Top 6 Uses For Eggshells: Fertilizer, Cleaner And More

by John Griffith

Stop! Don’t throw away those eggshells! Instead, come see how you can put them to good use. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with throwing your eggshells away, it is a waste of potential. Eggshells have so many other uses than just keeping the egg inside. They can help your plants grow, provide your pet with vitamins and minerals, help you clean and more. You’ll be surprised to found out how useful these little shells can be. That’s why today we want to share with you some of our favorite uses for eggshells.

Stop! Don’t throw away those eggshells!

egg shells eggs and an egg sandwich

Top Uses for Eggshells

Eggs are amazing all around. They are packed with protein, are a great breakfast choice and every little part of them can be used for something. There really are no downsides to eggs. And whether you are trying to live a zero waste lifestyle or you enjoy using up every last bit of an ingredient, you’ll be pleased to learn just how many things you can do with eggshells.  So, now that you’ve made your omelette, let see how to repurpose those leftover eggshells.

There really are no downsides to eggs

uses for eggshells broken egg shells

#Natural Fertilizer

If you want your plants and garden to grow even more, bring in some eggshell power. Rinse the shells and remove all of the membrane, then store them in a container. When you have enough of them, mash the shells into fine bits. You can use a spoon. Then when springtime comes around sprinkle and mix the ground eggshells with the garden soil. However, keep in mind the shells help to bring some calcium and reduce soil acidity, which may not be beneficial for every plant. Always check if the plant will enjoy the addition or not.

Sprinkle and mix the ground eggshells with the garden soil

empty eggshells together on the table

#Seedling Pots

When cracking eggs try to preserve as much of their length as possible. Then rinse them out and store in the egg carton. Once the shells have fully dried, take a sharp needle and poke a hole in the bottom of each. This will be for water drainage. Then dill each eggshell most of the way with some soil. Place your seeds, then mist the soil and keep the carton in full sun. Then just continue to look after your seeds until they have sprouted, and it’s time to move them to the garden or a bigger pot.

Make little pots out of the eggshells

hollow egg shell with soil inside

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#Non-Toxic Abrasive Cleaner

You don’t want to use any powdered industrial and household cleaners, but now what are you going to use? Eggshells, of course! Once you’ve collected the eggshells from around a dozen eggs, wash them and line them on a baking sheet. Then dry the shells wither on low heat on the oven for a couple of minutes or let them sit outside in the sun. Take whatever grinder you have on hand – a coffee grinder, a mortar and pestle, or even a blender and blend the shells into a paste. To that add around three cups of baking soda. When it’s time to clean something, mix the powder with water or vinegar and get a scrubbing.

Make an eggshell and baking soda paste

crushed and whole eggshells for use in the garden

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#Bird Feeder

Be the neighborhood’s favorite bird feeder with this eggshell hack. Once you’ve gathered enough shells to cover a baking tray, take them and bake them around 250 degrees Fº or 120 degrees Cº until they are dry. Crush the shells and spread the mixture in the feeder or around it on the ground, so the birds can enjoy them. The shells provide the birds with plenty of calcium, and they keep coming for more.

Be the neighborhood’s favorite bird feeder with this eggshell hack

bird feeder from a cup with eggshells


#Get Rid of Pests

Pests in the garden can easily be repelled by simply scattering some crushed eggshells around your flowers and other plants. Eggshells are an effective way to keep out snails, cutworms, and slugs all without any pesticides. And as a bonus, deer also dislike the smell of eggs, so you can be sure they won’t be bothering your beautiful garden.

Scatter some crushed eggshells around the garden

eggs shells in the garden soil

#Help with Coffee Bitterness

If your coffee seems too bitter for your liking, you can use eggshells to help fix this problem. Yep, that’s right – eggshells. Just mix in some crumbled and ground eggshells that have been rinsed in water and vinegar and then dried with your coffee grounds. Since the eggshells are rich in alkaline calcium carbonate they help to neutralize a part of the acidity in the coffee.

Just mix in some crumbled and ground eggshells with your coffee grounds

uses for eggshells cup of coffee being poured

These were some of our favorite uses for eggshells. We hope you found this article useful. Now you won’t have to throw out the eggshells, and you will reap all the benefits from repurposing them.

These were some of our favorite uses for eggshells

uses for eggshells egg shells clumped together


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