Late Season Florals: 6 Best Flowers to Plant in October

by Maria Konou

As the weather gets colder, you might consider putting your gardening tools away. But don’t be so quick! October is a great opportunity to breathe new life into your outdoor space and plant vibrant blooms. What you need are some late season blooms that will absolutely thrive in the cooler temperatures. You are in luck because in this article we will explore the best flowers to plant in October for a beautiful and colorful garden space. Not only that, but gardening in the cooler weather might be a lot more enjoyable than you might have thought. Give it a go!

Let’s explore the best flowers to plant in October

flowers to plant in the fall


Late Season Florals: 6 Best Flowers to Plant in October


Pansies are a classic fall flower that many people trust to add a cheerful note to their garden. They can withstand colder temperatures, so they are a great option for October gardening. Not only that, but peonies can also withstand light frost! The best part is that pansies often bloom again in the spring once the weather starts warming up. So, you will surely enjoy a lot of these resilient flowers. Peonies also come in every color of the rainbow, so you will never get bored of them.

Pansies are a wonderful fall flower that has a lot of resilience 

flowers to plant in october


You might be used to seeing peonies in the spring, but some varieties thrive in the fall, as well. They are called fall peonies, and they are just as beautiful and aromatic. These fall beauties come in pink, red, and white, which adds a romantic note to your garden. You might think that peonies are hard to grow, but that is actually not the case. Even if you are a beginner gardener, you can surely handle them! The best part is that once you plant these flowers, they will live for years and years to come with minimal care.

Fall peonies are a wonderful option for beginner gardeners 

what flowers to plant in october



If you want to make sure that you will have an abundance of aromatic flowers in the early spring, then plant some hyacinths this autumn. Their fragrant blooms are surely worth the wait! When they bloom, your entire garden will be scented. Hyacinths look amazing in pots and planters around the entrance of the house. Not only that, but hyacinths also make amazing fragrant bouquets.

For a fragrant garden in the spring, plant hyacinths in October 

flowers to plant in fall and winter


Violas are actually distant cousins of pansies, so they will also thrive if planted in October. If you are looking for a hardy plant that can provide full coverage, then look no further. Not only that, but violas will also bloom in the winter and the spring, as well. This dainty flower comes in a variety of color combinations, which gives you a lot of room for experimentation.

Violas are the dainty cousins of pansies that provide full coverage

what flowers are good to plant in october



Daylilies are mostly known for their beautiful flowers and resilience. Plant them in late summer or early spring, and these flowers will emerge in the spring and bloom throughout the summer and well into fall. In the fall, the plant will go dormant until the process is repeat again. If you love gentle and romantic flowers, daylilies are an amazing option for your garden.

Daylilies are resilient plants with romantic and gentle blooms 

what are the best flowers to plant in october


Snapdragons are a favorite of many gardeners because of their unique shape and beautiful colors. Plant them in October for a beautiful fall garden. These flowers love autumn temperatures and cooler weather. Moreover, snapdragons come in a wide variety of color that will completely transform the way your garden looks. If you are lucky, your snapdragons might even bloom again through the winter.

Snapdragons are a fan favorite fall flower with bright colors and a unique shape 

best flowers to plant in october

Now you know which flowers to plant in October!

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