Real Estate in Nice, France: Everything You Need To Know

by Maria Konou

Nested in the Alpes-Maritimes region, Nice is a picturesque city that benefits from its remarkable location. With sunshine all year round, magnificent rows of palm trees, and a deep blue sea lined with pebble beaches, the city of Nice is desirable for many lustful eyes. The architecture in Nice is stunning, with wild exaggerations of Baroque-influenced houses, Belle Époque style and marisions on Mont Boronhills. So, are you looking for real estate in Nice France, to invest in or to reside on the French Riviera? Here are some countryside and urban locations that would offer a vibrant lifestyle of your next residence.

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Countryside properties

You can buy a villa that suits your lifestyle in this picturesque city. If you dream of countryside real estate in Nice, France, look towards the hills. The urban center lies between hills, where you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the countryside.

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In the center of typical Mediterranean vegetation, the hill of Gairaut is one of the most coveted areas in Nice for its outstanding villas. Gairaut district has a jaw-dropping view of Nice and Baie des Anges. As a former agricultural area, it is a good compromise between the busy activity in the city center and the calm of its heights. This district gives you an ideal leaving environment, making it the best place to go for peace and silence.

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Saint Pancrace

Saint Pancrace offers a breathtaking sea view for everyone in the hills. It is an exceptional location if you are looking for tranquility. Perfectly positioned on the slopes of the Col de Bast, Saint-Pancrace is famous for its magnificent view. If you are looking for a place quietly close to the urban center but secluded, it’s the perfect place to live.

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Urban Properties

If you prefer the advantages of urban life and tranquility, real estate in Nice, France, features townhouses in high-development and exclusive residential areas like Fabron and Mont Boron.

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As a prime residential area, Fabron boasts a lush green landscape on the slopes of the hills bordering the city. From these slopes, you will get a stunning view of the Bay of Angels glistening in the night with the city lights at your feet. With a palpable calm setting and magnificent landscape, Fabron gives you the city life experience minus the hustle. With prestigious real estate and luxurious houses, this is an ideal place for families looking for peace in the heart of the Côte d’Azur.

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Mont Boron

Found in the southeastern part of Nice, Mont Boron has all the attractive features you can wish for. It features luxurious houses spread within the wild natural vegetation of olive trees and Aleppo pines. Mont Boron was a grazing field and a stronghold setting in the Middle Ages. The hilltop has several relics, including the magnificent Mount Alban Fort. Mont Boron gets its charm from the 360-degree view of the French Riviera. From your home, you will get a stunning view from the coast of Cap Ferrat to the bay of Villefranche, extending into the mountains.

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