How to Make Your Dog Happy: 8 Tips & Ideas

by Maria Konou

Dogs are overjoyed every time they see us! But let’s not mistakenly think that this is the only thing that makes them happy. Any owner who truly loves their pet will want their furry friend to feel happy even when they are not at home. So, if you want to know how to make your dog truly happy, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will show you 8 easy ways to improve your four-legged friend’s emotional and physical state.

This article is all about putting a smile on your dog’s face!

happy cute dogs are the best

Provide opportunities for your dog to have fun on his own

Many people are guilty of giving their dogs too many treats to compensate for not spending enough quality time with them. However, this is by no means a good thing for the animals. Providing a new and interesting way to get the calories they need is a much healthier option for puppies. We are talking about so-called food puzzles – toys in which food is hidden, and the dog has to work to get to it. They are a great way to mentally stimulate animals. Just concentrating on the food puzzles makes dogs burn more calories and prevents unwanted obesity. In the wild, wild dogs spend a lot of time and energy searching and hunting for food. Domestic dogs, however, do no such work and their food is always ready. Because of this, many animals suffer from obesity. If we give dogs the opportunity to work for their food through puzzle toys, they will expend more energy and be healthier physically and mentally.

If your dog is spending too much time in bed, consider a food puzzle to keep it entertained

how to keep dog from being bored when home alone

Organize walks and outings

Basically, you should do what parents do for their children. Plan and provide the necessary time for games and outings. If you have other friends with dogs, make a schedule according to when you are free to go out for a walk together. Another option is to go visit with your pets and have them play in a home environment. If your dog is not interested in other dogs, you can take them out to places where they can meet lots of new people. Of course, you should scout these places in advance to make sure you offer a safe environment for your furry friend, such as a secure patio.

Your dog will appreciate breathtaking scenery as much as anybody else

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Active dogs need extra care for their outdoor adventures

how to make a dog ready for summer

Create traditions with your dog

You will probably feel much better if your day is orderly, and you have planned exactly what you need to do. Dogs also feel much better when you establish a daily routine with plenty of time for play and rest. In nature, dogs also have periods of increased physical activity and periods of rest. Creating a schedule is very helpful for animals to know what is coming up. This is beneficial for the dog’s physical and mental state. And, why not create a tradition of making homemade vet-approved dog food recipes for special occasions like your dog’s birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day!

Special traditions and a daily schedule are the key to your dog’s heart

how to make a dog like you

In nature, dogs also have periods of increased physical activity and periods of rest

fun things to do with your dog

Teach your dog new tricks

Using a positive attitude when learning new tricks and commands makes the whole process seem more like a game than something difficult and boring in the dog’s eyes. This is very much true even for the more stubborn and willful dogs. Best of all, you don’t have to spend hours in training. Keep training sessions short, 5-10 minutes, several times a day. Getting the dog’s attention is all you need. A positive attitude and appropriate encouragement will very quickly turn a pet into a happy and healthy dog that knows many commands and tricks. If you turn training into a game, the animal will happily want to learn more and more.

A little game of fetch never hurt nobody!

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Always reward your puppy with a treat when they do a good job

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Turn hygiene and grooming into a bonding activity

Many people view daily hygiene and grooming as a boring commitment that they just have to do, no matter what. But what if the daily routine became a ritual that you and the animal look forward to? Start slowly and gently, letting the dog gradually get used to the combing brush, toothbrush, and all the other tools you have to use. It is imperative to be positive and spare no praise and small treats when the pet is calm and relaxed. Once these actions become a relaxed procedure for you and the animal, you will be able to experience real joy and happiness from the moments spent together, even though it is about hygiene and cosmetic care. And, if you happen to notice that your dog has fleas, make sure to follow our guide on how to get rid of fleas!

A clean dog is a happy dog!

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Here is an easy guide on when and how often to groom your furry friend

dog grooming order and frequency

Learn more about dog culture

Most “bad” dog behaviors are actually normal, but done in the wrong situation. For example, terriers don’t dig up the yard to ruin the garden, they just like to dig. The more you learn about dog culture and the heritage of their breed, the more you can offer safe and fun outlets for these innate needs. Understanding dogs also means communicating with them more effectively. Study your pet’s body language, so you can more easily read what he is trying to tell you. There will be less confusion and frustration, and your dog will appreciate that you can quickly recognize when he is uncomfortable or stressed. And, remember that all dogs are cute dogs no matter what!

Every dog breed is unique and has special characteristics

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Some breeds need extra care and protection against overheating!

tips and tools to keep your dog and cat safe in the summer heat

Provide toys

Chewing and destroying toys is normal canine entertainment. Tearing things apart is your pet’s way of having a good time and expressing his instincts. As long as he plays safely with his toys, let them have the ones he loves. Look for more durable options, such as stuffing-free toys, so you get more for your money. And make sure your dog has access to chew toys and edible chew products. Dogs love chewing: it’s a natural behavior, so it’s important that they have appropriate chewing options. Chew toys that you can fill with food are extremely exciting. And food products, such as dental or other chew sticks, can help keep teeth clean while providing your dog with a fun way to spend time. A good toy is always an easy way to make your dog happy!

Tearing things apart is your dog’s way of having a good time 

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Learn dog massage techniques

Every dog has their favorite place where they like to be patted or scratched. Observe your pet as you pet it and learn where it would prefer to be touched. Stick to these spots when you want to reward them. However, help them learn to tolerate being touched in other places. Consider learning dog massage techniques. Your pet will appreciate the relaxing and soothing attention. You can also use massage can to relieve anxiety or soothe tired muscles. For example, if your dog is shaking it might be a sign of anxiousness, so make sure you take care of your dog’s needs!

Your dog will appreciate the relaxing and soothing attention of a massage 

dog massage for health and relaxation

These are the best tips on how to make your dog happy and keep it smiling!

how to know if your dog is happy

Always remember that your dog is thankful for you every day!

is my dog happy signs

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