Fun and thoughtful groomsmen gift ideas to surprise your wolf pack with

by John Griffith

Weddings are usually a big deal for women. Ever since they are little girls, most women dream of their wedding day and what it would be like. With that being said, however, it seems like the husband-to-be’s wishes are often overlooked. And, while many men prefer to leave their bride-to-be to do all the planning, others may want to be more involved. So, if the bride has her bridesmaids to help her with all the preparations, the groom should have his groomsmen around him as well. Which is why, it is very important to have your closest friends by your side. What’s more, if you want to impress them and impose the question in such a way that they wouldn’t dare say no, you have come to the right place. Here are 70+ groomsmen gift ideas to surprise your wolf pack with.

Groomsmen gift ideas for the most awesome wolf pack

six men, holding bobbleheads of themselves, wearing black suits, gold ties, groomsmen gift ideas

You should be very careful when selecting your groomsmen. First of all, it is very important that you have your best friends by your side. Second of all, they are going to plan the bachelor party and make sure you have fun. So, they need to know you quite well. If you have seen the movie “The Hangover” along with both of its sequels, then you probably understand how important it is to be surrounded with awesome people. Moreover, they are going to spend your wedding day keeping you sane. To sum up, pick your groomsmen according to how close they are to you and how well they know you. You might even do a choreographed dance together, so, yeah, they need to be on your level.

Men also need pampering for the big day

groomsmen gift ideas, pair of socks, tie and handkerchief, pocket watch, arranged on a blue ottoman

Asking someone to be your groomsman is a responsible task. Many men seem to underestimate the power of a good groomsman proposal. And, yes, we get it, you have already proposed once, why do you need to propose again, right? Well, because, it is a special moment. By asking someone to be your groomsman, you are basically saying: “Hey, you are a big part of my life, so I want you to be right by my side, as I am entering this new chapter in my life.” Which is why, people have come up with many different, fun and thoughtful ways to ask someone to be their groomsman. And, today, we are going to share with you the best groomsmen gift ideas.

What are the best groomsmen gift ideas?

brown leather wallets, personalised with initials, groomsmen gift ideas, bunch of green tree branches

  • Groomsmen gift box, filled with alcohol and cigars. For all the classy guys out there a metal flask with a glass and a cigar is the perfect gift. Of course, since you know your groomsmen pretty well, you can tailor each box according to the person it is for and what he likes. In any case, gift sets are always a good idea.
  • Personalised groomsmen gifts are very special and thoughtful. Flasks, glasses, travelling bags, wallets – there is such a vast array of things you can give your friends. However, by adding the little touch of embroidered initials or name, makes them feel extra special.
  • Funny cards are a great option if you don’t want to deal with gifts, or are having a wedding on a budget. There are so many examples out there of cards with funny quotes and pictures, the choice is yours.
  • Socks, ties or even boxers with the word groomsman embroidered on them is a fun way to show off your squad. They make for especially cool and amusing wedding photos, as well.

Tailor the gifts according to your squad

men wearing black shoes, groomsmen gift ideas, black personalised socks

Bro, will you be my groomsman – fun idea for groomsmen gift sets

blue wooden box, groomsmen gift ideas, small rum bottle, two metal shot glasses, cigar wrapped in foil

Fun caricature of the whole squad is definitely a creative gift

colored caricature, groomsmen gifts, six men, wearing different clothes, on a balcony

Groomsmen watches with engraved names are a very special gift

groomsmen gifts, wooden watch, personalised with name and date, on a wooden background

Another idea for a fun and personalised groomsmen gift box

carton box, metal flask, bottle opener, wrapped cigar, groomsmen gifts

If your wolf pack are beer lovers then personalised bottle openers might be your best option

bottle openers, personalised with names, groomsmen gifts, white background

For the classy guys, a box for watches and sunglasses is a very elegant gift

black metal box, for watches and sunglasses, groomsmen gifts, personalised with name

Personalised pocket watches make for a creative gift

unique groomsmen gifts, black metal, stop watch, personalised with name

Regular looking backpack until you open it and find all the alcohol inside

blue backpack, cooling bag, unique groomsmen gifts, filled with ice, wine bottles, beer cans, personalised with inital

Practical groomsmen gifts – funny coffee mug

white coffee mug, bro don't mess this up, unique groomsmen gifts, white background

Beautiful personalised belt buckles

brown leather belts, metal belt buckles, personalised with initials, unique groomsmen gifts

Funny card showing the level of commitment of a groom to his bride-to-be

wooden background, funny card, unique groomsmen gifts, black envelope

And a little something for all the Game of Thrones fans

best groomsmen gifts, every king needs a hand, game of thrones inspired card, wooden background

money clip, personalised with initials, best groomsmen gifts, hundred dollar bills, wooden background

That’s how much fun you can have with your groomsmen

grey leather wallet, personalised with initials, best groomsmen gifts, wooden background

grill master, wooden box, best groomsmen gifts, personalised with name and date

Fun t-shirts are always a good idea

white t shirt, personalised with name, best groomsmen gifts, white background

Groomsmen gift ideas for the alcohol lovers

decanter with two glasses, personalised with name, filled with whiskey, groomsmen gift box

Groomsmen dances seem to be all the hype

groomsmen gift box, shot glasses, with caricature faces, of groomsmen, white background

And a little something for the grill masters

steak branding iron, of the person's initials, groomsmen gift box, wooden holders, grilled steak

beer glasses, with photos of the groomsmen, with their nicknames, groomsmen gift box

bottle openers, groomsmen gift box, personalised with the groomsmen faces

brown leather belt, personalised with initials, cool groomsmen gifts, wooden background

cool groomsmen gifts, wooden box, personalised with name, black metal flask, wooden swiss knife

If you and your buddies love fishing then this gift is just for you

fishing gear, cool groomsmen gifts, bag and chair, personalised with names, beer holders

wooden basket, filled with nuts, cool groomsmen gifts, alchohol and soda, different snacks

wooden box, personalised with name, cool groomsmen gifts, beer bottle and glass inside

personalised groomsmen gifts, wooden boxes, with flasks, soaps and travelling bags, with initials

viking horn, beer glass, wooden stand, personalised groomsmen gifts, with an initial

glenlivet whiskey, wanted poster, personalised groomsmen gifts, wooden table

golf gear, personalised with names, personalised groomsmen gifts, in metal boxes

wooden box, personalised groomsmen gifts, with name, deck of cards, playing game

Unique groomsmen gifts

white metal mug, best groomsmen gifts ever, you are part of my wolf pack

best groomsmen gifts ever, carton box, cigar inside, time to suit up

wooden box, personalised with name, shaving kit, best groomsmen gifts ever, wooden background

carton box, bottle of henessy, whiskey glass, best groomsmen gifts ever, i found my woman, but i still need my boys

wooden cigar box, personalised with name, best groomsmen gifts ever, wooden background

join my wolfpack, jigsaw puzzle, good groomsmen gifts, wooden background

Best groomsmen gifts

metal bottle opener, personalised with name and date, good groomsmen gifts

good groomsmen gifts, funny card, the only damn decision i get to make, lavender branches

three men, wearing black suits, good groomsmen gifts, metal ammo boxes, personalised with names, usa flag

metal box, hangover kit, socks and almonds, bottle of whiskey, cigar and a lighter, good groomsmen gifts

Cool groomsmen gifts

groomsmen invitations, metal box, metal knife, personalised with name, jeff berg

metal beer mug, personalised with name, groomsmen invitations, popcorn bowl, wooden table

metal cufflinks, personalised with initials, groomsmen invitations, wooden background

Personalised groomsmen gifts

beige tie, tie clip, personalised with initials, white background, groomsmen invitations

wooden box, poker set, with metal flasks, groomsmen invitations, deck of cards, poker chips

groomsmen proposal, grey bag, cooling bag, personalised with name, bottle opener

brown leather, luggage tag, groomsmen proposal, personalised with name, black chair

set of four, rock ice cubes, groomsmen proposal, personalised with initial, wooden table

Best groomsmen gifts ever

metal flask, with brown leather, groomsmen proposal, metal shot glasses, wooden table

carton box, suit up, bottle of henessy, with black satin bow, groomsmen proposal

small wooden, whiskey barrels, personalised with initials, groomsmen watches, white background

bottles of smirnoff ice, groomsmen watches, will you be my groomsman, black satin bows

Good groomsmen gifts

carton box, with socks and mints, handkerchief and pencil, cigar and alcohol, groomsmen watches

groomsmen watches, suit up, carton box, whiskey and cigar, shot glass inside

wooden swiss knives, personalised with names and dates, groomsmen watches, brown background

tie the knot, practical groomsmen gifts, carton box, grey tie inside

photo collage, side by side photos, practical groomsmen gifts, boxer briefs, personalised for groomsmen

Groomsmen invitations

black box, water bottle, white sunglasses, practical groomsmen gifts, time to suit up, funny card

white coffee mug, practical groomsmen gifts, will you be my groomsman

Groomsmen proposal

practical groomsmen gifts, funny card, white background

How to ask groomsmen to be part of your big day

will you join my wolfpack, groomsmen gift sets, funny card, wooden background

wooden crate, for beer bottles, groomsmen gift sets, personalised with initials

glass whiskey decanter, inside a wooden box, personalised with name, groomsmen gift sets

wooden box, suspenders an bow tie, whiskey and cigar, groomsmen gift sets, blurred background

wooden box, personalised with name, groomsmen gift sets, two whiskey glass, rock ice cubes

how to ask groomsmen, baseball engraved with name and date, on a wooden table

metal pitcher, two metal beer mugs, personalised with name, how to ask groomsmen, wooden table

metal beer mugs, how to ask groomsmen, personalised with names and dates, on a wooden table

shot glasses, personalised with initial, lime slices and sugar on top, how to ask groomsmen

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