VSCO Wallpaper For All The It Girls Out There

by John Griffith

Phone swag is an actual, real thing. Phones have become such an inseparable part of our lives, it is impossible not to pay attention to their accessories as well. Nowadays, we are lucky to have everything at the tip of our fingers. With just a few clicks we can go online and pick out phone cases, covers and all kinds of different accessories. People have actually turned accessorising your phone into an actual part of their outfit. Others, also look to make a statement with their phone’s wallpaper, for example. Today, we are going to dedicate some time to one of the most popular photo editing apps with a few examples of a VSCO wallpaper you can choose and decorate your screen with. So, browse through our gallery and pick yours now!

VSCO is one of the most popular photo editing apps out there

aesthetic vsco backgrounds and i oop written with turquoise letters on pink background butterfly succulent sunflower backpack around it

What is VSCO?

VSCO is an abbreviation for the Visual Supply Company founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze in 2011. The company was founded in California and is one of the most popular photo and video editing apps. As of the writing of this article its estimated worth is about 90$ million. What’s more, it has about 30 million users. It has become quite popular because of its easy to use editing tools. Users can take photos in the app, as well as use old ones from their camera roll. They can make adjustments such as clarity, fade, contrast, saturation, skin tone, exposure, etc. The app provides free membership with which you can use the basic features. It also has a paid membership, which allows you to use more editing tools as well as edit videos. The app can also work as a social media where you can upload your edited images. You can also save them on your phone and upload them to other social media channels.

This is a prime example of an image, edited with the app’s editing tools

aesthetic vsco wallpapers photo of blue waves crashing blue sky with clouds above it orange flowers at the forefront

Why do you need a VSCO wallpaper on your phone’s screen?

If you look up VSCO images online you will see that pretty much all of them carry a very nostalgic feeling to them. Most of the filters used in the app make the images have a specific, easily recognisable feature. Therefore, getting a VSCO wallpaper for your phone’s screen will definitely set it apart from the rest. Moreover, every time you unlock your phone you will feast your eyes on a cool wallpaper with a motivational phrase or cool landscape. So, stop waisting time, browse through our gallery and pick your wallpaper.

Super cute VSCO wallpaper bringing that angel energy

angel energy written with pink letters cute aesthetic wallpapers blue sky with white clouds as background

Lots of different styles gathered into one

background in different shades of orange blue aesthetic vsco wallpapers leopard print stars clouds

You can feel the “oof” energy oozing out of this wallpaper

black background aesthetic vsco backgrounds oof written with letters layered as a rainbow

You are art – don’t ever forget that

blue background aesthetic vsco backgrounds you are art written with small font white letters on it

VSCO backgrounds bringing those summer, beach vibes

blue background aesthetic vsco wallpapers with different summer themed phrases drawings written into photo collage

The filter used on this photo is so reminiscent of summer, it makes you think of it the moment you see this image

blue pink purple orange white surfboards arranged on wooden wall with different summer themed prints on them vsco wallpaper

Gorgeous summer flowers are a must, especially now

blue sky above a large rose bush vsco girl backgrounds flower bed with pink rose bushes

Just pick your destination and get ready for an adventure

blue sky with clouds above an ocean in the background cute vsco wallpapers lots of signs pointing to different destinations

“I’m fine” –  a term made particularly famous by Ross Gellar from Friends

blue sky with clouds im fine written on it vsco wallpaper sunflowers on the bottom under the sign

When you need to remind someone who is touching your phone without permission that that wasn’t very cash money of them

colorful letters that wasnt very cash money of you written on white background iphone cute backgrounds cute aesthetic wallpapers photo of ocean with waves at sunset orange blue yellow sky

For all the daydreamers out there

cute vsco wallpapers day dreamer piece of mind written over photo of waves crashing planets drawn in the sky with keyboard keys dark aesthetic vsco girl backgrounds large leaves in green and purple in flower bed

Kind people are my kind of people – a few motivational phrases for when you are feeling down

different phrases written in different fonts arranged together in photo collage vsco backgrounds stay cool ride the wave lookin good

And a little something for when you are so over it – dude, I don’t really care

dude i dont really care written with small black font vsco backgrounds light pink background ferris wheel pixar pal a round photographed from below iphone cute backgrounds clody sky in the background flower field filled with orange white purple green flowers vsco wallpaper blue sky in the background glitter shining in different colors on a piece of fabric in black gray vsco backgrounds

Remind yourself to be patient because good things take time

good things take time written with big white letters cute aesthetic wallpapers pink backgrounds with hearts and stars green aesthetic vsco girl backgrounds different green plants in flower bed heart shaped wave in blue and white vsco wallpaper yellow background

Good vibes only – positive affirmations for when you might be feeling down

iphone cute backgrounds photo collage with different drawings and phrases good vibes only practice kindness

Putting Kermit the Frog with a bunch of hearts on your phone’s screen – yes, please

kermit the frog with pink hearts around him aesthetic vsco backgrounds photo of starry sky for background leopard print with glitter and shades of orange mixed together background aesthetic vsco wallpapers

Never be afraid of change – cool VSCO wallpaper

never be afraid of change written with red letters cute vsco wallpapers different backgrounds in pink white with stars dots

No mistakes, just happy accidents

no mistakes happy accidents written in red and pink above a photo of bob ross painting vsco backgrounds light pink background

“Is this the Krusty Krab? No, this is Patrick!” – this will always be iconic

no this is patrick written under a photo of patrick from spongebob squarepants aesthetic vsco wallpapers turquouse background

Cool beans VSCO wallpaper

orange red blue background with lights blue stars aesthetic vsco backgrounds cool beans written in red on it pink car at the forefront cute aesthetic wallpapers houses in the background purple pink sky above them sky in blue with white clouds iphone cute backgrounds orange black brown butterflies flying around

Let Ariana Grande share her wisdom with you every time you unlock your phone – Ur such a dream to me

sky with clouds in the background cute vsco wallpapers ariana grande twitter quote ur such a dream to me over it small blue butterfly in the middle of light pastel blue background vsco girl backgrounds

Rise above – still hurts, but lol gang gang

still hurts but lol gang gang written in black in light pink box cute aesthetic wallpapers rolling stone red lips stars in the background

Too rad to be sad

too rad too be sad written in blue with two blue stars iphone cute backgrounds in red black and white

Some Travis Scott wisdom – we met for a reason, either you’re a blessing or a lesson

travis scott twitter quote cute vsco wallpapers we met for a reason either youre a blessing or a lesson over photo of dark sky with shooting stars

Cool VSCO wallpaper inspired by the movie Up

vsco backgrounds the house from up floating above the clouds with lots of balloons photographed from an airplane window vsco girl backgrounds pink caravan parked in front of house with lots of palm trees in the front yard blue sky above it

Let the good times roll

vsco wallpaper let the good times roll written in orange over a rainbow on light pink background

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