Send flowers to show someone you are thinking of them

by John Griffith

This past year has definitely been challenging. Facing a global pandemic and living through lockdowns and social distancing was very hard on a lot of people. However, it seems like there is still an upside. We learned to appreciate each other more. After all, people are social, they need contact and they need people around them. That is why now more than ever, we need to make sure that the people we care about know how much they mean to us. And what better way to do that than to send flowers. Even if you are away from each other and can’t travel due to the restrictions you can seek an international flower delivery service, which is going to do all the work. What’s more, you will definitely put a smile on someone’s face with this nice gesture.

Sending flowers is a gesture which is going to show the recepient that you are thinking of them

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Send flowers to make someone’s day

Nowadays with texting and video chats, sending someone flowers or a card is definitely a lost art. That, however, shouldn’t be the case. Sending flowers is a gesture, which shows that you have put in the effort to find the right flowers for the recepient and someone to actually deliver them to their front door. What’s more, these flowers will not only make them smile, but they will also spread a nice scent across their home. Plus, they will think of you everytime they walk past them. That is why, no matter where you are in the world, you can easily find a service online and send flowers to Mexico, send flowers to Canada, send flowers anywhere around the world.

To send flowers means that you have actually made an effort to make someone smile

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What do different flowers represent?

If you want to send someone a bouquet of flowers, you have to know the meaning behind them. Are you sending them to a friend? A lover? A family member? There is a special flower for any occasion!


Roses are the flowers of love and that is no secret. If you want to show someone you love them or even want to confess your love then you should definitely send them a bouquet of roses. Naturally, red roses remain the most popular. On the other hand, yellow roses represent friendship. So, if you want to make a friend happy, send them a yellow roses bouquet. Pink and peach roses are signs of admiration and gratitute. That makes them perfect for a family member, like your parents or grandparents – someone you admire in general.

There are so many flowers to choose from out there

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Hydrangeas are perfect for any occasion. No matter their color they represent a heartfelt gratitude. If that is what you want to express, if someone has helped you through a tough time then hydrangeas are the way to go. They are a beautiful flower, which comes in a lot of different colors, making it perfect for a flower bouquet. Of course, you can mix in a few other flowers and make it a fun and colorful arrangement.

Mix different flowers to send a few messages to the recepient

send flowers flower bouquet in vase different flowers


Chrysantemums also come in a lot of different colors. All of them, however, represent the same thing – optimisim, joy and long life. Their meaning makes them perfect for the times that we live in. What’s more, sending a chrysantemum bouquet shows the recipient that you support them. If they are going through a tough time, these flowers will fill them with their optimism, joy and positive vibes. And we all know we need more of that these days.

Nothing sends a message better than flowers

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Carnations are a sign of love, affection an adoration. However, the meanings differ slightly according to the color. For example, if you want to show someone your deep love for them, choose red. If you want to profess your admiration, choose light red. Pink, on the other hand, shows a mother’s undying love.

John Griffith

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