How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home: 5 Easy Methods

by John Griffith

Oh, no. What was that? Did a mouse just run through your home? Yikes! But don’t worry. You’re not alone. An American Housing Survey shows that nearly 15 million household report to have spotted a rodent in their house during the last year. Getting mice in your home happens from time to time. And it’s especially common during the cold months, when rodents are seeking refuge in your cozy home. However, you can’t let them stick around, as them rummage through your snacks is the least of the problems they can cause. Mice can spread a ton of diseases, which are dangerous to humans through their saliva, droppings or from ticks and fleas flying off of them. So, yea they are quite the menace. On the bright side we will show you how to get rid of mice quickly and keep them away for good.

Getting mice in your home happens, and it’s super common during the cold months

mouse in my house home sweet home sign

Why do I have mice in my house all of a sudden?

Mice have a couple of reasons to make themselves at home in your beautiful living space. And while mice are pretty good at making shelter pretty much anywhere in the wild, they do enjoy the benefits that your wonderful home has to offer. Here is what attracts these little creatures:

While mice can make shelter anywhere in the wild, they do prefer your home

mouse in between walls

  • Ultimate Food Supply: I mean, they are not going to get so much food sources anywhere in the wild, as much as your home. It’s basically like having an ultimate, never ending supply of food being delivered straight to your door.
  • Nesting Materials: Mice like to make nice, cozy little nests where they can give birth and take care of their babies. And some of their favorite materials are cotton balls, pet hair, paper, wall insulation and basically anything that is soft. And all of that is easily found in your home.
  • Warm Shelter: During the cold winter months, animals start to seek warmer shelter, this also goes for mice. And what warmer place than your home.

They get free food, free heating and free nesting materials

mouse nibbling through cables

What are the signs of mice in your house?

Trust us, you’ll know if you have mice. Sooner or later you’ll hear or see something that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Mice rarely go unseen or unheard. However, if you are not sure, here are some tell-tale signs mice are probably chilling in your house.

Trust us, you’ll know if you have mice

mice in the walls

  • Scratch or chew marks: If you open the cupboard, and you see boxes being bitten, nibbled on, or you notice scratches around the house, and you don’t have pets, it is a clear sign you have mice. You may also hear scratching or chewing as well.
  • Food debris: Well, they don’t only nibble on boxes, they also enjoy what foods they have to offer and take them for themselves. So, if you find any food debris on shelves, in the pantry or weird places, it’s mice.
  • Droppings: One of the worst ways to find out you have unwanted guests in your home is their droppings. You will start to find these everywhere.
  • Nests: If you find a bunch of clumped up pet hair, cotton, pet hair and so on, you may have found a nest. Oh, and mice leave a specific smell, so these will also stink.

Eventually, you will see this rodent running across your kitchen

mouse running across the sink

How to get rid of mice?

There are plenty of different ways you can get rid of mice. And some are real classic, such as setting up mice traps, sticky traps, or rodenticides. However, these can be dangerous to humans, pets and are just plain cruel. So, if you are looking for more natural, but still as effective ways to get rid of mice, we’ve got you.

#DIY Mice Bags

A natural and easy DIY way to keep mice is to make anti-mice bags. TikToker Barbara Costello, or Babs for short, gives us some great advice on how to do so. All you need is to take some favor bags and fill them up with one cinnamon stick, one anise star, a tablespoon of red pepper flakes and cloves. Then tie the bags and place them around any opening to the outside which mice might be attracted to, as well as in the pantry, closet, or cupboards. While mice hate it, it smells great for humans.

TikToker Barbara Costello, or Babs for short, gives us some great advice

@brunchwithbabs 🐭DIY Anti-Mouse Bags 🐭 It is that time of year again when our little creepy crawly friends come to pay a visit to seek shelter, water and food. These DIY anti-mouse bags save the day! And the best part?!  They are all-natural and you likely have all the ingredients in your home right now.  Mice rely on their amazing sense of smell to sense danger. These spices scream KEEP AWAY 🐭 Instructions:  Take favor bags and add one star anise, one cinnamon stick, 1 tbsp each of cloves and red pepper flakes. Tie the bags and place them near openings to the outside which could attract mice and in cupboards and closets. Added bonus is they make your house smell like Christmas. 🐭 XO Babs #mice #mousetrap #DIY ♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

#No More Food

As we mentioned, mice are mainly attracted to your home for two main things – warmth and food. So, one of the best ways you can make them disinterested in your home is to cut off their food source. Try to keep your shelves, cupboards, cabinets, and countertops clean and make sure to keep food in an airtight container. The same goes for pet food. Make sure there are no leftovers lying around. Also keep out cardboard packages, as they do enjoy munching on them.

Mice are mainly attracted to your home for two main things – warmth and food

how to get rid of mice mouse eating leftovers

#Seal Entry Points

While this doesn’t get rid of mice immediately, it will help to prevent any more of them entering your premises. It’s important to find any passages or entry points and seal them with caulk or weather stripping. You can also use duct tape with holes to cover any small holes and put steel wool into vent openings. This way you don’t restrict airflow, but you will dissuade entry.

It’s important to find any passages or entry points and seal them with caulk or weather stripping

mouse in a pipe laying down

#Natural Repellents

There are plenty of natural ways to repel mice. And a great way to do so is with essential oils. For example, mice really dislike peppermint’s strong smells. So, saturate cotton balls in essential oils and put them in places where these little rodents like to hang out. They also dislike clove oil.

Mice really dislike peppermint’s strong smells

peppermint plant in a pot

#Ultrasonic Noises

An effective, low-profile and really low-maintenance method. You can get an ultrasonic unit. They are safe for people and pets, and use noise to deter mice. You can get them from your local hardware store and put them in places where you have noticed any mice activity.

An effective, low-profile and really low-maintenance method

how to get rid of mice mouse looking scared next to ultra sonic machine

#Bonus: Get a cat!

What’s better than keeping mice away than their natural predator? Mice are actually hard-wired to feel fear and run when they smell the pheromones of cat pee. So, the pure smell of your fluffy friends will keep these critters away.

What’s better than keeping mice away than their natural predator?

cart looking suspicious in basket

This was how to get rid of mice quickly and effectively. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can enjoy e mouse free home and not worry about the all the trouble these tiny creatures could possibly cause.

This was how to get rid of mice quickly and effectively

mouse standing on a blanket

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