Choose the best iPhone wallpaper

by John Griffith

Sight gives us the opportunity to observe, analyse and appreciate the environment around us. This is one of the reasons why images occupy a large part of our lives. They can be reflected in the perception of the world. Surrounding yourself with beautiful pictures can help you feel good. Just like the cute kitten video that your friend sent you, the image you use as a wallpaper for your mobile phone can make you smile. What’s more, it can inspire you to pursue your dreams. For example, if you keep scrolling, the third image below is a quote that makes you dream. So, let yourself be inspired by the pretty iPhone wallpaper images found on this page.

Choose an image that visually represents an event, opinion or personal point of view. This is indeed what the image does by definition. It says things without words. You can use your screen as a non-verbal communication tool. If you choose a wallpaper of the Little Prince for example, you will have the opportunity to convey your love for the book to others. Maybe you like watching shows, in this case choose a wallpaper that shows it and you will have a theme to discuss with all those who are going to see your wallpaper.

To summarise, the image you choose will help you feel better on one hand, and on the other hand can be a good conversation starter. So, keep scrolling to find the best images to use for iPhone wallpaper.

iPhone wallpaper – a beautiful drawing that makes us dream

blue an turquoise skies, beautiful drawing, man and a dog, iphone wallpaper


Beautiful picture that you can use for an iPhone wallpaper

beautiful view drawing, blue mountain and pink trees, iphone wallpaper

Inspirational image with quote – cool idea for an iPhone wallpaper

iphone wallpaper, dreams don't work unless you do, grey background


The beauty of the galaxy – choose an iPhone wallpaper that makes you smile

purple and pink skies, lots of stars, iphone wallpaper

A cool collage that can be used as a desktop wallpaper

pop culture references, colourful items, iphone wallpaper, ice cream donuts and conversation hearts


Cute galaxy-inspired drawing to use as a wallpaper

iphone backgrounds, planets and stars, dark blue background

Beautiful drawing of a girl to inspire you to succeed

success is the best revenge shirt, drawing of a girl, iphone backgrounds, rose coloured braids

Beautiful drawing which allows you to see all of your applications perfectly

grey mountain, pink and purple sky, iphone backgrounds, beautiful view drawing

Funny picture to use as an iPhone wallpaper – Homer and his favourite donut turned into the Apple logo

homer simpson, iphone backgrounds, apple shaped donut, starry sky

The Cookie Monster is an adorable idea for your smart phone

 cookie monster, iphone backgrounds, blue fuzzy background, eyes and a smile

“We only fail when we stop trying” – cool motivational iPhone wallpaper idea

you only fail when you stop trying, beach view with rocks, cool iphone wallpapers

large adidas logo, cool iphone wallpapers, pink and green palm leaves background

adventure time, pop culture characters, cool iphone wallpapers, colourful wallpaper

albino tiger, blue eyes, cool iphone wallpapers, black spots

apples and worms, cool iphone wallpapers, colourful wallpaper

Breathtaking image to use as a cool iPhone background

astronaut on fire, cute iphone wallpapers, walking down the street, cars and traffic light in the background

be free, mountains around a lake, cute iphone wallpapers, lots of trees

stormtrooper with flowers, pink and yellow roses, cute iphone wallpapers, black background

green and blue palm leaves, cute iphone wallpapers, black background

black background, best iphone wallpapers, lighting through windows, man walking

black and white design, best iphone wallpapers, black background

best iphone wallpapers, black and white design, inspirational quotes, different drawings

blue background, best iphone wallpapers, red popcicles

tidal wave, palm trees in the sunset, best iphone wallpapers, colourful wave

large blue turquoise wave, cool iphone backgrounds

The Cheshire Cat smiling is the perfect wallpaper for Alice in Wonderland fans

cheshire cat, cool iphone backgrounds, alice in wonderland character, blue eyes, large smile

colourful patterns, cool iphone backgrounds, blue purple and green colours

cool iphone backgrounds, colourful balloons, blue sky

winnie the pooh character, white background, cool iphone backgrounds, red balloon

dope woman, lots of tattoos, inspirational wallpapers, black braided hair, grey nails

Choose a funny picture like the ones below, they’re so cool

exercise i though you said extra fries, inspirational wallpapers, french fries in a red box, black background

fairy lights in two hands, blue background, inspirational wallpapers

finding dory, just keep swimming, inspirational wallpapers, purple and blue coral reefs

man sitting next to a fire, inspirational wallpapers, tall trees, grey skies

When autumn is approaching, we change the wallpaper to reflect the change of the season

wooden board with marshmallows chocolates and crackers, cute iphone backgrounds

french fries, cute iphone backgrounds, fries before guys

starry sky, cute iphone backgrounds, yellow and purple clouds, lots of stars

gameboy drawing, cute iphone backgrounds, colourful controllers, smiley face

Summer wallpaper for girls who appreciate their girlfriends 

girl's summer, blue background, cute iphone background, two blue palm leaves in the background

pink iphone wallpaper, girls neon sign, black background

Life is beautiful when you surround yourself with good vibrations 

good vibes, pink iphone wallpaper, palm trees in the background

green lantern symbol, green background, pink iphone wallpaper

Choose an image that reminds you that magic exists – cool drawing inspired by Harry Potter

harry potter inspired wallpaper, pink iphone wallpaper, stack of books, hedwig the owl

Too cute and funny at the same time – a perfect wallpaper for real unicorns

i don't believe in humans unicorn, pink iphone wallpaper, pink and yellow stars, blue background

nature iphone wallpaper, if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you, shades of pink and yellow background

helen keller quote, beautiful skies in the background, nature iphone wallpaper

colourful clouds, nature iphone wallpaper, lots of stars, red clouds

A wallpaper that helps procrastinators hurry a bit more because life is too short

life is short live it, nature iphone wallpaper, palm trees in the background

keep calm and swag on, blue background, white sneaker, nature iphone wallpaper

Another point of view of the Earth and the moon – wonderful picture for wallpaper

large moon, pretty iphone wallpaper, white clouds, blue and black skies

lilo and stitch character, starry blue sky, pretty iphone wallpaper, pink roses

lion king characters, standing on top of a rock, flowers in the background, pretty iphone wallpaper

large motel sign, pretty iphone wallpaper, neon signs, tall trees and a pathway

my little pony character, black sunglasses, pretty iphone wallpaper, black background

rebel snow white, red apple, summer iphone wallpaper, arm tattoos, black bracelets

The New York skyline is a brilliant idea for an iPhone wallpaper

summer iphone wallpaper, new york skyline, chrysler building, grey sky

The beauty of nature – nice idea for a wallpaper

northern lights, starry sky, summer iphone wallpaper, trees around a lake

fallen leaf, hand holding a leaf, blurred background, summer iphone wallpaper

fallen leaf, summer iphone wallpaper, hand holding a leaf, blurred background

black background, motivational iphone wallpaper, orange and white pumpkins

palm trees in the background, motivational iphone wallpaper, don't touch my phone

palm trees in the background, orange and turquoise sky, motivational iphone wallpaper

eiffel tower, motivational iphone wallpaper, paris skyline, orange and blue sky

motivational iphone wallpaper, pine trees, black mountains, orange sky at sunset

lots of pineapples, meh sign, best iphone backgrounds, white background

red and blue pokeball from pokemon, best iphone backgrounds, black background

blue poolslides, best iphone backgrounds, red umbrellas, large trees, people sliding

pop culture characters, best iphone backgrounds, colourful wallpaper

black background, best iphone backgrounds, pug with colourful sunglasses and headphones

iphone wallpaper high quality, yellow pink and blue colourful design

man climbing rocks, iphone wallpaper high quality, green trees and fields and mountains

Who can resist this beauty – an image that can inspire many travel lovers

san francisco bridge, iphone wallpaper high quality, mountains and a river

man on top of a a rock, mountains and a river, iphone wallpaper high quality, grey sky

starry sky, iphone wallpaper high quality, orange mist, black mountains

stormtrooper head, simple iphone wallpaper, black background, purple stars

simple iphone wallpaper, red umbrellas, turquoise water, people on the beach

super mario bros, simple iphone wallpaper, blue starry sky, red hat, green animated frog

superman symbol in red and yellow, black background, simple iphone wallpaper

“Supreme” seems to be all the hype now

supreme logo, red background, simple iphone wallpaper, green leaves

awesome iphone wallpapers, talk nerdy to me, grey background

throw kindness around like confetti, white background, awesome iphone wallpapers

Interesting idea for an iPhone wallpaper

purple background, awesome iphone wallpapers, tiger in water and in a triangle

v for vendetta character, red v in the black background, awesome iphone wallpapers

white background, red shirt, awesome iphone wallpapers, black trousers and sunglasses

beautiful wallpapers for iphone, wolfs howling, white moon, purple background, orange and black trees

Choose the Snow Queen imagined as a stylish and rebellious girl to grace your screen

turquoise background, beautiful wallpapers for iphone, woman on throne, long dress

you got this golden letters, beautiful wallpapers for iphone, pink and purple background

you will never influence the world, motivational quote, black background, beautiful wallpapers for iphone

modern day belle, cute iphone wallpapers, skirt and high heels, white top and purple jacket

John Griffith

John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine.