Cute nail ideas to try during your next manicure appointment

by John Griffith

Each year fashion trends change so much. When it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, there are so many trends out there. Especially after the rise of influencer culture, it seems like it is all about who wears what. Fashion, however, has been a part of the culture for a very long time. Nowadays, however, there seems to be a rise in beauty trends – make up, hairstyles and nail art. There are so many YouTube channels out there who can show you how to do the perfect make up. Today, though, we are going to focus on cute nail ideas, because manicure has become just as important to your outfit as your jacket, for example. So, read on to find many ideas and examples of gorgeous manicures you can try during your next visit to the nail salon.

Such a gorgeous mixture of colors

acrylic nail designs long almond nails french manicure in shades of blue orange pink green purple with hearts on the bottom

What is the popular nail color for 2020?

Pantone announced that the color of 2020 will be blue. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that the most popular nail colors for 2020 is blue in all of its shades. For a summer manicure you can try lighter or even neon shades of blue, for the winter it doesn’t get any better than navy blue. The good news is that blue looks good on any nail shape and can be complimentary to almost any outfit you decide to wear.

These nails are absolutely stunning – a true piece of art

blue sky with white clouds and gold stars on super long stiletto nails acrylic nail ideas

What nail shape is in style for 2021?

Coffin nails are taking the top spot once again. It seems like ever since they came around, coffin nails have been the preferred nail shape. If, however, they are not exactly your thing, you can try the beautiful almond nail shape. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for something a bit more understated, but classy and elegant at the same time. What’s more, more tapered almond shape will be preferred in 2021. Which means you can combine the elegance of the almond nails with the risky stiletto nails by making them a bit more narrow than regular almond shape.

Tapered almond nails might even be more beautiful than coffin nails

black and nude matte nail polish silver glitter on pinky fingers mandala decorations on middle fingers cute acrylic nails

What is the most popular nail style?

2021 sees the return of more classic and understated manicure. For anyone who loves nude colors and simple designs, this might be the year for you. Clean lines, geometrical designs, french manicure – all of these are in for next year. Darker colors are also taking center stage in the beginning of the year. On the other hand, of course, as soon as summer arrives we need to make way for bolder, more vivid colors. That, however, is the case for any summer nail art design. For now, though, read on to find a few great ideas for your next visit to the nail salon.

Understated, yet super trendy with a little bit of flash

black and blue monochromatic nails simple nail designs side by side nails with almond shapes

Cute nail ideas with marble

Marble nails have been on the rise for awhile now and it doesn’t seem like they are going away. Not that that is a bad thing. Marble is extremely stylish and gorgeous. What’s more, it can be made with any color you like. Pair it with some glitter or a few rhinestones, while keeping the rest of the nails the same color and you will have the perfect 2021 nail design.

Black will never go out of style

acrylic nail ideas long stiletto nails black nail polish with spider shaped rhinestones pink and black marble on middle finger

Add a bit of shine with a hint of glitter

Glitter is not for everyone. Many people denounce the use of glitter on their nails, because they think it is too much. That may be true if you decide to use it on every nail. There are other ways, however, to use glitter and still have elegant nails. Use a neutral colors on your nails and add hints of glitter on your decorations to add a wow factor. Trust us, the result will be outstanding. If you don’t believe us, just look at the photo below.

Adding some flashiness to your nails is not a bad thing

almond shape with pointed ends cute acrylic nail ideas white nail polish gold and silver feather decorations on middle and ring fingers

French manicure will always be stylish

French manicure has been making a come back as of late. This incredibly stylish, elegant and classic trend has taken a life of its own. While once upon a time french manicure looked the same with a curved white line at the top of the nail, nowadays that is no longer the case. Now you can find super creative french manicure nail designs. The more creative they are,  the better. 2021 is the year to experiment and try this trend in all of its different variations.

French manicure in all of its glory

coffin nails side by side photos cute acrylic nail ideas french manicure in blue yellow pink green purple

Cute nail ideas in rainbow colors

If you love to experiment with colors then 2021 is the year to do it. Rainbow nail art in all of its shapes and forms will be trending especially in the summer of 2021. Whether you choose something more understated using a matte finish, or you decide to go all in with the colors, rainbow nail art will still look amazing.

Nails in all the colors of the rainbow

blue green pink orange yellow geometrical nail polish on nude short squoval nails almond shaped nails

And who says rainbow nail art is just for your hands

blue green yellow purple pink orange lines on nails with black outlines cute nail designs pedicure

Geometric nail art

Clean lines, understated colors and lots of creativity. That is all you need to create a gorgeous geometric nail design. Furthermore, it will be in style for next year. So, if you are looking for something more understated, but just as effective then don’t be afraid to try this trend.

Beautiful nail art design with a splash of colors and matte finish

cute nail ideas nude and blue matte nail polish with black lines on medium length squoval nails

Cute nail ideas with rhinestones

Rhinestones have been a part of nail art for ages. And, while nowadays it may be frowned upon to cover all of your nails with rhinestones, using a few is considered perfection. Adding a few rhinestones to your nails can provide the finished look that your manicure deserves. If you don’t overdo it, rhinestones can be very pretty and stylish, so don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your nail art ideas.

This manicure is so gorgeous

gold glitter with nude nail polish cute acrylic nail ideas rhinestone decorations on thumb and pinky finger

Understated decorations

For next year, decorations need to be a bit more understated. That, however, doesn’t mean that they won’t be as pretty. On the contrary, you can create something so gorgeous with less. And, if you browse through our gallery you will definitely find plenty of examples.

Simple, yet effective decorations make for a great, eye catching manicure

almond shaped nails side by side photos of medium length squoval nails ones with white french manicure others with moon and stars black white and nude nail polish on short squoval nails summer acrylic nail designs decorations on middle and ring fingers

Step by step tutorial to create a gorgeous summer nail design

blue and gold ocean landscape decoration cute acrylic nail ideas step by step diy tutorial photo collage

blue and pink decorations on each nail with nude nail polish simple nail designs medium length coffin nails blue and white nail polish on short square nails summer acrylic nail designs flower decorations on ring finger blue matte nail polish acrylic nail ideas decorations with gold leaves rhinestones on middle fingers colorful marble on ring fingers

Another gorgeous and fun example of how you can combine rainbow and geometric nail design

blue pink green red orange shades on each nail summer acrylic nail designs short almond nails

blue pink white mermaid nails with glitter cute nail designs monochromatic decorations with rhinestones and glitter long coffin nails cute acrylic nail ideas blue and white nail polish yellow bananas decoration on ring finger cute acrylic nails pedicure in neon pink matte nail polish one black line across the toe nail

Step by step tutorial to create a chic nail design dedicated to the city of love, Paris

cute nail designs step by step diy tutorial photo collage pink and black nail polish eiffel tower drawn on middle fingers fall leaves in orange and yellow on white nail polish simple nail designs long almond nails flower decoration on ring finger acrylic nail ideas orange nail polish on short nails with squoval shape french manicure in white with white outlines on nude nail polish cute acrylic nails medium length almond nails gold leaves decorations on middle finger orange flower with black palm on ring finger short acrylic nails white nail polish on almond shaped nails gray and pink nail polish with rhinestones short acrylic nails black and white stripes on ring fingers long nails with almond shape

The perfect fall nail design doesn’t exi…

gray nail polish with fall flowers decorations made with sequins in orange yellow cute nail ideas medium length square nail shape green and white almond nails cute nail designs blue hray white glitter squoval nails black and white almond nails side by side photos green and yellow matte nail polish in different shades simple nail designs short squoval nails green orange purple yellow red blue hearts separated with black lines acrylic nail ideas colorful pedicure

The perfect Halloween nail design

halloween themed nails almond shaped nails watercolor pumpkins with white silhouettes on nude nail polish long coffin nail shape short acrylic nails pink nail polish marble decorations with rhinestones long stiletto nails covered with red rhinestones in different shapes and sizes acrylic nail designs matching manicure and padicure in light pink cute nail designs mint green and pink background matte nude nail polish cute nail ideas almond nails blue white marble decorations on each nail with gold leaves

Such a simple french manicure, yet so beautiful

nude nail polish with french manicure in shades of pink cute acrylic nails short squoval nail shape pedicure with black nail polish on the toes and black glitter on the rest of the fingers acrylic nail designs pink glitter on thumb and index finger short acrylic nails light pink nail polish love dream written on ring and middle finger pink leaves on white nail polish cute acrylic nails pedicure in white legs placed on white fabric

Add a few flowers for a super feminine and beautiful manicure

pink nail polish on long almond nails cute nail ideas white nail polish peony flower decoration on ring finger pokemon pedicure almond shaped nails different pokemon character drawn on each nail short acrylic nails gold foil crumbled on medium length almond nails on woman touching her lips short squoval nails almond shaped nails nude nail polish gold glitter on the ring and pinky fingers simple nail designs matching manicure and pedicure nude nail polish with white french manicure

Geometric and floral – step by step tutorial for the perfect nail art

step by step diy tutorial summer acrylic nail designs drawing roses on your nails on white nail polish summer acrylic nail designs blue purple and silver glitter nail polish flower decorations on toes three nails in blue ring and middle finger with yellow nail polish cute nail ideas white french manicure short squoval shape white and blue nail polish acrylic nail designs blue and white geometric decoration on the ring fingers on short square nails white fur under two hands with long square nails acrylic nail designs pink nails pink glitter on the ring fingers

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