10 Easy Ways to Add Seasonal Decor to Your Home

by John Griffith

Celebrate life with little touches of every season inside your home! They will add charm and excitement to any decor. From stained glass to wreaths, here are 10 effective and affordable ways to bring the beauty of the outside into the inside.

The Shapes and Colors of the Season

Hang a green, red, and yellow bird suncatcher in the warm seasons (check glassartstories.com for some charming designs), adorable stained-glass ghosts at Halloween, or colorful reindeer suncatchers in the winter! Brighten up your kitchen with green, floral, and striped aprons in the summer, add a bright tartan blanket to your sofa in the fall or get a warm white throw in the winter… the list goes on!

Use the colors of the particular season

seasonal decor sunflowers pumpkin arrangement

Simple Seasonal Elements

There is no need for any fundamental changes. Mix what you already have with a bit of the current season. Small accents like a basket with pumpkins, a suncatcher made of stained glass or a bowl of seashells go a long way. You can make your own bird’s nest easily!

Use Seasonal Textures

Textures are not only about touching; they also engage our brain with subliminal seasonal messages. There are so many options: hot, cool, smooth, fuzzy, rough, chunky, shiny… Choose lighter textures in the summer and richer ones in the winter!

Use the textures of the season

gingerbread cookies seasonal decor cranberries

Bring the Outside In

There is beauty in every season. Bring some natural elements inside to extend the outdoors to the indoors! For example, you could pick some pine cones and twigs in the winter or hydrangeas in the summer.

Bring natural elements into your home

cinnamon sticks seasonal decor gingerbread cookies

Use Seasonal Pillows

Buy different covers for a couple of pillows to celebrate each season with matching colors and motifs. Pillows with fir trees and reindeer in the winter, rabbits in the spring, or patriotic covers in the summer — these are all welcomed touches.

Add a Wreath

Decorate your front door with a beautiful wreath reflecting the season. There are plenty of DIY guides to help you. Wreaths are easy to make. Like suncatchers, they can last for years!

Welcome everyone into your home with a beautiful DIY wreath

wreath made of branches greenery seasonal decor

Plant Something Seasonal

Early spring is a great time for a herb box. In the summer, plant some chrysanthemums in a bowl or container. They are cheaper than  bouquets and require little attention! In winter, force some paperwhites to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Layer Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decor always looks best in layers. Combine several elements into a vignette that tells a little story. Instead of standalone pieces and accents, mix the elements together! In the fall, you could combine chrysanthemums in a champagne bottle with a couple of small pumpkins, a ghost suncatcher made of stained glass and some “fluff”.

Combine several elements to enhance your seasonal decor

pumpkin arrangements season decor wooden board

Don’t Go to Extremes

Do not pack every room of your home with seasonal chotchkies. Choose only the items and materials that fit with the rest of the interior. If there are boxes of stained glass knick-knacks to put away at the end of the season, you are obviously overdoing it.

Quality is more important than quantity. If some of your decor gets dated or tired, give it away! In spring, lots of small, old-fashioned, and superfluous items look worse than a single big glass jar of beautiful faux blooms. In the summer, fill one large blue bowl with red geraniums instead of cluttering the space!

Do What You Love

Your home should express your personality and aesthetic vision, so do what you love! You are unique, and your decor should reflect this. Follow our tips to celebrate the beauty of every season and create a warm atmosphere all year round!

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.