Nike Wallpaper for All the Fans of the Famous Brand

Von John Griffith / January 20 2021

It seems like nowadays the preferred type of clothing is casual. People are all about comfort and understandably so. It is strange to think that some time ago we were all about low cut jeans and cute tops. Nowadays, however, it is all about fashionable tracksuits and oversized hoodies. Sports clothing or the so called athleisure is on the rise and brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more have become the biggest fashion fad. So, today we are going to honor one of those brands. The most famous brand out of them all is by far Nike and there is no doubt about that. So, if you are a fan of the brand as well, choose a Nike wallpaper from our photo gallery and declare your love for the brand.

Air Jordan definitely played a part in making the Nike brand super popular internationally

air jordans in black white and red nike shoes wallpaper worn by person wearing black jeans white socks

What is the history of the Nike brand?

The company’s original name was “Blue Ribbon Sports” and it was founded on the 25th of January, 1964. “Blue Ribbon Sports” was founded by a track athlete from the University of Oregon, Phil Knight, and his coach Bill Bowerman. It first started as a distributor for a Japanese shoe maker brand. The company was quite successful until they decided to start making their own shoes. They renamed their brand Nike, after the Greek goddess of victory, and they started producing their own shoes in 1971. In 1974 they trademarked the “Swoosh” logo, created by graphic designer Carolyn Davidson. Nowadays, this is the most recognizable logo in the world and it is worth around 26$ billion.

The Swoosh is the most recognizable logo in the world

black background with brick wall just do it wallpaper yellow nike neon logo in the middle

What kind of brand is Nike?

Although the company started with shoes, nowadays it has expanded its production to clothing, accessories and sports gear. Nevertheless, shoes are still the best selling product of the brand, though. The Swoosh has become so popular, however, that you can see people dressed in Nike all the time. Their product line is so extensive that you can find it everywhere – gyms, stadiums, arenas, or even on the street. Basically, you can’t go out without seeing that Swoosh. Hence why it is the most recognizable brand logo in the world.

Nike is the best selling sports apparel brand in the world

black nike logo in the middle nike shoes wallpaper purple and pink marble background

Nike’s signature athletes

One of the best marketing strategies from the brand comes in the form of signature athletes. Throughout the years Nike has signed deals with some of the biggest names in sports to represent their brand. One of the biggest names is, of course, basketball legend Michael Jordan. After the international success of his signature shoes, the brand even gave him his own brand – The Jordan Brand. Other notable names include football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. Basketball legends Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, just to name a few. Also, star athletes like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods are also a part of the Nike family. It is worth pointing out that Nike also has deals with some of the biggest sports teams in the world to produce their uniforms. Every NBA team, FC Barcelona, Paris Saint German and Liverpool are some of the biggest names worth mentioning.

Big part of Nike’s marketing strategy is having signature athletes – any basketball fan would recognize this Kyrie Irving logo

black background black nike wallpaper large kyrie irving logo in the middle nike logo on the side

What are the best Nike collaborations

Sports personalities are not the only people who can say they have deals with Nike, though. The company has made sure they have branched out in all other entertainment fields. Throughout the years they have had collaborations with artists such as Travis Scott, Drake, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, just to name the few. What’s more, the brand with the Swoosh has had collaborations with other big time fashion houses and designers. Some of the most popular fashion collaborations they have had are the ones with Dior, Comme des Garçons, Off-White and Supreme. Many of these collaborations have been limited edition and can now be sold at a collector’s value.

The Nike x Drake collaboration was extremely successful

black background with ovo owl logo in gold in the middle black nike wallpaper gold nike logo on the side

Why should you get a Nike wallpaper

First of all, why not? Second of all, as we have already said multiple times the company has the most recognizable logo in the world. So, if you are a fan of the brand and like to rock their apparel and shoes, why not represent it? Trust us, the swag you will get on your phone or desktop computer with a Nike wallpaper is unmatched. So, browse through our gallery where you can find a Nike background for any taste and upgrade your phone, laptop or desktop computer’s screen.

Up the swag of your phone with a cool Nike wallpaper

black nike wallpaper white nike logo in the middle clouds and blue galaxy sky in the middle

The good thing about the brand is that they definitely have something for everyone

blue nike logo in the middle galaxy nike wallpaper red blue and white gradient background

“Just do it” is the famous motto of the company

colorful just do it and nike logo in green blue and purple cool nike backgrounds black background

Nike’s shoes are the most popular product of the brand

colorful sneakers drawn behind black nike logo in the middle on white background galaxy nike wallpaper

On one hand it may seem simple, but this is still the most recognizable logo in the world

cool nike backgrounds black background drawing of turquoise nike logo in the middle

The Air Jordan 1 is the most popular basketball shoe in the world

drawing of black red and white nike air jordan sneaker galaxy nike wallpaper blue and purple background

Nike’s collaboration with Supreme is on a whole different level

galaxy nike wallpaper drawing of man wearing red supreme hoodie green nike jacket on black background

Travis Scott also had a collaboration with the brand

guess im the highest in the room now written on blue sky with clouds background nike shoes wallpaper white travis scott shoes just do it wallpaper orange nike logo in the middle galaxy sky in the background in pink and turquoise

Basketball superstar Kevin Durant is one of a few athletes who can say they have a signature shoe deal with Nike

kevin durant wearing usa uniform in blue on the court about to dunk the ball nike logo wallpaper black nike logo in the middle

Kobe Bryant’s signature shoe with Nike is their third best selling sneaker line

kobe logo with yellow outlines painted in white kobe signature over it just do it wallpaper yellow nike logo on purple background

Second place, of course, is for The King and his sneaker line, LeBron James

lebron james wearing gold and purple lakers unifrom about to dunk the ball nike logo wallpaper nike logo on the side man wearing red sweatshirt with white nike logo on the back galaxy nike wallpaper white background minimalistic background nike logo in the middle on black background cool nike backgrounds just do it written underneath nike logo wallpaper photo of sunset sky in purple and orange with palm trees black nike logo in the middle

Kobe Bryant’s basketball shoes are the most popular choice for NBA players

nike shoes wallpaper kobe bryant wearing gold and purple lakers uniform in the air holding the ball nike logo on the side pink purple and orange just do it logo in the middle of black background cool nike backgrounds green nike logo under it red and black digital drawing of smoke coming together on black background nike logo wallpaper silver glitter nike logo in the middle small orange nike logo in the middle nike logo wallpaper white geometrical background

Just do it – this might be all the motivation you need

white background just do it wallpaper digital drawing of lots of colorful sneakers around white just do it written in the middle with pink nike logo on black background cool nike backgrounds white nike logo in the middle black nike wallpaper digital drawing of blue green and turquoise smoke in the background

On the other hand you can Just do it.. later – the funniest Nike logo wallpaper with Homer Simpson

white nike logo in the middle drawing of homer simpson sleeping on it nike shoes wallpaper just do it later written underneath

white nike logo in the middle just do it wallpaper background in black red and blue white nike logos from different eras just do it written in white black nike wallpaper black background

Black Nike wallpaper – Basketball never stops – Nike is very invested in basketball and its superstars

basketball never stops written in white above white nike logo cool nike wallpapers written on black background black background cool nike wallpapers air jordan sneaker made from red and white neon lights black background nike wallpaper iphone colorful sneaker in the middle made from names of famous basketball players

“We are all witnesses” was the logo for LeBron James’ signature sneaker line

black background nike wallpaper iphone lebron james holding a basketball we are all witnesses written in white above nike logo

Kobe Bryant’s logo is on of the most recognizable ones

black background white nike logo in the bottom corner nike background kobe logo in purple blue and pink in the middle

Kevin Durant chose to keep it simple with his logo – simply KD

black kd logo over a black nike logo nike background white and black geometric background kevin durant

The Jumpman or the Air Jordan logo recreates an actual photo of Michael Jordan on the court

cool nike wallpapers jordan brand and nike logos in white on red and black background own the game written in white

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the brand’s most popular signature athletes

cristiano ronaldo running after football nike wallpaper dressed in nike gear purple and white background

digital drawing of orange and blue smoke on galaxy background in black and blue orange nike logo on the side nike wallpaper iphone

just do it written under nike logo on black background nike background in all colors of the rainbow large nike logo in gray and black gradient in the middle nike wallpaper iphone drawn on black background minimalistic background with white nike logo nike background drawn on black background

Neymar is yet another soccer superstar who chose to represent Nike

neymar jr turning to the camera wearing black nike t shirt nike wallpaper nike boots around his shoulder tied together black background nike background black background digital drawing of nike logo in blue green white turquoise gradient nike wallpaper cristiano ronaldo wallpaper out of this world him standing on digital drawing of the earth nike wallpaper iphone just do it written in white under white nike logo drawn on black background orange nike football boot with black nike logo on it cool nike wallpapers photographed on black background pink purple turquoise orange yellow digital drawing of sneaker with black nike logo nike wallpaper black background

Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse brought back the hype for the Air Jordan 1s

spider man into the spider verse cool nike wallpapers holding an air jordan sneaker red neon nike logo above him white nike logo on black football standing on the neck of person nike wallpaper black and white wallpaper

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