90 Stunning Thanksgiving table decorations for your festive lunch or dinner

by John Griffith

When most people hear the word Thanksgiving, they picture a family gathering accompanied by a hearty, delicious meal. And although the food normally takes center stage, one definitely shouldn’t underestimate the decor! A stylish centerpiece and a few carefully selected ornaments can really transform an ordinary dining room into a festive space full of cosy charm. In order to better illustarte this point, we have decided to devote today’s article on Thanksgiving table decorations. Our gallery contains 90 amazing suggestions, ranging from glamorous to minimalistically chic, and from classic to unique and innovative. And if you’re worried that decorating your Thanksgiving table can get expensive, let us assue you – there are plenty of affordable options that look amazing! You can even make some of them at home, using materials from the dollar store.

Gorgeous Thanksgiving table decorations with gold motifs

thanksgiving table decorations, spray painted gold ornamental pumpkin, placed in a glass bowl, decorated with moss, on top of three stacked plates, with a white napkin between them

Thanksgiving table decorations

You should begin by deciding what kind of atmosphere you would like your Thanksgiving table to have. There are many options to choose from, but if you are on a budget, we would highly recommand going for a rustic look. The style is heavily inspired by country side life and it is an excellent way of celebrating the many bounties of fall. Plus it’s very easy to create – you will only need natural seasonal materials such as pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, conkers, and fall leaves, combined with several candles. Simply place the candles in the middle of your Thanksgiving table and surround them with small pumpkins, colorful leaves and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Beautiful, elegant and rustic Thanksgiving tablescape

A charming Thanksgiving buffet idea

ceramic pots filled with orange flowers, placed on a metal stand, with a pie, some cutlery and plaates, and a white pot, thanksgiving table decorations

Decoration ideas for Thanksgiving

Those of you who would like their rustic style Thanksgiving table decorations to have a more glamorous feel, can decorate some of the pumpkins, gourds or pinecones with gold spray paint. And if you want to include a mysterious and magical woodland touch to the dining room decor can add a few faux antlers and some string lights.

Another really creative and easy decorative idea is to use a pumpkin as a vase. Simply purchase a large pumpkin, hollow it out, fill it with water and add a bouquet of flowers in warm, earthy thones, such as yellow, orange and dark red. Te end result makes an excellent center piece that is both stylishly chic and inspired by nature.

We love this gorgeous white and gold setup, with faux antlers, green leaves and fairy lights!

antlers and fake pumpkins, spray-painted in white, gold and silver, thanksgiving table decorations, on a dark brown, wooden table with white plates, napkins and silver cutlery

If the rustic style is not for you, there are many other options you can go for. Check out our gallery bellow to find inspiration and don’t forget to keep a close look on our website for more Thankgsiving tips and ideas!

White pumpkins and lace

Simple, bright and cosy Thanksgiving table

rose gold cutlery, placed near three stacked plates, with gold and silver details, thanksgiving table decorations, lit candles and several pumpkins, green decorative plants

Opt for flowers in warm, earthy colors

bouquet with orange, white and red flowers, in a marble vase, surrounded by pumpkins in different sizes, pinecones and yellow baubles, thanksgiving table decorations, plates and cutlery

This mini flower terrarium makes an excellent centerpiece

terrarium made of glass, with black frames, containing a white flower, and several yellow blossoms, thanksgiving table decorations, on a round white table, sprinkled with fall leaves

Lovely Thanksgiving table setup ideas:

Another beautiful idea with pumpkins and pinecones

round knitted rattan table mats, white plates and wine glasses, on a table, decorated with wooden candleholders, green leaves and pinecones, thanksgiving table decorations, large white pumpkin

pots in the shape of pumpkins with lids, in white and orange, thanksgiving table decorations, plates and glasses, decorative fall leaves and berries

pouch made of burlap, with a small name tag, placed on top of two white stacked plates, surrounded by gold cutlery, thanksgiving table setting, candles surrounded by leaves, small white pumpkins, and gold baubles

DIY personalized table mat – a cute and creative idea

thanksgiving table setting, beige paper place mat, featuring the name henry, written in white, plates and cutlery, glasses and lit candles, three bouquets with green plants

cheap centerpiece ideas, narrow and long wooden crate, filled with orange fall leaves and tiny berries, containing several lit candles, and a few white and orange pumpkins

little fall leaf, placed in the middle of a round white plate, surrounded by black cutlery, on a wooden table, with various foods, and small white decorative pumpkins, thanksgiving table setting

Presentation is incredibly important! Don’t you just love this napkin decoration?

napkin made of burlap-like material, decorated with fall leaves, red berries and two sprigs of wheat, tied with paper rope, and placed on a white plate, thanksgiving table setting, silver vintage-style cutlery

garden thanksgiving table setting, dark brown wooden table, decorated with pumpkins, a lantern filled with flowers, and several tall candles, plates and cups, cutlery and white napkins

sprig of a green plant, tied to a folded white napkin, with a sheer silber ribbon, featuring a small label saying thankful, placed on a plate, thanksgiving table setting, round rattan table mats

White tablecloth with rose gold leaves 

bisquits and fruit, nuts and seeds, in various dishes, placed on a white tablecloth, decorated with pale beige leaves, thanksgiving table setting, white plate and napkin, gold cutlery and a glass with juice

light grey and cream pumpkins, surrounded by purple, and pale green plants, on a table with round, brown wicker table mats, white dishes and napkins, glasses and cutlery, cheap centerpiece ideas

hydrangeas in different colors, accompanied by other plants, in two bouquets, placed on a table, set for a festive meal, cheap centerpiece ideas, pumpkins and lit candles, gold-rimmed plates and gold cutlery

And here is a cute and fun idea for the kids’ table!

orange and brown plates, napkins and tablecloth, on a white table, decorated by a dark brown vase, containg yellow flowers, thanksgiving table setting, for the children's table

children's thanksgiving table, white tablecloth and orange napkins, brown plates with white pollka dots, three vases in different colors, containing yellow flowers, cheap centerpiece ideas, multicolored turkey shaped paper cutouts

tea lights and flowers, and tiny orange pumpkins, surrounding three bigger pumpkins, with the letters e and r, and the sign & engraved on them, cheap centerpiece ideas, on a round dark brown table

Stunning Thanksgiving tablescapes

thanksgiving dinnerware, long wooden rectangular table, set for eight people, pale beige and black plates, glasses and silver cutlery, decorative pumpkins, leaves and fruit

wooden rectangular table, with eight plates, in white and blue, white napkins and silver cutlery, decorative pumpkins and fall leaves, thanksgiving dinnerware

burgundy red candles in different sizes, and small blue faux pumpkins, on a round table, with plates and cups, cheap centerpiece ideas, large light blue hollow pumpkin, filled with burgundy red and cream flowers

If the weather permits, why not have your Thanksgiving lunch in the open?

outdoor wooden tables, decorated with pumpkins, filled with flowers, thanksgiving dinnerware, lit candles in glass vases, white dishes and napkins

yellow round table, with four seats, featuring teal plates and napkins, thanksgiving dinnerware, centerpiece with fall vegetables

well lit room with a black table, set for a festive meal, stacked plates, decorated with small white pumpkins, gold cutlery and striped napkins, thanksgiving dinnerware, candles and flowers, fruit and gourds

A quick and easy Thanksgiving center piece idea – DIY pumpkin vase

ribbon in white, tied in a bow around a large, hollow orange pumpkin, filled with red flowers, pale orange roses, lavender and small white blossoms, cheap centerpiece ideas, on a pale grey wooden surface

black round table, with gold and black and white dishes, and gold cutlery, thanksgiving dinnerware, green table centerpiece, featuring leaves and pears, gourds and artichokes

rustic style table, decorated with clementine leaves and fruit, with thanksgiving dinnerware, white round plates, and gold rimmed glasses, lit dark green candles

How about a bohemian garden table setup?

boho style thanksgiving dinnerware, gold-rimmed dishes and glasses, tall cream and white candles, on a dark brown wooden table, decorated with pumpkin ornaments, and placed in a garden

thanksgiving centerpiece, small and narrow wooden crate, filled with green plants, and orange flowers, surrounded by pumpkins, gourds and dried branches, on a wooden table with square, white plates

close up of two stacked, dark yellow plates, with a pale grey napkin between them, cutlery and a small square object, wrapped in brulap and decorated with a name tag, placed on top, thanksgiving tablescape

Instead of a choosing single center piece, why not opt for many hand-painted pumpkins?

many faux pumpkins, in pale blue and dark navy, white and beige, orange and gold, decorating a wooden table, with large dark blue plates, cheap centerpiece ideas, seen from above

square yellow and white plates, with place holders, on a white tablecloth, decorated with a pale, duck's egg blue pumpkin, thanksgiving centerpiece, surrounded by fall leaves, dried corn leaves, candles and smaller white pumpkins

plush dark grey bottle holders, on a festive table, with gold and white plates, topped with black menu cards, and spotted feathers, thanksgiving tablescape, candles and green decorative folliage

Simle and beautiful

purple and red, yellow and orange flowers, with green leaves, in three bouquets, surrounded by small white pumpkins, some decorated with gold stripes, thanksgiving centerpiece, placed on a white rectangular table

six white candles, in different shapes, placed in a narrow wooden crate, containing white and orange pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves, thanksgiving centerpiece, on a dark brown wooden table

thanksgiving tablescape, dark wooden table, decorated with small orange pumpkins, green leaves and silver candles, on clear glass holders, white and gold plates, one wine glass and silver cutlery

A classical Thanksgiving table setup

pinecones in different sizes, a pale duck's egg blue pumpkin, surrounded by small white pumpkins, and green leaves, on an ornamental silver dish, thanksgiving centerpiece, placed near three stacked dishes, silver cutlery and a whte napkin

table set for six, and decorated with a long and narrow wooden crate, containig pumpkins and candles, gourds and fruit, and leaves in different colors, thanksgiving centerpiece, on a rectnagular wooden table

branch of cotton, and brown spotted feathers, in a white and gold vase, placed on top of a white dish containing acorns, thanksgiving centerpiece, pumpkins and a pinecone nearby

And here is an idea for those of you who prefer minimalistic Thanksgiving table decorations:

spray-painted faux pumpkins, in metallic gold, surrounded by tea lights, orange fall leaves and small green berries, thanksgiving centerpiece, on a grey and off-white tablecloth, with large square white plates

multiple white candles, in an a candle holder, placed near four pale grey pumpkins, on a table with a grey tablecloth, thanksgiving tablescape, with white and gold dishes, white napkins and silver cutlery

plaid tablecloth in orange, brown and white, on a rectangular table, decorated with orange, white and cream pumpkins, and dark green leaves, thanksgiving tablescape, ornamental plates and borwn napkins

A lovely rustic tablescape

pie and turkey, fruit and butter, on a rectangular wooden table, set for six, seen from above, thanksgiving tablescape, bouquet with orange, red and yellow flowers

wicker decorations shaped like two pumpkins, and a cornucopia, filled with gourds, pinecones and nuts, on a dark brown wooden table, thanksgiving tablescape, acorns and orange fall leaves

grassy lawn near a thanksgiving table, with round natural wood place mats, candles and assorted pumpkins

How cute is this Thanksgiving buffet snack table?

snack table with candied apples, donuts and pretzels, cookies and juice, placed near a lawn, thanksgiving tablescape, pumpkin filled with orange and red flowers

eighteen plates with napkins, placed on a long, rustic wooden table, decorated with green branches, and tea lights

circular wooden place mats, with natural bark, placed on a rustic wooden table, decorated with green foliage, and lit white candles, in different sizes

Simple but effective Thanksgiving turkey decorations

turkey decorations, made from two orange pumpkins, and paper cutouts, placed on a dark brown wooden surface


dining room with a dark brown wooden table, decorated with pumpkins, in different sizes and colors, four lit white candles, plates and bowls, napkins and cutlery

areal shot of an oval wooden table, with eight chairs, and eight ornamental plates, with folded violet napkins, large bouquet in the center of the table

Five great ideas for DIY Thanksgiving table decorations 

five images showing, different thanksgiving table decoration ideas, pumpkin with red and orange flowers, apple candle holders, lanterns and centerpieces

pomegranates and grapes, pumpkins and gourds, decorating a thanksgiving table, covered with a black and white, patterned tablecloth with plates, cutlery and glasses

tiny yellow pumpkin, with a white label, featuring the inscription mom, tied to its stem, striped black and white napkin

This adorable pumpkin tower is one of our favorite DIY suggestions

tower-like thanksgiving ornament, made from three orange and white stacked pumpkins, decorated with red and yellow flowers, and light green plants

berries in yellow and dark red, and gold and silver, spray-painted pumpkins and gourds, decorating a pale cream ornamental tablecloth, with glasses and gold-rimmed stacked plates

two photos showing a dark brown wooden table, with gold-rimmed plates and cups, and silver cutlery, decorated with tall candles, and white and gold pumpkin ornaments

A minimalistic rustic Thanksgiving setup

potted cactus and succulent, on a wooden table, near a pale blue pumpkin, a yellow gourd, and two small bottles, containing bright yellow flowers

gourds and pumpkins, and two long branches, with small round berries, decorating a table set for six

large medium and small turkey decorations, made from wicker, wood and and real turkey feathers, placed on a pale beige wooden table

More adorable (and very creative) ideas for the children’s Thanksgiving table!

felt turkey head, attached to a pineapple, decorated with yellow, pink and orange flowers, and green fern leaves, creative turkey decorations

cups made out of clear plastic, decorated with eye stickers, and pieces of paper, in yellow and red, orange and green, turkey decorations for your party

paper cutout of a turkey, stuck on a whicker pumpkin ornament, with a tail made from pieces of paper in different colors, turkey decorations, faux fall leaves, and a paper pumpkin nearby

Kids will have lots of fun making these cute turkey ornaments!

kids diy turkey decorations, small mason jar filled with gold glitter, decorated with eye stickers, a small felt beak, and a tail, made from hand-shaped paper cutouts in different colors

marshmellow and fruit kaboobs, pinned on a pale pumpkin, made to resemble a turkey, with fruit and vegetables, turkey decorations, on a large white square plate, surrounded by fall leaves

wreaths made from thin branches, with tiny orange berries, wrapped around three white pumpkins, placed on an orange and yellow patterned tablecloth

Why not create a multicolored table this year?

collage showing three images, of different thanksgiving decorations, pumpkins painted in many colors, a centerpiece with green leaves, fruit and gourds

set table with eight plates, eight clear green wine glasses, floral napkins and silver cutlery, and a centerpiece, featuring several wrapped pumpkins, near a several windows

very bright room, with white window shutters, and a white sofa, near a small pale beige, round wooden table, set for two, and decorated with a centerpiece, featuring small pumpkins, gourds and leaves, berries and white flowers

Another lovely outdoor idea!

red chairs near a pale blue, rectangular dinner table, set for eight people, and placed outdoors, decorated with two buckets, filled with candles, and bowls of fall vegetables

vintage dark brown wooden table, with yellow and white plates, each containing a small name card, propped up on a cork bottle stopper, bouquets of dried plants, yellow and orange, red and brown leaves strewn about the table

acorns and fruit, fall leaves and nuts, and lit candles, in and around three glass containers, placed on a dark brown table

Cozy decor with fall leaves and candles

candle holders made of glass and metal, each containing a lit, small yellow candle, on a dark brown table, decorated with orange and yellow, faux fall leaves

plastic orange pumpkin, with the inscription give thanks, filled with faux fall leaves, pinecones and berries, cotton and wheat stalks, and many others

board made of wood, decorated with lit candles, in different shapes and sizes, red and green grapes, gourds and green wheat stalks, next image shows three white pumpkins, decorated with wreaths, made of thin branches, with tiny orange berries

Shabby chic thanksgiving center pieces in white

vases in antique style, with chipping white paint, one contains a white pumpkin, and the other - a bouquet of white hydrangeas, five small white pumpkins nearby

copper mug and two stacked white plates, topped with a small dark brown antler, and a name card, pale pink napkin, and some cutlery, on a table, decorated with a large bouquet

peach pink roses, dark red and light green flowers, in a wooden basket, shaped like a turkey, placed in the center, of a brown round table

Aren’t these turkey napkins just adorable?

bird figurine in brown and orange, on a glass table, with plates and a large pumpkin, tied with ribbons, turkey decorations made from pinecones, orange pipe cleaners, and yellow napkins

dishes decorated with turkey ornaments, made from pinecones, orange pipe cleaners, and yellow napkins, folded like fans, on a round glass table, near a large pumpkin, and a turkey figurine

rolled up pale blue napkin, with a white botanical embroidery, tied with an orange ribbon, and decorated with small, yellow and orange berries, on top of two stacked plates, fall leaves and lit candles

Celebrate the harvest season with a lovely setup, featuring cotton branches and dried wheat bouquets

two bunches of dried wheat stalks, tied with brown ribbons, and placed in clear vases, on either side of a brass pot, filled with cotton branches, thanksgiving table ideas

green dishes shaped like cabbage leaves, on a round table set for four, cutlery with orange handles, red and orange flowers, pumpkins and fruit

burgundy red and orange, yellow and beige fall leaves, on a table with wine glasses, a gold-colored lit candle, and a yellow plate, containing a small yellow pumpkin

Personalized place cards are always a great idea!

place holder cards, with colorful turkey illustrations, on top of stacked plates, on a table decorated with lit, yellow and orange candles

blue and grey, red and orange plaid tablecloth, on a table, decorated with white pumpkins, and yellow fall leaves, white plate and napkin, glass and vase

three small hollow white pumpkins, filled with orange roses, and brown fall leaves, and placed on ornamental stands

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