Outsmart Kitty Trespassers Now! Here Is How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard

by John Griffith

Cats are adorable creatures. But they are also very mischievous. And this goes for every cat, no matter if it is a domestic cat, a feral cat, or a street cat. They simply love to wreak havoc on your precious garden. This means they have no problem turning your property into their personal toilet or their personal playground. These furry felines will hunt down birds, dig up bulbs, and pee wherever they want. Cats have amazing climbing and jumping abilities which makes it challenging to keep out of your yard. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible. If you are having kitty issues, we’ve got you. Today we will show you how to keep cats out of your yard easily and humanely.

Cats are adorable but mischievous creatures

cat looking focused in garden

How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Yard

If you are having cat problems in your yard, we feel for you. While these furry friends don’t come with malicious intent, they still do a lot of damage. Cats are usually attracted to your garden for several reasons: curiosity, food, hunting opportunities, mating, or to establish territory. But no matter what reason led these pesky felines to your yard, it’s time to learn how to keep them far away from your property. Even if you like cats, you still don’t need a bunch of strays or domestic cats wreaking havoc everywhere. So, check out how to keep them away with these simple methods.

Cats have amazing climbing and jumping abilities which makes it challenging to keep out of your yard

how to keep cats out of your yard kitten in a tree

#Cat-proof fence

One of the easiest ways to keep these pesky felines out of your beautiful garden. If you don’t have any fence at all, we highly recommend installing one that is tall, has pointy tops, and doesn’t have room for any wildlife to come through. This will keep a ton of pets away. However, if you do have a fence and it is on the shorter side, you can still cat-proof it. You can do this by adding a slanted panel of wire on top of your fence or a chain link. Just make sure you install it slanting outward as it makes it harder for cats to jump into your backyard. There are also ready kits you can install for your fence.

Cat-proof your fence with a slanted panel

fence made against cats

@Purrfect Fence

#Motion-activated sprinklers

This is a highly-functional solution to your cat problems. Whenever a cat decides to stroll in your garden, the sprinklers will get activated by the movement and spritz the cat. This will send them on their way. Cats are notorious for their dislike of water, but they hate surprise ambushes even more. This is why this method is super effective. You will get the jump even on the stealthiest of cats. So, even if they don’t get wet, the startle they will get will keep them away.

This is a highly-functional solution to your cat problems

how to keep cats out of your yard sprimklers in the garden

#Use scent repellents

Cats have sensitive noses. This means that certain scents that may be nice or unnoticeable for us, can be very overbearing for them. So, scent repellents make an excellent way to keep them away from your yard. Some scents are pungent enough to make cats turn the other way. You can either get store-bough cat repellents and spray your garden or you can use other things found in your home. Scatter citrus peels, coffee grounds, spray diluted vinegar, add blood meal to your soil, or spray with essential oils. There are many oils cats don’t like. This includes lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oil. You can either dilute them with water and use as a spray or soak cotton balls in them and place them around the garden.

Some scents are pungent enough to make cats turn the other way

spray bottle with clear liquid

#Remove food sources

Likelier than not cats are attracted to your yard because it offers them food. But you are leaving any cat food out, what can possibly be luring them? Well, like raccoons, cats may also inspect your trash cans if they smell something good. If your yard also gets a lot of bird visitors, it makes it the perfect hunting ground. So, if you don’t want any more cats roaming in your garden get rid of all possible food sources. Keep your cans covered, don’t leave pet food outside, and maybe put away your birdhouses for a bit.

Make sure to tightly close your trash cans

three trash cans in front of house

#Use sound

Many animals, including cats, have exceptional hearing. Cats can even detect frequencies we never even knew existed. And since their hearing is much more sharpened, you can use a variety of sounds to keep them away. You can get an ultrasonic animal repeller. These little devices emit high-frequency sounds that we humans cannot hear, but cats can and they do not like it. The high frequency is irritation to cats and other wildlife animals like raccoons, deer, and opossums. So, they will stay far away from your garden. You can also use other things like wind chimes, motion-activated bells, or you can rattle some pebbles in a jar when you see a cat.

Wind chimes startle cats and keep them away

how to keep cats out of your yard wind chimes hanging from tree

#Make your soil uncomfortable

Cat paws are sensitive. This means that they prefer to walk on soft and loose soil rather than prickly surfaces. So, you have an advantage. You can easily make your garden beds uninviting with some simple, low-cost prickly solutions. All you need to do is cover your garden beds in some broken up twigs, pine cones, chopsticks, eggshells, holly cutting and more. If it looks uncomfortable to step on and it won’t harm your plants, then go for it! Cats will start avoiding your beds as much as possible and will lose interest in your garden over time, as it will be an uninviting and uncomfortable space for them.

Cover your garden beds in some eggshells

bowl of broken eggshells

#Give them a litter box

If cats are using your garden as their own personal toilet, then here is what you should do. An easy way to stop cats from going in certain spots, like your garden beds, is to give them a more appealing place to do their business. So, why not make them a litter box they can’t resist. Just make sure to put it far away from your precious plants. Preferably in some corner. You can either put out a normal cat toilet (if you don’t get a lot of visitors), make a pile of peat moss, get a sandbox, or fill a storage bin with sand. Then just place some old pieces of cat poop in the new bathroom to attract them and that’s that. The cats will now go in their designated space and leave your plants alone. However, you will still need to clean up the toilet. But hey, at least it’s not in your plants.

Make a toilet for the cats outside

how to keep cats out of your yard outside litter box

These were the best methods on how to keep cats out of your yard. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can easily ward off these adorable, but destructive kitty trespassers and enjoy your beautiful garden. You won’t have to worry anymore about what mischief these furry felines can do to your wonderful plants.

These were the best methods on how to keep cats out of your yard

cat outdoors in garden

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