How to Start an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine 

by John Griffith

Skincare has always been an important part of health. The number of dermatologists in the world has risen steadily with an increase in advanced medical practices.

Technology has in recent years merged with beauty to improve the first and natural source of beauty, the skin. In the past, many companies in the industry opted for traditional means to enhance beauty using makeup kits. But now, modern society has witnessed a shift in the demand from chemical kits to organic skin care products.

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A majority of women and men all across the world have become invested in caring for their individual skin types. The term “skinfidence”, is now often used amongst skincare enthusiasts to describe the increased confidence and self-esteem an individual with healthy, glowing skin feels.

The common question frequently asked is, “how and when do I begin a routine?”. Well a lot of people start a routine with cleansers, moisturizers and toners as soon as they enter puberty. Others begin in their early 30s, 40s and above with a routine for anti-aging, this routine is the same as those used by the younger generation, but with some extra products.

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Steps to Building an Anti-aging Skin Care Routine

Different skin types exist; the dry, oily, normal and combination. Some people worry that because there are different products for different skin types, then they might not be able to fit into a certain routine.

Purchasing a product that suits your skin type does not affect the routine, it is only meant to improve effectiveness. A moisturizer is still a moisturizer, and a toner is still a toner. Below are the selected steps to guide you in your “skinfident” journey.

Exfoliate to Peel Off Dry Skin

The concept of exfoliating is simply to remove dead cells from the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). This is a great method in stopping premature aging. It is proper to exfoliate the skin when it is freshly clean and devoid of makeup or other products. We advise you to do it twice a week, not daily, as this would cause more harm than good.

woman doing her skincare with green mask on

Purchase and Applying an Eye Cream

peptide eye cream from Dr Brandt will greatly prevent and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, lighten dark circles and reduce puffy eyes, all of which are associated with aging. Applying eye creams before retiring to bed works perfectly as a healthy skin care routine, as it functions to nourish the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Always Use a Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is an extremely important addition to every skin care routine. Contrary to general belief, there are no specific seasons for wearing sunscreen. Whether in cold or hot seasons, a sunscreen is a must for every skin type and color. Sunscreens act as a protective layer against the ultraviolet rays of the sun, and thus they fight against wrinkles, rashes, irritations and other factors that might cause premature aging.

woman putting on sunscreen on arm

Include Vitamins

Adding vitamin A and E supplements to your routine comes with many benefits. These vitamins often come as capsules that can be rubbed directly on the face and skin. They act as strong agents which protect skin cells from free radicals, and induce the formation of collagen.


Of course, a great skin is not achieved in a day, it requires time, patience and a consistent skincare routine. Utilizing the products above from Dr Brandt in a constant routine will help you achieve a healthy skin.

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John Griffith

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