Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul – Save With Cheap Packages

by John Griffith

Many people in Europe who have problems with hair loss and baldness in their hair are afraid of hair transplantation due to the high prices. In contrast, hair transplant prices in Istanbul are significantly lower. A hair transplant in Istanbul can cost less than 5,000 Euros as the cost of living in Turkey is lower than in Europe.

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Cheap Hair Transplant Istanbul Prices – No Quality Restrictions

If you make a decision on having a hair transplant, you should have an interest in the prices of hair transplants in Istanbul are much more affordable than in Europe. However, it would be best if you did not choose the cheapest clinic as there is a risk of falling into the clinic with dumping prices. A dump-free hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is HermestClinic. You can count on the quality there, as the clinic has the international quality seal from the strict ISO commission. Prices are significantly lower than in Europe due to several factors:

  • Significantly lower living costs and consequent lower salaries for doctors and clinical staff in Turkey
  • Many patients from abroad come to Istanbul for hair transplantation and to revive the economy.
  • Subsidies for hair clinics from the Turkish government
  • There is a great demand for hair transplant Turkey.

Hair transplant in Istanbul, which is only a small fraction of the cost in Europe, offers good value for money. Doctors in Turkey have more hair transplant experience than doctors in Europe. They have done hair transplants many times and often train foreign doctors.

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Hair Transplantation in Istanbul – Package Cost

The price of a hair transplant in Europe is usually 11,000 Euros or more. In Europe, costs are calculated based on the number of grafts required. There are also medication, hospital accommodation, and examination costs. Hair transplant prices in Istanbul seem different. Hermest Clinic, another good hair clinic in Turkey, offers complete packages. In addition to the actual hair transplant costs, the packages also include hair transplant costs.

  • Accommodation in four and five-star hotels
  • Before and after the procedure
  • Transfers between airport, hotel, and clinic
  • Interpreter
  • Medication
  • The clinic can also book flights for you.
  • 24/7 service is also a part of the Hermest Clinic hair transplant package.

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Hair Transplant Guide Istanbul Prices

The calculation of hair transplant prices in Istanbul depends on the number of grafts, but these are complete packages. In addition to the number of grafts, hair transplantation is also decisive in terms of price. Although the classical FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is now the cheapest method for hair transplantation in Turkey, doctors offer more modern methods which depend on the FUE method. Accordingly, these more modern methods are more expensive, but hair transplants Istanbul prices are much cheaper for these methods than in Europe.

If the operation requires more than 4,500 grafts due to the filling of large bald spots, you can count on costs starting from 2000 Euros.

If you submit photos of the condition of your hair online to the Hermest Clinic, you can already get a cost estimate.

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Free Consultation is Included in the Price

Hair transplant Istanbul prices include a free consultation. The doctor will have an idea about the condition of your hair and can recommend a suitable method for your hair transplant. He will explain the procedure to you and conduct a history interview to learn about known diseases, allergies, and medications. Then, he can give you information about the exact hair transplant Istanbul costs in your particular situation. The doctor will also inform you about the healing process and what you must take into consideration after hair transplantation.

Cheap Hair Transplant Istanbul Prices for Single Services

In addition to the Istanbul hair transplant complete package prices, you can benefit from various individual services at reasonable prices, depending on the condition of your hair and the course of the treatment. If you are one the anxious patients, one such individual service can be needle-free anesthesia. Anesthesia is pressed under the scalp with a high-pressure system. You only feel a slight pressure. Sedation, in which you are put into a twilight sleep, can be booked as an individual service if you do not want to be informed about the operation. If more grafts are required, hair transplantation can be done in a few sessions, which is accordingly more expensive.

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Various Modern Methods for Hair Transplantation in Istanbul

Hair transplant Istanbul prices at Hermest Clinic are related to the classical FUE method. With this method, the head is shaved. A doctor applies a local anesthetic to the area where they take and transplant the hair. Grafts from one or more hair follicles are taken with a hollow needle and placed in a nutrient solution. The doctor makes small cuts or holes in the transplant area with a scalpel or needle to place the hair follicles. This method has since been developed. Hair transplant prices in Istanbul are correspondingly higher for advanced methods.

With Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, the hair is taken as the classical FUE method. Incisions in the planting area are made with a sapphire pen. This provides more precise work and higher hair density.

Hair transplant Istanbul prices are also higher in the DHI method as it is the latest hair transplant technology. Shaving is only necessary on the back of the head, where a doctor takes hair follicles with a micro punch. Incisions are no longer of requirement in the transplant area, resulting in faster healing. A specialist takes the hair follicles and then places them in the area with a Choi pen.

Hair transplantation in all methods Istanbul prices include care products such as lotion, shampoo, moisturizing spray, local anesthetics, and pain relievers.

Conclusion: Hair transplant Istanbul Prices – Cheap Packages

Istanbul’s hair transplant prices are cheap if you decide to have a best hair transplant in Turkey. Hermest Clinic and other hair clinics offer complete packages that include hotel accommodation, transfers, examination, medication, and care products in addition to the actual hair transplant cost. Istanbul hair transplant package prices vary according to the required grafts and the method used. At Hermest Clinic, you can count on quality.

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