80 Funny Wallpapers To Get You In a Good Mood

by John Griffith

We are currently living through some pretty troubling times. Not only are we going through the second wave of the coronavirus, we are also fighting social injustices. It just seems like 2020 will be the type of year that we can’t wait to be over. However, we still have to live through it. And what better way than surrounding ourselves with positive energy and things that bring a smile to our faces. So, in this article, we figured we are going to give you the ability to smile every time you look at your phone or laptop screen, which, let’s be honest, is quite often. How are we going to do it, you might ask. Well, with the best selection of funny wallpapers and backgrounds you have ever seen. Scroll down and find yours right now!

These funny wallpapers will put a smile on your face every time you look at you phone or laptop screen

baby duck riding a mini skateboard cute pictures for wallpaper on wooden floor

Why do we need funny wallpapers in our lives?

Whether you are working from home, or are a student who is going through a summer holiday, your phone is constantly in your hand. You probably spend most of your time scrolling through Instagram and watching awesome videos on TikTok and YouTube. One thing, however, that is a constant are the memes. Can you imagine your life without memes to laugh at. As always, the internet is undefeated when it comes to funny memes. Especially now when we all need to laugh more. Funny wallpapers have pretty much the same effect. No matter how bad of a mood you might be in, just unlocking your phone can make you smile. That is, if you have the right phone background! So, look no further! Scroll down and you are going to find funny backgrounds for both your phone and your desktop screens.

You can use your wallpaper to call out people who touch your phone without your permission – especially with this cute Simba and Nala background

baby simba and nala cool pc backgrounds why are you on my phone written in white on grey background

You smiled? Yes, you did! Admit it!

cartoon drawing of black cat on pink red background cute funny wallpapers you smiled written inside speech bubble

Who can forget one of the most iconic lines ever spoken on TV – “I’m fine”

cool computer wallpapers photo of david schwimmer as ross from friends im fine writeen underneath

Be still my heart

cute black pug wearing grey cardigan funny computer backgrounds reading glasses

Dunking the moon into the Milky Way galaxy

cute funny wallpapers drawing of astronaut dunking the moon into the milky way galaxy

Homer Simpson is one of the funniest characters ever created

homer simpson coming out of a galacy sky photo funny phone wallpapers colorful clouds

“I am dead inside” – yet another iconic line, this time coming from Steve Carrell as Michael Scott from The Office

i am dead inside cool laptop wallpapers steve carrell as michael scott from the office grey background with stars

It’s all good in mi hood – cute and funny

its all good in mi hood funny phone wallpapers cartoon character wearing a black hoodie drawn on black background

Gorgeous pink aesthetic with a funny face

pink background cool computer wallpapers cartoon face with closed eyes kissing lips

Deadpool has got to be the funniest Marvel character

close up photo of deadpool in full costume holding his face on white background funny wallpapers

And a little sarcastic motivation for your work computer – Congratulations, you made it out of bed

congratulations you made it out of bed written with black cursive letters weird wallpapers pink purple background

Oh, the Cookie Monster and his cookies – a love story for the ages

cookies and question mark written in white on black background cool desktop backgrounds cookie monster on the side

Ouf! – pretty much sums up how we are feeling during this social isolation

cool desktop backgrounds ouf with exclamation point pink neon sign on black background

And a little something for all the introverts – can’t people today, tomorrow isn’t looking good either

cool desktop wallpapers cant people today tomorrow isnt looking good either written on pink background

This is so funny

digital drawing of chicken holding a sword cool desktop wallpapers looking angry white background

Colorful and fun

drawing of astronaut holding a hose cool desktop wallpapers water in rainbow colors watering flowers

Super cute wallpaper – Hang in there! Whatever!

funny screensavers two stormtroopers hanging from a rope hang in there whatever written next to them

This wallpaper screams relax and chill

small green frog lieing on a banana funny screensavers white background

Work hard, brunch harder – after all, is there anything more important than a good brunch

work hard brunch harder written with black cursive letters cool desktop wallpapers pink purple background with white arrows

Now here’s a few more phone backgrounds, starting with little Rapunzel

baby rapunzel looking up funny wallpapers for phones drawn with blonde hair and large green eyes

Bart Simpson for the more rebellious souls

bart simpson falling down with his mouth open cute funny wallpapers black background

Don’t forget to be yourself

be yourself written in black on yellow background cute funny wallpapers drawing of alien disguised as woman

black outline of a cat with whiskers on pastel yellow background funny phone backgrounds

My mood every morning

buttercup from powerpuff girls waking up looking angry funny phone wallpapers turquoise background

cartoon digital drawing of bunny with large eyes and ears cool computer wallpapers blue background

Hello? Is anybody out there?

close up photo of a giraffe cute funny wallpapers blue sky background with clouds

cookies with question mark written in white on black background cute pictures for wallpaper above a photo of cookie monster

This is so funny – Van Gogh, Van Goghing, Van Gone

cool laptop wallpapers self portrait of van gogh van goghing can gone written underneath

cool pc backgrounds one eyed cartoon creature with turquoise background

cute dog in the corner cool computer wallpapers drawing of shiba inu dog on white background

Of course you deserve a smile

cute dog photo you deserve a smile written above it cool laptop wallpapers blue sky with sunshine

cute pictures for wallpaper drawing of squidward dabbing sunset sky in the background

cute pug photo on the beach funny phone wallpapers face held by two hands

dont touch my phone written in white on pink background cool pc backgrounds cartoon drawing of panda holding phone

Do you like yoga? Well, so does this pug!

drawing of a pug doing different yoga poses on green background cute pictures for wallpaper

drawing of lisa simpson l on her forehead funny computer backgrounds drawing of battery at one percent

Exercise? I thought you said extra fries – for all the food lovers

exercise i thought you said fries funny wallpapers for phones black background

funny computer backgrounds spongebob wearing pink fluffy scarf drawn on pink background

funny computer wallpaper drawing of homer simpson eating planets from the galaxy

That wasn’t very cash money of you – such a funny way to greet someone who is touching your phone without you knowing

funny phone backgrounds that wasnt very cash money of you written with colorful letters on white background

You better let them know that they don’t know your password, so they shouldn’t touch your phone

funny phone wallpapers haha you dont know my password so dont touch my phone

funny wallpapers for phones drawing of lamp and book you are my sunshine written on dark blue background

haha you dont know my password funny wallpapers for phones written over a drawing of a pig on green background

hey buds sup player funny computer wallpaper drawing of ipod and earphones on red background

And let this bring you your daily dose motivation – I can do this! I believe in you!

i can do this i believe in you written in speech bubbles funny computer wallpaper two bees on yellow background

it is what is it funny computer wallpaper written in pink letters on yellow background

keep calm and photo of pokemon sleeping funny phone backgrounds dark blue background

lisa simpson holding a hammer funny phone backgrounds bart simpson lieing in the grass

love urself funny wallpapers for phones cartoon character looking in the mirror blue background

Patrick is my spirit animal

my password is not my birthday cool pc backgrounds drawing of patrick from spongebob chewing gum blowing bubbles

Another dose for motivation from Bob Ross – no mistakes, happy accidents

no mistakes happy accidents written in red on pink background funny phone backgrounds above photo of bob ross with a palette and paintbrush

no this is patrick written under drawing of patrick from spongebob holding phone cool laptop wallpapers blue background

sc sarcasm written with black letter as chemical element cute pictures for wallpaper pink background

speech bubble what the hell are you doing written inside cool pc backgrounds yellow background

Stitch is so cute

stitch from lilo and stitch chewing gum blowing bubbles on black background funny computer wallpaper

stitch from lilo and stitch cool laptop wallpapers drawn on blue background

tom from tom and jerry looking confused funny computer backgrounds blue background

two cigarette buts on the floor cool computer wallpapers with drawn eyes and boxing gloves

Download this wallpaper to stop yourself from doing stuff that you might regret later

you downloaded this wallpaper to stop yourself from doing what youre about to do funny computer backgrounds

Now it is time to pick a wallpaper for your desktop

apple do i need to apologise written underneath the logo funny wallpapers dark blue background

Put on a good movie, grab a beer, sit back, relax and enjoy

astronaut sitting on a chair on the moon looking at earth weird wallpapers holding a bottle of beer

cartoon drawing of drop of water chasing after fire on black background funny desktop backgrounds

donut laying down jam coming out of it cool desktop backgrounds another donut standing next to it on red background

If you love waffles (and I mean who doesn’t) this wallpaper is just for you

drawing of stack of waffles weird wallpapers behold waffles written above them on black background

funny desktop backgrounds cartoon of darth vader trimming bush in the shape of the death star green background


funny wallpapers buttercup from powerpuff girl laying on the sofa holding a remote falling asleep

heartbeat line funny screensavers white cat outline on black background

If you are single and you are spending your quarantine alone, your wallpaper can remind you that you are loved

hello i am your wallpaper and i love you cool desktop wallpapers written with white letters on dark grey background

homer simpson taking a bite from an apple cool desktop backgrounds now we know who took the bite written in blue on black background

im a dinosaur hear me roar written on green background cool desktop backgrounds cartoon t rex drawing

jake adventure time reading a book funny wallpapers black and white background

Just do it… Tomorrow

just do it tomorrow funny screensavers nike logo stick figure man lieing on it grey background

meh written with large letters dot at the end with black letters weird wallpapers blue white background

patrick from spongebob looking surprised with his mouth opened on pink background funny screensavers

If you are a fan of Rick & Morty, this wallpaper is just for you

rick and morty black shadow outlines funny desktop backgrounds black and green background

sesame street character puppet looking surprised funny desktop backgrounds black background

three minions riding a vespa decorated with the british flag funny desktop backgrounds white background

weird wallpapers you are being monitored warning sign showing two stick figures one holding computer

you will never have a good wallpaper funny wallpapers meme with a frog next to it black blue and orange background

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.