70+ fun ideas for creating a DIY advent calendar

Von John Griffith / December 08 2021

Advent calendars are among some the most beloved Christmas traditions, enjoyed by adults and kids alike. After all, is there a better way to count down the days left until Christmas, than indulging in a little treat every morning? Although you can buy pretty much any kind of advent calendar nowadays, it’s always a lot more fun to make your own – this way you will save some money, while ensuring that the end result is 100% unique. If you need some ideas to get started – we’ve got you covered! This article has 70 fun and creative DIY advent calendar suggestions.

We love this creative DIY advent calendar, made from matchboxes and origami paper

diy advent calendar, made from several matchboxes, decorated with colorful patterned paper, and stacked to form a christmas tree, various candies and a small toy

Cute DIY advent calendar

Our first idea is incredibly cute and works both as an advent calendar and a Christmas decoration! You can make it in just a few easy steps. All you need is:

  • Several sheets of white card
  • A can of chalkboard spray
  • Some red ribbon/ striped red and white tread
  • A piece of white chalk
  • A small faux Christmas tree


  1. Use a template to cut out 24 foldable cube shapes from white card.
  2. Once done, cover the surface of each shape with chalkboard spray and leave aside to dry.
  3. Using a small piece of white chalk, write a number from 1 to 24 on each of the shapes.
  4. Then, carefully fold them into small cube-shaped boxes.
  5. Place small items of your choice in each box. These can be anything you like – toys, sweets or stationary.
  6. Close the boxes and tie some red and white thread (or ribbon) around each one, to make it look like a present.
  7. Place the finished cubes on top of a small faux Christmas tree.

    Your advent calendar is ready!

small faux christmas tree in gold, decorated with black cube-shaped boxes, featuring numbers written in white, and red bows, diy advent calendar

And, to make things easier, here is a quick and easy step by step photo tutorial:

materials needed for making a diy advent calendar, white and red thread, red ribbon and white card, black spray paint, next images show, a hand applying black spray paint, to a piece of white card, and a hand holding a black box, with a red bow

You can write the different dates with numbers or words

the word four, being written in white chalk, on a black piece of card, more pieces of black card nearby, diy advent calendar, next image shows several black boxes, with white numbers, and red ribbon bows

Aren’t they cute?

twenty five black, cube-shaped boxes, each decorated with a different number, written by hand, with white chalk, diy advent calendar, next image shows a close up of the boxes

The final result:

close up of a gold, faux christmas tree, decorated with small, black cube-shaped boxes, decorated with numbers written in white chalk, and red ribbon tied in bows, diy advent calendar, hand holding one of the boxes

Our next tutorial is really cute and easy enough even for small children to make!

little boxes made from folded toilet paper rolls, decorated with colorful patterned paper, diy advent calendar, small round tages, with different numbers, tied onto each box, with plain string

Here’s another DIY advent calendar, which is super easy to make

You will need:

  • 24 cardboard toilet paper rolls
  • Origami paper in different colors (patterned or plain)
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Plain string
  • Small round labels


  1. Take a sheet of origami paper and stick it around the surface of a toilet paper roll.
  2. Press both ends of the toilet roll together to form a box. If you need some help with the process, there are some really nifty video tutorials available online.
  3. Place a small toy or sweet inside the box, then seal the opening with glue.
  4. Repeat the process until you have 24 boxes.
  5. Take 24 small round labels and write a number from 1 to 24 on each one.
  6. Tie one label on each of the boxes, using plain string.

The required materials:

what you will need, to make a small gift box, for a diy advent calendar, a pale beige, cardboard paper toilet roll, a sheet of patterned origami paper, in red and white, and a glue stick

To achieve the best effect, opt for origami paper in many different colors

advent calendar tutorial, several sheets of patterned, origami paper in different colors, placed over a lined paper trimmer

How a finished box should look:

hand made gift box, consisting of a folded toilet paper roll, covered in red and white, patterned origami paper, making an advent calendar

Wondering what to put inside your advent calendar? Here are some suggestions:

various small toys and decorations, to put in an advent calendar, miniature christmas wreaths and trees, teddy bear on a sleigh, small deer and snowmen figurines, a sleigh with presents, and others

Aren’t they cute?

deer figurines made of brown plastic, near a snowman toy, several tiny christmas trees, and a miniature wooden train, advent calendar stuffings

If you are making an advent calendar for an adult, you can substitute the toys with Christmas tree ornaments

red sleigh figurine, with three small presents, wrapped in beige paper, and tied with white string, three tiny letters, and other toys, advent calendar filling

Easy, fun and super cute!

miniature christmas tree figurine, with faux snow, placed near a small, hand-made advent calendar present box, covered in red and white, patterned origami paper

Our third idea is especially for those of you who have a sweet tooth – the Christmas candy wreath!

decorative festive freath/ advent calendar, made from small, mutlicolored candy-shaped presents, mounted on a white wall, near a flower bouquet

Christmas candy wreath

What you will need:

  • Tissue paper in different colors
  • 24 small round plastic boxes (candy holders) with lids
  • Scissors
  • Thin ribbon in a color of your choice (we used gold)
  • Florist wire
  • Glue gun or super glue
  • Small number stickers from 1 to 24
  • Assorted candy of your choice


  1. Begin by placing some candy in each of the 24 round plastic boxes
  2. Wrap every box in a piece of tissue paper, longer than the box itself.
  3. Then tie both corners to form a candy shape.
  4. Repeat until you have 24 candy shapes.
  5. Now it’s time to make your wreath! Take two layers of florist wire and twist them into a hoop.
  6. Using the glue gun (or some super glue), attach the 24 candy shapes onto the hoop.
  7. Finally, add the number stickers.

Begin by filling the round boxes with candy

nine small round, plastic boxes with transparent lids, or candy containers, filled with different sweets, and small toys, advent calendar made at home

Next, create the candy shapes using tissue paper and ribbon

christmas advent calendar, materials and process, tissue paper in different colors, scissors and empty candy containers, wrapping the containers in tissue paper, and making them look like candy

Your colorful and cute Christmas wreath advent calendar is ready!

candy-shaped presents, made with tissue paper in different colors, forming a wreath, decorated with small, white number stickers, christmas advent calendar

A closer look

several ripped present wrappers, shaped like candy, in different colors, four are empty, and one contains a clear, plastic round box, with two peppermint candies, christmas advent calendar suggestion

And now – an adorable DIY Advent Calendar suggestion for those who love paper crafts! 

adult advent calendar tutorial, small cardboard houses, with cutout windows and doors, each containing a lit tea light, forming a christmas village, surrounded by pine branches

Christmas village advent calendar

To create the Christmas village advent calendar, you will need:

  • Several large sheets of cardboard
  • Scissors and utility knives in different sizes
  • Glue gun (or super glue)
  • Tea lights
  • String lights
  • Faux (or real) fir branches


  1. Begin by downloading the patterns for the houses. You can find them on the creator’s website.
  2. Next, carefully cut the different parts for the houses out, using the utility knives.
  3. Assemble the parts and glue them together using the glue gun/super glue.
  4. Repeat until you have 24 houses.
  5. Put some candy and a tea light in each house.
  6. Place the houses on a counter or fireplace mantle and decorate them with fir branches.

Please note that the process can take quite a while, so try to start at least a week before December 1st!

paper trimmer and a piece of beige card, on a white surface, two small utility knives, and several beige card cutouts, making an adult advent calendar

Carefully cut out all the details

utility knife near several, small beige card cutouts, placed on a sheet of see through, white lined paper, adult advent calendar diy, more beige cutouts nearby

It’s a time consuming, but ultimately rewarding process

nail polish in red, on a hand, pulling a piece of beige card, away from a sheet of white, see through lined paper, adult advent calendar making process, two pen knives, and some cutouts nearby

How cute is this little house?

almost finished house, without a roof, made of beige card, with cutout windows, door and the number 21, adult advent calendar idea, held by a hand, with red nail polish

This lovely DIY advent calendar also works as a Christmas decoration for your home

pine branches and lit string lights, placed on a white survace, among thirtheen decorations, shaped little houses, made from beige card, adult advent calendar suggestion

The end result

multiple small houses, made from beige card, placed on a white surface, decorated with lit string lights, and pine branches, adult advent calendar diy, decorative christmas village

Our next suggestion is super easy – a DIY advent calendar made from an embroidery hoop with small gold adorned pouches!

drawstring bags in off-white, each decorated with a gold glitter number, from 1 to 24, hanging from five pieces of white lace, attached to an embroidery hoop, adult advent calendar, original diy idea

Another easy tutorial to try

What you’ll need:

  • A large embroidery hoop with a wooden frame
  • A piece of fabric in colors of your choice, big enough to cover the hoop
  • White lace with tiny white pompoms
  • 24 small drawstring bags
  • Number stencils
  • Fabric glue
  • Gold glitter
  • Miniature clothes pegs
  • Yarn in different colors


  1. Take a drawstring bag and using the number 1 stencil, pour some fabric glue in the shape of a 1.
  2. Pour some gold glitter on top and gently press, in order to ensure that it sticks well.
  3. Dust off any excess glitter.
  4. Repeat the process for the remaining 23 bags, placing a different number from 2 to 24 on each one.
  5. Put the piece of fabric in the embroidery hoop.
  6. Attach 5 pieces of white lace to the hoop.
  7. Clip the drawstring bags onto the lace, using miniature clothes pegs.
  8. Finally, use the yarn to create small pompoms and use them to decorate completed advent calendar.

In order to make this advent calendar you will need:

yarn in different colors, piece of white fabric, with black polka dots, white lace ribbon, with small pompoms, numbered pale cream drawstring bags, with gold glitter numbers, materials for making a christmas advent calendar, large wooden embroidery hoop

The yarn pompoms complete the look

pale cream pouches, decorated with numbers, written in gold glitter, seen in close up, christmas advent calendar, each pouch is attached to white lace ribbon, with a miniature clothes peg

Isn’t it beautiful?

embroidery hoop with white and black fabric, decorated with 24 drawstring pouches, attached to pieces of white lace ribbon, christmas advent calendar diy idea

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tutorials! Don’t forget to keep an eye on our website for more great Christmas ideas. We have lots of fun articles on festive makeup, recipes and DIY.

And here is another fun and quick way to make your own advent calendar:

paper cups with different patterns, striped white and red, and plain white string, gold number sticker sheets, and multiple lego figurines, christmas advent calendar, easy idea you can make at home

Looking for even more ideas? This video’s got you covered:

A beautiful and classic DIY advent calendar

wooden christmas advent calendar, shaped like a triangular christmas tree, with 24 numbered compartments, each decorated with colorful patterned paper

10 amazing (and very creative) ideas:

How cute is this fireplace mantel setup?

advent calendar ideas, silver colored miniature, numbered metallic buckets, filled with small gifts, hanging near a garland, of pine and fir branches

A great idea for DIY fans on a budget:

Another beautiful, easy, and creative suggestion:

little numbered bundles, made from light cream fabric, tied with a striped, red and white string, attached to dry brown branches, decorated with small, glowing fairy lights

twenty four small gifts, wrapped in beige paper, and decorated with red patterned, and plain ribbons, and round numbered labels, attached to a rectangular white board, advent calendar ideas

gift wraps made from toilet paper rolls, decorated with red and white patterned ribbon, yarn and plain red ribbon, with small round, numbered labels and bells, snowflake shapes and other decorations, advent calendar ideas, seen in close up

white boxes with numbers, written on them in black, some open and some closed, the open ones contain a metallic, gold elephant figurine, christmas tree ornaments, and other items, advent calendar ideas, fake christmas tree branches nearby

Cute advent mittens!

three decorative mittens, made from red and white felt, with a different white number on each one, advent calendar ideas, hat and stockings, all attached to a string line, with wooden clothes pegs

framed white board, containing 25 small, numbered beige envelopes, decorated with stickers, colorful paper and yarn, advent calendar ideas, a creative diy

triangular christmas tree decoration, made from beige cardboard, with three shelves, containing small white boxes, advent calendar ideas, small lit string lights, and various decorations

We love this stylish and original suggestion:

branch of a fir tree, decorated with several pieces of string, each tied to two or more, small black boxes, numbered with white chalk, advent calendar ideas, hanging over a table

christmas countdown calendar, 25 small numbered white cards, each containing a small christmas tree decoration, placed inside a shallow, wooden cupboard-like structure, surrounded by festive decorations

light blue and red, miniature stockings with white details, made from felt, attached to six pieces of string, tied to a small wooden pole, creative christmas countdown calendar, you can make yourself

Minimalistic and stylish

black cards hanging on pieces of string, from a wooden pole, decorated with pine cones, and fir branches, each card has a white number, from 1 to 24, christmas countdown calendar

board with multiple holes, featuring a christmas tree shape, painted in green, and decorated with green thread, christmas countdown calendar, round small labels, in different colors and sizes, attached with miniature pegs

side by side images, showing a framed white board, with 25 small, white and red paper bags, clipped with wooden clothes pegs, christmas countdown calendar, next imag shows a close up, of the paper bags

An adorable and colorful Christmas village advent calendar

yellow and coral pink, light teal and white, miniature houses made of card, each is numbered, and decorated with christmas motifs, christmas countdown calendar, colorful idea for kids

simple christmas tree shape, made of teal paper, stuck to a pale wooden board, decorated with 25 small numbered cards, in white and red, teal and pale pink, christmas countdown calendar, made simple

assortment of christmas ornaments, cards and little fir tree branches, stuck to 25 white pieces of paper, christmas countdown calendar, attached to a white board, with a pale grey marble pattern

What do you think about this crocheted advent calendar?

fun advent calendars, beige and red, crochet advent calendar, with white and yellow, green and blue details, and 24 numbered pockets

cube-shaped numbered small boxes, made from patterned card, in light blue and red, white and black, fun advent calendars

pair of hands, attaching a black paper bag, with a white label, featuring the number 6, onto a white board, fun advent calendars, more black paper bags attached above

A fun way to reuse old mason jar lids

numbered mason jar lids, decorated with patterned, light green and red paper, organized in the shape of a christmas tree, fun advent calendars, on a light blue and white surface, with a floral pattern

blackboard in a wooden frame, with 25 small grey boxes, there is a number, from 1 to 24, written in white chalk, above each one, fun advent calendars, there is a white star, above the 25th one

pallet made of wood, with a simple, child-like drawing of a christmas tree, decorated with striped, red and white string, featuring round numbered labels, in different colors, attached to the string with clothes pegs, fun advent calendars diy

Simple idea, utilizing coffee cans

pyramid shape made of white cans, with silver and black, red and green details, fun advent calendars, each can features a number, from 1 to 24, written in red

coral red and bubblegum pink envelopes, some with white stripes, in different sizes and shapes, decorated with light, and dark green ribbons, stuck to a rectangular board, fun advent calendars, each envelope has a small white number, from 1 to 24

fireplace made of stone, decorated with fir branches, and an advent calendar, featuring cream paper bags, in a country chic living room

Kids will love this cute animal themed advent calendar

mountains and trees, and woodland animals, made from colorful paper, each paper shape has a small number, from 1 to 24

burlap small decorative stockings, in pale beige, with inky blue stripes, hanging on a piece of rope, each stocking has a small, round white tag, with a number, from 1 to 24

25 black pockets, attached to a white poster, each posket has a number, written in white chalk, and contains a small tag, with a short text, printed in black

Paper bag advent calendar. Why not?

plain small brown paper bags, attached to three pieces of string, with wooden clothes pegs, the string is hanging on a framed blackboard, and there is a number from 1 to 25, written in white chalk above each bag

collage with three images, showing ideas for handmade advent callendars, brown paper bags, amde to look like owls, white polar bear boxes, little numbered red and white stockings, made from felt

pieces of wood, attached together to form a minimalistic christmas tree, with a star on top, the three is decorated with 24 small, numbered pale cream drawstring bags, hanging on nails

A lovely combination of beige, white and green

reindeer figurine in green, next to an advent calendar, made from multiple, numbered pale beige, cube-shaped boxes, stacked in a christmas tree shape

countdown to christmas calendar, made with numbered, colorful patterned pieces of card, some featuring cord handles, attached with miniature pegs, to of wire or string

alternative way of using toilet paper rolls, to create an advent calendar, 24 toilet paper rolls, covered with beige paper, placed in four rows of six, with a roof and a chimney, made of beige card

Why not opt for a colorful DIY advent calendar, made from boxes in different sizes?

acid green board, featuring numbered colorful, advent calendar boxes, in different shapes and sizes, decorated with paper decoupage

plastic cups in red and white, filled with candy and small gifts, attached with wooden clothes pegs, to a red piece of string, hanging on a white wall

many labels in different colors, shapes and sizes, hanging on a white metal frame, minimalistic and modern advent calendar suggestion

Have fun!

square boxes in different colors, placed on a grayish wooden surface, some of the boxes are opened, revealing treats and christmas ornaments

another suggestion for a blackboard, advent calendar diy, various christmas tree ornaments, hanging on pieces of string, attached to a framed blackboard

minimalistic advent calendar, made of 25 small, numbered beige paper bags, stuck to a white wall, each bag features a number, from 1 to 25

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