More than 80 preschool activities which are entertaining and easy to achieve

Von John Griffith / October 20 2021

Children have the gift of creativity and you have probably already noticed. If you think about it, you will certainly find an example that proves it. How many times have you thought “Where did this child get this idea from?” However, it is often considered that instead of working and stimulating this creativity, the school annihilates it. This is why, contrary to what ambitious parents think, creative projects and preschool activities are of paramount importance for the development of the child.

In reality, the strengths of crafting for kids go a long way. Not only do they appeal to the creativity and curiosity of the child, but it also helps with the development of fine motor skills and better control of hand movements. Furthermore, it is also a good way to develop the sense of autonomy and independence in the child. Thus, the little one will learn to concentrate and will gain confidence.

Several ideas for preschool activities to work the creativity and intelligence of the child

little kids, painting with paintbrushes, red and green paint, preschool activities, boy holding pencils

Preschool activities are important

What’s important is not to forget the especially through play and crafts activities the child discovers the surrounding world. The playful approach is considered to be the best way to teach the child his first lessons in mathematics, biology, literature, etc. The use of recycled materials for the realisation of DIY projects will teach children how to respect the environment. To help you choose beautiful, fun and educational preschool activities, we have selected some interesting child DIY ideas. For the harder projects we even offer tutorials that will help you visualise the idea.

Multicoloured flowers in a paper plate – a superb idea of a preschool activity to create a colourful decor

colourful flowers, made out of paper, preschool activities, with green leaves, on white backround

We hope you have fun reading this article and remember that the ultimate goal of these activities is to allow the child to express themselves and have fun. Do not impose too many limits to allow the imagination to flourish and create its little works of genius.

Cute, easy-too-make cat page dividers – a great project for preschool activities

Materials needed:

  • permanent markers
  • coloured paper
  • cutter
  • scissors
  • cutting mat (or a piece of cardboard)
  • pencil
  • rubber
  • ruler

Project implementation:

Cut out rectangles, cut out the shape on coloured paper. Using permanent pencils and markers, draw the silhouette of your cat, Make sure you have drawn arms long enough to hold the pages of the book.

The materials needed to make a cat page divider. A first super tutorial for preschool activities

preschool activities, step by step, diy tutorial, necessary tools, colourful papers, different rulers

Cut out strips of paper, which will represent your mark page – the first steps of this DIY project

colourful paper, preschool activities, step by step, diy tutorial, large ruler, white backgorund

Draw the cat on a piece of paper to make a nice bookmark – the cutest DIY project

colourful paper, cat face and paws drawn on blue paper, preschool activities, black and pink sharpies

Then, using scissors, cut around the cat’s ears. Then use a cutter to cut out the paper cat’s arms, following the contours. If your cutter is not sharp enough, you may need to repeat the process a few times. Finally, you just have to bring out the arms of your cat and that’s it. Just like a magician!

Cut out the contours of your cat’s arms, so they hold the pages of the book – wonderful idea for a creative child

pre k learning games, colourful paper, cat faces and paws drawn on it, large ruler

That’s the result of our efforts – a nice bookmark and a preschool activity that will entertain children

book dividers, made of colourful paper, with cat faces and paws drawn on it, pre k learning games

Small nice houses made of toilet paper rolls with a cardboard roof – easy DIY idea for children

green and orange houses, made of cylindric paper, colourful paper roofs, pre k learning games

Tiny airplanes made of clothespins and popsicle sticks – child DIY project that boys will definitely like

colourful aiplanes, made of popsicle wooden sticks, pre k learning games, wooden table

A colourful paper crown and a hanging pompon – excellent idea for paper crafting

colourful paper hearts, glued together, pre k learning games, colourful pom pom in the middle

How to make a pencil jar, decorated with washi tape – a super fun back to school preschool activity

For this DIY child project, you will need:

  • tin can
  • card stock
  • washi tape
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • ribbon

Step-by-step tutorial:

The first thing you need to do is see how much card stock you will need. On it you will then apply your masking tape. After completing this important task, set the angle and direction to follow in the washi tape application. You can arrange it horizontally, vertically or diagonally… it’s up to you. Whatever the case, draw a line with a pencil and a ruler. The latter will serve as a reference.

colourful washi tape, taped to a white carton, preschool learning, step by step, diy tutorial

Then, start adding the strips of washi tape next to each other. Be sure to allow the strips to stick out a little bit of the card stock. The, stick the excess masking tape on the back of the card stock. Finally, using strong glue, have the decorated card stock tied around the can. You can use a few pieces of tape to secure the ends as the glue dries. And finally, it’s optional, but you can also decorate the top of your tin can.

step by step, diy tutorial, colourful washi tape, taped over a tin can, preschool learning

DIY pencil jars – one of the best ideas for preschool activities on the back to school theme

colourful washi tape, taped over tin cans, used as pencil holders, preschool learning

Small sailboats made of corks, toothpicks and paper veil – a DIY project for children to do during the summer

cork screws taped together, painted in blue and green, preschool learning, diy small boats

Recycling cans to put over a baby’s crib – preschool activity to give a lesson in ecology

preschool learning, tin cans, painted in different patterns, hanging on macrame

Various patterns of foam paper wreaths with floral decorative elements

activities for 4 year olds, side by side photos, of different paper crown, for boys and girls

paper cupcake holders, painted yellow, activities for 4 year olds, paper sunflowers

A great Mother’s Day gift idea – cardboard photo frame with woollen threads

Materials needed:

  • cardboard
  • photos
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors / cutter / cutting mat
  • glue gun
  • wool

Realisation step-by-step:

The thing you can start with is to put the photo on the piece of cardboard to trace its contours. In the first formed square, draw another, smaller one, to create the inner part of the frame. Then, using a cutter, cut out and remove the center part of the cardboard. It is behind this small part that we will put the photo. Then, cut with scissors following the outer frame. Put the picture frame created on another piece of cardboard, trace over the contours and cut out (in case you want to create several photo frame).

carton photo frame, polaroid photo, activities for 4 year olds, step by step, diy tutorial

large ruler, photo frame, cut out of a carton, activities for 4 year olds, step by step, diy tutorial

Now start wrapping the wool around the four sides of the photo frame (we used different coloured wool for each side of the photo frame). Then you have two options – either you knit the two ends of wool on each side, or stick them to the frame with a glue gun. Be careful, the angles are left bare, because it is difficult to tie them around them.

carton photo frames, blue and yellow, grey and pink strands around it, activities for 4 year olds

Finally, you have to attach the photo to the back. Super easy, right?! One could think of making a whole collection of childhood photos for mom. She will be charmed and surprised.

carton photo frames, fun indoor activities for kids, colourful strands around them

fun indoor activities for kids, blue and pink plastic plates, paint inside, girl painting a heart

A windmill made of paper and pencil – an ultra easy creative activity

Materials and tools needed:

  • wooden pencil with eraser
  • scissors
  • beaded pins
  • needle-nose pliers
  • colourful card stock

How to carry out the project:

The first thing to is to bend a pin at a 90 ° angle. Attention, in order to achieve this task children will obviously need the help of an adult. Secondly, cut out a square of 10/10cm in the paper. Then, fold each of the angles in half and with scissors cut lines converging towards the center, but without cutting them entirely. Stop cutting at about 1 – 1.5cm from the center.

side by side photos, step by step, diy tutorial, colourful paper, cutting wire, fun indoor activities for kids

Third, lay the paper on a flat surface and bring the left ends of each notch to the center. Hold with your fingers. Then take the pin to get it through the center, making sure that it goes through all four points that have been brought back to the center. Then, make the paper slip jently into the pin pushing until the beaded end. Finally, insert the pointed end of your pink into the eraser of the pencil pressing firmly.

step by step, diy tutorial, side by side photos, fun indoor activities for kids, colourful paper, pencil attached with a wire

Spin and admire the magic of the windmill. That’s it, are you ready?

glass vase filled with paper fans, side by side photos, fun indoor activities for kids

Idea how to make dancers from popsicle sticks – a preschool activity for little ladies

ballerinas made of popsicle sticks, fun indoor games for kids, pleated paper for skirts, pink strands for hair

white photo frames, apple and orange, pear and pineapple, made out of paper inside, fun indoor games for kids

Paper animal masks – a great way to get to know the world that lives in the forests and an even better kindergarten classroom activity

paper plates, turned into animals, fun indoor games for kids, fox and bear, frog and bunny

Idea how to make paper flowers – easy DIY to create a beautiful floral decoration

What you need:

  • origami paper (two sheets)
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • double-sided-tape
  • wool (optional)
  • perforator (optional)

Step-by-step tutorial:

Take a sheet of origami paper and fold it in half, then in half again and so on until you have done three folds in total. Do the same with the other sheet.

orange paper, folded in two, on a white background, dun indoor games for kids, step by step, diy tutorial

Then, unfold the paper and fold it again but this time in accordion. The folds made in the previous step will serve as a reference.

orange pleated paper, fun indoor games for kids, step by step, diy tutorial

Then fold each of the accordion sheets in half and staple them together through the middle. Cut the ends of the accordion paper to give them a nice shape. The shape of the pattern to be carved is left to your choice.

orange pleated paper, step by step, prek learning games, diy tutorial

cut up paper, prek learning games, orange pleated paper, step by step, diy tutorial

Finally, using your double-sided tape, start assembling the parts of your flower.

double sided tape, step by step diy tutorial, prek learning games, orange pleated paper

The end result of this DIY  – extremely pretty origami paper flowers to decorate the walls of the kid’s room

colourful flowers, pink and blue, red and orange, prek learning games

Handprint drawing tricks for kids – video tutorial

white backpack, apple prints on it, green blue and yellow, prek learning games, little girl holding it

step by step, diy tutorial, school themes, clothespins with pom poms on top, blue and green, purple and pink

colourful butterflies, made out of felt, school themes, orange and blue, purple and blue, pink and green

colourful flowers, made of felt, with googly eyes, school themes, blue purple and orange

ceramic pots, flowers inside, rocks and a tree house, school themes, small gardening tools

tin cans, colourful feathers glued to them, school themes, googly eyes

Preschool activities – fun coffee mugs

literacy activities for preschoolers, step by step, diy tutorial, colourful coffee mugs

side by side, diy tutorial, literacy activities for preschoolers, greeting cards, with colourful flowers

colourful flowers, made of paper, literacy activities for preschoolers, orange and yellow, purple and blue

diy foam paint, shaving cream, elmer's glue, literacy activities for preschoolers, purple green and blue paint

white paper plate, girl's face, made of pasta, literacy activities for preschoolers, wooden table

family tree, preschool games for kids, leaves made with thumbprints, on a white paper

little bunnies, made of felt, preschool games for kids, glue to wooden popsicle sticks

geometrical painting, preschool games for kids, step by step, diy tutorial, green and yellow, red and orange paint

glass bottle, glass jar, washi tape around them, preschool games for kids

preschool games for kids, green paper, ladybugs made of rocks, with googly eyes

Beautiful and easy greeting cards

greeting cards, step by step, diy tutorial, preschool learning activities, hearts made of colourful strands

greeting cards, preschool learning activities, handprints on the front, pink and yellow paper

colourful dreamcatcher, made with pom poms, paper stars and fish, preschool learning activities

paper fruits, in a basket made of paper plates, preschool learning activities, hanging on yellow ribbon

popsicle wooden sticks, preschool learning activities, flowers made of paper, with buttons

hands on activities, plastic spoons, turned into animals, frog and cow, mouse and giraffe, bunny and chicken

memories in mason jars, hands on activities, baseball game, camping trip, day on the beach

photo coasters, made of wood, memory bag, hands on activities

milk carton, turned into a pencil holder, hands on activities, step by step, diy tutorial

children painting with flowers, hands on activities, orange and red, yellow and purple paint

butterflies made of colourful paper, indoor group games for kids, step by step, diy tutorial

paper cones, indoor group games for kids, colourful flowers, made of paper

colourful butterflies, made of paper, and clothespins, indoor group games for kids

indoor group games for kids, paper hearts, with plastic straws, white background

paper ice cream cones, indoor group games for kids, girl holding them, on a piece of strand

ice cream, made of paper, hanging on white strands, kindergarten classroom games

Let your kids master the art of quilling

kindergarten classroom games, paper quilling, heart made of paper, on white paper, diy tutorial

paper straws, paper flowers, on blue background, kindergarten classroom games

sun made of paper plates, paper rainbow, kindergarten classroom games, hanging on a strand

paper tree, blue and green background, kindergarten classroom games, colourful flowers

pink flamingo, made with a handprint, language activities for preschoolers, white paper

popsicle stick frames, different photos, language activities for preschoolers, colourful wooden sticks

unicorn made with popsicle sticks, language activities for preschoolers, colourful strands, diy tutorial

small boats, made of corks, language activities for preschoolers, glitter felt, diy tutorial

colourful parrot, made of paper, language activities for preschoolers, step by step, diy tutorial

preschool classroom games, paper plates, painted in pink, yellow and blue, hearts made of strands

different insects, made of leaves, fruits and flowers, preschool classroom games

fish made os seashells, painted in orange and blue, green and pink, preschool classroom games

greeting card, blue and white straps, clay star in the middle, preschool classroom games, diy tutorial

Let your kid’s imagination run wild

tissue transfer art, preschool classroom games, girl painting, in a white frame, step by step, diy tutorial

little girl holding up a paper plate, tree drawn on it, small group activities for preschoolers

paper plate, turned into a cow, small group activities for preschoolers, black paper hearts, googly eyes

white swan, made of a paper plate, small group activities for preschoolers, white background

colourful bunnies, pom poms for tails, small group activities for preschoolers, white strand

carton animals, on wooden skewers, deer and fox, bear and owl, small group activities for preschoolers

small group activities for preschoolers, wooden spoons, tuned into animals, cow and bee, red flower

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