Small Balcony Set Up and Decor – The Best Tips

by John Griffith

Whether you live in a house or a flat, having a balcony, porch or veranda is always a major plus. Big or small, terraces give you some precious space where you can enjoy the fresh air or even create your own garden. With some creativity and imagination, these useful areas can be transformed into little islands of peace and comfort. However, we know how hard it can be coming up with ideas for small and narrow balconies or porches. When there is not much space to work with, it is a lot trickier to find the right furniture. Therefore, we have decided to devote today’s article on creative, functional and beautiful terrace, veranda and front porch decorating ideas, that can help you create a chic little oasis in your own home.

The first step is to choose what kind of function you would like your balcony or porch to have. Would you like a small, stylish corner where you can have a cup of coffee and take in the view, or do you prefer a tiny garden nook that brings you closer to nature? If your balcony is long and narrow, you can opt for a small wooden bench or garden settee. Decorate it with cozy knit blankets and pillows, and you’ll have an ideal reading corner. Fold-out furniture pieces are an alternative, highly-functional idea. A small table that you can easily fold and put away, for example, is a great solution that will save you lots of space. Using furniture in bright, eye-catching colors is also an excellent idea for small, narrow balconies. They add a cheerful and refreshing atmosphere that which will boost your mood and help you unwind. Their effect can be amplified by adding multicolored mosaic tiles, and decorative objects in vivid shades. If you have a very small balcony but would like to have a sitting area as well as a garden, you can save space by putting your potted plants on multiple shelves.

Decorations are incredibly important in creating your porch or terrace’s unique character. Antique objects, vases, candles, and lamps – the possibilities are virtually endless. You can unleash your imagination and experiment! If you need some inspirations and tips, scroll down and take a look at our gallery. We have nearly fifty terrace, veranda and front porch decorating ideas to get you started.

Front Porch Decorating Ideas – a Beautiful Combination of Plants and Pebbles, With a Refreshing Splash Of Color

small wooden table and two matching chairs, front porch decorating ideas, lounging chair with two cushions, wooden floor and many potted plants

The right fabrics can create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere

two wooden lounging chairs, a wooden settee covered in throws, pillows and a white sheep skin, front porch decorating ideas, small striped rug and potted plants

Plants add a refreshing note to your terrace or porch and bring you closer to nature’s healing power

front porch decorating ideas, terrace with wooden floor, shelves containing potted plants and pots, small table and chairs, a lot of green plants on wall, moss in different shades on floor

Light colors will make narrow spaces seem bigger

small round black metal table, and two matching chairs, each covered with a different throw and cushion, with shelves containing potted flowers nearby, front porch decorating ideas

Black and pale pastel pink make for a subtle, yet chic combination

tiny terrace with black metal railing, with brown and pink settee and matching chair, both decorated with pink cushions, front porch decorating ideas, black rectangular table and rug

String lights create a soft and romantic ambiance

veranda with black railing, covered in a string of shining lightbulbs, small square wooden table with matching chairs, front porch decorating ideas, decorative wooden crates and potted plant

Small spaces can be stylish and cozy!

tiny wooden table and chair, with striped rug, front porch decorating ideas, black and white patterned pillow, and many white flowers, in black or white pots

A clever and space-saving solution for your plants

front porch décor, wooden bench with pink cover, two multicolored cushions, and a book, front porch décor, many potted plants on wall

porch décor, black table with candles, fruit and flowers, near black cozy chairs, with white and pink blankets, near potted plants, lovely town view

brown settee with several cushions, near blue table with round, clear glass top, porch décor, two vases with flowers and other decorations

brick walls and wooden floor, wooden settee with two cushions, bright blue round rug, and round table with clear vase, containing purple flowers

Shabby chic with an industrial-style twist

shabby chic wall with beams, wooden settee with blanket and pillows, outdoor patio ideas, green bench and lounging chair, tree stump and potted plants

blue metal table set for breakfast, two wooden chairs, one decorated with black straw hat, flowers an house plants, front porch décor

black round table with two matching chairs, near yellow wall, potted plants and black railing, porch décor

Lovely combination of vibrant colors

outdoor patio ideas, bamboo chair with green and blue pillows, and pink blanket with floral pattern, near small round table, and potted lemon tree with ripe fruit

three ideas for balcony decoration, settee made of wooden pallets, with colorful cushions and rug, green lounging area with potted plants, white shelves with plants, near table and cushions

large minimalist terrace, with a single lounging chair, covered by several blankets, few different potted plants in pink, orange and green pots nearby

white round table with small chair, near couch with pale blue and pink cover, decorated with pale pink cushions, with frills and floral pattern, porch décor, many decorative objects

pale beige garden furniture, couch and two comfy seats, small round table, multicolored rug and potted plants, outdoor patio ideas, lots of greenery

pale yellow striped rug, wooden square table and matching settee, covered with beige cushions, featuring yellow and green pattern, two metal chairs and lanterns

Balcony, inspired by Mediterranean aesthetics 

white table near two black chairs, two trees in pots, settee with cushion and blanket, wooden floors and porch décor

pale blue chairs and table set, wooden lounging chairs, white walls and ceiling with ivy-like cacti, porch décor and beautiful view

set of brown wicker furniture, two chairs and a table, wine cooler with ice, smaller red metal table, and grill in the same color, outdoor patio ideas, green and white rug and potted plants

terrace with black ornate railings, with small round pale green table and matching chairs, decorated with cushions and pink blanket, potted plants and wooden laminate floor

massive wooden table, with vases and a trey with glasses and pitcher, white wooden corner settee, with pale pillows and blankets, beige coarse rug, outdoor patio ideas

covered patio ideas, wooden table with many, bright colored decorative objects, large white and brown corner sofa, with many cushions in different shapes and colors, large white chandelier

Blue and light green, for a fresh, breezy feel

double wooden settee, with blue cover and patterned cushion, matching chair and table, porch décor, green and blue ornate rug, various decorative objects

round metal table with mosaic-effect top, with tray containing blue glasses and jug, near matching chair, orange potted flowers

couch with throw and pillow in light, pastel colors, near ornate white rectangular table, with candle holder and vases, wooden floor and front porch décor

pale grey wicker settee with two matching tables, one with decorative green metal birdcage, the other with tree vases with flowers on a tray, covered patio ideas, wooden beams and curtains, greenery and potted plants

wooden bench with beige cover, and three floral cushions, porch ideas, wooden floor with white pebbles underneath, potted plant and small chair

round metal table, with fruit and decorations, and two white chairs, one with pink striped pillow, outdoor patio ideas, greenery in background

white baldachin hanging over small black round table, with matching chair, front porch décor, lots of potted plants on shelves and floor

brown settee with pillows, throws and blankets, near small round black table, with many lit candles, covered patio ideas, baldachin with many lit lanterns overhead

wicker furniture in a set, featuring couch and cozy chair, and a round table, front porch décor, with pillows and blanket, big red vase and decorations

tiny square yellow table, with matching chair underneath, black lounging chair with yellow cushion, porch ideas, grey white black and yellow wallpaper

swing settee in pale cream, with light blue and beige cushions, hanging from ceiling, porch ideas, wooden wall with many potted plants

solid wooden corner settee, with three pillows and matching table, multicolored rug and round chair nearby, covered patio ideas, hanging lights and various potted plants

pale beige hammock, with crochet details and pillows, hanging over round oriental rug, near wooden chair with cover and dreamcatcher, covered patio ideas

covered patio ideas, six images showing different patios, porches and verandas, hot tub and green potted plants, swing and different fabrics, pillows and fur, wooden settees and blankets

two wooden chairs with table and settee, pale green striped cushions, porch ideas, shelves with plants in background

two suggestions for balcony decoration, wooden shelf with potted plants, over settee in white blue and purple, green striped rug, with black and white furniture

two white chairs with pillows, tree stump table with tea cup, lots of plants and greenery, near buddha statue, outdoor patio ideas

A tiny oasis in your home

settee with four multicolored cushions, near white round table, and white chair, front porch décor, with patterned rug and potted plants

small square wooden table, near wooden chair, porch ideas, several potted plants in pots and baskets, bright table decorations, and multicolored blanket

covered patio ideas, round wooden table, with tea set and pastries, two pale blue ornate chairs, covered patio ideas, white curtains and a dog

A fairytale in white

porch ideas, settee made from wooden pallets, with white cover, and many pale patterned cushions, several lit candles, potted plants and blanket

red chair with grey cushion, to bright green planters with colorful flowers, box in plaid serving as table, with potted orchid and magazines, porch ideas

blonde woman decorating wooden window blinds, with small succulents, brown couch with pale blue and pink pattern, and blue pillows nearby, front porch décor with plants




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