Cool Plants You Need in Your Home: 8+ Unusual Options

by Maria Konou

Looking for new plant additions to make your home into a green and luscious jungle? Because same! Adding more greenery into your home is actually one of the modern home decor trends for 2022. What’s more, plants not only add so much life to your space, but some of them are actually very beneficial for air purifying! After all, green is always good! So, maybe you can grow your own avocado plant or start a mango tree from seed? Another option is to get yourself a simple plant that does not require a lot of care, like an aloe vera plant or a cactus! But, if you consider yourself an intermediate gardener, then why not buy yourself something unique and beautiful? In this article, we will show you our list of 8+ cool plants you need in your home! They are bright, colorful, and unique – total conversation starters:

All your home needs for the new year is some new cool plants 

weird plants pink aglaonema plant

Sweetheart Hoya

Have you seen a plant shaped like a heart? The Sweetheart Hoya plant is also known as the Valentine plant and Sweetheart wax plant. This first cute plant gets its name from the shape of its leaves, which look like plump green hearts. This plant is perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift or any other special occasion when you want to show someone just how much they mean to you! What’s more, the Sweetheart Hoya plant is very easy to take care of, so you don’t need any special tips and tricks. Moreover, the plant needs partial sunlight (not 100% shade) and it requires less frequent watering. You need to make sure that the plant has good drainage to avoid root rot, just like you do with Aloe Vera’s, for example. The soil of this plant should never be too soggy or too dry. The Sweetheart Hoya plant blooms in the spring and monsoons!

The Sweetheart Hoya in all its glory

interesting plants heart leaf sweetheart hoya

It is also known as the Valentine plant 

rare house plants sweetheart goya

With the proper care, this little plant will grow big 

house plants with big leaves sweetheart goya

A perfect addition to your plant collection

green plant aesthetic sweetheart hoya plant

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift

care guide sweetheart hoya plant

Zig-Zag Cactus

You might have already seen this cool plant before, but this does not mean that it isn’t unique! The zig-zag cactus, also known as the Fishbone plant, can be detected by its unique leaves that resemble the bones of a fish. That is where the plant got its cool zig-zag name form! What’s more, hanging this plant in your home will enhance its beautiful and unusual long leaves. As a cactus plant, the zig-zag cactus needs watering every two weeks, and partial sunlight. Make sure your cactus has good drainage, and you are not overwatering it!

The Zig-zag cactus is also known as the Fishbone plant

aesthetic plant pictures fishbone cactus

Its unique leaves resemble the bones of a fish

fishbone cactus unusual house plants

The Zig-zag plant does not require a lot of watering

funny plant names the zig zag plant

Coral Cactus

The coral cactus, also known as Euphorbia lactea, will surely make your indoor jungle space look like an ocean coral reef. This cactus (that isn’t really a cactus) has a unique shape that cannot be mistaken for anything else! What’s more, this plant is a hybrid designed by humans, where two different succulents are merged together. Talk about uniqueness! The colors of the coral cactus range from blue and gray to silver. Moreover, the edges of this plant can turn pink when it is happily stimulated. So, add this special plant to your collection, and we guarantee it will become a conversation starter!

The coral cactus looks like it belongs in an ocean coral reef

exotic indoor plants coral cactus plant

This is one of the most unique hybrid plants 

green plant aesthetic the coral cactus plant

Add a pop of color to your home with this bright pink plant 

interesting plants coral cactus plant

Red Aglaonema

If you are a fan of bright colors, you will definitely love the Red Aglaonema! This plant has a lush green color on the inside of its leaves, and a red outline on the outside. It is a truly unique houseplant that adds a pop of color to your home. Place it in your living room or bedroom, and watch it brighten up your days with its fiery red leaves. The Red Aglaonema can tolerate both moist and dry weather conditions. When it comes to watering, this red plant needs a bit of water once or twice a week. This houseplant likes medium to low sunlight, but if you live in a shady apartment, it will still thrive!

This plant has a lush green color and red leaves

colorful houseplants red aglaonema plant

Brighten up your home with its fiery red leaves

aglaonema red house plants with big leaves

The Red Aglaonema can tolerate both moist and dry weather conditions

aglaonema red funny plant names

Its leaves are unique and come in many different variants

aglaonema pink splash weird plants

Silver Vase Plant

The Silver Vase plant is a unique yet extremely elegant houseplant. This plant is also known as Aechmea fasciata and has a beautiful pink flower that would look amazing in every room. If you love a pop of pink in everything, then this is the perfect new cool plant for you. This plant takes around 4-5 years to grow, so if you do not want to wait, consider getting a  mature silver vase plant. To care for this plant best, make sure to not put it in harsh and direct sunlight. Instead, place it in a room with some shade with partial sunlight. This plant absolutely loves water, so make to water it whenever the soil dries.

The Silver Vase plant is unique yet extremely elegant 

weird plants silver vase plant

This plant takes around 4-5 years to grow fully

unusual house plants silver vase plant

This plant absolutely loves water 

pink flower weird plants silver vase plant

This flower is the perfect pop of pink for your room

rare house plants silver vase plant

Coffee Plant

If you are a true coffee lover, then consider getting yourself a Coffee arabica plant! What’s more, this plant is exactly the same plant that makes your favorite drink. However, do not think that you will be harvesting your own coffee any time soon. With attractive glossy green leaves, the coffee plant actually comes from the gardenia family! So, expect fragrant and beautiful white flowers to come. Coffee plants need humid conditions and moderate light. These plants can become very large, but you can prune them if you want to reduce their size.

The perfect plant for coffee lovers

aesthetic plant pictures coffee plant

The Coffee Arabica plant will look great in every room

big leaf house plants coffee plant cream

This plant has lush glossy green leaves

coffea arabica house plants with big leaves

A coffee plant with unique specks of white 

variegated coffee plant exotic indoor plants

Pink Aglaonema

Aglaonema ‘Pink Star’ is a unique Chinese Evergreen species with vivid pink leaves. They start out as soft baby pink and gradually mature to a darker fuchsia color. The term “beautiful” is overused in the plant world, but the Aglaonema Pink Star is without a doubt one of the most beautiful plants you can get. It is an outstanding and unique plant that is easy to care for and tolerates low light and standard humidity levels. They’re a great plant for beginners as well as veteran plant enthusiasts looking for ways to brighten up their indoor jungle.

This plant’s leaves start as baby pink

aglaonema pink lady funny plant names

As the plant matures, the pink becomes darker and darker

colorful houseplants pink alagonema plant

Unique and special – perfect for cool plants enthusiasts 

colorful houseplants pink aglaonema plant

Nerve Plants

Nerve plants are an amazing option if you’re looking for an uncommon, cool houseplant with vividly colored foliage. The multicolored nerve-like textures on the leaves give these unique plants their common name. They are also called vein plans, painted net plants, and mosaic plants. Lime-green patterns resembling leafless trees can be found on some of the most uncommon kinds of nerve plants.   Any of these small, odd houseplants will absolutely liven up your home space.

The Nerve plants come in many beautiful colors

green plant aesthetic colorful nerve plants

The white Nerve plant is perfect for every home

exotic indoor plants white nerve plant

For those of you who love pinks, get the pink Nerve plant 

house plants with big leaves pink nerve plant

Orange is also an option

red nerve plant rare house plants

The Red Nerve plant in all its glory

strange plants red nerve plant

Venus Flytrap

Given how popular it has become in recent years around the world, this is perhaps one of the most interesting plants out there. These small monsters, alien in appearance and carnivorous in nature, have thrilled – and terrified – plant lovers for years. We are confident that no one refers to the Dionaea Muscipula by its scientific name. The Venus Flytrap is the most well-known of the carnivorous plants. Their traps entice insects by emitting a perfume that resembles fruits and flowers, as well as secreting a sweet mucus that acts as an attractant and is bright red.

This little monster looks even cooler than it sounds

weird plants venus flytrap plant

The perfect indoor carnivore plant 

strange plants venus fly trap plant

Say goodbye to fighting insects yourself

green plant aesthetic venus fly trap plant

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