Are you looking for ways to spruce up your cubicle decor – here are 70+ ideas

by John Griffith

As I am writing this, I am sitting on my desk in the office. I am going to be honest, my desk is not very cozy looking. I mean, after all, I spend over 8 hours every single day on this desk. That is why, I couldn’t help but wonder. What can I do to make this piece of the office, reserved just for me, a bit more homey? So, today, I have decided to share some ideas and ways, which I found to be very helpful when it comes to making your work space feel comfortable. So, without further ado, here are over 70 ways to spruce up your cubicle decor.

Spruce up your cubicle decor with these awesome ideas

cubicle decor, framed art, hanging on the wall, black desk underneath, gold desk accessories

  1. Add a desk lamp. Fluorescent lights in offices can be soo overwhelming. When you add the glare from the computer, you can really strain your eyes and get a headache. A desk lamp serves two purposes. One, its warm light helps ease your eyes. Two, it brings coziness and warmth to any space.
  2. Use the vertical storage. Cubicles don’t usually offer lots of desk space. Save yourself the hassle of trying to find your stapler amongst mountains of notebooks, pens, etc. Mount a shelf or use vertical storage bins, which attach to the cubicle with hooks. Trust us, the place will feel a lot more organised, the less stuff you have on your desk.
  3. Flowers. Whether you will get a potted plant, or a bouquet of flowers, it doesn’t matter. Flowers are a must when it comes to coziness. They bring a fresh look to any space. If you are not the most plant caring type, then air plants or succulents are a great option for you.
  4. Add a pop of color. Whether you will have one large piece that is going to stand out, or a few little ones, just add color. A statement chair, colorful frames, or  a desk lamp, a touch of color would make your little piece of the office a lot more fun.
  5. Frame photos. Photos, art, inspirational quotes, cover those basic grey walls with anything you can. What’s more, framed photos of special moments in your life will help you daydream when you are tired of working.

A little inspiration from a cute little plant

believe in magic, ceramic pot, cubicle decor, potted succulent, on white desk

6. Washi tape. If you are looking for ways to add color, then washi tape is your best friend. Need we say more?

7. Cubicle wallpaper. In order to hide the most boring walls ever, get a colorful wallpaper and notice how your mood will immediately change for the better.

8. Office supplies. Up your game with cool office supplies. Who says staplers and pins need to be boring. The good news is, nowadays, you can find them in almost any shape and form. So, go crazy!

9. Throw pillow. Add a throw pillow to your chair to make it more comfortable. We spend so much time on these chairs. And, even if you have the most amazing, expensive, orthopaedic chair out there, there will be a moment when your back is going to hurt. A pillow is not only great for resting your back, but also for sneaking in little naps, as if you are home, on your desk. Shh, don’t tell our boss and we won’t tell yours.

10. Inspirational quotes. Surround yourself with inspiration. Start with your desktop wallpaper, through your wall, all the way to your phone background.

Through in some gold accessories into your cubicle decor

black desk, hanging photos above, wooden shelf, gold desk accessories, cubicle decor, purple flower bouquet

Black and pink – minimalistic and elegant

wooden desk, cubicle decor, black desk organiser, pink coffee mug, black metal shelves, desktop computer

Utilise your vertical storage

black wall, invoices and receipts folders, hanging on it, cubicle decor, white desk, gold desk accessories

You can’t ever have enough art

framed art, hanging on a white wall, office decor ideas, white desk, covered in books, pink chair

Create the things you wish existed – some motivation for the working day

office decor ideas, create the things you wish existed, white desk, pink flower bouquet, open notebook

Let this cute sign welcome you every morning

cubicle sweet cubicle, floral art, golden frame, white background, office decor ideas

DIY wooden desk organiser

wooden desk organiser, step by step, diy tutorial, white desk, potted succulents, lots of notebooks


  • 2mm wood sheets
  • wire dish rack
  • knife
  • glue gun
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • white paper

The necessary materials

step by step, diy tutorial, wooden plates, white metal railing, office decor ideas, wooden desk organiser

How to do it?

  • Trace the shape of each section of the dish rack onto the wood with the pencil.
  • Use the knife to cut the wood along the lines.
  • In order to tape the wood to the wires, use the glue gun and the paper (so it doesn’t drip down) and attach the wood to the rack and voila!


step by step, diy tutorial, cubicle accessories, wooden desk organiser, white background


cubicle accessories, wooden plate, pencil and ruler, step by step, diy tutorial, wooden desk organiser


glue gun, wooden plate, cubicle accessories, wooden desk organiser, diy tutorial, step by step

Glue together

step by step, diy tutorial, wooden desk organiser, cubicle accessories, glue gun, white sheet of paper

Simple and stylish 

wooden desk, covered in books, digital clock, floral art, cubicle accessories, black lamp, white wall

Don’t forget – everything is figureoutable

everything is figureoutable, wooden sign, office desk decor, potted plants

gold metal, folder holder, rose gold, phone stand, office desk decor, white desk, pink wallpaper

DIY marble pencil holder

pink tulips, flower bouquet, diy marble pencil holders, step by step tutorial, office desk decor

The materials – tin can, knife, marble foil

tin can, marble paper, pocket knife, office desk decor, white background, step by step, diy tutorial

Cover the tin can with the marble adhesive film and you have the simplest DIY ever

tin can, covered in marble paper, office desk decor, woman with red nail polish, step by step, diy tutorial

framed art, wooden desk, gold metal basket, desk decor ideas, metal coffee mug, small clock

desk decor ideas, white wall, vintage pencil holder, on white desk, wooden desk organiser, notebooks and books

Get it done, girl

get it done, framed inspirational quote, on wooden desk, desk decor ideas, white wall

DIY mouse pad

step by step, diy tutorial, cork mouse pad, desk decor ideas, open laptop, pencil holder, blue desk


  • 6in cork disk
  • Adhesive film or thermo-adhesive fabric
  • Scissors
  • Compass

step by step, diy tutorial, desk decor ideas, cork mouse pad, floral paper, white background

How to do it?

  • Measure your cork disc’s diameter.
  • Trace it on the paper with the compass with the same diameter.
  • Cut the circle.
  • Cover the cork disc with the adhesive (if you are using a thermo-adhesive fabric, iron it for 3-5 mins). All set!

office cubicle decor, step by step, diy tutorial, cork mouse pad, white paper, white background

Super easy and fun DIY tutorial

floral paper, cork circle, office cubicle decor, step by step, diy tutorial, cork mouse pad

get it, peg board, wooden floor, white desk, yellow chair, office cubicle decor, tin cans, white wall

gold leather, desk organiser, office cubicle decor, acrylic separators, white paper, business cards

framed inspirational quotes, green palm trees wallpaper, office cubicle decor, coffee mug, body spray

Halloween inspired office decor ideas

cute office decor, halloween decorations, ceramic pumpkins, black printer, pumpkin lanterns, fairy lights

hanging folders, on a white wall, different inspirational quotes, white desk, gold desk accessories, cute office decor

photos hanging on a string, above a wooden desk, cute office decor, keys phone and laptop, white wall

wooden folders, potted succulent, pencil holder, cute office decor, books in between, white desk

Cubicle accessories

rose gold, desk accessories, cute office decor, white desk, small flower bouquet, white wall

cubicle decor ideas, wooden clock, on a white wall, potted plant

all you need is love, framed art, cubicle decor ideas, black metal, desk organiser, large calendar

black leather chair, white desk, gold desk accessories, cubicle decor ideas, business card holder

black shelves, white desk, desktop computer, cubicle decor ideas, pink throw pillow, black and white wallpaper

black and white photos, on white wall, wooden desk, cubicle decor ideas, coffee mug, notebooks and pencil

hanging folders, desktop computer, cubicle wallpaper, black chair, desk lamp

mason jars, covered in blue and gold glitter, gold glitter peg, cubicle wallpaper, wooden desk

Office desk decor

desktop computer, cubicle wallpaper, white desk, large notebook, hanging art, inspirational quotes

potted succulent, black and yellow, mouse pad, cubicle wallpaper, white desk, gold pencil holder

desktop computer and laptop, cubicle wallpaper, floral keyboard pad, wooden desk organiser, flower bouquet

desktop computer, mens office decor, framed art, acrylic desk organiser, bunny lamp, framed photo

black desk, floral art, black metal desk organiser, mens office decor, coffee mug, white gold, striped wallpaper

cubicle sweet cubicle, floral wallpaper, mens office decor, grey wall, paper butterflies, water bottle

hanging folders, on blue wall, above a wooden desk, mens office decor, flower bouquet

Desk decor ideas

black desk, hanging inspirational quotes, mens office decor, white leather chair, colorful throw pillow

office decor ideas for work, hanging inspirational quotes, white leather chair, colorful throw pillow

magnetic decision making balls, on a wooden desk, office decor ideas for work, potted plant, two books

wooden board, photos and scissors pinned to it, wooden desk, white wall, office decor ideas for work

Office cubicle decor

wooden desk, grey drawers and shelves, office decor ideas for work, black metal shelves

wooden board, with small shelves, office decor ideas for work, white desk, pink flower bouquet, framed art

Cute office decor

two desktops, framed inspirational quotes, work office decor, candy jars, gold and white dotted wallpaper

white tulips, flower bouquet, work office decor, orange pencil holder, on a wooden desk, acrylic stapler

Cubicle decor ideas

framed diploma and photos, work office decor, beige carpet, wooden desk organiser, black chair

black desk, flower bouquet, work office decor, pink photo frame, hello kitty mouse pad, owl pencil holder

but first coffee, work hard, slay hard, inspirational posters, work office decor, pink journal, gold desk accessories

lots of notebooks, on a white desk, wooden desk organiser, cool office decor, desktop computer

Office decor ideas for work

floral decor, wooden desk organiser, cool office decor, wooden desk, grey chair, pink jacket, mason jar, pencil holders

wooden desk organiser, phone holder, potted plant, cool office decor, white desk, gold desk accessories

rose gold, desk accessories, cool office decor, wooden desk, potted plant

Work office decor

cool office decor, white desk, rose gold mirror, potted succulent, polaroid camera, white wall

Cubicle wallpaper

work desk decor, vintage wallpaper, purple flower bouquet, large notepad, white desk

lots of photos, inspirational quotes, covering the wall, work desk decor, flower bouquet, white desk

Ideas for decorating your office at work

blue desk organisers, grey wall, white desk, white flower bouquet, work desk decor

framed art, inspirational quote, work desk decor, vintage clock, pink flower bouqet, white desk

Office cubicle accessories

white metal, desk organisers, work desk decor, floral wallpaper, white desk, grey wall, pencil holder

ideas for decorating your office at work, hanging folders, golden frame, golden basket, pencil holders

yellow emoji, hanging on white wall, coffee machine, yellow roses, flower bouquet, ideas for decorating your office at work

cork board, ideas for decorating your office at work, to do list, wooden desk organiser, white desk

wooden desk organiser, ideas for decorating your office at work, lots of books, potted succulents, pencil holder

Work desk decor

but first coffee, framed art, ideas for decorating your office at work, white desk, grey walls, wooden desk organiser

black notebooks, on white desk, potted plant, wooden pot, office cubicle accessories, glass pencil holder

halloween decor, office cubicle accessories, two desktops, white desk, orange wallpaper, desk lamp

John Griffith

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