50 Cute baby shower decorations + fun DIYs to try

Von John Griffith / September 30 2021

Having a baby is such a big part of every woman’s life. What’s more, it is definitely a cause for celebration for the entire family. That is exactly why, the special day is an important task for everyone. Whether you are planning your own, or are throwing a surprise one for a family member or friend, we have prepared 50 baby shower decorations just for you! Furthermore, in this article you can find a few super cute, fun and easy DIYs for a wreath, baby blocks, balloons and garlands. After all, adding a personal touch to a baby shower is extremely important. Plus, it can save you some money. So, browse through our photo gallery to steal some ideas and try our creative DIYs to surprise your guests.

You can make this gorgeous wreath in just a few steps

blush and gold hula hoop wreath baby shower decorations ideas for boy step by step diy tutorial

DIY baby shower decorations


  • love sign
  • hula hoop
  • gold spray paint
  • fake flowers of your choice
  • greenery
  • scissors
  • floral tape
  • command hooks

Remove the stems from the flowers before you start

three photos side by side baby shower decorations ideas for boy hula hoop floral wreath


  1. On a covered surface, place the hula hoop. Spray paint it on one side, let it dry, then paint the other side. Allow it to dry completely.
  2. Remove the stems from the flowers. Use the floral tape to attach them to the hoop. Start from the big ones in the middle and work your way down with the smaller ones. It is up to you where you choose to position them.
  3. Use the floral tape to attach the greenery, wrapping it around the hoop.
  4. Use the command hook to hand the love sign first, then hang the hoop around it. Make sure the sign is at the center.

If you want you can make it without the greenery for a more minimalistic look

wreath with pink and white faux flowers baby shower decorations ideas for boy love sign in the middle

Source: Strawberry Chic Blog

DIY #2 for a cute and elegant tassel garland

tassel garland in white silver and gold hanging on white wall baby shower centerpiece ideas

Baby shower decoration ideas


  • tissue paper in colors of your choice
  • glue gun
  • twine
  • scissors

This garland is so simple to make

white gold silver gift tissue paper glue gun twine baby shower centerpiece ideas supplies for step by step diy tutorial for tassel garland


  1. Take the tissue paper and fold it lengthwise first, then along the middle.
  2. Cut off the side fold, then, using the scissors, cut strips into the tissue stopping 2-inches away from the fold. Cut the square in half. One sheet of paper is good for 4 tassels.
  3. Open up the paper, roll it up and twist it where the uncut middle is. Fold in half, add a bit of glue and twist the top.
  4. Thread the twine through the tassels and your garland is ready.

It may seem difficult, but this is actually quite an easy DIY tutorial

photo collage of step by step diy tutorial baby shower centerpiece ideas how to make tassel garland

Source: Cassie Scroggins

Create awesome memories for your child with this wish garland

garlands with pieces of paper hanging from them with clothespins baby shower table decorations

Wish something for the little one like a fairy godmother


  • card stock in different colors
  • animal templates – elephant, giraffe and butterfly and bunny, bird and turtle
  • ribbon
  • mini clothespins


  1. Print out the animal templates on the card stock and cut them out.
  2. Hang the ribbon on a wall above a small table. On the table leave a bowl full of mini clothespins, markers, as well as the animal templates.
  3. Make the people write their wishes on the card stock and hang it on to the ribbon.

Once your child is old enough, give them the wishes to read

take a card write wish hang it up baby shower table decorations step by step diy tutorial

Source: Art Bar Blog

DIY for cute confetti balloons, which you can spread around for decoration

woman holding lots of balloons baby shower decoration ideas for girl blue black pink red yellow balloons

Baby shower centerpiece ideas


  • balloons in colors of your choice
  • gold foil confetti
  • mod podge
  • paint brush

You don’t need a lot of things to recreate this DIY

baby shower decoration ideas for boy black pink red green yellow balloons decoupage glue gold leaves


  1. Inflate the balloons. If you are using hellium, don’t put a lot of gold foil, because it will keep the ballons down and they won’t be able to float.
  2. Use the paint brush to add mod podge to the bottom of the balloon.
  3. Sprinkle the confetti on the glued spot, or place the confetti in a bowl and dip the balloon in. Press the confetti onto the balloon.
  4. Shake the balloons slightly so that the excess confetti fall off and let dry completely. If you want the confetti extra secured you can go with one more layer of mod podge on top of them and let it dry completely.

The perfect 4-step tutorial

blue black red yellow white balloons dipped in gold paper baby shower decoration ideas for girl white background

Source: Studio DIY

DIY baby blocks for a great addition to the overall decor

baby blocks with letters made of carton boxes baby shower decoration ideas for girl step by step diy tutorial

Giant baby blocks – the perfect addition to the desserts table


  • 22-inch square boxes
  • letter templates
  • cardstock
  • x-acto knife
  • scotch tape
  • packing tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • spray paint in four different colors

baby shower decoration ideas for girl photo collage of step by step diy tutorial for large baby blocks


  1. Make sure the cardboard boxes are secured with packing tape. If you want you can use neutral color spray paint to paint the boxes before adding the letters.
  2. Print out the templates onto the cardstock.
  3. Start by assembling the letters. Then, use x-acto knife to cut out the inside of the letters, so that you create the stencils.
  4. Make loops with tape and stick them on the back of each stencil. Then, attach it to the box and make sure they are secure and laying flat.
  5. Use different colors to spray paint the letters onto the carboard boxes on each side. Make sure one side is dry, before removing the stencil and painting on the other side. Keep in mind that the stencil will be smaller than the box, so spray paint around the stencil as well to create the outlines.
  6. Make one box for the letter “A”, one for the letter “B” and one for the letter “C”. On each side of the box, paint the letter in a different color.

Match the colors of the blocks to your overall decor

woman standing next to dessert table baby blocks baby shower decoration ideas for girl balloon garlands on the wall

Source: Oh Happy Day

Colorful DIY backdrop for all your photos

blue red pink yellow paper fans arranged on white surface baby shower decoration ideas for boy two chairs in front of it photo backdrop

Baby shower decoration ideas


  • 8.5 x 11-inch copy paper in different colors
  • glue gun
  • packing tape
  • large white bed sheet
  • pins

This is how you need to fold the paper

pink and blue paper folded as an acordeon placed on white surface baby shower centerpiece ideas step by step diy tutorial


  1. Fold some pieces of paper horizontally and then in half, others veritcally as shown in the photo above.
  2. Glue the pieces together to make the fans in different sizes.
  3. Spread the white bed sheet onto the floor and start adding the fans by pinning them to the bed sheet. The arrangement is up to you.
  4. Finally hang the bed sheet on an empty wall to use as a backdrop.

Simple, isn’t it?

baby shower centerpiece ideas close up photo of blue red yellow pink fans arranged together for backdrop

Source: A Pretty Cool Life

Now browse through our photo gallery to find a lot more ideas

baby shower decoration ideas donuts with pink and blue icing sprinkles baby cake toppers baby shower decorations dessert table with cake stands with cupcakes white cake with flowers paper flowers on the wall

The perfect baby shower party favors

baby shower decorations girl party favours mini champagne bottles with personalized labels blue ribbons baby shower ideas for girls food cart with desserts decorated with pink purple gold balloons baby blocks on the side filled with balloons

Even if you don’t have any baby shower decorations, you need a mimosa bar

baby shower party favors yellow paper flower blue balloons momosas bar yellow tulips bouquet

Alice in Wonderland inspired baby shower tea party

baby shower table decorations tea party theme roses garland and bouquets teapot and vintage teacups bee themed baby shower decorations yellow white black balloons sweet as can bee poster mommy to bee garland blue and pink paper flowers love baby balloons baby shower decoration ideas hanging over dessert table with candy cake blue balloons held by teddy bear baby shower ideas for girls placed on dessert table with cake blue and white flower bouquets

Such a cute lemonade bar

blue pink green yellow balloons over table with donuts and lemonade baby shower decoration ideas pop gold balloons blue pink yellow green balloons baby shower party favors ready to pop garland over desserts table blue white gray balloons being held by teddy bear sitting on a large box baby shower decorations

Amazing unicorn themed party

blue white purple pink balloons and baby blocks baby shower decorations girl unicorn theme boy baby shower decorations arch made with gray silver pink white baloons cake and cake stand with cupcakes carton centerpiece with baby blocks spelling baby baby shower decorations girl balloons in the background

These little Winnie the Pooh inspired flower arrangements are just so cute

centerpiece flower bouquets with spring flowers baby shower table decorations winnie the pooh theme centerpiece made with faux roses velvet toy elephant baby shower decorations placed on silver glitter table runner centerpiece made with roses boy baby shower decorations small pink umbrella over it placed on pink table runner

Simple and elegant baby shower decorations fit for a princess

close up photo of flower bouquet in the middle of table with fairy lights baby led sign in the back baby shower decorations girl dessert table with cake cupcakes flower bouquets baby shower decorations pink and white baloons oh baby garland balloons food cart with desserts cake next to it boy baby shower decorations baby blocks filled with pink gold white balloons greenery wreaths over dessert table with cake cupcakes macaroons boy baby shower decorations minimalistic decor

Oh my God, look at all these balloons and decor inspired by summer’s best fruit – the watermelon

green pink white balloons forming and arch over desserts table baby shower table decorations watermelon theme

Baby shower decoration ideas for boy

lollipops decorated with blue ribbons blue icing placed on cake stand baby shower ideas for girls hot air balloon theme mini diaper cake decorated with blue and gray ribbon blue tissue paper baby shower ideas for girls two baby shoes on top

Peter Rabbit baby shower theme

orange and blue ribbons over centerpieces spelling baby baby shower party favors peter rabbit theme

A nice picning out can be great for all of the guests

picnic in the backyard baby shower party favors colorful cushions placed on carpets with small tables

This table arrangement is simply stunning

pink blue and white plates placed on pink surface baby shower party favors greenery table runner sweets candy cake placed on dessert table baby shower decoration ideas in gray yellow and white teddy bear inside baby block holding white balloons boy baby shower decorations centerpiece

Baby shower decoration ideas for girl

three side by side photos baby shower ideas for girls dessert table with different sweets ballons in different shades of pink white ribbon and burlap wrapped around jar baby shower decorations girl filled with babys breath flowers wreath with greenery and flowers hanging over dessert table baby shower decoration ideas pretzels cupcakes and cake

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