Wondering What To Do With Old Pillows? Here Are 5 Clever Ideas

by John Griffith

Did you know we spend one-third of our lives sleeping? That’s why it’s very important that our bed is comfortable enough for us to get a good night’s sleep. However, over time it’s normal for different parts of the bed to start wearing out. One item that needs replacing fairly often is your pillows. The National Sleep Foundation recommends replacing your pillow every one to two years. While this may seem like a short amount of time, keep in mind that your pillow goes through quite a bit of wear and tear without you even noticing. However, if you’ve started waking up with a crick in your neck, you’re not sleeping as well as you used to, or your pillow has changed color, it’s time for a new one. So, what should you do with the old ones? While you can always recycle them, we have some better ideas how you can reuse them. Today we will show you what to do with old pillows.

Did you know we spend one-third of our lives sleeping?

person holding a pillow

What To Do With Old Pillows

Since pillows need to be changed relatively often, this leaves you with a lot of old ones. However, it’s not recommended you simply toss them in the trash. Pillows in the garbage usually end up in landfills which is harmful to our environment. On the bright side, there are plenty of environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your old pillows. You can donate them, recycle them, or our personal favorite – repurpose them. There are plenty of uses you can still get out of your old pillows even though they may not look like it. Here are just some ways you can reuse them.

Pillows need to be changed relatively often

two pillows on bed

#Make pet beds

Your pets also like having a comfortable spot to lay on. If you don’t feel like paying for a pet bed, we understand. Typically, we give a lot of money for a fancy bed for our pets to completely ignore it and use a pile of laundry to lay on instead. That’s where your old pillows come into use. Instead of throwing out the pillow, you can offer it to your pet. The pillow will still smell of you rather than a factory, so they will be happy to use it. Plus, it’s softer than the floor! If you have bigger pets you may need to get crafty and use a couple of pillows to create a bed for them.

Instead of throwing out the pillow, you can offer it to your pet

small dog sleeping on pillow

#Create throw pillows

Pillows aren’t just for practical use. You can also use them for decorations! Throw pillows can help add charm to any space. Take one or two pillows, depending on how thin the filling has become, and tuck them into a pillow cover of your choice. You can also refresh and re-upholster the pillow itself if you like a good craft. If not simply compress them into the covers and use them around the house as decor.

Throw pillows can help add charm to any space

what to do with old pillows throw pillows on bed

#DIY draft stopper

Drafty doors, windows, and chimneys are a real pain. Not only do they bring in a cool breeze when you don’t need it, but they also make your AC or heater work overtime, which means they are also costing you money. Yikes! On the bright side, your old pillows can help you out. You place a couple of old pillows in a trash bag up the chimney in order to keep the chilly drafts out of the house. Or you can use place them as they are under the doors, or use their filling to create a door stopper.

Use your old pillows to keep drafts out of the house

what to do with old pillows pillow draft stopper

#Use for moving

Instead of spending money on packing peanuts or simply worrying about your pressure items breaking, you can use old pillows as packing filler. Collect and store your old pillows in vacuum storage bags until you need them. Then, if you are moving or need to send something delicate, take them out and use them as filler. They will protect things from breaking, scraping, or moving around too much. You can also easily cut up old latex foam or memory pillows into the size you need them.

You can use old pillows as packing filler

what to do with old pillows pillows for moving

#Floor pillows

Next time you have guests over and you don’t have enough chairs, you can use your old pillows as floor cushion seats. Get some new covers for the pillows and you are pretty much done. Then when the need arises pull out the pillows from storage and use them. Place pillows on top of one another to create taller “seats” or use just one. You can also place them on hard seats for extra comfort.

Floor pillows are perfect for impromptu guest visits

what to do with old pillows three pillows stacked

These are some creative ways you can reuse your old pillows. We hope you found this article useful. Now you know what to do with old pillows and you can finally put them to good use once again.

Now you know what to do with old pillows

bed with two pillows

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