The ultimate guide for traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year

by John Griffith

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is a big deal. Which is why, getting married is a huge milestone for every couple. Getting married, however, is easy. How long your marriage is going to last is far more important, though. So, as each year passes your relationship becomes stronger and your family becomes bigger, it is important to commemorate the other milestone. Each year on the day you were married you celebrate your relationship and the best decision you’ve ever made. Now let this article be your guide in traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year.

The ultimate guide for traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year

wedding anniversary gifts, man and woman lying in the grass, facing each other with closed eyes

What to do on your anniversary?

When it comes to actual activites on your anniversary you have many options. Romantic dinner, concert, theater tickets, etc. What’s more, you can treat yourselves to a nice weekend getaway or a full blown vacation. If you know each other well, you will definitely know how to make the other one smile. Just a small piece of advice, always remember your anniversary and celebrate it. Even the smallest gesture is important, because it is a huge milestone and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner

blonde woman sitting at a dinner table, wedding anniversary gifts, man covering her eyes, holding a bouquet of roses

What are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year?

So, as we all know, each anniversary has a special material related to the year, which should be gifted. So, we will give you the list of what each year’s most traditional gift is. After that, we have provided even more ideas for actual gifts for each year.

  • 1st anniversary – paper
  • 2nd anniversary – cotton
  • 3rd anniversary – leather
  • 4th anniversary – fruit and flowers or linen and silk
  • 5th anniversary – wood
  • 6th anniversary – iron or candy
  • 7th anniversary – copper or wool
  • 8th anniversary – bronze
  • 9th anniversary – pottery
  • 10th anniversay – aluminium or tin

Why not treat yourselves to a full blown vacation at the beach

man and woman sitting on pink chairs at the beach, wedding anniversary gifts, holding hands

  • 15th anniversary – crystal
  • 20th anniversary – china
  • 25th anniversary – silver
  • 30th anniversary – pearl
  • 35th anniversary – coral
  • 40th anniversary – ruby
  • 45th anniversary – sapphire
  • 50th anniversary – gold
  • 55th anniversary – emerald
  • 60th anniversary – diamond

Visiting a foreign country can also be a very interesting way to celebrate your anniversary

man and woman sitting on venetian gondola, looking up, wedding anniversary gifts, woman wearing dress

To sum up, celebrating your anniversary should be your priority every year. Being with someone for a very long time can sometimes be challenging. That is why, as each year passes and your marriage and relationship keep being as strong, that in itself is a reason for celebration. Commemorate your milestone with these traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

Celebrate your love every year

table setting in light pink, small plate with the word love written on it, wedding anniversary gifts

Paper 1st anniversary gifts – your wedding vows printed on a poster with your photo

black and white photo of bride and groom, anniversary gifts by year, vows written underneath, inside a white wooden frame

The voice recordings of your wedding vows

voice recordings of the vows, anniversary gifts by year, hanging on grey wall, inside black wooden frames

Maps of where you first met, where you proposed and where you got marries

three separate maps, where we met and proposed and got married, anniversary gifts by year, gabriela and tim personalised poster

Cotton 2nd anniversary gifts – bed sheets

light pink cotton bed sheets, spread on king size bed, anniversary gifts by year, wooden bed side table on the side

Cozy robes for the Mr and Mrs

mann and woman lying in bed, wearing white and grey cozy cotton robes, anniversary gifts by year, man reading newspaper

Personalised throw pillow

mr and mrs walshingham, personalised throw pillow, 50th anniversary gifts, pillow made from white cotton

Leather 3rd anniversary gifts – personalised coasters

personalised leather coasters, 50th anniversary gifts, made from brown leather, peterson family

Passport covers for the Mr and Mrs who like to travel

the mrs and the mr, black and white passport covers, white background, 50th anniversary gifts

Personalised leather key chains

personalised leather key chains, 50th anniversary gifts, every story is beautiful but ours is my favorite, written on them

Fruits and flowers or silk and linen 4th anniversary gifts – edible flowers kit

gourmet flower kit, grow your own edible flowers, 50th anniversary gifts

Silk bed sheets

grey silk bed sheets, spread on large bed, anniversary gifts for her, white bed side table, books on the bed

Personalised linen wall decoration

personalised linen poster, anniversary gifts for her, rebecca and oliver, hanging on white wall

Wood 5th anniversary gifts – cutting board with photo of the family engraved on it

family where life begins and love never ends, personalised cutting board, anniversary gifts for her

Photo album with wooden covers

our wedding photo album, anniversary gifts for her, personalised for diana and victor, wooden covers

Wooden coasters with photo of the bride and groom

photo of the bride and groom, printed on a wooden coaster, anniversary gifts for her, placed on wooden surface

Iron or candy 6th anniversary gifts – personalised jewelry plate

heart shaped jewelry plate, personalsed for kim and tyler, traditional anniversary gifts, wedding rings inside

Gorgeous iron sculpture of a couple

iron sculpture of couple kissing, holding hands, whtie background, traditional anniversary gifts

Funny love letter with his or hers favorite candy bars

poster with long message, written with candy bars, traditional anniversary gifts, photos glued on it

Wool or copper 7th anniversary gifts – Merino wool blanket

large light pink merino wool blanket, spread on a grey corner sofa, traditional anniversary gifts

Copper sheet with a sweet personalised message

personalised for shawn and donna, copper poster with tree drawn on it, traditional anniversary gifts, congratulatory message written on it

Copper photo frame for a photo of the bride and groom

copper photo frame, black and white photo of the bride and groom, 25th anniversary gifts, wooden stand with best wedding ever written on it

Bronze 8th anniversary gifts – house numbers

bonze house numbers, leaning on white surface, 25th anniversary gifts

Napkin or business card holder with the names of the couple engraved on the bottom

bronze napkin or business card holder, 25th anniversary gifts, with two hearts, personalised engraving on the bottom

Coat hooks with the first letters of the names of each family member

25th anniversary gifts, coat hooks with the first letters of family members names, mounted on white wall

Pottery 9th anniversary gifts – cute plate with a personal message

it was always you, personalised white plate, 25th anniversary gifts, placed on white wooden surface

Personalised vintage pitcher

personalised pitcher, betsy and matt, 40th anniversary gifts, dates and names engraved on it, placed on white wooden surface

Cute coffee mugs for the Mr and Mrs

two coffee mugs, black and white for the mr and mrs, 40th anniversary gifts, placed on wooden surface

Tin or aluminium 10th anniversary gifts – plaque with the family name

the fletchers iron poster, inside a black wooden grame, 40th anniversary gifts, placed on wooden surface

Cute tin can for the tea lovers

tin amazing years, tea can, 40th anniversary gifts, personalised label for paul and katie

Stylish clock

tin clock, personalised for alison and peter, 40th anniversary gifts, stone wall in the background

Crystal 15th anniversary gifts – personalised wine glasses

crystal wine glasses, personalised for mr and mrs hamilton, wedding anniversary gifts by year, red wine inside

Beautiful keepsake with the couple’s wedding photo

wedding anniversary gifts by year, i will never stop loving you, photo of the bride and groom, heart shaped crystal keepsake

Crystal sculpture of the family tree

tree sculpture made of crystals, wedding anniversary gifts by year, black background

China 20th anniversary gifts – dinner set

china dinner set, placed on table with grey tablecloth and gold table runner, wedding anniversary gifts by year, wine glasses and utensils

Beautiful vase

ble and white flower decorations, china vase, wedding anniversary gifts by year, grey background

Cute personalised teapot

white china teapot, personalised for lisa and paul jones, 10th anniversary gift, placed on wooden surface

Silver 25th anniversary gifts – personalised cufflinks for him

silver cufflinks, personalised with first letters and date, 10th anniversary gift, placed on white surface

Beautiful heart earrings for her

silver heart shaped earrings, decorated with a few rhinestones, 10th anniversary gift, white background

Necklace charms with the first letter of your significant other’s name

silver letters, 10th anniversary gift, necklace charms, placed on white surface

Pearl 30th anniversary gifts – cute keepsake with a personal message

heart made out of pearls, congratulatory message underneath, inside a white wooden frame, 10th anniversary gift

Mother of pearl jewelry plate

anniversary gift for husband, mother of pearl jewelry plate, metal cheetah figurine on the side, white background

Breathtaking pearl necklace for her

pearl necklace, rhinestone rose in the middle, anniversary gift for husband, inside a black jewelry box

Coral 35th anniversary gifts – gold cufflinks for him

gold and coral cufflinks, white background, anniversary gift for husband

Watercolor coral heart with a personal message

watercolor coral heart, personalised poster for keith and janet, anniversary gift for husband, inside white wooden frame

An actual keepsake from a coral reef

sculpture of a coral, anniversary gift for husband, from a coral reef, white background

Ruby 40th anniversary gifts – stunning keepsake with ruby hearts

keepsake with two hearts, ruby crystals in the middle of the hearts, anniversary gifts for parents, white background

The family tree with red rhinestones

poster with a tree in the middle, personlised for mr and mrs dunlop, anniversary gifts for parents, placed on wooden surface

Ruby necklace for her

silver necklace with ruby crystal, anniversary gifts for parents, white background

Sapphire 45th anniversary gifts – heart necklace with a special message

heart shaped necklace, sapphire crystal in the middle, anniversary gifts for parents, i love you to the moon and back engraved on it

Vintage sundial in blue

anniversary gifts for parents, blue personalised sundial, congratulatory message written on it

Floral congatulatory poster

personalised poster for peter and ann, blue flowers drawn on it, traditional wedding anniversary gifts, inside white wooden frame

Gold 50th anniversary gifts – beautiful sculpture of a huggin couple

gold sculpture of man and woman hugging, traditional wedding anniversary gifts, placed on white surface, next to two books

Poster showcasing all the memories and legacy of a 50 year marriage

personalised poster for peter and susan, written with gold letters, traditional wedding anniversary gifts, white brick wall

Wooden block with a family tree drawn on it and a personal message

traditional wedding anniversary gifts, drawing of a tree on wooden block, gold birds and letters, personalised for ryan and tina

Emerald 55th anniversary gifts – stunning earrings for her

silver earrings with emerald crystals and rhinestones, traditional wedding anniversary gifts, placed on white surface

Personal keepsake for Mom and Dad

tree made of emerald crystals, inside white wooden frame, anniversary gifts for couples, placed on wooden surface

Gorgeous rings with emeralds and rhinestones

anniversary gifts for couples, two silver rings, emerald crystals and rhinestones, arranged in the shape of a heart

Diamond 60th anniversary gifts – stud earrings for her

diamon stud earrings, placed on white surface, anniversary gifts for couples

Personal poem

personalised poster, inside a black wooden frame, anniversary gifts for couples, poem written for the couple

Diamond cufflinks for him

silver cufflinks with diamonds, anniversary gifts for couples, placed on white surface

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