Enjoy the summer with our easy DIYs and tutorials for kids and grown-ups

Von John Griffith / October 17 2021

Summer is already knocking at the door and one dreams of distant countries and exotic landscapes. Each of us will take his vacation either to visit a top destination with his friends, or to spend some time with family and recharge the batteries. The creative summer activities are a great way to relieve stress and have a good holiday. In addition, they are the best way to occupy the time of our children. To inspire you, we have selected some tutorials and easy DIYs which are entertaining and suitable for adults and children.

Fruity coasters to invite the tropical spirit

Summer is the season to explode the colours on the table. The flowers, the seaside motifs and the tropical fruits, colourful, are a real must of the summer decor. To invite this happy spirit on the table, we propose to make these spectacular fruity coasters. This is a perfect project for both adults and children, so it could be an opportunity to spend some time with your kids.

What you will need is:

  • coasters (like these here )
  • Acrylic paint (which you can usually find in every hobby store)
  • brush

How to make them:

The colours used for the three fruits presented below are light green, cadmium orange, vermeil, white and black. If it seems necessary, you could play with the tones by mixing them to get a more realistic effect.

Then, all you need to do is reproduce the drawings you see below. You will be given, however, some useful tips. On the one hand, start with the dark colours, then continue with the lighter tones and finish with the white. Finally, we agree that it is easier to apply a darker color to a lighter color than the other way around. On the other hand, know that low-pigment colours such as yellow and orange would require the application of a white base. This ensures you do not miss the drawing and get a nice effect at the end.

Idea how to make coasters from cork pucks – easy DIYs

easy diys, wooden coasters, painted as fruits, kiwi orange and watermelon, blue background

Start with applying dark colours – the number one rule for doing this easy DIY

wooden coasters, easy diys, painted as watermelon, green and red paint, blue background

An easy DIY for your green corner – nice custom flowerpots

Summer is probably the time of the year when we spend the most time outside. That’s why transforming our garden into a small paradise of relaxation is essential for having a good time outdoors. To your attention, we present a creative activity that will personalise and beautify your flower pots to transform them into an exterior decorative accent.

To make it you will need:

  • oil markers (multiple colours)
  • ceramic flowerpots (this DIY project could lead to the creation of a decor that will give a new life to these)
  • acrylic paint (various colours)
  • sponge brush
  • glossy varnish

How to make them:

The first thing you need to do is repaint your ceramic pots, using a sponge brush. The patterns recreated on the flower pots, are again inspired by the theme of tropical fruits but this time we decided for a pineapple motif, dragon fruit, and watermelon. To repaint the pineapple pot, we naturally opted for yellow paint. The dragon fruit pot is repainted in white with a clear fuchsia ring. And finally for the watermelon pot, we chose the light pink paint with teal for the upper ring.

Then, we have to add details with the oil marker. Start by shaking the marker well so that the paint can go down to the tip of the marker.

Now you can draw the details. For the pineapple motif, we create diagonal white lines that intersect. For the dragon fruit, it is necessary to draw dots and finally to succeed the watermelon, apart from the small sharp points imitating seeds, one also draws a white band under the ring.

Finally, do not forget to add a layer of varnish that will protect your paint against the risk of damage.

DIY idea for a very creative flower pot. Easy DIYs to create a tropical patterned decoration. All you need are markers, acrylic paint and sponge brushes

painted ceramic pots, colourful sharpies, easy diys

That’s the colours you need to repaint the ceramic pots to create a watermelon pattern, dragon fruit and pineapple. Great DIY idea – easy and creative

ceramic pots, painted in different colours, easy diys, white background

Last step in the making of this creative project – customise the flower pots with markers to complete the  tropical fruit patterns

ceramic pots, painted as fruits, easy diys, watermelon and pineapple, black and white sharpies

A superb suggestion for an outdoor decoration – ceramic pots to beautify your garden during the summer

ceramic pots, painted as watermelon and pineapple, diys for kids, aloe vera and succulents

A summer interpretation of the famous snow globes

While waiting for the arrival of the holidays, we all need a little artificial oasis around to remind us that the much desired and expected rest is coming. We propose that you make this beautiful tropical snow globe.

You will need:

  • glass pot
  • small plastic figures representing summer motifs (palms,  flamingos , others …)
  • blue glitter powder  because blue is the color of the season
  • glycerin
  • hot glue gun

The making:

Remove the lid of the glass jar and stick on the back (of the inner part) the plastic figurines. Then fill your glass jar with water almost to the edge of the glass jar. Add a pinch of glitter and a few drops of glycerin that will allow the flakes to float in the water. Put the lid in its place, wave the ball and here is your exotic fairy. Great, right?

That’s how to create summer snow globes. A great idea of ​​DIY project with the star of the summer – the flamingo

mason jar, two palm trees, pink flamingo, glued to the lid, diys for kids

And that’s the end result of this creative project – a decoration that transports us to a tropical world

pink background, diys for kids, mason jar, filled with water, two palm trees, pink flamingo

Pebble and copper wire photo props – a gift for mom and dad

The following tutorial is devoted to the manufacture of a beautiful photo holder with pebbles and copper wire. This is an excellent craft for the summer. However, you can do it during any other season of the year. In addition, the idea is very suitable as a DIY project for all ages .

What you will need are:

  • pebble rocks
  • copper wire
  • beak pliers
  • acrylic paint
  • varnish adhesive

The stages of making it:

First, you must repaint the pebbles by coating them with a few coats of paint to make them opaque. Let dry and then add some patterns that appeal to you (peas, crosses, etc.) with a fine-tipped brush. Let it dry again.

Again, it’s good to protect the surface of the repainted stones from any damage. To do this, coat the pebbles with nail polish. Take a pen and wrap the end of the copper wire around. Straighten the rest of the copper wire. Then, roll the other end around the pebble a few times and that’s it. All you have to do is insert a photo between the small upper rings and arrange the photo media in a visible place.

Here is a great and easy DIY idea for a child that leads to the making of a very interesting photo holders. Below, we see the necessary materials

three rocks, brass wire, set of pliers and glue, diys for kids, white background

The first thing to do is to repaint the collected pebbles. To achieve this stage of our creative activity, we need acrylic paint

small rock, painted green, with a paintbrush, diys for kids, white background

small rock, painted in blue, cool diys, white brush strokes, white background

Apply the varnish to protect the already applied paint and have a successful DIY

three rocks, painted in green, blue and orange, cool diys, mod podge

And that’s what to do with the copper wire that will serve as a support for the photos. DIYs for kids – easy and entertaining

cool diys, green sharpie, brass wire, wrapped around it, white background

blue rock, white brush strokes, cool diys, brass wire, wrapped around it

The end result is a little too pretty and cute. A DIY that is very suitable as a preschool activity

two photos, three rocks, painted in orange, blue and green, brass hooks, photo holder, cool diys

Our idea of ​​floral centrepieces made from jars or empty glass bottles

The recycling of jars or glass bottles could be an opportunity to create pretty customised vases for flowers. This is a really simple craft for adults that will not take too much time or effort.

In order to make this project you need:

  • empty bottles
  • spray paint (colours of your choice)
  • tape
  • sheets of newspaper to protect your surfaces
  • protective gloves

Instructions for making the vases:

The first thing we advise you to do is wash your bottles or jars empty before starting their customisation. Then protect your work surface with newspaper. If you want to create a striped pattern vase, you can wrap strips of duct tape around to create this effect. Following the instructions on the spray can label, apply a few coats of your favorite color. Let it dry and put pretty seasonal flowers in it.

Another very beautiful decorative idea to make a vase of golden flowers. DIY that requires little effort

two bottles, glitter and metallic, spray paint, cute diys, white background

cute diys, white and pink, flower bouquet, mason jar vase, painted in gold, white background

Making candles in a seashell – a great idea to create a romantic setting

We end up with a wonderful and creative project that uses seashells – the star of the seaside decoration. We propose that you transform them into beautiful decorative accent that will bring a marine breath to your interior.

To make candles you will need:

Step by step tutorial:

This project is easier than it looks. All you need to do is attach the wick to the bottom of your shell with glue. Then, it is necessary to melt the wax in a saucepan and finally pour it into the shells. That’s all, you can now divert the use of seashells brought as a nice memory of holidays, spent at the seaside.

We present you now in photos the consecutive stages of the making of these miniature candles, inspired by the theme seaside

seven seashells, candle wicks inside, cute diys, white background

candle wicks, inside seashells, cute diys, on paper, step by step tutorial

candle holders, made of seashells, cute diys, white towel, wooden shelf

To your attention, some super cool videos that add to our creative and easy DIYs 

We leave you now with some great ideas to try yourself during the holidays and not only. You will still find plenty of easy DIY projects that are appropriate for each season. Also be aware that the article contains exclusive ideas, dedicated specifically to DIYs for kids. Enjoy!

Nothing better than making a personalised travel diary thanks to the scrapbooking technique. Easy DIYs to create a place where we will collect the memories of our holidays and travels

diys for teens, adventure board, wooden board, photo collage, step by step tutorial

pleated paper, two wooden, popsicle sticks, diys for teens, paper fan

paper fan, step by step, diy tutorial, diys for teens, pleated paper, pink blouse

wooden coasters, with fruits, orange and pineapple, watermelon and banana, diys for teens

blue tray, cupcake paper, paper flowers, paper straws, diys for teens, felt leaves

glass candle holders, with washi tape, arts and crafts for toddlers, pink rose

arts and crafts for toddlers, green background, candy boxes, made of carton, popsicle sticks

ceramic pot, green cactuses, made of rocks, arts and crafts for toddlers, step by step, diy tutorial

colourful feathers, painted in different colours, arts and crafts for toddlers, white background

colourful washi tape, stuck to keyboard buttons, arts and crafts for toddlers, wooden table

glass bottles and jars, painted in white, diys for girls, colourful flower bouquets, wooden table

diys for girls, straw hat, painted as a watermelon, pink nail polish

pink and white, lotus flowers, made of crepe paper, diys for girls, step by step, diy tutorial

glass aquarium, filled with beach sand, seashells and stars, candle holder, diys for girls

wooden popsicle sticks, colourful carton, diys for girls, paper fan

diy flower crown, cool diy projects, step by step tutorial

Cool DIYs

diy succulent garden, cool diy projects, ceramic bowl, filled with rocks and dirt

diy tiny fruit garland, kiwi watermelon and orange, cool diy projects, white wall

cocktail glass decorations, made of paper, cool diy projects, pink and green paper, paper straws

cool diy projects, paper fan, painted as a watermelon, wooden popsicle sticks

donut shaped sunglasses, painted in pink, with sprinkles, what to do when your bored for kids

what to do when your bored for kids, electric bulb, filled with water, pink and yellow, flower petals

decoupage paper, what to do when your bored for kids, mouse pad, large emerald ring

Cute DIYs

mason jars, what to do when your bored for kids, candle holders, filled with flower petals

mason jars, filled with fairy lights, what to do when your bored for kids, pink and red paper

creative things to do when bored, jar painted as a watermelon, green yarn, paper straw

hanging wall photo decor, creative things to do when bored, white wall, potted plant

jewellery holder, made from popsicle sticks, painted in purple, creative things to do when bored

carton lady bug, made from toilet paper roll, creative things to do when bored, wooden table

mason jar, filled with water and seashells, creative things to do when bored, small boat, made from corks

glass jar, filled with fairy lights, diys for your room, pink yellow and blue paint

large glass jars, candles inside, fairy lights, diys for your room, wooden shelf, white brick wall

aluminium can, bird feeder, diy tutorial, diys for your room, painted in the colours of the rainbow

DIYs for teens

two notebooks, blue and pink decorations, white pencils, diys for your room

ombre mason jars, step by step, diy tutorial, diys for your room, white flowe bouquets

easy crafts for toddlers, 3d paper flowers, colourful paper pots, photo collage

cute octopuses, made of toilet paper rolls, easy crafts for toddlers, tentacles and eyes

green paper flowers, ceramic pot, easy crafts for toddlers, wooden board, white wall

paper quilling, colourful heart, made of paper, easy crafts for toddlers, step by step, diy tutorial

DIYs for girls

large pink flowers, made of pleated paper, easy crafts for toddlers, step by step tutorial

crafts to do when bored, cocktail umbrellas, made of paper, red cocktails, with ice,

diy pattern plates, crafts to do when bored, yellow and blue, red and orange paint

white pearl, inside a seashell, silver necklace, on a female neck, crafts to do when bored

Cool DIY projects

wooden jewellery box, photo on top, black sunglasses, crafts to do when bored, white shelf

emptied pineapple, used as a vase, crafts to do when bored, colourful flower bouquet

pink paper flamingos, on top of paper straws, diy crafts for teens, scotch tape, pink scissors

plastic pots, in the shape of cats, diy crafts for teens, potted herbs

pink yellow and blue nail polish, three keys, diy crafts for teens, scotch tape

small boats, made of pool noodles, paper straws, colourful felt, diy crafts for teens

popsicle sticks, hanging garland, in different colours, diy crafts for teens, white wooden wall

blue wooden popsicle sticks, hanging wall decoration, diy projects for teens, seashells and rocks

blue wooden board, popsicle sticks, photo frames, diy projects for teens, wooden background

Creative things to do when bored

popsicle stick playing cards, step by step tutorial, diy projects for teens, green and pink, paper cups

colourful rocks, blue and yellow, purple and pink, diy projects for teens, garden decoration

phone stand, made of toilet paper roll, washi tape, diy projects for teens, samsung phone

five seashells, painted in pink, orange and blue, green and yellow, diy things to do when bored

straw hat, diy things to do when bored, different bows, different accessories, black bow

potted succulents, diy things to do when bored, ceramic pot, covered in seashells

how to make a summer bucket list, diy things to do when bored, popsicle sticks, metal purple bucket

summer garland, paper pineapples, diy things to do when bored, green tree


DIYs for your room

there's no place like home, made of photos, framed art, easy diys for kids, white flower bouquet

wooden necklace charms, easy diys for kids, golden necklace, white background

toilet paper rolls, painted as a mermaid, hula girl, easy diys for kids

white tote bag, field flowers, drawn on it, easy diys for kids, wooden table

things to do when bored for kids, black sunglasses, inside a case, made of felt, in the shape of a watermelon

watermelon vase, things to do when bored for kids, pink carnations, flower bouquet, wooden board

welcome sign, made of colourful flip flops, things to do when bored for kids, faux flowers

mason jars, painted in yellow and pink, purple and blue, things to do when bored for kids, step by step tutorial

DIY things to do when bored

wooden background, pineapple made of yarn, things to do when bored for kids

wooden board, pink background, heart made of yarn, diy crafts for adults, potted flower

wooden spoons, painted in blue and pink, yellow and white background, diy crafts for adults

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