space small water fountain ponf next to wall made of marble with fountain

What is the best indoor water fountain?

As is the case with everything else nowadays, there is a wide variety of indoor water fountains you can choose from. But before you start choosing, there are a few things to consider.

  1. How much space do you have?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Which part of your home do you want to accentuate?

If you have a lot of space in your home there are a few different options to try for an indoor fountain. That is also the case if you have more budget. If not, however, fear not! You also have different options for low-cost, space friendly water fountains.

There is a wide variety of indoor fountains you can choose from

black wood and glass staircase indoor waterfall fountain small pond filled with rocks underneath with waterfall

Fill in floor space

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a lot of space, then a water fountain is a great addition. Having empty floor space can be boring. Filling that space with a pond with a fountain is a great idea, however. For example, the space under the stairs is always a great space to situate a fountain. It brings a lot of character to your home’s interior and it also gives off a zen vibe. And, on the plus side, your boring floor isn’t so boring anymore.

Fill in the space under the stairs with a cool water fountain

brick wall made of stones tall staircase pond underneath it indoor water features water falling from the wall to the pond

Use it as a room divider

Here is another reason to have a water fountain. If you have large open plan space then room dividers might be your best friend. And room dividers which have water streaking down are absolutely gorgeous. This type of room divider will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your home. Not only are they beautiful and provide separation between your hallway and living room, fore example, but they also give off amazing relaxing vibes. Furthermore, laying on your sofa and listening to the water falling might actually make you feel as if you are next to a real waterfall.

Using water fountains as room dividers is absolutely genius

tabletop water fountain room divider made of glass water falling down into pot of rocks

Wall-mounted indoor water fountain

If you don’t have enough space for a full blown water fountain, then a wall-mounted one would be perfect for you. What’s even better is the fact that you can pick specific room, in which you want to create the zen feeling we keep talking about. Then, browse and research well before investing in one and just find someone to install it for you. Trust us, the sound of the water falling would be perfect for your home office or bedroom.

Wall-mounted fountains are perfect if you don’t have enough space

granite wall mounted fountain indoor waterfall fountain water falling into pot filled with rocks

Indoor tabletop fountains

For people who want a fountain, but lack space and a big budget tabletop fountains are the perfect solutions. They are perfect for any room. Whether you are going to place them on a side table in your living room, on your desk in your office, or next to your bed in your bedroom, they will still create a relaxing atmosphere. Once again, you can browse and find the ones which are going to fit in with your overall interior. The good news is you have many options.

Tabletop fountains are perfect for people who lack space and don’t want to break the bank

ceramic black pot filled with rocks tabletop water fountain water streaking down from stand light shining into it

Are indoor water fountains healthy?

A lot of people may think that having an indoor water fountain is just a luxury. However, there are some benefits of having a fountain in your home.

Indoor fountains create a relaxing ambience

Just think about all the establishments that you visit – spas, nail salons, even the doctor’s office. Notice how many of them have some sort of fountain either at the registry or in the separate rooms. That is because the sound of water falling is proven to be very relaxing. After all, there are so many different waterfall sounds in those white noise machines and that is no coincidence. Now imagine, having the sound of a small waterfall at home. It will create and everlasting ambience, which is going to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety.

One of the most appealing things about an indoor fountain is creating a relaxing ambience

buddha water fountain statue inside pond under the stairs tabletop water fountain

Indoor fountains actually improve the air quality in your home

Do we need to talk about the benefits of water? First of all, the negative ions released by the evaporation of the water cleanse the air and improve its quality. That, in turn, helps your brain. It is proven that working in a room with clean, fresh air improves your ability to focus. Second of all, a water fountain inside help keep the moisture in the room. Now, that is perfect for people who live in places with hot weather and dry air. If you live some place where it rains all the time, you may not need to further humidify the air inside.

Having water indoors actually improves the air quality

glass staircase tall windows tabletop fountain small pond under the stairs with fountain inside

The overall aesthetic of an indoor water fountain

Indoor water fountains are simply beautiful. Needless to say, that most of them come with an interesting, relaxing design, which serves as a compliment to your overall interior. Adding lights to it brings even more character. In general, having a water fountain inside makes your home and interior design unique and creative and that is always a plus. It can definitely be the talking point whenever you have guests over, as well as the focal point of your home.

The overall aesthetic of your home will definitely improve with an indoor water fountain

living room with tall wall water fountain made of glass two water fountains on each side

Now you are welcome to browse through our gallery and find even more ideas

ceramic pot in black indoor water fountain brass metal flowers water flowing down concrete pot filled with water indoor waterfall concrete stand with the water flowing down

Open plan houses with tall ceilings can definitely benefit from a water fountain

glass room divider in pond in the hallway indoor waterfall water flowing down the glass glass stand placed in the middle of the room indoor waterfall water falling down into pot filled with rocks hallway with small pond with large rocks inside indoor fountain glass bridge over it indoor fountain large glass room divider water flowing down plants around it

Having a pool and a fountain inside? Sure, why not! Especially if it looks like this!

indoor tabletop fountain large open plan space living room with fire pit pool starting from the inside indoor water features fountain made of stone bricks surrounded by plants indoor water fountain wall fountain water streaking down rocks on the bottom indoor waterfall fountain ceramic pots arranged on top of each other indoor water flowing through each

Using water fountains as room dividers is genius

indoor waterfall glass room divider with water flowing down the glass large open plan space with pond wall water fountain bamboo on the side of the pond large open space hallway indoor water fountain small river like fountain with bushes on the sides outdoor bathroom with pond fountain tabletop fountain shower two sinks mirrors sofa oriental design pond next to shower indoor waterfall fountain concrete wall with water falling into the pond

Under the staircase is the perfect place for a fountain

pond under the stairs made of glass tabletop water fountain water streaking into the pond filled with rocks room divider made of glass separating dining room hallway tabletop water fountain water falling down side by side photos of water pond along the wall of hallway indoor waterfall fountain filled with lillies small pond in hallway with lillies tabletop fountain rocks on the bottom under the stairs small water fountain made of glass water streaking down the glass surrounded by flowers

This is such an interesting design

stair shaped fountain indoor water features buddha statue on the top placed right next to door standing indoor fountain with light inside metal flowers water flowing down standing water fountain made of mosaic small black stones indoor water features water falling into pot filled with stones lights on the bottom stone wall waterfall coming out of it wall water fountain water falling into small pond tabletop fountain indoor fountain ceramic pot filled with small rocks oval figure water flowing down tabletop fountain wall covered with black stone bricks fountain flowing down into pool

Tabletop fountains are the perfect solution if you don’t have enough space

tabletop fountain with ceramic pot filled with rocks and stand with water streaking down small water fountain tabletop indoor water fountain rocks in black ceramic pot granite stand water flowing down three water tabs on wall with stone bricks indoor water fountain potted plant on the side

And so are the wall-mounted ones 

wall mounted fountain with granite stand indoor tabletop fountain brass metal pot filled with rocks wall mounted metal wall water fountain water falling into metal pot filled with rocks wall water fountain made of marble water streaking down into pot filled with rocks water streaking down in three different placed into pool indoor tabletop fountain over fireplace water streking down into pot filled with small black rocks indoor water features room divider

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