How to Actually Feed Your Pregnant Cat: Complete Guide

by Maria Konou

If your cat is pregnant, you absolutely need this guide. The diet of a pregnant cat is crucial for the healthy fetal development of her kittens. It is very important to properly feed a pregnant cat to avoid putting her health at risk before, during and after delivery. That is why, in this guide, we will give you all the information you need on this journey! First, we will go through the basic information and the most common questions. The at the end of the guide, you will find the complete schedule for feeding your pregnant cat. We suggest screenshotting all the steps and tips, so you can look back at them whenever you need. That way, you can track your cat’s health and her needs throughout the different stages of the pregnancy. So, without further ado, here is our ultimate guide for how to actually feed your pregnant cat:

The diet of your pregnant cat is crucial for the healthy development of the kittens

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So, let’s see how to actually feed your pregnant cat

how to feed a pregnant cat

How to Feed Your Pregnant Cat: Complete Guide

The Basics

A pregnant cat should be fed a protein-rich diet. In addition to maintaining her health, the body must receive the necessary nutrients for the kittens to develop properly. Nutritionally, this means you need to feed your cat more calories to allow her body to produce more energy. However, this caloric intake must consist of essential nutrients. It is not a good idea to feed a pregnant cat excess carbohydrates. They will basically produce sugar, not the nutrients she and her kittens need.

A healthy diet is a must for your pregnant cat

how often to feed pregnant cat

These extra calories should come mainly from animal protein sources like:

  • beef
  • chicken
  • offal
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • dairy

You should also increase your cat’s daily calcium intake, as this mineral is vital for fetal development. Unlike pregnant dogs, pregnant cats have difficulty maintaining a body fat percentage of around 25%. This is the level that allows the production of breast milk with sufficient nutrients. Therefore, while pregnant, her diet should be richer in healthy fats to prepare her for lactation. One of the best healthy diets for cats is actually the raw food diet.

The raw food diet contains a lot of good protein sources

how many times to feed a pregnant cat

These foods include raw meat, eggs, and organs

how to feed pregnant cat

What is the best way to feed a pregnant cat?

The safest and easiest way to meet your cat’s nutritional needs is to offer her kitten food. These balanced cat foods contain the right ratio of all the essential nutrients for a pregnant cat and her kittens. Moreover, there will be no risk to the babies if they eat from their mother’s bowl. This is essential during the weaning period, when kittens are preparing to give up their mother’s milk and eat solid food. But, let’s leave that for later.

One of the easiest ways to feed a pregnant cat is with kitten food

what should i feed a pregnant cat

If you decide to feed a pregnant cat kitten food, be sure to always choose one of excellent quality. Premium cat food contains high quality and easily digestible dehydrated meats that are well absorbed by the body. On the other hand, low-quality cat food is harmful to pets, especially kittens and pregnant cats. Most of them are low in animal protein and high in grains such as corn, rice or soy, which can lead to poor nutrition and many stomach problems such as excess gas.

Make sure to choose food of premium quality for your pregnant cat

what is the best food to feed a pregnant cat

How much should a pregnant cat eat?

Your cat’s appetite increases during pregnancy to meet the body’s nutritional needs. After giving birth, you will probably notice that her appetite gradually decreases until it eventually returns to normal. Therefore, you should put some tricks into practice to feed your pregnant cat. She needs to have cat food available throughout the day, so she can eat whenever he wants. Regular veterinary check-ups will be essential to control the cat’s weight gain. It is also essential to check the adequate growth of the kittens that are in the pregnant cat’s belly.

Here is how much wet food to feed your pregnant cat every day

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Body weight of a pregnant cat

It is essential to control the weight of your cat throughout pregnancy. In addition, it is also important that the female has a healthy weight even before becoming pregnant. Malnutrition and excess weight can lead to many complications during pregnancy and during delivery. Therefore, you should feed your cat a balanced diet throughout her life. In addition, it is extremely important to provide adequate preventative medicine, regardless of your cat’s age or breed. This is because various diseases and malformations can be caused by conditions that cats transmit to their kittens. As for your cat’s health, you should monitor the vaccination schedule and deworming calendar and take her to the vet for a checkup every six months.

Take your cat to the vet more often when she is pregnant 

how much wet food to feed pregnant cat

Complete Schedule for Feeding Your Pregnant Cat

  1. A pregnant cat’s food intake will gradually increase from the day of mating right up to the time of delivery. By the end of her pregnancy, the cat will have eaten about 50% more than her usual amount of food (although sometimes pregnant cats need twice as much food). Fortunately, feeding pregnant cats is relatively easy. When you provide them with enough food, they usually show their own judgment and eat only as much as their body needs without ingesting excess amounts of food.
  2. Start feeding your pregnant cat kitten food from the beginning of the fourth week of pregnancy, as kittens need extra nutrients in the early stages of development.
  3. Consider your cat’s preferences when choosing what kitten food to feed her. If she prefers wet food, keep in mind that it contains fewer calories than dry food. Try mixing the two types of food to provide your cat with the extra energy it needs. Always provide plenty of fresh water to keep your cat from becoming dehydrated – especially if she prefers dry food.
  4. Switch to the new food slowly to allow the cat’s stomach to get used to the new diet. Add the new food gradually over 7–10 days to her usual diet until you have replaced her old food with the new. This approach to feeding pregnant cats will make the change as painless as possible for them.
  5. Give the mother smaller portions throughout the day to maintain her energy levels. If possible, try to provide her with available food throughout the day by leaving her dry food and large amounts of fresh water. Kittens will begin their development after the ninth week of pregnancy, so the amount of food the cat takes should begin to increase from this point and gradually increase until the kittens are weaned from nursing.
  6. You may notice your cat gaining weight once it starts to eat more abundantly. This weight gain is partly due to the fatty tissues she accumulates to use as a reserve energy source during nursing. Such weight gain is perfectly normal, and the cat should shed the excess weight during the nursing period, which lasts between three and four weeks.
  7. Do not worry if your cat loses part of its appetite towards the end of pregnancy. This is a common symptom that labor is approaching. Even if your cat is fussy about eating, don’t stop giving her food and water so that she can be sustained if she gets hungry during this period, too.
  8. The diet of pregnant cats is important during all stages of pregnancy. Consult your veterinarian if you notice a decrease in your cat’s appetite or if it begins to lose weight.

Now you know how to actually feed your pregnant cat 

how often to feed a pregnant cat

Now you know how to feed your pregnant cat and support her needs during pregnancy. Remember to be mindful of her needs and take her for regular check-ups at the veterinary clinic. Every cat is different, so you need to find the best approach for your cat. And don’t forget to give her a lot of love and cuddles!

Now you know how to take care of your pregnant cat!

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