9 Common Cat Myths That You Need To STOP Believing

by John Griffith

Even though cats are some of the most popular pets in the world and have been for centuries, it seems we don’t understand them very well. Their behavior has always been a bit of a mystery to us. Maybe that’s why there are so many misconceptions about these mystical creatures. After all it’s not easy figuring out what they are thinking and feeling, so we make up our own logical explanations. However, some “cat facts” we know are actually further from the truth than we have ever imagined. That’s why today we want to debunk some common cat myths. While some misconceptions may be quite harmless, some can be quite dangerous. That’s why it’s important to find out the truth. This way you will be able to understand your four-legged friend much better and give them a great life.

It’s not easy figuring out what cats are thinking and feeling

common cat myths cat snuggled under the covers

Common Cat Myths

We all love our pets very much. And we like to think we understand them perfectly. But is that the truth. Over centuries, we have been told information about cats that have somehow become “facts”.  But now we know better. Cats and their behaviors have been studied more and more over the last decades, and we finally have a better understanding of them. So, it’s time to forget these old misconceptions and start differentiating facts from fiction. Here are some cat myths it’s time to stop believing.

We all love our pets very much

cat getting pet under chin

#Cats do not like cuddles

Some cats do not like a lot of attentions and cuddles, but there are many cats that are huge snugglers. This myth probably arose from the fact that we often, for whatever reason, compare cats to dogs. And when you do that, it does seem cats are not snugly. However, they have their own ways of showing affection. You just have to know what types of behavior to look out for. It also very much depends on the cat’s temper and character.

There are many cats that are huge snugglers

a cat snuggled in its owners arms

#They are low maintenance pets

Hm, this is a half-truth. While cats can be in a sense low maintenance pets, they still need proper care, attention, and love. Maybe they got this label from the fact that they don’t require walks and don’t have the same jumpy excitement as dogs. However, cats do still require daily attention. They need their litter box cleaned, they need to be fed, given water, groomed, go to the vet, have playtime, bonding time and so on. So, if you are expecting to get a cat and just forget about it, then this type of pet may not be for you.

Cats do still require daily attention

cat looking from ground upwards

#Cats can drink cows’ milk

Cats can’t actually drink milk, unless it’s specially made for them. They lack the enzyme to properly digest lactose, which is a type of sugar present in cows’ milk. If feed your cat milk it can lead to stomach pains, as well as diarrhea, which is unpleasant for both you and especially your cat. Cows’ milk is a big no-no especially for kittens, as it does not contain any nutrients and causes problems. Alternative milks are also not recommended. In general skip the milk.

Cats can’t actually drink milk, unless it’s specially made for them

cat with its head in a bowl

#They don’t get along with dogs

Another half-truth. Some cats truly don’t get along with dogs, while some absolutely adore dogs, and others just don’t care about dogs. This mostly depends on the cat’s character and temper. However, proper introduction and socialization of both animals are necessary and can help in making the animals get acquainted and live together in peace. You will have to supervise them and make sure they have proper boundaries set in place and to make sure they are safe together.

Some cats truly don’t get along with dogs, while some absolutely adore dogs

cat and dog cuddling together

#Cats can’t be trained

This is another myth that probably spawned from comparing cats to dogs. Cats absolutely can be trained. You just don’t do it the same way you would train a dog. Cats do not learn from discipline and do not learn from punishment. When it comes to cat training, it’s recommended to do short sessions and use a clicker, as well as rewarding your cat for the small lessons learned. They do thrive on positive encouragement. You can also remove the clicker over time and replace it by saying “good”. Soon they will start to associate this with a reward.

Cats absolutely can be trained

cat giving her paw on black background

Here is how to clicker train your cat

#They hate water

Well some cats truly aren’t fans of water, but a lot of cats also love water. Scientist this the reason for cats not liking water may be due to the facts that a cat’s coat doesn’t dry quickly which may make them feel uncomfortable. They may also perceive it as dangerous, as their original descendants evolved in desert areas. But a lot of cats love sticking their heads under running water, swimming, and even bathing. It depends on the cat’s character and whether they have been properly introduced to water or if they have had a traumatic experience with it.

A lot of cats love sticking their heads under running water, swimming, and even bathing

cat on the swimming pool ladder

#Cats are nocturnal

Actually cats are crepuscular, which means that their most active hours are at dusk and down. Cats love to sleep. They can be napping anywhere from 13 to 23 hours, so it’s not fair to say they are nocturnal just because they are sometimes awake at night. In nature cat’s natural prey (birds, crickets, etc.) is awake at dusk and dawn, so it makes sense that they are crepuscular and are ready to pounce during those times of the day.

Cats most active hours are at dusk and down

common cat myths brown cat sleeping on the couch

#They always land on their feet

Cats are very agile and amazing acrobatic animals. They have an inbuilt balancing system, which allows them to orient themselves even in the air and balance themselves, so they end up on their feet most of the time. However, this does not mean that they always land on their feet. Like us and other animals they can be injured for a fall, so take precautions and ensure your cat can not fall off any high places. Plus, even if your cat does manage to fall on its feet from a high fall, it’s not guaranteed they have not ended up with injuries to their legs or back.

Cats are very agile and amazing acrobatic animals

cat landing on its feet

#Cats gain weight when neutered or spayed

One of the most common cat myths that just isn’t true. Like people, cats can gain weight for various reasons. The most common being eating too much and not exercising enough. Often times both. Spaying or neutering is often done at a stage in a cat’s life where the animal’s metabolism has started to slow down, and it’s need for food is decreased. So, if a cat continued to be overfed and doesn’t move enough, they are bound to gain weight. So, make sure you feed your cat properly and have playtime.

Like people, cats can gain weight for various reasons.

common cat myths cat eating from bowl

These were some of the most common cat myths you need to stop believing. We hope you found this article useful. Now you won’t have to wonder if these myths are true or false, and you can understand your cat much better.

These were some of the most common cat myths you need to stop believing

cat peaking through the window

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