Choose the most beautiful Tumblr wallpaper

by John Griffith

When we say Tumblr, we know that we are talking about a specific type of images. Tumblr is an easy-to-use blogging platform that focuses on simplicity and sharing. Choosing a Tumblr wallpaper means that the image should match the style of the platform; these are the images we chose for this article. In this article you will find a wide variety of images you can use as a wallpaper. The article is full of images that are very suitable as dimensions for an iPhone wallpaper and for the lock screen of your laptop. We are also focusing on images that are perfect for a computer because they are wider than they are long. The proportions of your photo should match those on the screen. The image must have the same definition as these ones.

The style of Tumblr can not be confused with the style of Instagram or the style of the photos on Facebook. Even though blogs and bloggers use all social networks, the images are different depending on the platform in most cases. Tumblr’s images are almost always mysterious, stylised and creative. But words can not describe what we mean. That is why we propose to scroll through our gallery and the beautiful pictures for yourself; all inspired by Tumblr. For more wallpaper ideas, click on the iPhone wallpaper link or find even more cool backgrounds here.

Beautiful photo to use as an artistic Tumblr wallpaper

large green leaf, green eye, tumblr wallpaper

“Not all who wander are lost” – Tumblr Tolkien’s quote background

not all who wander are lost, tumblr wallpaper, mountain landscape, inspirational quote

Travel wallpaper inspired by Tumblr images – have a map of the world in the car

unfolded map, sun setting, down a road, tumblr wallpaper, hat in a car

Cute Tumblr wallpaper idea with painted clouds, sun and bird silhouettes

tumblr wallpaper, birds flying, pink clouds, purple skies

A good idea for iPhone wallpaper with motivational quote: “Do what you love”

do what you love, white letter, black background, tumblr wallpaper

Silhouettes of the Beatles – phone wallpaper that portrays an iconic album cover

the beatles, abby road cross walk, black background, tumblr backgrounds

The nature wallpaper inspired by Tumblr images – cool idea for your phone screen

mountain landscape, tumblr backgrounds, blue skies

Black and white cool wallpaper of the slogan “Parental advisory”

parental advisory, explicit content, tumblr backgrounds, black background

Beautiful galaxy image with a lot of pretty colours – abstract art Tumblr wallpaper 

orange and purple, abstract art, tumblr backgrounds

“Find beauty in the small things” – cool idea for in inspirational Tumblr quote wallpaper

find beauty in the small things, tumblr backgrounds, sunflower field, blue sky

A wallpaper for travellers – perfect image for an iPhone lock screen

iphone wallpaper tumblr, white barcode, travel is in my blood, black background

And a picture of the wing of a plane – cool picture for travel lovers

looking through a windows, airplane wing, sunset sky, iphone wallpaper tumblr, mountain island landscape

For the mountain lovers – “A simple life” coffee mug

a simple life, coffee mug, on a rock with snow, iphone wallpaper tumblr

Abstract Tumblr backgrounds

abstract drawing, floating astronaut, iphone wallpaper tumblr, colourful items, starry sky

rainbow colours, iphone wallpaper tumblr, black and grey abstract art

Funny Tumblr wallpaper

all you knead is love, bag of flour, wallpaper tumblr, jug of water

wallpaper tumblr, two baguettes, bread baskets, black and white, marble countertop

city sidewalk, bicycle leaning on a wall, covered in graffiti, wallpaper tumblr

man and woman, laying next to each other, looking at the stars, wallpaper tumblr, black and white drawing

An explosion of colours

shades of blue and pink, wallpaper tumblr, abstract art

love quotes tumblr, abstract art, in white and grey

Gorgeous mountain landscape

man standing on a rock, mountain landscape, love quotes tumblr, sun rising

black sunglasses, black moustache, love quotes tumblr, orange background

Minimalistic Tumblr wallpapers

woman holding her hair, 3d back tattoo, love quotes tumblr, black and white photo

black and white photo, three sunflowers, love quotes tumblr, black background

blue background, beach tumblr, orange and blue, painted pineapple

sliced banana, galaxy bowl, beach tumblr, blue background, star shaped cookies

sunset sky, wooden pier, ocean waves, beach tumblr

beach tumblr, bridge road, lamps on the side, trees in the background

butterflies drawing, on a white notebook, beach tumblr, black pencil

green cactuses, black background, cute tumblr wallpapers

This cute cat looks so peaceful in the middle of the city

cute tumblr wallpapers, cat standing, on a cement block, in black and grey, people in the background

mountain landscape, cute tumblr wallpapers, view from a cave, sun shining

Sunset over the city

city landscape, cute tumblr wallpapers, sunset sky, river flowing

large highway, speeding cars, cute tumblr wallpapers, city landscape, in the night

tumblr lockscreens, colourful confetti, yeah written on white paper

Colourful dreamcatchers

colourful dreamcatcher, tumblr lockscreens, black background, inspirational quote

colourful galaxy background, black dreamcatcher, tumblr lockscreens

pop art, tumblr lockscreens, colourful graffiti drawing

colourful blurred lights, green bush, tumblr lockscreens

colourful mosaic skull, pink roses, cute tumblr backgrounds, black and white background

Brooklyn Bridge is only one of New York City’s many landmarks

brooklyn bridge, cute tumblr backgrounds, blue sky, new york city landscape

female face, abstract drawing, in green and blue, cute tumblr backgrounds, white background

Be one with nature

forest landscape, girl drawing, river flowing, tall trees, cute tumblr backgrounds

pastel drawing, black trees, cute tumblr background, sky in blue orange and pink

cute teen tumblr, people riding, a large carousel

large diamond drawing, constellations drawing, cute teen tumblr, blue starry sky

Disney characters emojis – fun and cute wallpaper

disney inspired, cute teen tumblr, character emojis, mickey mouse head outline, blue background

dope side, white diamond, black background, cute teen tumblr

colourful dreamcatcher drawing, cute teen tumblr, black background

tumblr iphone backgrounds, set up tent, woman sitting on a bed, fairy lights

Breathtaking view of the ocean

female silhouette, tumblr iphone backgrounds, ocean water, blue sky

grey background, tumblr iphone backgrounds, fingers crossed, black nails

floating island, tumblr iphone backgrounds, 3d drawing, purple and pink skies, mountain landscape

city landscape, tumblr iphone backgrounds, large windows, tall trees

girl drawing, planets around the head, white background, black and white tumblr

black and white tumblr, girl drawing, black sky, with moon, orange sky, with sun

girl drawing, black and white tumblr, black sunglasses, coffee cup, grey jacket, white background

Beautiful and creative Tumblr background

girl sitting on a bed, holding fairy lights, black and white tumblr

black background, black and white tumblr, abstract art

Good vibes only – don’t forget that

good vibes only, iphone 6 wallpaper tumblr, pink and blue marble background

grey background, purple smoke, iphone 6 wallpaper tumblr

Look at this little cutie

cat lying in bed, in grey and white, iphone 6 wallpaper tumblr, white bed linen

This really is a stunning cat

black background, grey cat, looking up, iphone 6 wallpaper tumblr

cars driving, down a highway, bridge across, iphone 6 wallpaper tumblr, night city landscape

hot air balloon drawing, on a white notebook, 4k iphone wallpaper, black pencil

orange sky, 4k iphone wallpaper, hot air balloons, temples skyline

i love you, road leading to a mountain, 4k iphone wallpaper, mountain landscape, starry sky

marble in blue and grey, turquoise and purple, 4k iphone wallpaper

“Just give me all of you in exchange for me”

white flowers, just give me all of you in exchange for me, 4k iphone wallpaper

Just let it be – an inspirational quote to remind you not to stress

black and white, marble background, background tumblr, just let it be

Let’s go travel – another wallpaper for the travel lovers

let's go travel, blue plane, background tumblr, vintage photo camera, white notebook

London’s Big Ben and Westminster Bridge

london landscape, big ben, background tumblr, westminster bridge, people walking by

man holding a blue bomb, standing on top of a rock, background tumblr, mountain landscape

Let the sunshine in

hand holding a jar, background tumblr, sun setting, black trees

man rolling a suitcase, down a road, desktop wallpaper tumblr, green grass field, paved road

desktop wallpaper tumblr, man and woman kissing, black silhouettes, blue and orange sky

Family is the most important thing in our lives

baby's hand, on top of a man's hand, desktop wallpaper tumblr, white blouse

shades of blue and beige, desktop wallpaper tumblr, blue and beige marble

Funny Tumblr computer backgrounds

black background, desktop wallpaper tumblr, mens women wtf signs

starry sky, tumblr desktop backgrounds, mountain landscape, snowy peaks

mountain island landscape, tumblr desktop backgrounds, ocean around, dark sky

rail road, mountain landscape, tumblr desktop backgrounds, lamp posts along the road

Music is life

music is life, tumblr desktop backgrounds, city landscape, river going through the city

cars going down a highway, next to the ocean, new york city landscape, tumblr desktop backgrounds, grey sky

Not today

no today, photo collage, black background tumblr, people dancing

black background tumblr, white notebook, vintage map, vintage photo camera, magnifying glass

rocks by an ocean, blue and pink sky, black background tumblr

orange car, white sneakers, black background tumblr, black sneakers

white letters, black background, original logo, black background tumblr

cool backgrounds tumblr, tall palm trees, blue sky

Look at this cute little panda

drawing of a panda, cool backgrounds tumblr, dark blue background

paper plane, orange watch, cool backgrounds tumblr, city landscape

Make sure to stand out from the crowd

blue map, black planes, white paper plane, cool backgrounds tumblr

Paris’ Eiffel Tower – one of the most recognisable landmarks

paris landscape, eiffel tower, cool backgrounds tumblr, bridge across a river

Phases of the moon – minimalistic wallpaper

pink background tumblr, phases of the moon, black background

canon camera, photo lens, pink background tumblr, black background

pink background tumblr, gold stars, girl drawing, sticking her tongue out

white background, pink background tumblr, white flowers

mountain landscape, pink background tumblr, colourful sky

Yummy colourful donuts

blue and pink background, black on white tumblr, six donuts, with different icing

black on white tumblr, mountain landscape, starry sky

ocean landscape, rocks in the water, sun setting, black on white tumblr

dark blue background, colourful planets drawing, black on white tumblr

play pause and rewind, black on white tumblr, starry sky, black trees

Shine bright like a diamond

shine bright like a diamond, fireworks in the sky, flower background tumblr, night city skyline

flower background tumblr, blue background, someone call the doctor, needle drawing

Stormtrooper – Star Wars inspired Tumblr wallpaper

star wars inspired, floral stormtrooper helmet, flower background tumblr, black background

female silhouette, flower background tumblr, starry sky

starry sky, camping in the woods, tall trees, flower background tumblr, set up tent

flower wallpaper tumblr, static screen, never ever

Sweet dreams are made of this

sweet dreams, neon sign, flower wallpaper tumblr, dark blue background

tall trees, in the middle of a fog, flower wallpaper tumblr

The adventure begins – another wallpaper for the lovers of the mountains and camping

flower wallpaper tumblr, the adventure begins, coffee mug, coffee flowing up

“Though she be but little, she is fierce” – William Shakespeare

though she be but little, she is fierce, william shakespeare quote, flower wallpaper tumblr, galaxy sky

tree house, on a pier, tumblr screensavers, surrounded by fog, over a lake

female silhouette, tumblr screensavers, black trees

tall trees, surrounded by fog, tumblr screensavers, planet and astronauts drawing

tall trees, forest landscape, red heart drawing, tumblr screensavers

Whenever you feel lazy, just look at your phone

pink and blue marble background, get shit done, tumblr screensavers

girl wallpapers for iphone, ocean waves, galaxy sky, rocks on the beach

two hands, covered in paint, blue green and orange, girl wallpapers for iphone

Venice’s beautiful landscape

venice city landscape, girl wallpapers for iphone, blue sky, lots of buildings

large bookcase, girl wallpapers for iphone, hanging lamps, lots of books

girl drawing, girl wallpapers for iphone, black and white sketch, black top, white background

large crossing, people walking along, grey white stripes, tumblr backgrounds black and white

Why see the world, when you got the beach

why see the world, when you got the beach, tumblr backgrounds black and white, ocean waves

girl crying, pink hair, pink background, tumblr backgrounds black and white

woman floating, tumblr backgrounds black and white, pool full of water

female silhouette, holding fairy lights, standing on a bridge, tumblr backgrounds black and white, dark sky

tumblr computer backgrounds, denim jacket, pink hair, forest landscape

wall covered in blue graffiti, woman running, wearing white sneakers black pants, grey jacket

dark sky, hot air balloons, tumblr computer backgrounds, female silhouette

woman smoking, wearing a floral top, long black hair, with bangs, tumblr computer backgrounds

woman walking, wearing a white dress, white sneakers, tumblr computer backgrounds, white wall

YOLO – You Only Live Once

tumblr wallpaper quotes, yolo with hashtag, galaxy sky background

You are here and you are important

you are here, neon sign, black background, tumblr wallpaper quotes

Try this wallpaper to laugh at anyone who tries to touch your phone

you don't know my password, tumblr wallpaper quotes, rainbow background

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.