Family Thanksgiving outfits – the best festive looks for you and your little ones

by John Griffith

Thanksgiving is just over a month away, so it’s time to start preparing! We have already given you a few lovely table set up ideas, and gone through some of the best festive DIYs. So, in today’s article we would like to explore something even more fun – chic and comfy Thanksgiving outfits!

Our team has worked very hard and created an extensive list, containing over 80 gorgeous looks for fashionable moms and stylish kids. Whether you are a trend-setting fashionista, a laid-back lady who likes to work hard and chill even harder, or a mom looking for creative outfit ideas for her little ones – we’ve got you covered. Our gallery has something suitable for everyone! And, to make things easier, we have divided our article into four segments – outfits for ladies, coordinated looks for moms and kids, outfits for toddlers, and costumes for babies and newborns.

Part One – Thanksgiving Outfits for Ladies

mustard yellow shorts, worn with black opaque tights, a sheer black blouse, and a black fur trimmed gilet, thanksgiving outfits

Thanksgiving outfits for ladies

No two Thanksgiving parties are alike, and your outfit should reflect this. It might be okay to lounge in comfy casual clothes during a Thanksgiving dinner with your closest people, but work parties or larger family gatherings call for smarter attire. And, of course, there are some ocassions when it might even be necessary to don formal garments. But worry not – in this article we have compiled outfit ideas for every possible scenario!

 Scenario 1 – a formal Thanksgiving office dinner:

patent leather clutch bag in gold, dark green velvet mini dress, with bell sleeves, thanksgiving outfits, black ankle boots, with beaded embroidery

For the office

Needless to say, if you are invited to a formal office lunch or dinner, you should arrive sharply dressed. While a smart gown is an absolute must, it’s advisable to opt for designs and fabrics suitable for chilly fall weather. Ditch the silks and ciffon and go for thicker materials such as velour or wool. A pretty velvet mini dress, combined with some black ankle boots a fancy clutch bag and some glamorous jewelry is an excellent, timeless choice, that is sure to bring you lots of compliments!

Scenario 2: a semi-formal large family gathering

thanksgiving outfits, plaid blanket scarf, in beige and red, black and white, worn over a burgundy mini dress, with pale grey ankle boots

For a family gathering

Large family gatherings are more relaxed than office parties but you should still aim to look your best! Jumper dresses are our absolute favorite choices for this scenario, because they are ultra comfortable and warm, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occassion. Alternatively, you could go for dark skinny jeans, combined with a cute top and a large black felt hat.

Comfortable, smart and cute!

patterned semi-sheer blouse, and slightly flared dark blue jeans, worn by a smiling brunette woman, thanksgiving outfits, with black felt hat, and black cross body bag

Scenario 3: a cozy dinner with your loved ones at home

fluffy pom pom, on a pale cream knitted hat, worn by a young brunette woman, with long curled hair, thanksgiving outfits, oatmeal chunky knit jumper, black skinny jeans, and a designer shoulder bag

At home

In this scenario you have absolute freedom! Needless to say, clebrating at home with your immediate family means that you can attend even in tracksuit pants and a t-shirt. However, there is nothing wrong with dressing up a little bit! If you don’t feel like getting a new outfit for the ocassion, at least treat yourself to some cute accessories.

We love this cozy and stylish burgundy dress

wine jumper dress, with a side slit, worn with dark brown sueded boots, and a brown leather bag, thanksgiving outfits, brunette woman with long curled hair

A lovely tutorial with three gorgeous Thanksgiving outfits:

This stunning outfit is just the right mix of smart and casual

forest green oversized shirt, with rolled up sleeves, worn over black, leather look leggings, thanksgiving outfits, black high heels

More beautiful Thanksgiving looks

three examples of thanksgiving outfits for women, dark grey leggings, and a brown leather jacket, black mini skirt and jumper, black skinny trousers and a fur gilet

If you are looking for some makeup and outfit tips, check out this video

Classy and stylish

cable knit jumper in orange, worn with blue skinny jeans, and tall brown leather boots, by a smiling brunette woman, holding a designer bag,thanksgiving outfits for women

thanksgiving outfits for women, long polo neck jumper dress, in grey melange, worn with beige, suede ankle boots, and a white cardigan, featuring cream and grey stripes

ribbed long sleeveless polo neck jumper, in light brown, worn over a white top, thanksgiving outfits for women, skinny dark blue jeans, yellow high heels

What do you think about this edgy outfit?

baggy and long, pale grey jumper, over an oversized white shirt, thanksgiving outfits for women, brunette woman with long hair, wearind tall suede, dark brown boots

beige suede boots, and a button up mini skirt, in a similar color, worn with a white polo neck jumper, and a quilted cream gilet, thanksgiving outfits for women, on a smiling blonde woman, with long hair

examples of thanksgiving outfits for women, eight different styles, burgundy ankle trousers, skinny jeans with a jumper and a scarf, and many more

Don’t forget to stay warm!

chunky knit off-white scarf, worn over a brown cardigan, and a ditsy mini dress, by a blonde young woman, thanksgiving outfits for women, tall dark red leather boots

animal print clutch bag, a mink grey melange jumper dress, black leather trousers, and blue skinny jeans, a white shirt and a cream jumper, boots and a brown bag, thanksgiving outfits for women, stylish ideas

comfy outfits, striped black and white t-shirt dress, worn by a slim, young blonde girl, with tall brown leather boots, and white and grey over-the-knee socks

Jumper dress, black felt hat and over-the-knee boots – a classic combination

purple jumper dress, and black suede, over-the-knee boots, on a slim brunette woman, wearing a large black felt hat, comfy outfits

creamy grey tall suede boots, on a smiling brunette woman, with short wavy hair, dressed in a red patterned mini dress, comfy outfits for the holidays

white long sleeved jumper mini dress, comfy outfits, combined with a plaid scarf, chunky red socks, and knee-high brown leather boots

And here are some Thanksgiving outfits for teens:

Family Thanksigivng outfits for moms and kids

So far we have discussed only Thanksgiving outfits for grown ups, but children also deserve to look good during the holidays. This is especially true if it’s their first turkey day! Therefore, we have decided to devote the next part of our gallery exclusively to the smallest Thanksgiving party goers. It includes lovely coordinated outfts for moms and kids, beautiful suggestions for little ladies, as well as plenty of funny and cute ideas for babies and newborns. Enjoy!

Part Two: Coordinated Thanksgiving Outfits for Moms and Kids

cute thanksgiving outfits, mother and small daughter, dressed in identical clothes, tall beige leather boots, black skinny jeans, light blue chambrays, and checkered scarves

The coordinated look is not only for moms and daughters!

son and mother, sitting side by side, dressed in similar outfits, patterned shirts in white and dark blue, identical navy cable knit vests, with matching pins, and blue jeans

stars in red, on identical black jumpers, worn with red mini skirts, by a mother and a daughter, toddler thanksgiving outfit, coordinated looks

daughter and mother holding hands, dressed in almost identical, cute thanksgiving outfits, long pale grey jumpers, with quarter sleeves, over white mini skirts

Coordinated looks are not only for moms and daughters!

mother and small daughter, wearing the same sleeveless, navy blue dresses, with pleated skirts, over white shirts, with striped blue and white ribbon ties, cute thanksgiving outfits for kids

gold polka dots, on identical black skirts, worn by a mother and her small daughter, toddler thanksgiving outfit, similar white t-shirts, and different black shoes

leopard print tops, in white and black and brown, worn with white leggings, and black hats, by a smiling mother, and her young daughter

Aren’t these identical jumpers adorable?

cherry print in white, on navy blue jumpers, worn by a mother and daughter duo, cute thanksgiving outfits, blue jeans and black and white trousers

identical dresses made from tweed, with quarter sleeves, and white collars, featuring black ribbons, cute thanksgiving outfits, worn by a mother and daughter

Part Three – Thanksgiving Outfits for Toddlers

girls thanksgiving outfit, smiling female toddler, wearing a beige winter coat, black leggings and a black hat, with a black cross body bag

little girl with shoulder-length blonde hair, and a yellow flower in her mouth, jumping in the air, dressed in a white and black patterned coat, a khaki short dress, and dark grey knitted tights, girls thanksgiving outfit

yellow knitted jumper dress, worn with a woven, thin brown leather belt, and cowboy boots, by a small child, girls thanksgiving outfit, simple and cute

Cute and warm clothes for little ladies

chestnut brown shoulder length hair, on a small child, dressed in an oversized, grey knitted jumper, girls thanksgiving outfit, skinny dark blue jeans

wide-brimmed black felt hat, worn by a child, with long wavy blonde hair, white peplum top, and blue skinny jeans, girls thanksgiving outfit, beige and brown ankle boots

combination for girls thanksgiving outfit, pale pink jumper dress, light cream cardigan, black opaque tights, brown shoes and a light grey hat

A lovely casual suggestion

sequin heart in gold, on a striped lond t-shirt, in black and white, worn over ink blue skinny jeans, girls thanksgiving outfit, grey fur boots

mittens in beige, with white shearling fur trim, a pale pink dress, with turkey feather print, a light grey jumper, baby thanksgiving outfits, beige shoes with bows, and a pale pink winter hat, with a pom pom

toddler thanksgiving outfit, grey cardigan and a plaid blanket scarf, striped leggings in pale pink and dark purple, beige shearling fur boots, and a light grey beanie hat

Looking chic in plaid and leopard print

rubber rain boots in red, worn by a small girl, with dark blue jeans, a light chambray, a plaid red and blue gilet, and an animal print beanie hat, toddler thanksgiving outfit

small girl dressed in a white and yellow, checkered tunic dress, over black leggings, toddler thanksgiving outfit, headband and brown ankle boots

orange jumper dress, with quarter sleeves, toddler thanksgiving outfit, brown suede shoes, an off-white tube scarf, and a brown knitted hat

Part Four (Our Favourite) – Thankgsiving Outfits for Babies and Newborns

baby girl thanksgiving outfit, brown jumper with orange and beige, yellow and white embroidery, and a brown and orange tutu skirt, on a smiling dimpled baby

little miss thankful, written in gold, on a white onesie, with orange and brown motifs, tutu skirt in orange, and a white and orange striped headband, with a sparkly gold bow, baby girl thanksgiving outfit

baby thanksgiving outfits, dark navy jumper, and blue jeans, on a small baby boy, wearing a beige gilet, with a white sherling fur trim, and plaid details

This turkey costume is too adorable for words!

headband with a big yellow bow, worn by a small baby, dressed in a brown, orange and yellow dress, with a sequined turkey motif, and a frilly tutu, baby girl thanksgiving outfit ideas

cartoon turkey printed on a white, long-sleeved top, baby thanksgiving outfits, striped trousers in dark brown and white

gobble gobble printed in gold, on a white onesie, worn by a smiling baby, with a white and gold headband, featuring a large bow, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, next image shows a knitted hat, resembling a roast turkey

A sharply dressed gentleman, ready for his first turkey day

necktie shape in orange, with white polka dots, sewn on a brown t-shirt, worn over a white and orange striped jumper, by a smiling baby boy, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, dark blue jeans

peter pan collar, and short sleeves, on a checkered onesie, in brown and white, embroidered with a turkey cartoon, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, on a whiite background

vest in white, with a cartoon turkey pattern, worn with an orange bow tie, over a white t-shirt, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, for infant boys

How cute is this rustic chic outfit?

newsboy cap in white and blue, worn by a small baby boy, dressed in jeans with suspenders, and a pale blue shirt, baby thanksgiving outfits, sitting in a wooden cart, with straw and a pumpkin

infant wearing a white onesie, with long sleeves, and a multicolored festive print, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, striped leggings in brown and yellow, white and orange

basket lined with beige and cream wool, containing a very young baby, dressed in dark green knitted nappies, baby thanksgiving outfits, fall leaves in different colors, and decorative branches, with small orange berries

As cute as a button!

laughing one-year-old with short blonde hair, wearing dark blue skinny jeans, and a plaid shirt in red, white and dark grey, baby girl thanksgiving outfit, dark blue bow, on top of her head

pumpkins and apples, near a sitting baby boy, dressed in a beige and light blue sweater, and dark blue jeans, baby thanksgiving outfits, pale grey hat, with small bear ears

turkey cartoon in yellow, orange and dark brown, printed on a white onesie, worn with a fluffy tulle tutu skirt, in yellow and orange and brown, baby girl thanksgiving outfit, orange headband with three multicolored bows

It’s his first fallm, y’all!

it's my first fall y'all, and an image of a pumpkin, printed in different colors, on a white onesie, worn by a baby in striped leggings, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, orange faux pumpkin nearby

stylish baby girl thanksgiving outfit, white trousers with gold hearts, pale grey jumper with long sleeves, faux fur gilet, and a white and gold headband

Little Miss Sunshine

polka dots in white, on a yellow dress, with long sleeves and frills, worn by a smiling baby girl, with brown leather boots, white leggings and a yellow and white head ornaments

first thanksgiving baby onesie, with long sleeves, baby's first thanksgiving outfit, featuring a festive message, printed in green, orange and brown

An adorable suggestion for twins

pair of babies, dressed in identical clothes, white jumpers featuring cartoon turkey prints, baby girl thanksgiving outfit, striped trousers in light green, white and orange, shiny gold soft shoes

Extra – some miscellanious Thanksgiving outfits we know you will love!

mini dress in black, with white geometrical pattern, worn over black leggings, by a smiling woman, with long brunette hair, and tall brown leather boots

purple mini dress, worn with a plaid blanket scarf, and over-the-knee black suede boots, by a slim woman, holding a beige bag

four images of the same woman, dressed in different outfits, purple skinny trousers, and a black leather biker jacket, black tights and a mini skirt, leggins and jumpers

Casually dressed father and son

man dressed in a light pink shirt, dark blue jeans, and a pale cream gilet, holding the hands of a small baby, wearing dark blue jeans, a grey t-shirt, blue quilted jacket, and a blue beanie hat, baby thanksgiving outfits for little boys

wrist watch and earrings, tall brown leather boots, dark blue skinny jeans, mink brown cable knit sweater, a red clutch bag, and a lipstick, what to wear for thanksgiving day

laughing brunette woman, wearing a dark green, turtle neck jumper dress, and beige suede ankle boots, she is holding a matching beige leather bag, and a red coffee cup

Which outfit is your favorite?

young slim women, dressed in four different outfits, suitable for thanksgiving, mini dress and over-the-knee boots, ripped jeans and a polo neck jumper, mini skirt and a striped top, black skinny trousers, and a printed t-shirt

suede over-the-knee boots, in mink grey, worn with ripped skinny jeans, a baggy white polo neck jumper, and a creamy grey jacket

off-white sweater dress, worn over a black and white, striped polo neck jumper, comfy outfits, on a smiling brunette woman, with tall brown leather boots

Warm outwear for chilly November days

patchwork faux fur coat, worn with a black mini dress, and over-the-knee boots, short sleeved beige coat, over jeans and a white t-shirt, and a faux mink fur gilet, on top of a white jumper dress

blanket scarf in white, with dark green and brown motifs, worn over a greyish-green jumper dress, comfy outfits, paired up with beige, suede over-the-knee boots

plaid blanket scarf, in red and black, combined with a white top, and worn over ripped, black skinny jeans, comfy outfits, light beige suede ankle boots

Playful jumper dress outfit with red rain boots

wellington boots in red, combined with a dark grey jumper dress, and a white and black, checkered blanket scarf, comfy outfits, black leather bag

cardigan made from a plaid blanket scarf, tied with a thin, brown leather belt, worn over a striped, black and white top, and dark blue skinny jeans, tall brown leather boots, and a red clutch bag

women dressed in cute thanksgiving outfits, ripped jeans and light sweaters, scarves and skinny jeans, and other examples

You can’t go wrong with these classic items

tall brown leather, riding style boots, a-line dress in ivory, cute thanksgiving outfits, tartan blanket scarf, and a navy blue tote bag, with brown leather details

matching outfits for moms and daughters, skinny dark blue jeans, white jumpers and pale green parkas, toddler thanksgiving outfit ideas, on a little girl, standing next to her mom, in the forest

teenage girls thanksgiving outfit, burgundy red velvet cardigan, over a multicolored dress, with a floral pattern, and sheer black tights, black felt hat

Thanksgiving outfits for trendy little girls

two images of a small girl, dressed in blue denim overalls, and a plaid black and red shirt, toddler thanksgiving outfit, with beige lace up shoes

child dressed in a white cable knit jumper, black leggings with white socks, and tall brown leather boots, smiling while holding a small pumpkin, toddler thanksgiving outfit, more pumpkins nearby

baby's first thanksgiving outfit, white onesie with short sleeves, featuring a cartoon turkey print, with the inscription 1st thanksgiving, yellow bow tie, and faux suspenders

We wish you a lovely Thanksgiving!

fall leaves in different colors, pumpkins and gourds, surrounding a newborn baby, dressed in brown knitted overalls, sleeping on a cream blanket, placed on top of a hay stack, deer and woods in the background

metal cooking pot, containing a small baby, wearing a turkey knitted cap, baby thanksgiving outfits, cabbage and carrots, and other vegetables near the pot

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