How To Get Rid of Lawn Grubs: 5 Effective and Easy Ways

by John Griffith

Sometimes it seems that even if you are doing everything right, your lawn still doesn’t look good. But why? The pristine lawn that was lush and green is now patchy and brown? Yuck! If your lawn seems to be in the same situation, it’s not the cold weather, it’s very likely that lawn grubs have made your lawn your new home. While some insects are more than welcome in the garden, like butterflies, bees and ladybirds, others like lawn grubs are most certainly not. So, what now? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to remove these annoying pests. Here is how to get rid of lawn grubs.

Your lawn should be looking nice and green

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What Are Lawn Grubs?

Grubs are the larval stages of different beetle species. These little critters have white, soft bodies with legs near their head. They usually stay curled up when they are disturbed. These pests love to eat the roots of the grass as well as other matter and foliage, ruining your perfect lawn. The grubs start becoming active during warm weather. However, if you’ve started noticing your grass browning during summer or early fall it’s a tell-tale sign that grubs are in the lawn, and they have started to feed. You need to get rid of lawn grubs on time or else they’ll develop into pupae and beetles, which will continue to cause even more lawn damage.

Grubs are the larval stages of different beetle species

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How To Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

So, if you don’t want to be dealing with a beetle infestation, it’s best to get your hands dirty now and get rid of the grubs. Pest control is important in order to keep your garden and lawn looking beautiful all year long.

Browning grass is a tell-tale sign that grubs are in the lawn

lawn grubs causing brown patches in your lawn

#Natural Predators

Lawn grubs have a ton of natural predators, which would love to take care of the problem for you. However, some predators such as raccoons, skunks, and moles will only bring more chaos to your garden and lawn, which is certainly something we don’t want. On the bright side, you can encourage birds like chickadees, chickens, blue jays, robins, and magpies which find lawn grubs delicious and will cause minimal damage to your lawn. There are plants that can attract all kinds of birds, even hummingbirds, so invest in plants that can attract birds.

You can attract birds like chickadees, chickens, blue jays, robins, and magpies

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#Avoid Moisture

Lawn grubs thrive in moisture, so a quick and easy method to limit a grub population that’s nesting in your lawn is to limit their water supply. This means that your lawn will have to receive an artificial drought. Sometimes this isn’t possible however, especially if the grubs are in your veggie garden or in flower beds. However, if you have a lawn that can go dormant for a summer and then recover once you start watering it again, it’s going to take care of your grub problem.

Lawn grubs thrive in moisture

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Nematodes are a great way of natural pest control. They can not only rid you of termites, but lawn grubs as well. Nematodes are little, microscopic eel worms that swim in the soil’s moisture. There are different types of nematodes, and they are host-specific, so they only go after the pest you want them to. And the part about them is that they are wildlife, pet and human friendly! Keep in mind they need moisture to travel further, and the temperature mustn’t be too cold or too dry, or they will die.

Nematodes are a great way of natural pest control

lawn of green grass

#Neem Oil

Neem oil is great for getting rid of gnats, as well as grubs. Another eco-friendly way to control the pests in your backyard. Neem oil has been used for centuries in India, and it has strong medicinal and pesticidal properties. This oil is great pest control as it deters the grub from laying more eggs. You can make your very own neem oil repellent with some oil and water and spray it on the grub infestation. Make sure to have protective gear on as it can stain.

Neem oil has been used for centuries in India

neem tree for neem oil

#Aеrate The Lawn

Aerating your lawn can have a ton of benefits. One of them is to make it a lot less attractive for the lawn grubs. Aerating your lawn means to make small holes into the soil which lets the air, water and other nutrients reach the roots. If your soil is too dense, thatched and compacted it will provide a great shelter for these pests, so by aerating it you will make it harder for them to thrive.

Aerating your lawn can have a ton of benefits

aerating lawn rubber boot stepping on fork

These were the best methods when it comes to getting rid of lawn grubs. We hope you found this article useful. Now your lawn will be looking beautiful and fresh.

Enjoy a beautiful lawn

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