Enjoy the Little Things in Life With a Minimalist Wallpaper

by John Griffith

It seems like minimalism has taken over our lives. More and more people seem to be finding the teachings of “less is more” very helpful. Minimalism has become a part of beauty, fashion, interior design trends and pretty much every part of life. That, of course, is not a bad thing. Especially in a world of consumerism, where it is all about constantly buying things that you may not even need, it might be worth taking a look at what minimalism is and how to start practicing it yourself. So, to take some inspiration choose a minimalist wallpaper from our gorgeous photo gallery, which can decorate both your phone and desktop screen. That way, we believe, you can start on your minimalism journey.

“Less is more” is a good life motto to have

beige and dusty pink gradient colors minimalist desktop backgrounds watercolor on white background

What is minimalism?

Minimalism as a lifestyle choice is all about living with less. It teaches you that experiences are far more important than material things. Furthermore, it is a study, which argues that you can have a more fulfilling life with just the bare necessities. There has been countless documentaries, books and articles created about minimalism. But, some people are still quite skeptical towards this movement and view it as a millenial trend, which is going to disappear just as quickly as it appeared. For those, whoever, who decided to practice it, minimalism is a real lifestyle, which can be very beneficial to the overall quality of one’s life.

There is so much beauty in the simple things

black silhouette of female face with orange lips 4k minimalist wallpaper green leaves on the side

What are the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle?

For some people, this lifestyle choice can be a bit extreme. Others, may find it unnecessary. As we have already said, there are those who think it is just a trend, which is going to go away. Minimalism, however, has a lot of supporters and if you ask any of them you will actually realize that this lifestyle is not so bad after all and has its benefits. So, before you decide to start your journey towards minimalism, make sure you have educated yourself on the matter and have all the facts.

A minimalist wallpaper can remind you that even the simplest things are beautiful

blue background with white and orange brush strokes 4k minimalist wallpaper orange dots

Getting rid of material things frees up room for experiences

Just think about all of the things you own. How many of them have you used in the past month? Or the past 3 months? Or the past year? Minimalism teaches us that we can live only with the things we use every day. By getting rid of everything else you make room for so much more in your life. First of all, this is very helpful when it comes to your finances, because you don’t spend money on things you don’t need. Secondly, being able to fit all of your possessions into a backpack allows for more freedom of movement. It lets you travel anywhere you want without being tied to one specific place.

Sometimes all you need to do is to just look up

blue sky with clouds minimalist phone wallpaper four tall palm trees photographed from below

Declutter your life and you will make room for what’s really meaningful

Media is always bombarding us with advertisements for things we just “have” to buy. Things that are going to change your life. In reality, however, none of these material things are actually going to change your life. What’s more, by getting rid of all of these distractions, you can free up your time and start doing things that really matter. Finding a new hobby or just having more free time is a form of self-care. And we all know that when a person is taking good care of themselves, they are much happier. So, do yoga, spend more time with family, make art, express yourself and you will instantly feel your whole vibe and mood changing.

Bring a piece of mind to your life by doing things that charge your soul

close up photo of lots of stones in different shapes minimalist aesthetic wallpaper different shades of gray

Get rid of the financial burdens to focus on what’s really important

How many rooms do you actually need in your apartment or house? Do you really need the biggest plasma TV? How many clothes do you need? How many pairs of shoes? Because of the influence of social media, lots of people think that by owning the latest big fashion fads, that will give meaning to your life. Or that you definitely need two bedrooms, because one of your friends has just one and can’t have sleepovers. All of these instances can be considered peer pressure by the society that we live in. In reality, you can save so much money by just being content with what you have. Even more so if you have just the things necessary to live life. Try it for a month and keep track of your finances. Trust us, you will notice the different immediately.

This minimalist wallpaper of The Leaning Tower of Pisa is so gorgeous

close up photo of the leaning tower of pisa minimalist desktop backgrounds sunset sky behind it

Living the minimalist lifestyle frees up your mind

When you declutter your life, you declutter your mind. How many times have you tried to fall asleep at night, but couldn’t, because you were thinking of your everyday problems and struggles? Well, the less you have to worry about, the easier it would be for your mind to relax. And, by doing so, you won’t have trouble sleeping, you will feel more energetic and you will have a desire to do so many things and try new challenges.

The minimalist lifestyle has lots of benefits

daisies drawn in the middle with green stems and leaves on pink background simple phone backgrounds

Choose a minimalist wallpaper to get you started on your journey towards this lifestyle

If you choose one of our wallpapers you can decorate both your phone and your desktop computer’s screens. That way, every time you look at your screen you will be reminded that “less is more” and that even the simplest things can be just as beautiful. That, in turn, can be all the inspiration you need to start your journey towards the minimalist lifestyle.

Begin the journey with a minimalist wallpaper

digital drawing of dessert with palm tree full moon behind it simple desktop backgrounds green aesthetic

Just look at these gorgeous flowers

digital drawing of flowers in orange and pink in two corners of the screen minimalist aesthetic wallpaper white background

The minimalist lifestyle is also eco-friendly

drawing of a mountain range and forest with gradient colors simple phone backgrounds white orange green black

What do you actually need in your everyday life

drawing of a silhouette of a rose with orange outline minimalist aesthetic wallpaper pink background drawing of small white clouds in the same shape on pink background simple phone backgrounds gradient of different shades of beige colors simple desktop backgrounds from the bottom to the top corner

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, it can also be colorful

gradient paint colors mixed together minimalist phone wallpaper shades of blue pink yellow orange purple green leaves of small potted palm minimalist phone wallpaper photographed on white background

It’s time for new beginnings

its time for new beginnings written above drawing of small butterfly 4k minimalist wallpaper white background

It’s your day – the perfect day to change your life

its your day written under drawing of yellow field flowers on white background 4k minimalist wallpaper light gray dark gray and black gradient colors minimalist desktop backgrounds white color on the bottom

beach photographed from above minimalist phone wallpaper waves crashing into the rocks light pink background minimalist aesthetic wallpaper dots in both corners of the screen in pink and blue

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

minimalist desktop backgrounds dark night sky above mountain range covered with snow photo minimalist phone wallpaper blue aesthetic photo of waves crashing together in the dark waters outline in white of small heart in the top corner simple phone backgrounds pink background simple desktop backgrounds white outline drawing of woman wearing a hat on beige background

black outline of cat holding onto edge drawing on white background minimalist desktop backgrounds

Breath – the most important thing in life is to just keep breathing

simple phone backgrounds breathre written in rose gold on gray and white marble rose gold glitter on top tall palm trees next to the beach 4k minimalist wallpaper old caravan with surf on the roof two stamps and leaf branch drawn in the bottom corner on white background simple desktop backgrounds pink line in the top corner white outlines of three flowers in the middle of dark purple background simple desktop backgrounds

Now view our gallery and choose a minimalist desktop wallpaper

black background minimalist wallpaper colorful drawing of the head of an owl drawn in watercolor black background mminimalist desktop wallpaper digital drawing of round diamond in the middle in different colors digital drawing of man carrying an umbrella minimalist iphone wallpaper walking between tall buildings on dark blue background digital drawing of mountain range with sunset sky mminimalist desktop wallpaper forest at the forefront birds flying in the sky

Grow tall, stand tall

drawing of three potted plants in green watercolor on white background mminimalist desktop wallpaper grow tall written on the side fern leaves drawn with white watercolor on white background minimalist iphone wallpaper green and red watercolor drawing of slices of watermelon minimalist wallpaper white background lots of white clouds in the sky minimalist background gray aesthetic foggy sky

Simple, yet so beautiful

minimalist background paintbrush strokes in different shades of blue purple and white gradient minimalist iphone wallpaper watercolor drawing of gradient colors gray brown beige on white background

And perhaps in these unknowns my awareness of what really matters will grow

minimalist wallpaper watercolor drawing of flower with blue paintbrush strokes orange stem on blue background mminimalist desktop wallpaper drawing of dusty pink green yellow tropical leaves on white background photo of cup of coffee on white background minimalist iphone wallpaper dark green ceramic mug beige small plate photo of lots of white clouds on blue sky minimalist background blue white aesthetic

It’s all about loving the life you live

salmon pink background mminimalist desktop wallpaper mandala heart drawn in white in the middle white background minimalist background digital drawing of large green palm leaves in the corner

Survival is the ability to swim in strange water

white background minimalist iphone wallpaper survival is the ability to swim in strange water written in black white desktop with newspaper white keyboard white calculator and pen and cup of coffee on it minimalist wallpaper white silhouettes of different women surrounded by leaves minimalist wallpaper beige background

You can do it

you can written in cursive font with black letters on light blue background minimalist background

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