Who’s A Cute Dog? 70 Images Proving That Our Canine Friends Are The Best Animals Ever

by John Griffith

In one of our previous articles we explored the top 10 exotic animals you can legally own. Today, we are taking a look at a pet that is a lot more common, but amazingly cute nonetheless – the majestic canis lupus familiaris, a.k.a. – the domestic dog. Needless to say, our canine friends come in a vast number of colors, shapes and sizes – in fact, there are more than 330 officially recognized breeds in the world! In today’s article, we will look at the 10 most adorable pooches, while also sharing plenty of cute dog photos that will make you say “aww”! Ready? Let’s go!

Who’s a cute dog? You are!

cute dog with brown, and beige shaggy fur, and floppy ears, sitting on a paved road, while holding a green leaf in its mouth

Which dog breeds have the cutest pups? Find out in the video below!

Before we get started, we would like to underline a few important points. Although this article is devoted to the cutest dog breeds, you shouldn’t forget that looks are by far not the most important thing when choosing a puppy. Before deciding on a breed, you ought to carefully consider:

  1. How big is your home? Is there enough space for a larger dog to run around? It should go without saying that if you live in a flat, a Newfoundland is probably not the best choice!
  2. Are you an experienced pet owner who can manage “difficult” animals? Huskies, for example, are gorgeous and exceptionally smart dogs. However, they require vigorous training and a lot of mental stimulation. Do you have enough free time and experience to accommodate their needs?
  3. Do you have children or other pets? If yes, avoid easily excitable breeds, as they tend to fight for domination. Instead, opt for a gentle and sociable dog, like a Labrador or a Golden Retriever
  4. How big is your budget? A Chihuahua eats less than 3,5 ounces per day, while a St. Bernard chows down the impressive 55 ounces! Will you be able to afford feeding a larger dog and taking care of its medical bills, if necessary?
  5. Adopt don’t buy – even if your heart is set on a specific breed, chances are you will be able to find it in your local shelter. So many animals need a home and you know what they say: “Saving one dog won’t change the world, but for that one dog the world will be forever changed.”

An adorable golden doodle – a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle!

ginger brown curly coat, on a golden doodle puppy, lying on a soft cream blanket, cute dog

Who could resist these eyes?

hands holding a small daschund puppy, cute dog, with short chocolate brown coat, a black nose, and dark sad-looking eyes

And now, without any further ado, we present to you our selection of top 10 cutest breeds. We have included some interesting facts about each pooch, as well as lots of cute dog photos!

10. German Shepherd

wicker basket lined with white linen, containing a german shepherd puppy, cute dog, with floppy ear, and one turned up

Incredibly intelligent and perceptive, the German shepherd is known for being able to learn commands in as little as five tries. That is why they are often used as police and military service dogs. These pooches are very loyal and loving towards their humans, and enjoy running and playing outside. However, their energetic nature and loud bark make them a poor choice for people living in close proximity to others.

Look at those ears!

german shepherd pup, with a black and ginger coat, and ears turned up, cute dog, lying on a concrete path

German shepherds will be your friends for life and will always protect you

fluffy german shepherd puppy, with a black and cream coat, cute dog, with head slightly tilted to one side, and ears turned up

9. Daschund

blue and cream sweater, worn by a daschund puppy, cute dog, with a short, chocolate brown and ginger coat

First bred in Germany to deal with badger infestations (the name Daschund comes from the German word Dachs, or badger), this dog has evolved into a cherished family pet. It’s friendly and lovable, and enjoys the company of humans, as well as other pets. Its minute size makes it a great choice for people living in flats.

Some Daschunds have long or shaggy fur

cute puppy with blue eyes, and a white and beige coat, speckled with dark brown spots, held by two human hands

Puppy love

rattan basket containing two daschund puppies, nuzzling each other, one cute dog has a chocolate brown and ginger fur, while the other is fully ginger

wooden bench covered in green moss, with an adult daschund standing on top, cute puppy, with short chockolate brown, and ginger fur

8. Newfoundland

newfoundland puppy with a furry, soft and fluffy black coat, lying on a stone tiled floor, with its head on its paw, cute puppy

As their name suggests, these gentle giants are native to Canada. Exceptionally good swimmers, they were used to reel in heavy fish nets in the past. Today they are often trained as rescue dogs. Newfoundlands have a mild temperament and are very intelligent. Plus, they look like black balls of fluff when they are puppies! All in all they can be great pets, although their large size makes them a bit difficult to manage.

mother newfoundland and two pups, with almost entirely black, and very fluffy coats, cute puppy, sitting on a grassy area

chubby newfoundland puppy, with large paws, and a soft fluffy black coat, cute puppy, lying on a tiled floor

How cute is this?

sitting newfoundland puppy, with fluffy black coat, cute puppy, looking up at the camera, and surrounded by snow

7. Golden Retriever

baby golden retriever, with a cream coat, and pale beige ears, cute puppy, sitting on a green lawn

Golden Retrievers are among the most beloved dogs out there, and it’s easy to see why. Their gentle disposition makes them an excellent family pet, and they are also very perceptive and intelligent. In addition, Golden Retriever puppies are the cutest baby animals in the universe. That’s a scientific fact, trust us.

very young golden retriever puppy, with a pale cream coat, cute puppy, lying on a fluffy, mock-sheepskin blanket, in pale pink

cutest dog in the world, eleven golden retriever puppies, with pale cream coats, sitting and lying on a bed

A good girl having fun at the beach

light blue sky, behind a golden retriever puppy, with pale cream fur, leaning over an orange ledge, with sand on its paws and tongue, cutest dog in the world

kittens in a bucket, next to a golden retriever puppy, with a pale cream coat, cutest dog in the world, yellow rubber ducky nearby

6. St Bernard

st. bernard puppy, with white and beige, and dark brown coat, cutest dog in the world, sitting on a grassy lawn

St. Bernards may look like fluffy marshmallows when they are pups but they can grow up to weigh up to 260 pounds! Although their size makes them seem a tad scary, they are, in fact, sweet and gentle creatures who love their humans, and are friendly with small children. These pooches don’t bark a lot and are not very energetic either – they are active for only 1 hour a day, and spend the rest of their time relaxing and generally being lazy.

young st. bernard puppy, with a fluffy white, and dark brown coat, cutest dog in the world, sitting on a soft white surface

couple of adult, st. bernard rescue dogs, with round wooden flasks, bearing the swiss flag, tied around their necks, cutest dog in the world, mountains in the background

5. Labradoodle

labradoodles with curly, pale cream coats, cutest dog in the world, placed inside a mug, and in a ceramic dog food bowl

The labradoodle was created by crossing Labrador retrievers with Miniature poodles. If you have allergies but have always dreamed of a dog – this lovable pooch might be just the solution for you! The breed combines the friendly and intelligent character of the Labrador, with the affectionate nature and hypoallergenic fur of the miniature poodle. Plus, it’s simply adorable too! What’s not to love?

older and younger labradoodles, with curly cream, and pale beige coats, cutest dog in the world, sitting next to each other, on a light grey couch

cute dog breeds, a cockapoo puppy, with light beige shaggy fur, sitting inside a plastic, neon orange hoop

4. Alaskan Malamute

giant alaskan malamute puppy, with extremely fluffy light grey, white and dark grey fur, lying in the snow, cute dog breeds

Originally, these dogs were breed to pull sleighs and do other manual labor activities requiring physical strength and endurance. Used to living in harsh and cold environments, members of this breed are independent, resourceful, and intelligent. Similar to Huskies, Malamutes rarely make sounds, and when they do their voice resembles a howl, rather than a bark.

alaskan malamute pup, with soft white and grey fur, cute dog breeds, held by a human hand

grown alaskan malamute, with fluffy cream and grey fur, cute dog breeds, lying on the ground, and looking at the camera

Sleepy little beans

three yawning alaskan malamute puppies, with white and light grey fur, lying on a bed of straw, cute dog breeds, with pine trees in the background

3. Shiba Inu

shiba inu puppy, with short beige and white fur, cute dog breeds, standing on a white bed, near an orange stuffed toy

Thanks to the insanely popular doge meme that began making its rounds on the internet in 2010, this unique breed has gotten a lot of attention lately.  Shiba inus are quite smart and affectionate but can also be very mischievous and temperamental. They are an active and adaptable breed, and their medium size makes them a great choice for flats, as well as houses.

bandana in lime green, teal and yellow plaid, worn by an adult shiba inu, sticking its tongue out, cute dog breeds, with short fur

playing shiba inu pup, with a ginger and white coat, rolling on top of fall leaves in yellow, orange and brown


cute dogs, adult shiba inu, seen in close up, with short velvety, beige and white fur, sticking its tongue out

booties in black, red and grey, worn by a shiba inu, with light beige and cream fur, and head tilted to one side, cute dogs

2. Corgi

corgi puppy with a fluffy, beige and white coat, and upright ears, cute dogs, standing on a geen lawn,

Corgis are most famous for being Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite type of dog. Their breed is the smallest among the shepherds, but don’t let their size fool you – in the past they were known as excellent cattle herders! It is therefore, perhaps, not surprising that they have the character to match – this pooches are tenacious, bold and playful. They make great pets even for small households.

fully gorwn corgi, with a pale ginger and white coat, and big upright ears, cute dogs, sitting on a grassy spot

dried brown leaf, in the mouth of a corgi puppy, with a cream and white coat, cute dogs, sitting on the grass

“I can hear everything!”

alert upright ears, on a corgi puppy, with a grey, cream and white coat, cute dogs, lying on a laminate floor

1. Pomeranian

running pomeranian puppy, with an extremely fluffy, grey and beige and cream coat, cute dogs with soft fur

As cute as a button, this little dog is incredibly energetic and sociable. Pomeranians adore being petted and held, which makes them an excellent companion. Don’t overdo it though – they must learn to do some things on their own, otherwise they can get really fussy and spoiled! The only downside to this otherwise wonderful breed is that they bark. A lot. At everything. Luckily, good training can help!

Boo the Pomeranian is an internet star

boo the pomeranian, with trimmed pale beige, and light cream fur, dubbed the cutest dog in the world, lying on a light cream carpet, cute dogs of the internet

cutest dog breeds, boo the pomeranian, dressed in a light blue sweater, with teal and brown polka dots, with light beige and cream fur

bunny suit in pale, powder pink and fuchsia, worn by a running pomeranian, with a ginger and cream coat, cutest dog breeds

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 10! Do you agree with our selection? Is there a dog breed you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments! And if you still haven’t had enough cuteness for one day – take a look at our gallery. We have plenty of cute dog photos to share with you!

We don’t even know what this is but we want one!

tiny pomeranian puppy, with an extremely fluffy white coat, big dark eyes, and a very small black nose, cutest dog breeds, standing on a concrete road

incredibly small pomeranian puppy, with white and cream and beige fur, cutest dog breeds, held by a human's hand

Bloodhound pup. This breed can be dangerous when not handled properly, but their babies sure are cute!

bloodhound puppy with wrinkled, and droopy skin, covered in short dark grey, and cream fur, walking on a green lawn

walking english bulldog puppy, with a white and brown coat, and a pale pink snout, cutest dog breeds, in a green field

muzzle in black, dsrk brown ears, and a beige and white coat, on a sitting puppy, with a black tail

Tiny labrador siblings

chocolate brown labrador puppy, lying on the ground, with a black labrador puppy on top of its neck, cutest dog breeds, labrador babies

puppy from a mixed breed, with a beige and brown coat, and big dark eyes, lying next to a pile of dog toys

velvety dark grey fur, on a floppy-eared puppy, lying on a tiled floor, and chewing a pale yellow rug

“I will be a service dog when I grow up!”

service dog gear in red, black and white, placed on a very young, golden retriever puppy, cutest dog breeds, with white and cream fur

shaggy pale cream fur, on a small dog, with floppy ears, sitting on dried grass, next to some yellow flowers

cocker spaniel puppy, with light beige fur, cutest dog breeds, lying on a tiled floor, with its head slightly tilted to one side

“Why won’t you throw the ball?”

cutest dogs, chocolate brown labrador puppy, lying on a laminate floor, near a chewed, green and yellow ball

snow covering the fluffy black fur, of two young newfoundland dogs, playing in the snow, cutest dogs

very young golden retriever, or labrador puppy, cutest dogs, sleeping with one of its front paws raised

The face of cuteness         

close up of a ginger puppy, with soft fur, small floppy ears, a pink nose, and big eyes, lying on a white blanket

ribbon in red and white, tied around the neck, of a puppy with floppy ears, and a beige coat, with white streaks

pink and black spotted nose, on a shih tzu puppy, with a white and brown coat, cutest dogs, lying on a white surface

“Someone peed in the living room but it definitely wasn’t me!”

short-haired st. bernard dog, with a white and brown coat, and a guilty look, cutest dogs, sitting on a porch

small blanket in light pink, wrapped around a bichon frise puppy, cutest dogs, with long white fur, and a red hairclip

english bulldog puppy, with a brown body, dark tiger stripes, and a white and beige head, featuring a light pink snout, cutest dogs, on a grassy field

“Hello, friend!”

golden doodle with a curly, light beige coat, raising one of its front paws, cutest dogs, sitting on white surface

yellow retriever puppy, with a light coat and darker ears, sitting on a grey carpet, and looking up

More cute dog photos, coming right up!

floppy eared rabbit, with grayish-brown fur, sitting next to a st. bernard puppy, with a white, beige and dark brown coat

pup with big floppy ears, a black muzzle, and a wrinkled face, wearing a brick red collar, and standing on a green lawn

An adorable collie pup

rough collie puppy, with a beige and white coat, sitting on green grass, with pine trees in the background

adult dashund with long brown, and cream fur, and floppy ears, with black streaks, wearing a collar, with a red bown

curly beige coat, on a cockapoo puppy, seen from above, sitting on a patterned carpet, and wearing a sparkly pink collar

We hope you enjoyed our cute dog photos!

pile of golden retriever puppies, with white and cream, and light beige coats, huddled together on a green lawn

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