Fur-Free Home: 7 Effective Methods for Tackling Pet Hair

by Maria Konou

Everyone loves their pet with all their heart, but let’s be honest, no one likes the hair their pet leaves around. Sometimes it feels like no matter how much you clean, there are always tons and tons of fur lying around on the clothes and furniture. This can become even bigger of a struggle if you have kids in the home or several pets that shed. Lucky for you, we are here to help you tackle this problem. In order to keep your home fur-free, there are several things you can try. In this article, we will explore the most effective methods for tackling pet hair and keeping your home clean and tidy no matter what:

Explore the most effective methods for tackling pet hair

managing pet hair

Fur-Free Home: 7 Effective Methods for Tackling Pet Hair

#Brush Your Pet Diligently

This might be the most obvious tip on our list, but we have to mention it. Every time you do not brush your dog or cat, all the shedding will be on your bed, couch, clothes, and blankets. That is why brushing your pet diligently is a must, especially if they have longer fur. This will not only benefit your pet, but also the condition of your home. In order to choose the best brush for your pet, you need to consult with a groomer or a vet. The same goes for the frequency of brushing, as some animals can go without it for days, while others need special care and attention every day!

Brush your pet’s fur diligently, especially during shedding season

how to get rid of pet hair on clothes

#Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Sure, your old vacuum cleaner probably does the job, but have you ever thought about investing in a vacuum cleaner, designed for pets? These options are way better at handling pet hair, and keeping your home fur-free. You can also look into a robot pet hair vacuums, which are especially helpful during the shedding season. If you don’t want to clean manually every single day, these robots can be a true lifesaver.

A good-quality vacuum cleaner designed to handle pet hair is a must

how to get rid of pet hair in the air

#Cover The Furniture

If there is one thing we know about pets, is that they love sitting on the couch. If your furry friend has a specific spot or a piece of furniture that they tend to gravitate to, make sure to cover it! If you place a blanket on top or a slipcover. This will protect your furniture, while still keeping in mind your pet. Keeping your furniture covered most of the time, will significantly limit the amount of pet hair you find on them.

Covering your furniture will help limit the amount of pet fur

how to get rid of pet hair tips

#Frequently Change Air Filters

A lot of your pet’s hair is actually floating around in the air. That is why you can notice little pieces of fur even right after you have cleaned the area. A solution to that would be to change your air filters more often. Make sure to wash and change them at least once every couple of months (2-3 depending on your situation). In addition, you can also get an air purifier to improve the quality of the air and remove little particles.

Changing your air filters regularly is crucial for clean air and less pet hair

how to get rid of pet hair on couch

#Use Pet Hair Remover Rollers

Lint rollers are somewhat similar to pet hair remover rollers, although they are deigned to pick up more hair from more difficult surfaces. If you do not have of these gadgets, you are missing out. They are great for when you are in a hurry and want to quickly get rid of fur on your clothes. Or maybe guests are coming over, and you need to quickly take care of the couch? Whatever it is, a pet hair lint roller is a must for getting rid of fur quickly!

Rollers are a great solution to the fur problem, especially if you are in a hurry

how to reduce pet hair

#Dry Laundry Before Washing

Here is one hack that works especially great for your bedsheets. If your pet loves to snuggle with you, chances are you have pet hair all over the covers. So, grab all of the laundry and put it in the dryer for a 10-minute no-heat cycle. This will actually help loosen up the hairs, and a lot of them will be collected in the lint trap. Then you can just take them out, shake them to remove any leftover fur, and pop them in the washing machine. This will also help protect your washing machine, since the fur won’t get stuck in the drain pump.

This hack can help remove fur from your laundry before washing 

how to prevent pet hair from sticking to clothes

#Use Microfiber to Clean

Microfiber is the best option for picking up your pet’s hair, as well as dust and bacteria. So, make sure to mop your home with a microfiber cloth for the best results. When you are done, you can just throw the cloth in the washing machine, and let it do the job. However, remember that when washing microfiber, so not use fabric softener. This will actually affect the power off and the grip of the material!

Microfiber is the best option for catching and cleaning pet hair 

how to control pet hair in home

Now you know which are the best methods for tackling pet hair!

how to get rid of pet hair in house

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