Are you preparing a surprise for your SO? Here are 70 Valentine’s Day decor ideas to try

by John Griffith

Valentine’s Day is almost here. And with it, comes the pressure of surpassing your significant other’s expectations and surprising them in the best way possible. Some people argue that February 14th shouldn’t be the only day on which you have to express your love. And, although we agree, we think that since it has been universally accepted as the holiday of love, you should definitely make your partner feel extra special on this particular day. That is why, today we are going to help you impress your significant other with some of the best Valentine’s Day decor ideas you can try.

Valentine’s Day decor ideas to help you prepare the best surprise for your partner

valentines day decor, pink and red decorations, heart garlands hanging over white mantel, decorations made of paper

Where does Valentine’s Day come from?

It originated as a Christian holiday celebrating one of the early saints called Valentinus. One of the stories associated with this holiday tells the story of Saint Valentine from Rome and his imprisonment. He was imprisoned for officiating weddings for soldiers who weren’t allowed to get married. The legend says that the Saint restored the eyesight of his judge’s daughter. After which he wrote her a farewell letter before his execution, signing it “Your Valentine”. Hence, the often used phrase.

When it comes to the traditions of the holiday, it is believed that they originated in the 18-century England. That is the time when men started courting their objects of affection. They started presenting them with flowers, love letters and greeting cards, now known as valentines. Which is why, the holiday implies all the same things to be done for your special someone.

Valentine’s Day is definitely the most romantic holiday of the year

be my valentine banner, hearts garland hanging on white wall, pink armchair, valentines day decor, heart shaped balloons on the floor

It is often associated with the consumption of lots of candy, representing the sweetness of love

sweet treats banner, hearts garlands, hanging over desserts table, valentines day decor, cake cupcakes and milkshakes on top

Lovely idea for a Valentine’s Day decor

decorations made of paper, valentines day decor, let love grow wreath, hanging over a mantel, potted succulents arranged on top

Preparing a nice brunch for your partner is a nice way to start the day

afternoon tea table arrangement, valentines day decor, vintage tea cups, mimosa in a bottle with glasses on silver tray

Plus side of the timing of the holiday is the cold weather, because who wouldn’t want to cuddle up next to someone they love

baby it's cold outside wooden sign, valentine decorations, wooden shelf with different decorations on it, love coffee mugs

Candies are an inseparable part of the traditions

small paper bag, filled with candy, placed on white plate, valentine decorations, red and white candy scattered on it

Easy DIY tutorial for gorgeous Valentine decorations

valentine decorations, eight canvases with different hearts portrayed on them, hanging on pink wall, over a white desk


  • small canvases
  • glue gun or mod podge
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • heart template to trace
  • pom poms
  • silk flowers
  • glitter
  • heart doilies
  • foam heart stickers
  • yarn
  • tissue paper streamers

You can decorate the canvases with everything you have on hand

step by step diy tutorial, valentine decorations, white canvases, pom poms and yarn, faux flowers and hearts for decoration

Trace the heart shape onto the canvas

white canvas, red heart shape traced on it with pencil, placed on white surface, step by step diy tutorial, valentine decorations

Using you supplies and glue decorate the different hearts on the canvases

valentine decorations ideas, pink red and white pom poms, glued to a white canvas in the shape of a heart, step by step diy tutorial

The end results are so gorgeous, honestly, I don’t know if I should leave them up until the next Valentine’s Day

step by step diy tutorial, valentine decorations ideas, eight canvases with different hearts portrayed on them, hanging on pink wall

Source: designimprovised. com

Surprise your partner in bed with personalised presents

be mine banner, hanging over a bed, decorated with throw pillows, mr and mrs cups and two presents, valentine decorations ideas

“Be mine” is one of the most common phrases used on Valentine’s Day banners

be mine banner in red and pink, hanging over white table, valentine decorations ideas, carton boxes and hearts on it

fabric hearts with wooden be mine signs, valentine decorations ideas, hanging on tree branch, planted in a metal pot

DIY wreath to hang over your dinner table

photo collage of step by step tutorial, wreath made with black and white fabric, valentines decoration ideas, red napkins

two bears made of red roses, wrapped with black satin bows and fairy lights, valentines decoration ideas, placed on white surface

You can easily recreate this door decoration yourself

xo garlands and wreaths made with twigs and faux berries, hanging with white satin bow on black door, valentines decoration ideas

two side by side photos, turquoise door, decorated with green wreath, valentines decoration ideas, paper heart in the middle

Valentine’s Day table decorations for the couple’s party of your dreams

dinner table with flower bouquet in the middle, valentines decoration ideas, glasses with pink carton boxes inside

dinner table with candles, heart decorations, flower bouquet in the middle, pink heart boxes inside glasses

DIY outdoor Valentine decorations for your door

three foam hearts, held together by black and white satin ribbon, heart decorations, hanging on white wall


  • 3 foam hearts
  • foam brush
  • ribbon
  • glue gun
  • flowers
  • red acrylic paint

heart decorations, step by step diy tutorial, three foam hearts, faux flowers, red and black and white ribbons


  1. Paint the foam hearts red with the acrylic paint and let them dry.
  2. Measure out the ribbon according to how high your door is and how long you want your triple wreath to be.
  3. Cut three pieces of ribbon, which are going to hold the foam hearts together and glue them onto to the heart. Add a bow to the top.
  4. Finally, tuck the faux flowers (you can also glue them for extra stability).

Glue the ribbon on one heart, wrap it around the other and glue them together where they overlap

two red foam hearts, tied together with black and white satin ribbon, heart decorations, step by step diy tutorial

The bow at the end is a nice addition

red foam heart tied with black and white satin ribbon, heart decorations, faux red flowers on top, hanging on white door

Source: craftymorning. com

Valentine’s Day decor ideas for every taste

valentine's day decoration ideas, dinner table set for two, peony flower bouquet in the middle, cake stand and champagne

cake stand, decorated with hearts in different shapes and sizes, valentine's day decoration ideas, placed on wooden surface

You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner for two, especially if you have prepared the food yourself

dinner table set for two, red napkins and rose petals, candles and candlesticks on it, valentine's day decoration ideas

heart shaped wreath made with tulips, valentine's day decoration ideas, pink garlands hanging over white mantel

Another DIY you can try – simply paint four wine bottles red, spell the word “love” on them and use them as vases

wine bottles painted in red, love spelled on them, filled with faux twigs in red and white, valentine's day decoration ideas

heart garlands hanging over vintage mirror, valentines day decor ideas, books and cases arranged on white surface

heart garland hanging over white mantel, valentines day decor ideas, lots of candles on top, bouquet of red tulips

tall glass vase filled with conversation hearts, valentines day decor ideas, black and white striped poster, heart made of red buttons

happy valentine's day banner, hearts garland hanging over mantel, tied with pink bows, valentines day decor ideas

Valentine decorations

valentines day decor ideas, hearts garland hanging over mantel, pink and white throw pillows with black hearts, black velvet sofa

diy valentine decorations, heart shaped wreath, made of fabric, white love letters in the middle, hanging on white door

Simple, yet beautiful DIY Valentine wreath

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, diy valentine decorations, heart shaped wreath, made of red paper roses

large heart made of pink flowers, hanging over table, set for two with champagne and strawberries, diy valentine decorations

large heart made of pom poms, diy valentine decorations, pink wooden heart, hanging on grey wall, decorations on white surface

Here’s another idea – leave your Christmas tree up until February and replace the ornaments with hearts and flowers

large staircase decorated with flowers, tree decorated with hearts and flowers, diy valentine decorations, pink heart shaped throw pillows

tree with faux snow, decorated with red and pink hearts, outdoor valentine decorations, placed on wooden floor

love banner, hearts garland, hanging over mantel, outdoor valentine decorations, large paper flowers on top

love banner, xo sign with lights, candles and hearts posters, arranged on white mantel, outdoor valentine decorations

Yet another DIY to try – cut out the letters L, O, V and E and wrap them with pink yarn

outdoor valentine decorations, hearts garland, hanging on wooden wall, love sign wrapped with pink yarn, placed on wooden surface

love wooden sign, wreath made with pink flowers, vintage candlesticks and vases, outdoor valentine decorations, arranged on mantel

red wooden love sign, valentine lights, small candle and green bouquet next to it, placed on white surface

pink and red decorations, arranged over white mantel, valentine lights, hearts and wreaths, hearts garland and photo frame

Valentine decorations ideas

red and pink happy valentine's day banner, valentine lights, hanging on white wall, over white mantel

love wooden sign, pink wooden frame, hanging on white wall, valentine lights, hearts garland hanging over mantel

red love sign with lights, over red doors, valentine lights, hearts decoration in different sizes, red garland over the door

valentine's day home decor, red wreath hanging in the kitchen, love banner, it is what it is sign, kitchen in white

red love balloons, white and red balloons hanging on white wall, valentine's day home decor

Cute Valentines decoration ideas

wooden board with love qotes, jar full of candy, arranged on white shelf, valentine's day home decor, love wooden poster

wreath made with red flowers, hanging with white satin ribbon with red glitter hearts, valentine's day home decor

Cut a heart shape out of a carton and wrap it with red yarn – easy, yet effective

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, valentine's day home decor, heart cutout wrapped with red yarn

Valentine table decorations

valentine table decorations, dinner table set for two, candles and rose petals scattered on the floor, single rose on the table

dinner table set for two, candles and candlestick on the table, valentine table decorations, white napkins

roses covered with wine glasses, candles on top on mirror tray, valentine table decorations, dinner table set for two

three side by side photos, valentine table decorations, different decorations, roses bouquet, wooden heart shaped board

three vintage wooden frames, posters of hearts inside, valentine table decorations, pink flowers in separate vases

dinner tale with flower bouquets, valentines home decor, red napkins and pink champagne glasses, vintage coffee cups

DIY Valentine decorations

heart shaped wreath, made of twigs and faux berries, hanging on black door with red satin bow, valentines home decor

valentines home decor, be mine banner, hanging over white mantel, xoxo and love signs on top, small roses bouquets

dinner table set for two, hearts garlands, hanging from the ceiling, valentines home decor, wine glasses and pink candles

white vase filled with twigs, decorated with red hearts, valentines home decor, love banner over mantel, heart shaped plate

Valentine’s Day home decor

valentine day table decorations, peony flowers in white vases, roses bouquet on turquoise cake stand, arranged on shelf

be mine banner, red hearts garland, vintage candlesticks, arranged on white shelf, valentine day table decorations, brick wall

be mine wooden cubes, painted in red, valentine day table decorations, green tree branches in the background

white wooden love board, garlands hanging over mantel, bottles painted in red, pine cones, arranged on shelf, valentine day table decorations

valentine day table decorations, vintage-wooden-frame, pink wooden heart in the middle, bouquets of pink roses

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