100 ideas for home office decor to boost your productivity

by John Griffith

We live in a time when it is pretty normal for someone to work from home. Nowadays, many people create their own blogs and websites and work mostly from their computers. So, why commute, dress properly and follow etiquette at an office when you can just as easily do everything from the comfort of your own home? Whether you are an entrepreneur and have created a start-up company, or have been one of the lucky people who are able to work from home, you probably need your own space at home. A space where you can work without being interrupted and where you can feel productive even in your pyjamas. We have gathered 100 home office ideas for the ideal decor to boost your productivity and make working from home a pleasure.

If you have decided to create your own office space at home, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself first:

  1. How much space do you have? If you have a room to spare that, of course, would be perfect. Choose a room that’s far from your kids’ room and the living room. That way you won’t be distracted by the noise. If you don’t have a spare room, however, choose smaller, but comfortable furniture. Choose a space close to a window, so you can get more natural light.
  2. Are you going to work alone? If your partner, for example is working with you, you will need home office ideas with more space. You can choose a room that’s already used for something else and redecorate it. Furthermore, if you work with clients, make sure the room is easy to get to. Your clients shouldn’t have to go through the whole house to get to your office.

Elegant home office ideas

wooden bookcase with shelves, home office ideas, large wooden desk, beige, velvet chair, marble floor

There are a few rules to follow, in order to be able to create a home office. It doesn’t just have to be modern, it also needs to be functional and meet all of your needs. When it comes to furniture, choose comfortable ones. After all, you are going to spend a lot of time sitting on a chair. Nowadays, there are many orthopaedic chairs, which are very comfortable and don’t strain your back. If you have lots of documents and folders, mount some shelves on the walls, so you have space for them. The kind of desk you choose depends on what you are going to need it for. If you are going to just put your laptop on it, then it doesn’t have to be very big. If, however, you have a desktop computer and are working with documentation, a larger desk might be a good idea.

Simple example of a very small and secluded home office decor

pink chair with wooden legs, grey bookshelves and desk, home office ideas, small desk lamp

Lighting is very important, as well. You have to make sure you have enough natural light around you, when choosing the space for your home office. It could be next to a window, or the door, leading to your patio, for example. Computers strain our eyes a lot. So, make sure you use natural light as much as you can. We have all spent late nights at the office, though. Especially, when our office is at our house. A desk lamp goes a long way and there are too many kinds to choose from. Just make sure it blends with the rest of the decor and gives out soft light.

A beautiful chandelier, blending perfectly with the rest of the modern decor

hanging lamps chandelier, t shaped wooden desk, black leather chairs, home office ideas, brown squared rug

You can’t really create a home office without a few accessories, too. Plants are always a good addition to any home decor. They make the room feel cozy and relaxing. If you are not really into gardening, choose succulents. They are easy to look after, because they don’t need a lot of water or light. Make sure your desk is clutter free. Get yourself some desk organisers and pencil cups. You can organise your notepads, pens and pencils. That way, you are going to have enough free space on the desk. What’s more, you can decorate your desk with some framed photos of your loved ones, or cute inspirational quotes.

Home office ideas with a breathtaking view

small wooden desk, black chair, high wooden ceiling, home office ideas, printed blue and white armchair

Choosing a colour for your walls is also a challenge. Soft, relaxing colour palette helps boost your productivity and is easy on the eyes. Even if you choose to have white walls, you can still bring some colour with accessories, or an accent wall.

Home office in shades of blue

blue rug on the floor, wooden desk with black leather armchair, office decor ideas, wooden bookcases

We believe that everyone should have something to make them smile when they look at it in their office. So, here is the simplest DIY idea for your office. Get some mouldable glue and attach a few LEGO figures to your desk to hold your cords.

DIY home office ideas: LEGO woman to hold your cords

Even your ceiling can be a source of natural light

large window from the floor to the ceiling, white and wooden bookshelves and cupboards, home office ideas, white leather chairs

Beautiful wall decors bring a modern look 

vintage geographical map of planet earth, office decor ideas, black desk with black leather chair, metal bookcase

Minimalistic grey home office decor

grey wall and drawers, wooden desk, geometrical grey chair, office decor ideas, white bookcase

Interesting home office decor with moss on the ceiling

moss on the ceiling, wooden desk with yellow chair, hanging lamps, office decor ideas

Wood creates a homey and cozy environment

wooden walls ceiling and floor, wooden desk and bookshelves, brown leather chair, office decor ideas

If you don’t have enough space in your living room, use your hallway

white and wooden walls, two white chairs, white bookshelves, office design, desktop computer

Home office ideas for two

long wooden desk, white chairs, white drawers, lamp hanging from the wall, office design

Minimalistic take on the home office as part of the living room

black wall, wooden bookshelves, office design, grey chair, desk lamp

beige striped wall, office design, white bookshelves and desk, small wooden chair, wooden floor

black and grey wall, black bookshelves, wooden desk, brown leather chair, office design

small office ideas, wooden ceiling, beige and white rug on the floor, black desk, black and brown leather chairs

large wooden bookcase with cupboards and shelves, small office ideas, black velvet armchairs, grey velvet stools

Industrial home office design

black walls, hanging metal chandelier, metal desk, large velvet grey armchair, small office ideas

large black wooden bookcase, dark grey sofa, small office ideas, beige leather armchair, dark grey chair

blue metal chair, two wooden desks, small office ideas, two glass bookcases, white walls and floor

blue and white painting and chair, home office design, black wooden desk with white chair, grey leather armchair

brick walls, small wooden desk, home office design, grey chair, vintage standing clock, wooden drawers

grey cupboards shelf and desk, home office design, black chair, black velvet rug and armchair

wooden wall and floor, beige velvet rug, black desk and chair, home office design, laptop and desk lamp on the desk

large red armchair, home office design, wooden bookcase with cupboards and shelves, black desk and leather chair

grey walls and rug, wooden desk, bookcase with lots of books, grey chair, desk ideas

grey bookcase with shelves and cupboards, white desk and chair, desk ideas

Home office ideas with colours

hanging chandelier, desk ideas, turquoise walls and desk, green velvet armchairs, vintage rug

floral prints on the walls, hanging lamps, wooden desk, desk ideas, black metal chairs

grey walls, hanging chandelier, black desk and chair, wooden floor with a rug, desk ideas

Large libraries create a cozy feeling

large wooden bookcase with many shelves and cupboards, wooden desk with mesh black chair, home office decor

white cupboards, home office decor, wooden bookshelf and desk, white and grey chair, large plant in a pot

multiple bookshelves with books, sliding ladder, wooden desk, green chairs, home office decor

large black bookcase with cupboards and shelves, black desk with white chair, home office decor

large wooden bookcase with shelves, grey chairs, home office decor, white rug on a wooden floor

white walls, wooden desk with a laptop, led light above the desk, office design ideas, black chair

wooden bookshelves and desk, office design ideas, black leather chair, wooden drawers

grey walls and bookcase with shelves and cupboards, large brown armchair, black desk, office design ideas

office design ideas, tall white bookcase, black wooden desk, small grey chair, lamp mounted on the wall

black shelves and cupboards, wooden desk, office design ideas, white leather chair, desktop computer

white wall cupboards and drawers, grey blinds, black geometrical chair, office pictures

white walls, white velvet chair, office pictures, wooden desk with a desk lamp and books, wooden ceiling

white walls and bookshelves, black leather chair, white leather sofa, office pictures, printed rug

Home office design for the crafty

wooden desk, green mesh chair, chalk board, office pictures, black bookshelves, dark grey rug

wooden and white bookshelves and cupboards, two orange chairs, office pictures, desktop computer

wooden desk and bookshelves, work office decorating ideas, two black chairs, framed photos

black walls, glass coffee table, wooden desk, work office decorating ideas, dark grey sofa, white leather chair

Aquariums help when you don’t feel very productive

large fish aquarium, wooden desk and bookshelves, work office decorating ideas, two small grey chairs

black bookcase with shelves and cupboards, hanging chandelier, wooden desk, work office decorating ideas, white armchair

black cupboards, wooden desk and bookshelves, black leather chair, modern home office

blue chairs, white desks, hanging lantern, modern home office, white walls and floor with a rug

modern home office, grey sofa, wooden bookcase and desk, small white chair, hanging wooden bookshelves

black cupboards and bookshelves, modern home office, white drawers, black chair, brick wall

black walls, wooden desks, white chairs and stools, modern home office, desktop computer

Elegant home office ideas in different colours

dark purple cabinets, white desk, green chairs, white bookshelves, home office setup

green well, red bookcase, turquoise chair, home office setup, wooden desk, round desk lamp

black bookcase with shelves and cabinets, wooden desk, home office setup, metal chair

Use mirrors to create the sense of more space

small white chair, grey walls, home office setup, wooden desk, small white desk lamp

grey curtains, home office setup, grey leather chair, wooden grey desk,

dark grey walls, black wooden desk with black chair, music instruments, colourful rug, small home office ideas

grey wall with wooden bookshelves, wooden desk, small home office ideas, black and white printed chair

black leather chairs, hanging chandelier, small home office ideas, beige wooden desk, large wooden cabinets

The navy blue velvet sofa is the accent of the office

navy blue velvet armchair, small home office ideas, metal golden hanging chandelier, white desk and cabinets

large dark wooden desk, brown leather chair, small home office ideas, black bookshelf, photos on the wall

large bookcase, black metal desk, white chair, standing lamp, cute office decor, beige rug on a wooden floor

large wooden bookcase and desks, grey mesh chairs, cute office decor, brown leather armchair

grey bookcase and cabinets, dark grey chair, cute office decor, grey walls and wooden floor

black wooden bookcase and bookshelves, wooden desk with grey leather chair, cute office decor

wooden cabinets bookshelves and desk, cute office decor, black chair, small black desk lamps

white cabinets and bookshelves, printed vintage chair, small home office desk, dark wooden floors

Shades of blue accent wall

wooden desk, beige plastic chair, small home office desk, shades of blue geometrical wall, metal desk lamp

wooden desks with drawers, white chairs, small home office desk, wooden bookshelf, wooden staircase

black and wood wall, wooden desk, green chair and rug, small home office desk, metal desk lamp

chalk wall, white cabinets and desk, wooden bookshelf, small home office desk, white mesh chair, green drawers

grey velvet rug, white desk and cabinet, home ideas, grey chair, white stool, small black desk lamp

white wall and bookshelf, white desk with drawers, grey chair, home ideas, white rug

wooden desk, white leather chair, home ideas, beige curtains, small white desk lamp

black curtains, black wooden desk and chair, white rug, home ideas, guitar on the floor

white desk and drawers, white statue and chair, home ideas, black wooden floor, white wall with paintings

wooden floor, white desk mounted on wall, white mesh chair, office ideas, small metal desk lamp

wooden desk and floor, white chair, grey armchairs, office ideas, desktop computer, white rug

white mesh chair, white tiled floor and walls, white desk with a desktop computer, office ideas

wooden bookshelves, grey velvet chair, wooden desk with a small desk lamp, office ideas, desktop computer

glass desk, black chair, white desk lamp, office ideas, white walls and rug

white bookshelves cabinets and desk, small grey chair, white blinds and walls, wooden floor, living room desk

wooden desk, white drawers, living room desk, white and brown leather chairs, large bookcase

large wooden bookcase, dark wooden desk, living room desk, black mesh chair, marble floor

Beautiful home office filled with natural light

wooden bookcase and floor, wooden desk, living room desk, beige leather chair and stool, grey armchair

metal desk, white bookshelves and desk lamp, black leather chair, living room desk, wooden floor

wooden bookcase with shelves and cabinets, work office decor, grey sofa, black chair, white walls with framed photos

wooden desk, white bookshelf, black metal chair, work office decor, wooden floor and decorations

work office decor, wooden wall and desk, white chair, black metal desk lamps

white walls and floor, small metal bookcase, work office decor, wooden desk, white chair

white bookshelves, white desk and mesh chairs, dark wooden floor, work office decor

Creative space under the stairs

wooden staircase and floor, business office decorating ideas, white desk with white chair, grey mesh chair

wooden bookshelves and desk, white leather chair, business office decorating ideas, wooden blinds

Simple coloured walls with colourful accessories acting as accents

white desk, business office decorating ideas, yellow chairs, blue throw pillows and storage boxes, grey chair

large black wooden bookcase, yellow orange and grey chairs, business office decorating ideas, wooden floor

wooden bookcase with cabinets shelves and drawers, business office decorating ideas, beige leather stool

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