How To Wash White Clothes The Right Way

by John Griffith

White garments are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. They are beautiful, elegant, and pair well with pretty much any other color. However, they do have a downside. White clothes are really hard to keep white. This is because they can quickly stain, become dull looking, and get a grayish or yellow tint. Yikes! But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the proper care, your white garments can keep their initial shine and brightness for years to come. You won’t have to feel the disappointment of seeing your white clothes looking dull ever again. So, today we will share with you all the secrets on how to wash white clothes so they stay nice and bright.

White garments are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe

clothes drying in the sun

How To Wash White Clothes

While doing laundry isn’t everybody’s favorite chore, it is a necessary evil. And if done correctly it can save you a ton of money. If you put in the extra effort, you won’t need to constantly buy new clothes, as your old ones will look as good as the day you bought them. White garments often present a challenge for cleaning as it seems no matter how many times you wash them they just don’t look good. But we are here to tell you that with the proper laundry routine, they can continue looking bright and shiny just like when they were new. Here is how to wash white clothing properly, so you can save its shine.

Doing laundry isn’t everybody’s favorite chore

man holding a basket with white laundry

#Always read the label

No matter if you are washing linens, delicates, whites, or colored clothing, you need to read the label beforehand. Care labels are there for a reason.  Reading them before washing will help tell you exactly what the garments need and this way you can avoid the risk of potential damage to something that you cherish.

Care labels are there for a reason

how to wash white clothes clothing tag with information

#Sort by color

We know this can be quite an annoying and seemingly unnecessary task. After all you are putting a color catcher, why should you separate the laundry. Well, while mixing loads won’t necessarily paint your white clothes pink or another color, it can discolor your brighter items. This will make them look dull and is a sure way for them to come out looking worse than before you washed them. So, if you want to ensure your whites will stay white, wash them only with the other light pieces of clothing.

Make sure you separate your whites and colors

white clothes in a washing machine

#Treat stains and discoloration

Before you pop your clothes in the washing machine, it’s important you treat any stains you can see on the garment. While it is best to deal with stains as soon as they happen, sometimes that isn’t possible. That is why you shouldn’t forget to tackle them before washing. Just apply some stain remover, chlorine-free bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or some baking soda to the desired spot. If your white garment has started looking more yellow or gray rather than white lately, you can also treat this discoloration. There are several ways to brighten your white clothes and it should be done before washing.

Treat any stains you can see on the garment

white shirts on a rack

#Use a laundry booster

If your normal detergent doesn’t seem to be washing your white to your standards, then you can add a laundry booster. A booster is a cleaning agent that is safe to use on clothes that will help your detergent do its job better. They are great at dealing with stains and discoloration. Some common booster you can find hiding in your pantry are white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and borax!

Baking soda is a great laundry booster

how to wash white clothes baking soda spilled from jar

#No fabric softener

Sorry to all you fabric softener fans, but they are just doing your white clothes more harm than good. Try to avoid using any softeners as the residue that build up from them on your clothes tend to give your clothes a gray tinge. While you may not see the residue itself, that gray discoloring is all the proof you need. So no more fabric softener for your whites!

Try to avoid using any fabric softeners

person putting detergent in the washing machine

#Washing cycle

Okay, now that you’ve divided the laundry by colors, you’ve pretreated the stains and discoloration, it’s time to pop everything into the washing machine. Use warm water, unless the tag says otherwise, as warmer water is more effective at removing grime and oils from the materials. Then wash as usual.

Use warm water, unless the tag says otherwise

how to wash white clothes washing machine in black

#Dry outside

Unless you’re in a hurry or it’s raining outside, it is recommended to air dry your white garments. The sun is the best friend of your white clothes. The rays help to preserve the white color and the fiber’s integrity way longer. The sun UV rays break down stains and cause them to fade. They also fade color, which is great for white clothes, not so much colored clothes.

It is recommended to air dry your white garments

white t shirts in a row on washing line

This was how to wash white clothes properly so they keep their shine and brightness. We hope you found this article useful. Now that you know the right way to take care of white clothing, you will be able to enjoy your favorite pieces for years to come.

This was how to wash white clothes properly

woman in a washing machin

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