What Is Scandinavian Design And Why Is It So Popular

by John Griffith

When it comes to interior design trends, there are so many styles out there. Some are so recognizable, it is impossible to mistaken them for any other. Nowadays, however, lots of these styles have seamlessly started blending together. Mid-century modern, rustic farmhouse are just a couple of examples of how two styles can be perfect for each other. What’s more, nowadays, people tend to value comfort over extravagance, which helps when trying to bring out the best from two styles. There is, however, one interior design fad that has been around for decades and it seems like it is not going away anytime soon. The Scandinavian design is a trend, made famous not just because of the popularity of certain Swedish furniture stores, but also because of its simplicity and beauty. So, read on to find out more information about this interior design trend.

There is something so beautiful and simple in this Scandinavian living room design

black and white geometrical carpet scandinavian minimalism white sofa black armchair wooden coffee table white walls

What is Scandinavian?

The Scandinavian design originated from three countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The style started out in the 1950s and has been gaining momentum ever since. With the rise in popularity of stores, such as IKEA, this type of interior design took over the world. And, nowadays, you can find many more stores promoting this type of design. Because of this, Scandinavian interior design is timeless and will never lose its popularity.

The Scandinavian style is all about simplicity

black open bookshelf olive green sofa scandinavian living room two round coffee tables white carpet on wooden floor

What defines Scandinavian design?

When we are talking about this type of interior the most important thing to remember is simplicity. Clean lines, neutral tones, natural elements and lack of clutter are just a few of the things, which define a Scandinavian interior. The countries, from which the trend emerged, have super cold and long winters. Therefore, the design is all about coziness, comfort and warmth. It is all about coming back from work, putting on your warmest pyjamas and getting cozy with a blanket and a good book on your super comfortable sofa.

The beauty is in the simple things

bedroom design with white walls clothing rack black and white photos hanging on the wall above the bed scandinavian design wooden floor

How do I get a Scandinavian look?

The good news for anyone who want to follow this style is that it is probably the easiest to recreate. There aren’t many elements to it. However, there are a few basic ones, without which the style just isn’t the same. Furthermore, as we have already said, there are so many stores out there which sell Scandinavian furniture. So, even if you are on a budget, you will still be able to maintain this interior design trend.

The Scandinavian interior is perfect for anyone who might be working on a budget

black accent on white wall above the bed scandinavian minimalism small black rug on wooden floor white desk table

Neutral tones are a basic element of the Scandinavian design

As we have already said, the Scandinavian minimalism requires neutral tones. White is, of course, the most popular color. That, however, does not mean that you can’t add a few colorful elements here and there. Tan and gray are also colors, which are preferred when decorating your house in Scandinavian style. These colors make the room feel airy and spacious. So, if you don’t have lots of space then you have another upside to this interior design.

Keep it neutral with the colors and add just a few elements to give the room a finished look

bathroom design with white honeycomb tiles floating vanity with large mirror above it scandinavian design shower separated with glass

Use natural elements

For the Scandinavian countries, it is all about nature. So, bringing the nature inside your home is a very important thing. Any Scandinavian home you enter will definitely have wood floors. Wood is also used for extra decoration and for most of the furniture, such as dining table and chairs. Another big thing is live plants, which you can find in almost every room. Even in the bathroom.

In this Scandinavian interior wood is used in such a creative way

bathroom with exposed wood beams white brick wall white tiles scandinavian living room shower separated with glass

Keep it simple with clean lines

Forget about going extravagant with your furniture. Keep it simple and stick to shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles. These are the shapes you can see in a Scandinavian home. Because of that the space looks much airier and less cluttered. And while your furniture have these clean lines, they allow for some creativity when it comes to small decorations scattered around the house. They will bring the finishing touch your home is going to need.

Nothing feels out of place in a Scandinavian interior

black and white photo above pink sofa scandinavian home decor two round wooden coffee tables gray carpet

Less clutter

Sofa, one or two armchairs, coffee table and a TV cabinet. That is pretty much all you need in your living room. And Scandinavian living is all about essential. In this case less is more. Other interior design styles tend to incorporate so many different elements that make the room feel less spacious and cluttered. That, however, is not the case here. As we have already said, keeping it simple with the essentials and sticking to functionality is very important. Avoid all pieces of furniture and decoration, which you are simply not going to use. After all, that is the hygge way.

Less clutter means more space

brown leather sofa black and white framed photos hanging on white wall scandinavian interior design black and white rug on wooden floor

Proper accessories

As we have already said Scandinavian design is all about functionality and simplicity. It is all about being cozy and comfortable in your own home. That, of course, includes plenty of blankets, throw pillows and books. We already established that winters in Sweden, Norway and Denmark are long and super cold. Which is why, for the natives their homes must bring warmth and an escape from the freezing weather. Because of that you can always find a folded blanket resting on a sofa with a few throw pillows. That way when you get home you can cozy up, get warm and just relax in the comfort of your Scandinavian home.

Blankets and throw pillows are a must, because they bring so much coziness and warmth to the room

black and white rug on wooden floor scandinavian living room sofa covered with blanket in front of white brick wall

It is all about the right lighting

Once again we will bring up the cold winter, which not only influence the decor, but also the lighting in Scandinavian homes. During those long winters, there is a lot less daylight. Which is why, it is important to have lots of natural light for as long as you can. Because of that, even large windows are left uncovered or have see through curtains made from a light fabric. On the other hand, once it gets dark, you need plenty of light, which is why rooms in Scandinavian homes are always well lit. Most of the fixtures used are reminiscent of industrial style and are usually armed with brighter light bulbs.

Let all the natural light in during the day, but keep it lit during the night, as well

brown metal chairs green sofa black ottoman small round coffee table scandinavian minimalism all white walls

Now browse through the gallery to find even more Scandinavian design ideas

brown leather sofa two gray armchairs round coffee table in front of fireplace scandinavian living room two bookshelves dark gray accent wall scandinavian decor gray corner sofa next to small square wooden coffee table rug on wooden floor dining room and living room open space what is scandinavian green walls wooden table white and green chairs farmhouse decor in bathroom with scandinavian interior design black bathtub floating wooden vanity white honeycomb tiles on the floor floating wooden vanity in bathroom scandinavian home decor two mirrors hanging on wall covered with white subway tiles

Simple, yet beautiful Scandinavian bedroom decor

framed black and white photos above the bed scandinavian furniture wooden floor mirror leaning on the wall granite gray walls wooden vanity white carpet under the bed on wooden floor what is scandinavian gray armchair on wooden floor what is scandinavian kitchen with kitchen island in all white with open shelving

Adding little bursts of color here and there will give the room so much character

gray sofa and ottoman with gray and yellow throw pillows scandinavian design living room yellow armchair gray carpet gray sofa and puff next to small round black metal coffee table scandinavian furniture kitchen in all white

Black and white photos in frames, hanging on the walls are an interesting, yet simple way to decorate a Scandinavian room

gray sofa framed black and white photos above it scandinavian decor wooden chair wooden floor small side table gray sofa with throw pillows black and white rug on wooden floor scandinavian interior design black and white frames photos on white wall kitchen and dining room kitchen island in dark wood scandinavian decor yellow chairs around long dark wood table

This Scandinavian kitchen enjoys lots of airiness and simplicity with an accent floor with pattern tiles

kitchen in all white with white tiles wooden countertops scandinavian furniture black and white patterned tiles on the floor dgcppem1 minimalistic bedroom in all white scandinavian design round mirror above a vanity white bed sheets

Yet another example of how small bursts of color can be super elegant, yet still maintain the spirit of the Nordic style

pink sofa with purple throw pillow scandinavian design living room two wooden coffee table bookshelf cupboard wooden floor scandinavian decor wooden floor in living room with gray sofa two brown leather armchairs white coffee table

You can always add a touch of color if you want

scandinavian design dark green sofa gray armchair light freen walls and floor two ottomans scandinavian design living room brown leather armchair gray sofa beige caroet on tiled floor scandinavian furniture wooden wardrobe framed art above bed with gray bed sheets wooden floor small rug in front of the bed scandinavian home decor bathroom with wooden floating vanity two round mirrors on wall with patterned tiles

Wood floors are a must have

scandinavian interior design wooden dining table and chairs gray sofa small wooden coffee table white walls scandinavian living room blue accent wall above bed with dark bed sheets white rug on wooden floor scandinavian minimalism black walls wooden floor and wooden accent behind black bathtub in bathroom what is scandinavian all white bathroom white vanity with two round mirrors white honeycomb tiles on the wall in the shower white armchairs and kitchen in all white gray sofa scandinavian minimalism blue and white carpet on wooden floor

Use colored metals to create a bit of intrigue in the bathroom

white bathroom with brass faucets and accents red rug on white tiled floor scandinavian design living room shower separated with glass white brick accent wall in dining room covered with framed art scandinavian design black and white dining chairs

Gorgeous Scandinavian design living room

white coffee table gray sofa black leather armchair scandinavian interior design dark green walls dining table with white chairs white subway tiles in small bathroom with floatinf wooden vanity scandinavian furniture small vintage wooden chair white wall with framed art hanging above bed with woden frame scandinavian home decor white rug on wooden floor white walls two large mirrors on both sides of bed scandinavian decor green velvet curtains gray rug on wooden floor wooden dining table with wooden benches scandinavian design living room bookshelf in the wall white walls and wooden floor wooden round coffee tables in front of gray sofa scandinavian home decor carpet on wooden floor

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