Breathtaking accent wall ideas for your living room

by John Griffith

Are you looking for ways to refresh your home? Or have you just decided that you’ve had enough of your bland grey walls? Maybe you don’t want to deal with repainting your entire house? One of the best solutions to these problems are accent walls. In the 80s and 90s, beige was all the hype and neutral colors were preferred. Nowadays, however, pops of color here and there make your home feel modern and stylish. Many people are ready to make a bold statement with bold colors and textures. In comes the accent wall – it makes a statement and when chosen correctly can make your room feel cozy and super modern. So, we have gathered the best accent wall ideas for living room and we are ready to share them with you.

How to choose the right wall?

So, how do you choose which wall will serve you best as an accent wall? Very often people choose the wall they see first when they come into a room. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can choose a wall whose architecture somehow differs from the rest. Furthermore, if you have a fireplace, it should definitely be the focal point of your room. Accentuate the wall with tiles, to make it look even more interesting. How you are going to decorate the room is also very important. Consider that before choosing an accent wall, as well. If you are planning on having a large navy blue velvet sofa, for example, accentuate the wall behind it. Solid walls without windows or doors are preferred, because the color can distract form the view, for example.

Accent wall ideas for living room with texture

grey sofa with throw pillows, accent wall ideas for living room, grey cement and blue velvet wall installation

What is the best color for living room walls?

Once you have picked the wall, you can go on to choosing the color. The general rule is to pick a color two shades darker than the rest of the walls. However, nowadays there are so many accent wall ideas for living room with different textures, tiles and wallpapers, so you are free to choose. What’s more, choose a color that compliments the rest of the room – your sofa, your rug, or your curtains for example. Don’t over-do it though. If you use the same color for everything that you want to accentuate, then you won’t have just an accent and it will be distracting. Opt out for different shades of the color, instead, or choose a color palette beforehand and mix the colors.

Velvet sofa, rug and accent on the wall

floral prints and blue velvet wall installation, blue velvet sofa and rug, beige armchair, accent wall ideas for living room

How many different kinds of accent walls are there?

Too many would be the answer. You have so many options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to be creative and use everything at your disposal to create stylish and interesting accent wall ideas in your living room.

  1. Textures and fabric. As you can see in the pictures above, accent walls with fabric go well with a beautiful sofa made from the same fabric, for example. This is quite an innovative idea. So, every guest could come in and gasp at your amazing accent wall. Tone-on-tone textures are also very interesting.
  2. Brick walls. As we said, brick walls are always a good idea for the fireplace wall. However, they can be used to accentuate a wall in a more rustic style home just as easily. They make your home feel cozy and give it warmth.
  3. Marble, tiles and stones. Another unique and out-of-the-box idea. Marble gives your home elegance and makes it look very posh and stylish. Stones and tiles can be very artistic, when arranged geometrically for example.
  4. Wallpaper. There is a plethora of wallpapers out there. 3D wallpapers are a big hype right now. Floral, skylines of famous cities, breathtaking views or ones referencing pop culture, it’s up to you. The good thing about wallpapers is they are easily removable. So, whenever you get tired of it, just change it, or paint over it.
  5. Photos and works of art. Beautiful abstract paintings are always a good idea for an accent wall. If you can’t commit to just one, arrange a few smaller ones in an interesting and abstract way. Same goes for photos.

Beautiful brick wall hallway with a pixelated painting serving as an accent wall

dark brick walls, pixelated painting of a woman, accent wall ideas for living room, wooden seating with brown throw pillows

Brick accent wall makes your home feel cozy and brings warmth

accent wall ideas for living room, brick walls, blue leather armchair, grey and orange sofa

We also have something for those of you, who don’t really want to spend a lot of money on paint. Just get some washi tape or just plain colored scotch tape and you are free to create an accent wall with any type of pattern in any shade of color you want. DIY accent wall ideas for living room are very easy to find and to do.

DIY idea for an accent wall with scotch tape

brick accent wall, colourful chevron pattern on the wall, white sofa with throw pillows

Beautiful out-of-the-box accent wall with marble and greenery

marble and greenery on the walls, accent wall ideas for living room, grey sofa, round coffee table

Rustic decor with a brick accent wall

brick wall, grey corner sofa, accent wall, uk flag printed armchair, wooden floor and a fireplace

The New York skyline is always a good view

new york skyline wallpaper, purple velvet sofa, accent wall, blue armchair, wooden floor

Floral motifs

floral abstract wallpaper, grey corner sofa, accent wall, white rug, black coffee table

floral and fruits wallpaper, yellow corner sofa, pink armchair, accent wall, printed rug

flowers painting wallpaper, accent wall, grey sofa, small black coffee table

floral wallpaper, dark purple stool. living room paint ideas, white sofa with printed throw pillows

living room paint ideas, floral and palm leaves wallpaper, white sofa, green printed rug

white and grey painting wallpaper, living room paint ideas, green velvet sofa, white rug, standing lamp

Accent wall with wooden tiles creates a homey feeling

wooden geometrical tiles on the wall, blue velvet sofa, three coffee tables, living room paint ideas

Glow in the dark stick on wallpaper

planet earth glow in the dark, living room paint ideas, white sofa and coffee table, flowers in a vase

Geometrical design connecting the wall to the ceiling

white geometrical wall and ceiling installation, grey corner couch, grey leather armchairs, accent wall ideas

Pop culture reference accentuates this brick wall

johnny depp characters painting, accent wall ideas, grey sofa and armchair, brick wall

floral wallpaper with a pink parrot, black leather corner sofa, accent wall ideas, round coffee tables

floral tiled an purple wall, accent wall ideas, green sofa, pink stool, small wooden coffee table

tall brick wall, wooden floor and wall, accent wall ideas, beige leather corner sofa

honeycomb geometrical wall installation, wall designs, turquoise velvet sofa, standing light

Geometrical accent wall ideas for living room

white and black geometrical wall, pink sofa, beige rug, wall designs

purple beige black and blue geometrical wall installation, grey sofa, wall designs, brown armchair

shades of blue and black geometrical design, wall designs, hanging chandeliers, white sofas

 black and gold sequinned tiled wall, accent wall living room, grey corner sofa, wooden floor  hanging chandelier, accent wall living room, brown wall installation above the fireplace, beige armchairs painted geometrical tiles on a black wall, purple velvet armchairs, accent wall living room, pink sofa black wall with a grey and yellow painting, white corner sofa, accent wall living room, white and grey rug  green carpet, living room wall colors, blue triangle wall, white sofa, coloured armchairs brick wall, grey sofa, living room wall colors, wooden bookshelves and cabinet, wooden floor

Tone-on-tone accent wall design

tone on tone white 3d wall, grey sofa and armchairs, living room wall colors, large plant in a pot

Lights, incorporated in fabric for a unique accent wall design

blue velvet rug, fabric and lights wall installation, white sofa, accent wall colors

floral wallpaper, blue rug, blue and white coffee table, accent wall colors, beige sofa with blue throw pillows

yellow sofa, greenery wall installation, black kitchen cabinets, accent wall colors, white rug

blue walls, geometrical 3d wall installation with lights, accent wall colors, blue sofa, framed photos

black and gold wall installation, grey corner sofa, glass coffee table, accent wall colors

white leather armchairs, black floor, best colors for living room wall, grey and gold tiles 3d wallpaper

An all black tone-on-tone-design

honeycomb floral wall 3d wallpaper, black leather sofa, black and white striped floor, accent wall living room

wooden honeycomb and flowers wall installation, best colors for living room walls, grey corner sofa

black and white glass wall, white sofa and rug, best colors for living room walls

Use mirrors to create the feeling of a larger room

blue velvet sofa, mirror tiles wall, hanging chandelier, best color for living room walls

black and brown patterned wallpaper, black and grey sofa, wall designs, abstract paintings

Mosaic accent wall design

blue corner sofa, best color for living room walls, mosaic tiled wall, grey rug, wooden coffee table

blue and white wall, lamps mounted on the wall, feature wall, round coffee tables

white patterned framed wall, navy blue velvet sofa, blue and white tree painting, feature wall, blue rug

white brick wall with a new york skyline painting, grey sofa, feature wall, wooden floor

purple and grey patterned wallpaper, feature wall, wooden and glass cabinet

Wall made of stones

stone wall, large white sofa, small wooden side table, wooden ceiling, feature wall

black velvet sofa, grey sofa, turquoise wall with bookshelves and cabinets, wallpaper accent wall

grey sofa, wallpaper accent wall, v shaped wooden wall installation, white coffee table

Lights and texture create a stunning 3D effect

grey and golden lights 3d wall installation, wallpaper accent wall, grey sofa, metal coffee table

white and silver floral wallpaper, wallpaper accent wall, grey and black striped floor, black coffee table

grey sofa, white wall with a large clock installation, wallpaper accent wall

white geometrical wallpaper, dark grey corner sofa, painting accent walls, large white armchair

marble tiles and geometrical brown tiles on the wall, dark grey sofa, blue accent wall

3D wallpapers are very trendy

grey sofa, painting accent walls, wooden crates 3d wallpaper, wooden floor

painting accent walls, wooden geometrical 3d wall installation, white sofa

black leather sofa, painting accent walls, wooden striped wall, black rug, grey sofa

white sofas with blue throw pillows, painting accent walls, 3d white and blue wallpaper, wooden floor

yellow chair, wall treatments, grey corner sofa, white and black stone tiles on the walls

Simple black and white design

grey sofas, wall treatments, black wall with an abstract paintings, grey floor

black wall with an abstract painting, grey corner sofa, wall treatments, hanging chandelier

black sofa, black wall with a dried tree branch, wall treatments, white rug, wooden floor

white corner sofa, dark wooden tiles on the wall, wall treatments, wooden floor

white corner sofa, blue wall with white bookshelves, dining room wall decor, white coffee table

dark blue wall with a framed photo, blue sofa, dining room wall decor, wooden floor

brick wall with lights around the fireplace, beige sofa and armchairs, dining room wall decor

beige brown and white floral wallpaper, beige sofa, dining room wall decor, white rug

dining room wall decor, beige corner sofa, brown wall with metal stones 3d installation

grey tiles and wood on the wall, grey sofa, living room paint ideas, black armchairs

greenery installation hanging from the ceiling, living room paint ideas, grey sofa

marble and wood tiles on the wall, abstract painting, living room paint ideas, grey corner sofa

green eye painting on the white wall, grey sofa, living room paint ideas, green stool and armchairs

grey and white wall installation, white sofa and stools, living room paint ideas, yellow rug

Accent wall in an industrial style

grey and black sofa, wall painting ideas, industrial metal tiles on the wall, wooden coffee table

light purple wall with lots of photos and pictures, black sofa, wall painting ideas, wooden coffee table

marble tiles on the wall, grey corner sofa and armchair, black floor, wall painting ideas

marble tiles on the wall, brown leather chair, wall painting ideas, wooden cabinet

blue marble wallpaper, wall painting ideas, blue sofa with yellow throw pillows, yellow armchair and rug

white corner sofa, new york skyline wallpaper, glass coffee tables, accent wall ideas bedroom

Rainbow colored wallpaper gives off a fun and relaxed vibe

rainbow wallpaper, white corner sofa, wooden staircase, accent wall ideas bedroom

blue armchairs, white sofa, accent wall ideas bedroom, rainbow wallpaper, orange rug

red geometrical wall with a painting, beige corner sofa, accent wall ideas bedroom, red bar stools

shades of grey tiles with an abstract painting, yellow sofa, accent wall ideas bedroom, wooden armchair and stools

shades of blue geometrical wallpaper, red velvet corner sofa, blue accent wall

grey corner sofa, blue accent wal, shades of blue striped wall, abstract painting

grey and white tiles wall installation, blue accent wall, blue armchair and stool

wooden floor, blue accent wall, white tunnel 3d wallpaper, white corner sofa and armchair

Grey and gold geometrical patterns

grey and gold geometrical tiles, grey velvet armchair, dining room pictures for walls

grey and gold wallpaper, grey sofa, dining room pictures for walls, black floor

marble and white tiles wall installation, grey sofa, white and brown leather armchair, dining room pictures for walls

white and grey patterned wallpaper, grey wooden cabinet, dining room pictures for walls

grey tiles and lights installation, dining room pictures for walls, grey sofa, white rug

metal honeycomb tiles and wood 3d wallpaper, blue armchairs, brick accent wall, blue sofa

wooden tiles on the wall, pink armchair and stool, brick accent wall, grey corner sofa

For the lovers of the ocean

white and black corner sofa, glass coffee table, living room wall colors, dolphin underwater life wallpaper

blue marble tiled wall with lights, living room wall colors, black sofa and armchair, hanging lamp

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