What to Plant in November: Vegetable & Herb Edition

by Maria Konou

November is just around the corner, and for avid gardeners that is no reason to stop doing what they love. You might think that there is nothing to be planting during the colder months, but you would be surprised. In this article, we have gathered the best cold resistant vegetables and herbs that you can plant in the month of November. All of them are delicious and versatile, so you can use them in a variety of delicious meals and recipes. Remember that each plant has a species that is more durable, cold resistant, and easy to grow in the winter than the others. So, grab your gardening tools, and get to work! Here are your vegetable and herb options:

Wondering what to plant in November? Here are the best vegetables and herbs:

what is good to plant in november


What to Plant in November: Vegetable & Herb Edition


When talking about crops that are not fussy, we have to start with garlic! Garlic is a wonderful option for November planting because it grows it roots during the cold months. The best time to plant garlic in your garden is right before the ground starts to freeze. If you plant it now, you will have an abundant harvest in the summer. When it comes to the garlic varieties, generally soft neck types are more suitable for warmer climates. Hard neck types, on the other hand, are more suited for colder climates, which is exactly what you want! Garlic is probably the most versatile plant you have in your garden. No matter what dish you add it to, it will surely taste absolutely delicious!

Hard neck garlic varieties are more suitable for the cold November weather 

what to plant in november


If you love fresh herbs, then consider planting the Mediterranean- native – thyme! Thyme adds an amazing flavor to dishes, so why not grow some in your garden this winter. You can also grow it inside in pots. Just make sure that the pot is on a sunny windowsill! If you plant it in. your garden, choose a location that will get enough sun during the day. When it comes to the watering, make sure that you water your plant every time the soil dries out.

Thyme is a great herb to have on hand in the winter

what plants are best to plant in november


Purple (Winter) Sprouting Broccoli

If you love unusual crops, then this purple sprouting broccoli is ideal for you! If you sow it in November, you will harvest it next spring! The purple sprouting broccoli is very sturdy and it can survive freezing temperatures. The winter will give enough time for the crop to mature and for the roots to establish. Just make sure to remove any leafy growth from the plants in order to protect it from mold!

The purple sprouting broccoli is the ideal winter-withstanding plant 

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You absolutely need to consider planting beets in November. If you live in an area with a milder climate and plant beets in the autumn, they will be ready to harvest in the winter! That is because beets are actually tolerant to cold temperatures. If you want to ensure that they thrive, make sure the soil is fertile and the plants get plenty of sunlight during the day.

Beets can withstand colder temperatures without a problem 

what to plant in garden in november



If you live in a warmer region where the winters and milder, you can successfully plant some leeks in your November garden! First, plant your seeds indoors, and then transfer them before the last spring frost. Remember that leeks need enough water and sunshine to thrive! Leeks are often underestimated in the kitchen, but any chef will tell you they are absolutely delicious and worth having around!

Leeks can thrive in areas where the winter is milder 

what veg to plant in october and november


Carrots are the perfect drop to plant in November, as the seeds actually germinate better! Just remember that they will need a sunny location, and enough space between them to develop properly. If you are a beginner gardener, carrots are the perfect crop to start with. They are easy to grow and they are not fussy. So, make the most of November, and plant a batch of carrots. They will surely be a great addition to soups and stews!

Carrots are the perfect beginner-friendly crop to plant in November 

what to plant in your garden in november


Spinach is one of the best leafy greens. It supports your overall health, and adds a dose of nutrients to every dish you put them in. If you live somewhere where the winters are a bit milder, plant some spinach in the fall! Make sure to water the plant regularly and consider mulching the soil! There is nothing better than growing your own leafy greens and throwing them in smoothies and salads!

Spinach can be successfully planted in an area with a milder winter

what vegetables are good to plant in november


Kale does perfectly fine, if not better, in colder temperatures, so it is a great option for November planting. The best part is that the crop matures in around 50 days! What’s more, you can harvest baby kale even sooner than that. Many people say that kale actually tastes better when grown in colder temperatures. When the leaves become about the size of your hand, you can harvest them, and use them in delicious kale recipes. If some of your kale does not appear, leave it be! It might overwinter and surprise you in the spring!

Kale actually tastes better when grown in colder temperatures

what vegetables to plant in november

Now you know what to plant in your garden in November!

what is the best vegetable to plant in november

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