The best Christmas gifts for mom – 70 ideas + 7 DIY tutorials

by John Griffith

Christmas is upon us and it’s time for the preparations to begin. One of the most important aspects of Christmas is surprising your friends and family with meaningful, awesome gifts. Without a doubt, one of the most important people in any person’s life is their mother. Which is why, we are always excited to make her happy. Letting her enjoy a nice, thoughtful present is a very important step, which helps you achieve this. So, today we have gathered 70 ideas and 7 easy and simple, yet meaningful DIY tutorials for Christmas gifts for mom, because she really deserves it.

Christmas gifts for mom – the most important person in our lives

christmas gifts for mom, set of two bath boms, hope your christmas is the bomb, placed in a small bag with a ribbon

What to get mom for Christmas?

Some of the most popular gifts include lots of traditional and useful items. The tendency seems to be to buy things, which are going to come in handy and are going to be used frequently. Needless to say candles and gift sets of all kinds are a must. Cozy socks, robes and scarves are another gift, which will definitely help for those cold winter days. Naturally, you need to consider what your mom’s passion and hobbies are. If she is a great cook, for example, you can get her things for the kitchen – utensils, serving platters, even blenders and instant pots are quite trendy. If she enjoys knitting or sewing, get her a sewing station or a beautifully decorated yarn bowl. The possibilities are endless! What’s more, personalised gifts are very popular for when you have a special message for you mother. Another very thoughtful option for a gift is a nice gift card from her favourite store. If you are lazy and you want a gift, which can be used by both your mom and dad, try gifting them a voucher for a wine tasting experience or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. They are definitely going to enjoy themselves!

Beautifully crafted jewelry holder is another good gift option

blue ceramic jewelry holder, christmas gifts for mom, earrings and rings on it, white background

Yarn bowl – Christmas gifts for mom, if she likes to knit

blue ceramic yarn bowl, with a bear picture on the side, brown yarn inside, christmas gifts for mom, needles on the side

Gorgeous serving platter made of salvaged wood

serving board made of salvage wood, large glass lid with metal ring, cinnamon buns inside, christmas gifts for mom

Wine caddy for all the moms who love their wine time

wooden wine caddy, spaces for bottle glasses and cheese and crackers, christmas gifts for mom, placed on the table

Agate coasters DIY tutorial

agate coasters painted in blue, gifts for mom, step by step diy tutorial, white background

DIY tutorial for gorgeous agate coasters


  • white polymer clay
  • acrylic paint in blue, green, white and gold
  • gloss glaze
  • clear bumpers
  • paintbrushes
  • rolling pin

The supplies you need

acrylic paint and paintbrushes and clay, gifts for mom, step by step diy tutorials, how to make agate coasters


  1. Roll out the clay into circles. They don’t have to be perfect, since agate has a natural form, so don’t overdo it with shaping them. Keep them 1/4-inch thick and about 4 inches in diameter.
  2. Bake them in paper-lined pan at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Let them cool.
  3. Start painting them. Remember, they are supposed to be natural stones, your lines don’t have to be perfect. There are no strict rules to follow. Mix some paint, add some water and get creative. Let the paint dry.
  4. Add some gloss glaze for a shiny finish.
  5. Finally, use the gold paint to paint along the edges for and elegant look.
  6. Attach the bumpers to the undersides and voila!

How to paint your coasters

gifts for mom, photo collage, step by step diy tutorial, painting clay coasters in blue and white

The gold around the edges creates an elegant look

step by step diy tutorial, how to make agate coasters, gifts for mom, photo collage of the process

Cozy socks are a necessity in the cold weather and will definitely come in handy

bonde woman wearing pink sweater and black tights, holding a cup with marshmallows, gifts for mom, grey knitted cozy socks

A personalised cutting board for the best mother in the world

for the best mother in the world, carved wooden cutting board, christmas gift ideas for mom, placed on white wooden table

DIY bubble bath gift set

carton box full of chocolate rose and bath salts, christmas gift ideas for mom, bubble bath gift set, marble countertop

The best Christmas gifts for mom – DIY bubble bath gift set


  • carton box
  • candle
  • matches
  • bottle of rose
  • bath salts
  • tissue paper


Fill about half of the box with tissue paper and arrange everything on it. Close the box, wrap a beautiful ribbon around it and you are all set!

Easy and simple, yet very thoughtful

christmas gift ideas for mom, rose bottle and bath salts placed in a carton box, on marble countertop, bubble bath gift set

A cozy set for the winter days

set of knitted mittens beanie and scarf, in grey beige and red, christmas gift ideas for mom, placed on white table

Mulled wine cocktail set for the wine lovers

mulled wine cocktail set in a carton box, christmas gift ideas for mom, cinnamon sticks berries and dries orange slices

DIY fleece blankets in 3 easy ways

christmas presents for moms, set of three fleece blankets, step by step diy tutorial, arranged on the bed

DIY fleece blankets in 3 different ways


For one standard-sized blanket you are going to need about 1.5 yards of fleece and 7 yards of trim (if you want to cover all four sides). We got 3 blankets in different colors as well as 3 different trims – bias binding, jumbo ric-rac and pompoms.

DIY blanket with bias binding trim

grey fleece blanket spread out on a chair, book and coffee mug on top of it, chair on wooden floor, christmas presents for moms

DIY blanket #1


Measure the blanket and cut it out. Make sure your lines are straight. Fold in fourths and cut a curved edge on all four corners. When you are using the ric rac, start sewing down the middle of it. For the bias bound blanket sew a straight stitch close to the edge of the bias tape. Finally, for the pompoms use a wide zig zag stitch.

Blanket with jumbo ric rac trim

grey fleece blanket spread out on a chair, christmas presents for moms, three books and a phone on top of it

DIY blanket with pompoms

red flannel fleece blanket, spread out on white chair, placed on a wooden floor, christmas presents for moms

Personalised kitchen apron for the mom who loves cooking

olivia's kitchen personalised apron, worn by woman with black hair, christmas presents for moms, standing in the middle of a kitchen

And kitchen utensils for the mom who is basically a chef

a set of kitchen utensils, made of wooden and turquoise silicone, best christmas gifts for mom, cooking with two pans

DIY lip scrubs – we all need them for winter

cinnamon lip scrub in a small container, best christmas gifts for mom, cinnamon sticks spread around it

DIY lip scrubs

Cinnamon lip scrub ingredients

  • 1/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tbsp cinnamon powder

Pumpkin spice lip scrub ingredients

  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Vanilla and honey lip scrub ingredients

  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • small amount of honey
  • 1 drop vanilla extract

honey lip scrub in small containers, vanilla sticks next to it, best christmas gifts for mom, step by step diy tutorial


For each type of lip scrub mix the ingredients in a bowl. Store in a small covered container for later use. Scrub your lips with the mixture and rinse with warm water to remove.

pumpkin spice lip scrub in small containers, best christmas gifts for mom, spoonful of sugar, step by step diy tutorial

Large cozy scarf is the perfect gift

woman wearing green sweater, jeans and knee high boots, best christmas gifts for mom, large beige knitted scarf

Slippers, which your mom wouldn’t want to take off

what to get mom for christmas, woman sitting in bed, wearing grey tights and knitted slippers, holding a coffee mug

DIY Mason jar candles

mason jars with candles inside, decorated with mistletoe branches and cranberries, what to get mom for christmas\

Christmas gifts for mom – DIY Mason jar candles


  • candle wax
  • mason jar
  • peppermint essential oil
  • candle wick


  1. Glue the candlewick to the bottom of the jar.
  2. Melt the wax and stir in the peppermint oil.
  3. Pour it into the jar and let it harden overnight.
  4. Decorate with ribbon or anything that you like.

wax shavings in white bowl, candlewick in an empty mason jar, what to get mom for christmas, step by step diy tutorial

Gorgeous rose gold earrings for the mom who loves to feel special

rose gold earrings with round rhinestones, what to get mom for christmas, white background

And a cozy robe for the mom who loves to spend time at home

woman with blonde hair, wearing a cozy pink robe, what to get mom for christmas, black wall in the background

DIY picture frame luminaries

picture frame luminaries, step by step diy tutorial, gifts for mom from daughter, placed on a wooden side table

DIY picture frame luminaries


  • 4 photo frames of the same size
  • super glue
  • square mirror
  • LED candles
  • family photos
  • 2 sheets of vellum
  • home printer


  1. Print the photos onto the vellum and trim them to fit the frames.
  2. Remove the carton from inside the frames and place the vellum photos on top of the glass (don’t let them catch on fire).
  3. Glue the photo frames together so as to form a cube. Place it on top of the mirror to reflect the light and place your LED candle inside to illuminate.

step by step diy tutorial, picture frame luminaries, with children's photos, placed on wooden table, gifts for mom from daughter

Fun boat-shaped salad bowl

boat shaped salad bowl, with two wooden spatulas on the side, gifts for mom from daughter, placed on wooden table

For any child who wants to treat their mom as the queen she is – breakfast serving tray

gifts for mom from daughter, wooden breakfast serving tray, breakfast in bed, woman wearing white cozy robe

DIY snowy Mason jars

snowy candle mason jars, gifts for mom from daughter, decorated with berries and twig rope, step by step diy tutorial

DIY snowy Mason jars


  • mason jars
  • glue
  • epsom salt
  • glitter
  • LED candles


  1. Mix 1 cup of Epsom salt with 1 tbsp of glitter.
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue around the jar.
  3. Sprinkle the salt around the jar until it is fully covered and let dry overnight.
  4. Place the LED candles inside and decorate with anything you like.

personalised gifts for mom, mason jar painted in white, held by female hand with silver glitter nail polish

DIY photo candles

photo collage with step by step diy tutorial, how to print photos on candles, personalised gifts for mom

Christmas gifts for mom

hand painted dutch oven with flowers, matching table cloth, personalised gifts for mom, flowers on the side

wooden set of baking utensils, personalised gifts for mom, bowls of butter and chocolate, bananas and eggs on the table

click and grow smart garden grow kit, personalised gifts for mom, basil growing inside, placed on wooden table

wall mounted wooden cocktail bar, what to get your mom for christmas, bottles of alcohol and glasses inside

crystal vase with flowers inside, placed on wooden table, what to get your mom for christmas, two books on the side

electric tea kettle with marble print, what to get your mom for christmas, pouring water in a ceramic mug

essential oil diffusing bracelet, card with the instructions on the side, white background, what to get your mom for christmas

Gifts for mom – foot massager

woman wearing blue dress, sitting on grey sofa, using a foot massager, what to get your mom for christmas, wooden floor

woman with braided brown hair, carrying a harvest basket full of fruits and vegetables, christmas gifts for mothers

fruit bowl made of glass and wood, full of fruits, christmas gifts for mothers, placed on marble countertop

grey fleece blanket spread on a chair, falling to blue carpet, christmas gifts for mothers, art in the background

soup cooking in an instant pot, placed on white table, christmas gifts for mothers, two white bowls and spoons on the side

woman holding a knitting bag, wearing white top and yellow skirt, knitting a colorful scarf, christmas gifts for mothers

Christmas gift ideas for mom – lavender scented hug pillow

lavender scented hugging pillow, christmas gifts for mom from daughter, lavender branches on the side, white background

lavender scented unwind spa gift set, christmas gifts for mom from daughter, all arranged in a carton box

woman wearing a pink sweater, love always silver bracelet, christmas gifts for mom from daughter

hollywood mirror with lights, placed on white vanity with make up on it, christmas gifts for mom from daughter, leaning on white wall

books placed in the middle of bookends, placed on wooden shelves, christmas gifts for mom from daughter, white wall

wooden wine table for outdoors, diy gifts for mom, two wooden chairs on each side, wine bottle glasses and cheese on it

Best Christmas gifts for mom

foot care kit in a small carton box, diy gifts for mom, socks and cream with rosemary and min scent, white background

wooden cookbook holder, placed on marble countertop, diy gifts for mom, kitchen utensils in ceramic holder on the side

personalised wooden recipe box, with different separators, diy gifts for mom, placed on marble countertop

wooden salad bowl with separators for each ingredient, salad dressing in the middle, diy gifts for mom

gifts for mom from son, a set of four black knives, placed on granite countertop, sliced fruits around them

set of winter necessities, gifts for mom from son, everything in pink, cozy slippers robe scarf and beanie

What to get mom for Christmas

blue ceramic sewing station, everything you need for sewing, gifts for mom from son, white background

wooden swivel cheese board, gifts for mom from son, different types of cheese fruits and nuts on it, on grey table

Personalised gifts for mom

what i love about mom book, in purple and white, gifts for mom from son, white background

meaningful gifts for mom, serving platter made of stone and wood, two pies on it, placed on wooden table

wooden frame with lots of photos in it, arranged in the shape of a heart on white background, meaningful gifts for mom

wooden bathtub caddy tray, placed over white bath tub, book and candle on top, meaningful gifts for mom, white tiles

DIY gifts for mom

set of skin care products, arranged on wooden log, meaningful gifts for mom, white background

wooden board with adjectives written on it, forming the word mother, meaningful gifts for mom, leaning on white wall

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