Summer Scent: 4 Homemade Soap Recipes to Make at Home

by Maria Konou

Summer is a time of freshness, bright colors and tempting scents that make us feel free. What better way to immerse yourself in the season than to turn showering (which happens more often than usual in the summer heat) into a sensory-awakening ritual. We suggest you challenge yourself and make your own homemade soaps for this purpose. Homemade soaps can come in any combination of scents you like, but in this article we selected fresh scents that are particularly suitable for the summer. To make homemade soaps you will need a little practice, imagination, patience, and last but not least – a few basic tools. But once you get the hang of making soap at home, we are convinced that you will absolutely love the process and the end result. So, let’s explore the best homemade soap recipes to make this summer:

These are the freshest homemade soap recipes that you can easily make at home

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Summer Scent: 4 Homemade Soap Recipes to Make at Home

Soap with grapefruit, mint, and poppy seeds

Poppy seeds will gently exfoliate your skin, while goat’s milk will nourish it. The delicious smell of grapefruit and mint will keep you refreshed and energized for a summer full of fun!

This nourishing soap will treat your skin and energize your senses

homemade soap simple recipe

What you need:

  • goat’s milk for melting into the soap base – 300g
  • the peel of half a grapefruit
  • poppy seeds – 1 tbsp
  • grapefruit essential oil – 10 drops
  • peppermint essential oil – 4 drops

The amount of poppy seeds you add in the soap will determine the level of exfoliation 

easy homemade soap recipes without lye


  • a saucepan
  • a glass bowl for double boiling
  • grater (for the grapefruit zest)
  • a silicone mold


  1. First, cut the soap base into cubes. Use about 300g for 5–6 bars of soap.
  2. Then grate the grapefruit and set aside the poppy seeds and oils.
  3. After that, place the soap base in the glass bowl and melt it in the saucepan. Use a wooden whisk to stir. It is really important that the soap doesn’t burn while it is melting, so use low heat.
  4. Once your soap base is completely melted, pour it into a measuring cup.
  5. Then add your oils, grapefruit zest, and poppy seeds. Stir quickly to mix the ingredients evenly.
  6. After that, pour the soap into the silicone mold and let set. It will take about 2–3 hours to fully harden, but it is best to let it sit in the molds for longer.

Voilà! You just made a nourishing homemade soap, perfect for summer!

easy homemade soap recipes for beginners

Coconut cream soap

This luxurious soap will leave your skin nourished and refreshed, and the smell of coconut will linger on your skin!

What you need:

  • coconut cream – 225 g
  • benzoin gum powder (or other preservative) – 2 tsp
  • grated soap or soap flakes – 340 g

This milky homemade soap will keep you smelling of sweet coconut all day long

best homemade soap recipes


  1. This soap recipe uses the melt and pour method to make soap. Just melt everything with the soap base and benzoin powder, and pour the mixture into molds.
  2. Allow it to set for a few hours and you are done.

The easiest and creamiest homemade coconut soap you will ever make

homemade summer soap recipes

Nourishing apricot soap

Apricots are full of nourishing oils that will leave your skin revived and refreshed. The smell of citrus will refresh you, and energize you early in the morning.

This apricot soap is the perfect addition to your summer self-care routine

homemade soap recipes for sensitive skin

What you need:

  • dried apricots – 10pcs.
  • water – around 250ml
  • benzoin gum powder (preservative) – 2 tablespoons
  • citrus scent (lemon, orange, or grapefruit essential oil) – 5 drops
  • soap flakes or soap base – 340 g

Apricots are full of nourishing oils that will leave your skin feeling amazing

easy homemade melt and pour soap recipes


  1. First, blend the apricots in a blender.
  2. Then around 250ml of water.
  3. After that, melt the soap base and benzoin powder, and add the apricot mixture.
  4. Add the flavoring last, and then pour the mixture into the molds.
  5. Finally, let the soap set for a few hours, and then pop them out. Voilà!

This apricot soap will keep you clean, smooth, and refreshed for summer

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Lime sherbet soap

We definitely saved the best for last with this lime sherbet soap! This soap recipe is refreshing and fruity – your bath will smell wonderful, and the lime aroma will surely linger on your skin.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh citruses in the summer

all natural homemade soap recipes

What you need:

  • lime essential oil – 4 drops
  • vanilla essential oil – 8 drops
  • grated soap base – 1 cup
  • water – 1/2 cup
  • the grated skin of one lime

Limes are super refreshing, and your bathroom will be filled with their aroma

homemade soap recipes without lye


  1. First, add the soap base and water together and melt in a double boiler.
  2. Once the base is melted, add the essential oils and stir well.
  3. Then pour into your soap molds, and let it set for a few hours.

This creamy lime soap smells of summer breeze and fresh lemonade

easy homemade soap recipes

Now you know how to make the most summery homemade soap recipes!

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