Homemade gift ideas – 70 great suggestions for every occasion

Von John Griffith / October 15 2021

We’ve all experienced this situation – a holiday approaches, be it Christmas, Mother’s Day or a someone’s birthday, and we rush to the mall to get a gift. We are always looking for something cool and unique, but all too often we end up spending a fortune on ultimately useless items. In this article, we would like to share a selection of homemade gift ideas, which will help you create original presents for every occasion.

Find several tutorials and homemade gift ideas to make yourself in this article

diy christmas gifts, photo collage of different gift ideas, bath salts candles and ceramic pots, keychains and earrings

Homemade gift ideas for every occasion

Let’s be real – our consumerist society is slowly but surely sucking the life out of holidays, and diminishing their charm. In the past, Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions used to be about showing people your appreciation. In our modern day and age, however, everything revolves around shrewd marketing and the accumulation of material goods. We struggle to buy more and more gifts, and spend an increasing amount of money each year, without realizing that quantity cannot replace quality. A truly good present needs to be personal and thoughtful, and no amount of cash can buy you that.

Here’s where handmade gifts come in. They show that you are willing to spend hours of your time making something truly unique for the special people in your life. It’s like giving a small piece of your soul, which bears the imprint of your inimitable imagination. Plus, DIY gifts are a lot more sensible from a financial perspective – even if your budget is quite tight, you can still surprise your loved ones with something beautiful. Last, but definitely not least, handmade gifts are environmentally friendly. All too many of us buy mass-produced items that quickly end up in the bin, once people have grown tired of them. Not so with DIY presents! Not only are they usually made from recycled materials, but they hold tremendous sentimental value, which makes people want to keep them forever.

In addition, the variety of homemade gift ideas is simply staggering! For Christmas, you can try making DIY candles, customized calendars, knitted goods, coasters, lavishly decorated everyday items and, of course, chocolate and sweets, in attractively crafted containers.

What about Mother’s Day? Well, a DIY wallet, a hand-crafted bracelet, or a decorated vase, are excellent suggestions. Dads meanwhile, are sure to love a customized mug, or a creative frame, containing your favorite family photo. As for your besties, the possibility are simply endless! Depending on their preferences, you can opt for handmade bookmarks, t-shirts, phone covers and more.

If you’d like some visual inspiration, check out our gallery bellow! It has tons of great homemade gift ideas, including several awesome video tutorials.

A gift with a festive spirit – potpourri or pot filled with Christmas perfumes

Materials and ingredients needed (3 options):

Option 1:

  • dried orange slices
  • dried cranberries
  • cinnamon sticks
  • vanilla pod
  • cloves

DIY Christmas gift – potpourri option “Christmas pastry”

potpourri in a glass jar, made with dried orange slices and cranberries, cinnamon and vanilla sticks, diy christmas gifts

Option 2:

  • dried orange slices
  • dried apple slices
  • cinnamon sticks
  • star anise
  • cloves

Potpourri DIY option “Christmas morning”

dried apple and orange slices, cinnamon sticks inside a glass jar, diy christmas gifts, potpourri made in a glass jar

Option 3:

  • dried lemon slices
  • dried lime slices
  •  rosemary

Homemade gift ideas – citrus potpourri

potpourri made in a glass jar, diy christmas gifts, dried lime and lemon slices, rosemary branches inside the jar


  1. The first thing to do is to make sure that your fruit is well dehydrated. If you have a food dehydrator at home, all the better. If not, do not panic because you could also dry your fruit in the oven. For this purpose, preheat the oven first at 100º C.
  2. Cut your fruit into thin slices and then store them on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Bake for about 6 hours or until dehydrated.
  3. Then store the dried fruits and other ingredients listed above in a simple glass jar. To make it more beautiful, wrap a ribbon or string around the neck of the pot. You can even think of slipping a slice of dried fruit through for a charming decoration.
  4. To fill your house with pleasant Christmas flavors, simply place the jar in a pot and fill half with water to heat and simmer over very low heat. Be careful because the water will dissipate with time! So at some point, your ingredients could end up without water and therefore burn, which will result in a rather unpleasant smell.

Great DIY Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

three different types of potpourri in glass jars, stacked one on top of the other, diy christmas gifts, white background

© tidbits-cami. com

A useful gift – coasters made with small colorful pompoms

Materials needed:

  • colorful pompoms
  • needle
  • wire

Coasters with colorful pompons to impress your guests

set of ceramic mugs and wooden plates, homemade christmas gifts, coasters made out of colorful pompoms

  1. Arrange the hexagonal shaped pompoms – 3 pompoms, 4 pompoms, 5 pompoms, 4 pompoms, 3 pompoms, arranging them in small groups according to their color.
  2. Cut a thread a little less than two meters in length and pass your needle through.
  3. Sew rows of pompoms together starting with a row of 3 and going up afterwards.
  4. For the pom-poms at the corners, make sure to pass the thread through the inside of the pompom. For the rest, we put in the middle.
  5. Once you have sewn horizontally through the rows of felt balls, pull the thread so that the rows of balls are tight and there are not too many gaps between them.
  6. Then continue the sewing by the columns of balls of felt according to the same pattern of sewing according to the location of the balls.
  7. Once all the balls are sewn and secured, end with a knot, while hiding it in a ball. Be sure to pull the string and cut the end of the string so that it is completely hidden.

Great Mother’s Day gift idea to make in a few simple steps

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, how to make coasters with colorful pompoms, homemade christmas gifts

© thehousethatlarsbuilt. com

Homemade gift ideas for bakers – deconstructed cookies in a jar


  • 1 1/3 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • 3/4 cup of M & Ms
  • 3/4 of mini milk chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar packaged
  • 1/2 cup white sugar

Cookie mix to surprise your loved ones with a little appetising delight

deconstructed cookies in mason jars, homemade christmas gifts, baked cookies at the front, red and white ribbon decoration


  1. The first important task is to choose a suitable container. That is, a glass jar large enough to enclose all the ingredients, preferably with a slightly larger neck so that it is easier to introduce the food.
  2. Then, simply pour in the ingredients listed above, making distinct layers in a specific order that is: flour, baking powder, salt -> oat flakes -> M & Ms -> mini chocolate chips -> brown sugar -> white sugar.
  3. In order to make cookies afterwards, just add some liquid ingredients, including: 1 beaten egg, 1/2 cup softened butter, 1 teaspoon vanilla with dry ingredients. Finally, mix well, bake and that’s it.
  4. To make your little gourmet gift even more festive, you could think of decorating the jar lid with a pretty printable and decorative ribbon or string.

Just fill the jar with ingredients and voila!

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, homemade christmas gifts, how to make cookies, deconstructed cookies in glass jars

© jennycookies. com

DIY beauty gift – homemade sugar scrub


  • glass jar
  • 1 cup white sugar (or better yet coconut sugar)
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil (at room temperature)
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Gift to do for ladies who like to take care of their skin

body scrub made with sugar and cocoa powder, inside a glass container, homemade christmas gifts, wooden spoon


  1. In a medium bowl, mix all the ingredients listed above with a tablespoon.
  2. Then place the scrub in a suitable container, such as a small glass jar and close. Well, that’s as simple as that!

Homemade scrub for a successful beauty ritual

wooden spoon, body scrub made of sugar and cocoa powder, inside a glass container, diy birthday gifts

© lexiscleankitchen. com

A gift for the home – candle in recycled glass jar

Materials needed:

  • glass jars
  • 1 block of beeswax
  • 1 candlewick
  • dried flowers
  • tin can and pan
  • 1 brush
  • knife
  • cutting board

DIY candles too beautiful to make for Christmas or as a gift for Mother’s Day

candles with lavender branches inside mason jars, diy birthday gifts, lavender branches on the side, succulent in a pot

Production :

  1. Cut the beeswax into enough pieces to fill the can.
  2. Place a few pieces of wax in the can and then put it in a saucepan, which you must fill with 5 cm of water. Heat over medium heat until the wax is melted. Then turn down the heat so that the water starts to simmer.
  3. Dip the brush into the wax and apply the dried flowers against the inner surface of the glass jar. Without completely fixing the flowers, this will allow them to stay as close as possible to the side of the jar when pouring the wax into the glass jar.
  4. To fix the wick, apply a little wax on the foot of the wick and then press against the bottom of the jar so as to fix. The other end of the wick, tie around a wand so that the wick can hold up straight when wax is poured.
  5. When the wax is already melted, add more pieces to fill the entire contents of the can. Then, take the tin with a kitchen glove and pour the wax into the glass jar.
  6. Cut at the end the wick leaving about half a centimeter to top. To complete, decorate the glass jar to your preference.

Handmade gift to beautify and aromatize your home – that’s how to do it!

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, diy birthday gifts, how to make candles with lavender branches inside

© adventures-in-making. com

Personalized homemade gift ideas – Instagram photo box

Materials needed:

  • square shaped cardboard box to decorate
  • black color paper and white color cut into concentric circles
  • a small heart cut out of red paper
  •  red, blue, green and yellow paper
  • foam brush
  • scissors
  • off-white and brown acrylic paint
  • washi tape
  • glue
  • black color card stock
  • printed Instagram photos (10 × 10 cm)

carton box for photos, diy birthday gifts, necessary tools, spread out on white surface

Production :

  1. Repaint the bottom part (2/3) of the lid of the off-white paint box. Repeat with the back of the box.
  2. Place a strip of washi tape on the lid of the box and then on the reverse as shown below and repaint the isolated parts with brown paint.
  3. Cut out strips of red, blue, green and yellow paper, then another square shape in the black card stock and at the end a small rectangular band with rounded sides still in the black paper.
  4. Glue all the paper elements together to make the photo box you see below.
  5. Fill in the shredded grass paper box and then print Instagram photos, especially those that are most appreciated by the followers of the person to whom the gift is dedicated.

The steps to make this beautiful Instagram photo box – the best gift idea for your best friend

diy birthday gifts, photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, how to make a carton box for photos, instagram inspired

homemade christmas gift ideas, photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, instagram inspired carton box for photos

yellow background, homemade christmas gift ideas, instagram inspired carton box for photos

© damasklove. com

DIY Christmas gift – deconstructed hot chocolate in a custom mug

deconstructed hot chocolate, inside a personalised white mug, homemade christmas gift ideas, placed on white wooden table

side by side photos, deconstructed tea inside mason jars, with red and white ribbons, homemade christmas gift ideas

turquoise metal mug, candle inside, placed on a table cloth, homemade christmas gift ideas, pine cones on the side

DIY earrings that would make a beautiful end of year gift

three tassels earrings in white pink and orange, best friend gifts diy, white background

white ceramic pot, decorated with parts of colorful clay around it, best friend gifts diy, succulent growing inside

two ceramic pots, painted in pink with red flowers, best friend gifts diy, rocks and candles inside, placed on wooden table

Fimo key ring – an original gift for best friend

heart shaped keychains, made of fimo leather, best friend gifts diy, personalised wording on them, white background

photos of nature and animals, placed on a white surface, white plates with cookies and coffee mugs, best friend gifts diy

small carton boxes, wrapped together with a ribbon, placed in white plate, diy gift ideas, we love you mom card

white vase with flowers, leaf shaped turquoise clay jewelry holder, diy gift ideas, placed on marble surface, gold rings inside

aromatic soaps with dried lemon slices and flowers in them, diy gift ideas, held with black ribbons, placed on wooden surface

apron painted with abstract shapes, worn by women with brown hair, diy gift ideas, wearing orange dress

Gift idea for the biggest tea lovers

wooden box with green ribbon around it, small tea bags inside it, diy gift ideas, earl grey mint and hibiscus tea

diy gifts for friends, colorful yarn in different shapes, inside a wooden turquoise frame, mounted on white wall

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, diy gifts for friends, how to make pink leather pouches, wall mounted organizers

pink beige brown and white leather pouches, mounted on white wall, diy gifts for friends, wall organizers

Travel Gift Boxes – the best gift for an avid traveler

white carton boxes, personalised with maps of different countries and states, diy gifts for friends, arranged on grey surface

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, diy gifts for friends, white coffee mug decorated with floral motifs

bath bomb with dried flowers inside, held by a female hand, wearing gold rings, creative diy christmas gifts

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, how to decorate wooden hangers, creative diy christmas gifts, painted in different colors

breakfast serving tray, made of wooden log and small chalkboard, creative diy christmas gifts, placed on bed with white linen

Handmade gift idea to make for Valentine’s Day

creative diy christmas gifts, photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, heart shaped dried flowers inside a pink wooden frame

cupcakes and faux sunflowers in ceramic pot, creative diy christmas gifts, pink satin ribbon around, placed on wooden table

donut shaped coasters made with felt and cork, creative gift ideas, donuts scattered next to white mug, marble countertop

keys placed over street map, inside a turquoise wooden frame, creative gift ideas, placed on wooden floor, leaning on white wall

two mason jars painted in blue and white, flowers and pine cones inside, felt faux flowers glued to the front, creative gift ideas

creative gift ideas, merry and bright christmas coffee mug, placed on wooden log, small faux toy tree next to it

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, creative gift ideas, how to make earrings with colorful beads

diy christmas gifts for boyfriend, photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, colorful geometrical coasters

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, how to make a jewelry bowl out of clay, diy christmas gifts for boyfriend

rocks painted in blue green and yellow, wire around it, diy christmas gifts for boyfriend, photo holder step by step diy tutorial

sewing station inside a glass jar with blue lid, diy christmas gifts for boyfriend, buttons yarn and needles, on a brown surface

tote bag painted in shades of pink and gold, diy christmas gifts for boyfriend, full of different vegetables and flowers

An excellent DIY gift for Father’s Day

keychain with handprints in blue and pink, thoughtful christmas gifts, photo collage of step by step diy tutorial

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial, thoughtful christmas gifts, how to make coasters looking like lemon slices

leather sunglasses pouch with pink stitching, sunglasses inside, thoughtful christmas gifts, blue and white surface

deconstructed hot chocolate inside small jars, thoughtful christmas gifts, decorated with red ribbon around the lid

multicolored spray painted vases, placed on white surface, flower bouquets inside, thoughtful christmas gifts

creative homemade gifts, tote bag with rainbow and cloud painted on it, placed on blue surface with notebook

Another original gift idea for nomads

travel journal with the word adventure written at the front, creative homemade gifts, placed on white table

wreath made with tea bags and cookies, teacup in the middle, placed on white wooden surface, creative homemade gifts

Homemade Gift Ideas – a gorgeous black and white photo, decorated with fresh flowers. An original and creative gift for your best friend

homemade gift ideas, black and white photo collage, of two smiling, and hugging young women, their heads decorated with fresh flowers

These lovely multicolored fabric keychains are another great DIY idea. They make great party favors, too

seven multicolored keyrings, made from patterned fabric, in round shapes, attached to metal rings, homemade gift ideas

An adorable handmade calendar, with photos of your friend or family member’s pet!

different photos of pugs, decorating a diy wall calendar, homemade gift ideas, placed on a wooden surface

Star shaped paper craft, covered in family photos. It can be used as a Christmas (or all-year-round) decoration

star shape made from card, decorated with colorful patterned paper, and black and white family photos, homemade gift ideas, 3D effect ornament

Personalized wooden bowls – cute and very easy to make

three wooden bowls, decorated with geometric shapes, in turquoise and neon pink, yellow and black, homemade gift ideas, stacked on a white surface

And here is an adorable Valentine’s day idea

burlap-like cushion in beige, decorated with a romantic message, written in dark grey, homemade gift ideas, on a white leather sofa

How about these gorgeous DIY Christmas decorations?

several clear glass containers, in different shapes and sizes, with ornate lids, each containing faux snow, and christmas-themed figurines, homemade gift ideas, tiny fir trees

Transform old boxes into gorgeous decorative items, with decoupage. Great idea for a Mother’s Day gift

last minute birthday gifts, beige cardboard boxes, decorated with pink and green, floral paper decoupage, rolls of patterned paper, a jar with glue, and a brush nearby

We simply adore these lush, DIY scented candles!

layered multicolored candles, inside six clear glasses, placed on a pale beige surface, last minute birthday gifts

Personalized cushions – a lovely gift for Mother’s or Father’s day

customized white cushions, with greyscale images, of a large house, and two children holding hands, last minute birthday gifts, large red cushion behind them

The book-lovers in your life will treasure these jewel-like bookmarks!

stack of vintage books, most containing diy bookmarks, made with suede straps, in different colors, and jewelry-like charms, last minute birthday gifts, cameo brooch and rose ornament

Learn how to make Father’s day bookmarks in this cool video (very kid-friendly DIY idea):

Instagram photos, transformed into gorgeous and unique greeting cards

hand holding a diy card, made from a printed photo, decorated with paint, last minute birthday gifts, more printed photos in the background

wooden cutting boards, decorated with customized inscriptions, last minute birthday gifts, cherry tomatoes and basil leaves, near a small knife, on one of the boards

Homemade gift ideas to die for – Christmas themed salt and pepper shakers

salt and pepper shakers, filled with faux snow, and decorated with tiny christmas trees, and a reindeer figurine, handmade gifts

These knitted coasters are fun and easy to make, even if you are still a beginner 

nine square knitted coasters, in navy blue and teal, pink and yellow, green and red, and mixed colors, last minute birthday gifts, half-filled teacup on one of them

filled water glass, on a beige wooden coaster, shaped like an asterisk, handmade gifts, more similar coasters, shaped like @, & and a hash key nearby

coasters made from thick white material, decorated with colorful family photos, handmade gifts, on a white surface

Lavender-scented, vegan homemade soaps – a cute and thoughtful idea

bars of orange soap, decorated with white and purple, lace like paper ribbon, handmade gifts, placed on a white dish

Why not wrap the soaps in a cute and creative packaging?

christmas tree ornament, tied with a white and red string, to a present, wrapped in beige paper, with a drawing of a car, handmade gifts

More excellent Christmas DIY ideas

Handmade Kindle, tablet,or mobile phone covers are an awesome idea for any occasion

kindle inside a protector, shaped like a book, with hard beige covers, and a red bookmark, handmade gifts, placed on a laminate floor

mobile phone covers, shaped like ice creams on a stick, handmade gifts, made from pieces fabric, in different colors

cute gift ideas, mobile phone case in white, decorated with hot pink, shimmering gold and pale pink strips, white earplugs attached to it

fabric book cover, in mustard yellow, and teal blue, decorated with white polka dots, and off-white patterns, and a wooden button, cute gift ideas

A DIY hamper, designed especially for coffee aficionados 

crate made from metal and wood, containing paper cups, packets with coffee beans, cute gift ideas, marshmallows and a bottled beverage

rusty teal bucket, decorated with floral decoupage, and containing candy, flowers and a candle, cute gift ideas, various other items

serving trays made from pieces of wood, with black metal handles, and multicolored stripes of paint, cute gift ideas, images showing the needed materials

A fun and cheeky Christmas gift idea

game board for tic-tac-toe, made from a polished piece, of natural wood, with round wooden pawns, cute gift ideas, under the christmas tree

yarn in three different shades of pink, wrapped around a big L shape, decorated with pink flower ornaments, cute gift ideas, three balls of yarn nearby

cute birthday ideas, cream leather purse, opened to reveal two bottles of nail polish, two fabric heart ornaments, in red and pink, and a pair of gold earrings

Gorgeous candle holders – another cool suggestion, perfect for Christmas 

handmade gift ideas, sticks of cinnamon, placed around three candle holders, with lit candles, and tied with gold ribbons, a pie in the background

shot glasses, decorated with multicolored splashes of paint, containing small lit candles, cute birthday ideas, on a white surface

five large carved candles, in different colors, featuring bow-like details, on an off-white surface, cute birthday ideas

pressed flowers inside a glass panel, with a light wooden frame, cute birthday ideas, held by two hands, in frilly white sleeves

DIY hot chocolate kit – an adorable idea for the colder months of the year

jar with a snap lid, containing cocoa powder, and white marshmallows, cute birthday ideas, small bottle of rum tied to it, two peppermint canes on top of the lid

towels in white, decorated with patterned pieces of fabric, in red and white, cute birthday ideas, two wooden spoons with red handles

Jewelry boxes and organizers – elegant presents, ideal for Mother’s Day

plates and a teacup, spray painted in gold, white and yellow, and attached to a gold pole, to form a jewelry organizer, cute birthday ideas, bracelets and rings, necklaces and earrings inside

gold-painted small jewelry box, with an angular deign and a lid, handmade gift ideas, slightly opened to reveal, a gold charm bracelet or necklace

opened wooden box, decorated with hand-painted shapes, in green and teal, hot pink and pale blue, yellow an pastel pink, handmade gift ideas, beaded necklaces inside

Have a friend who loves traveling? Give them customized memory-boxes to store small items from their trips

six boxes made of card, each decorated with a different map, and a small, red-rimmed label, handmade gift ideas

scrapbook decorated with colorful paper, stickers and cutouts, handmade gift ideas, paper ribbon in beige, with a zigzag pattern

Bottle racks are a great idea for a friend or relative’s house warming party

seventeen bottles of red, and white wine, on a diy wine rack, handmade gift ideas, five wine glasses

And now, a few creative suggestions for tea-lovers

wreath made of tea packets, in different colors, secured with patterned clothes pegs, handmade gift ideas, mounted on a white wall

creative gift ideas, three christmas trees, made from tea packets, and decorated with stars

People with a sense of humor will love this Chill Pills candy jar

large clear glass jar, filled with multicolored candies, and decorated with a large label, reading chill pills, creative gift ideas

bows and buttons in black, and ribbons in red and green, decorating four small, and one large jars, painted in white and red, and filled with candy, creative gift ideas, christmas tree in the background

Another delicious idea – brownie mix jar

chocolate chips and walnuts, sugar and flour and cocoa, layered inside a mason jar, creative gift ideas, diy cookie kit

Customized kitchen mitts and utensils – always a good idea for friends who love cooking

thermometer and wooden spoons, a whisk and a peeler, a spatula and other kitchen utensils, inside a red glove, tied with a purple bow, creative gift ideas, three glazed cookies nearby

light blue recipe book, under a wooden rolling pin, and a wooden spoon, tied together with a ribbon, creative gift ideas, large burlap bag

lantern-like candle holders, made with clear glass containers, in different shapes and sizes, decorated with photos, creative gift ideas, lit candles inside

Jewel-like fridge magnets. Perfect for your mom, sister or firend

inexpensive thank you gift ideas, six decorative fridge magnets, in black and silver, red and yellow, pink and blue, shaped like flowers and jewels, holding photos and a shopping list on a fridge door

Charming decoupage hangers

floral decoupage in pink, blue and cream, decorating a set of three wooden hangers, inexpensive thank you gift ideas

hollow large tin letters, spelling out the word mom, inexpensive thank you gift ideas, mounted on a wall, filled with sponges, and decorated with fresh flowers, in different colors

Customized multicolored DIY camera strap. Cool and super easy to make

brunette woman in a black skirt, white shirt and a denim jacket, wearing a vintage camera, with a multicolored diy strap around her neck, inexpensive thank you gift ideas, geometrical figures in orange, yellow and blue

succulent terrariums made of glass, two round ones, filled with soil, a few green succulents, and small decorations, inexpensive thank you gift ideas, six more similar containers, in different shapes

book with a secret compartment, containing various small items, inexpensive thank you gift ideas, placed on a desk, near other books

Homemade gift ideas – a lovely floral ceiling decoration

hanging round ornament, decorated with faux flowers, in different shapes and colors, inexpensive thank you gift ideas, suspended from the ceiling on a string

A DIY photo frame – creative present for Father’s Day

frame made from small twigs, containing a photo, of a father, his daughter and their dog, in front of a tent

square frame, painted to look like the instagram logo, with the words we and you, divided by a speech bubble, containing a heart symbol

sewing accessories organizers, made from mason jars, with beige labels, two containing buttons, and one thread and pins

How about a stylish cookbook stand?

stand for cooking books, made of wood, holding an opened book, piece of cheese, basil leaves and nuts, condiments and utensils nearby

A mousepad featuring a gorgeous design

drawings of birds and trees, decorating a mousepad, with a white mouse, near a keyboard

rope in off-white, decorated with hot pink thread, and wrapped around a small vase, containing shirt dried twigs, yellow lamp nearby

A monogrammed serving tray. Perfect for breakfasts in bed!

cutlery and four glasses, on a green monogrammed serving tray, decorated with a symmetrical pattern

neon colored stripes, ad paint daubs, decorating five wooden bangles, with different shapes

Adorable Valentine’s day gift idea

red and pink paper, with heart motifs, decorating several matchboxes, some opened to reveal white, pink adn red candies

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