The African print – from tradition to fashion

by John Griffith

The African print is more than a tradition of yesteryear. Currently, it can be found anywhere in the world in different forms. It is trendy, it is chic and it is simply beautiful. The designers create beautiful outfits with this type of fabric. This article was created so that we can admire together the beauty of the print in all of its shapes. Keep scrolling to find 50 pictures of clothes in african print. Get inspired to wear the model that appeals to you the most with confidence. Find all the different outfit options and a little history to get to know this piece of woven plant fabric better.

The beauty of the African print – perfect for special occasions

woman standing in the doorway, wearing a dress, african print, orange headscarf. nude heels

Some of the oldest surviving African textiles have been discovered at the Kissi archaeological site in northern Burkina Faso. They are made of wool or fine hair made using a simple weaving technique. Other tissue fragments and parchment fragments date from the ninth century Igbo Ukwu Igbo sites in Nigeria. A considerable amount of cotton and woollen textiles (clothing, envelopes and accessories) has been preserved in the Tellem Caves in Mali, dating mainly from the 11th to the 13th century. Some fragments also survived the 13th century city of Benin in Nigeria.

Knowledge of weaving and fabric production has existed for centuries throughout the continent. During transatlantic slavery, many skilled weavers take the craft with them, making it known in North America, South America and the Caribbean. “The loincloth is a major social marker and a staple of clothing in many African countries. If the man has adopted the European costume, the woman continues to express her elegance thanks to the quality of these rectangles of fabrics, never sewn, which she superimposes. ”

Beautiful trapeze high-waisted dress

woman wearing burgundy heels, short dress, african print, standing on a purple carpet, red belt

Trendy African print – a modern dress to wear for parties with friends

woman standing on a wooden staircase, wearing a mid length dress, red high heel sandals, african print

Using these prints designers create beautiful dresses and sets

african print, woman wearing a mid length dress, black hair in a bun, red metallic heels

Adorable dress to wear in order to feel special – the dress in modern print

rose petals floating in the air, african print, mid length dress, woman smiling, blue belt

Blue, yellow and a touch of red – ideal base for the creation of a pretty printed dress 

woman wearing mid length dress, african dresses, black platform sandals, long wavy brown hair

Trendy set – shirt and pencil skirt 

woman walking, wearing a blue shirt, blue skirt, african dresses, black heels, short black hair

Rihanna wears her gorgeous modern African print ensemble with confidence

rihanna walking, down a paved street, mid length dress, blue shirt, african dresses, black car

Adorable green print set – idea how to dress

red carpet, woman wearing a skirt and a crop top, african dresses, brown hair in a low updo

Beyoncé is very pretty, but even more so in her African print dress 

beyonce sitting down, wearing a glower wreath headband, african dresses, patterned top, braided hair

Long evening dress – an inspiring idea how to wear the African print

long dress and blazer, black and white striped wall, african print dresses, short black hair

This long evening strapless dress is our favorite

african print dresses, bare shoulders, woman wearing a long dress, standing on a paved street

Beautiful African print set – shorts and a blazer

floral wallpaper, woman smiling, wearing a blazer, shorts and crop top, african print dresses, patterned headscarf

large headscarf, printed long dress, african print dresses, blue background

orange lace top, colourful skirt, blue heels, african print dresses, brick wall, hair in a bun

mid length dress, african attire, black hair, in a high updo, golden clutch, table in the background

Even simpler designs look amazing

brick wall, brown hair in two buns, mid length dress, african attire, pink lipstick

long dress, long brown hair, wooden floor, white background, african attire

Incredibly stylish combination of black and print

black dress and blazer, large yellow necklace, african attire, patterned clutch bag

Sometimes an African print skirt is enough – the lace top combines very well

black lace top, long skirt, wooden floor, african attire, white background, long black hair

black polo shirt, long skirt, african print fabric, red heels and bag, short hair, triangle earrings

Long black velvet skirt + a beautiful printed dress

short brown wavy hair, long black velvet skirt, african print fabric, printed crop top

long dress, african print fabric, short curly hair, brick wall, golden necklace

Incredible set

printed crop top, long trousers, african print fabric, black high heels, white background

denim shirt, yellow sunglasses, long skirt, african print fabric, red high heels, printed bandana

african attire for women, short dress, short black hair, lots of greenery around

long dress, black braided hair, african attire for women, wooden background

How about this beautiful printed jumpsuit

printed jumpsuit, white bralette, african attire for women, white sneakers, white background

long black wavy hair, short printed hair, african attire for women, white background

side by side photos, long dress, navy blazer, african attire for women, long black curly hair

long dress, braided black hair, african dress designs, wooden floor, fireplace in the background

long black hair, long dress, large wooden bracelets, african dress designs, large golden necklace

long black curly hair, mid length dress, african dress designs, black high heel sandals, grey background

long dress, african dress designs, long black wavy hair, black background

long black hair, wooden background, african dress designs, long dress, silver jewellery

long black curly hair, long shirt, white background, african attire dresses, white background

This print goes very well with denim, as well

long blonde hair, denim shirt, long skirt, african attire dresses, paved sidewalk

pink phone case, metallic shoes, long black hair, african attire dresses, black bag, mid length dress

Fresh off the runway

orange top, printed bottom, long dress, printed bag, african attire dresses, white runway

pink top, bare shoulders, mid length skirt, african attire dresses, pink high heel sandals

african formal dresses, polo shirt, long trousers, black hair in a bun, white background

mid length dress, printed headscarf, african formal dresses, red background

red lace top, long skirt, african formal dresses, black hair in a bun, bamboo trees

short dress, white high heels, pink background, brown hair, in a low updo, african formal dresses

printed scarf, african formal dresses, printed shorts and crop top, white background

short black hair, african print maxi dresses, printed trousers and blazer, nude high heel sandals

long brown hair in a ponytail, mid length dress, african print maxi dresses, white background

white shirt, long skirt, black hair, in a bun, african print maxi dresses, tiled floor, metal railing

red background, long trousers, white top, brick wall, african print maxi dresses

african print maxi dresses, woman and a girl, holding hands and kissing, short dresses, braided hair

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