From Stark To Lannister: 24 Epic Game of Thrones Tattoo Designs

by John Griffith

Hello, fellow ‘Game of Thrones’ fans! Like many of you, I’ve been enthralled by the epic tales of Westeros, from the icy North to the sun-soaked shores of Dorne. While the series may have ended, its legacy lives on, especially in the form of art. And what’s a more permanent tribute than a tattoo? Today, I’m here to share with you some of the coolest ‘Game of Thrones’ tattoo designs, each capturing the essence of this iconic series.

Step into the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ with these tattoos

Game of Thrones Tattoo Designs

I’m still just as obsessed with this epic saga as you probably are. From the moment I watched the first episode, I was hooked – the intricate plot, the complex characters, and, of course, the dragons! It’s not just a TV series. It’s a rich tapestry of stories that has captivated millions. And what better way to celebrate our love for ‘Game of Thrones’ than by etching it into our skin? Let’s check out some spectacular ‘Game of Thrones’ tattoo designs. Each are a tribute to the incredible world George R.R. Martin created and the TV series that brought it to life.

Dive into the realm of ‘Game of Thrones’ with these stunning tattoo designs

Jon Snow and Ghost

The bond between Jon Snow and his direwolf, Ghost, is legendary. Imagine this duo on your arm in a unique blackwork style – not hyperrealistic, but artistically capturing their spirit and companionship. This design stands as a testament to loyalty and resilience.

Embrace the bond of Jon Snow and Ghost

Stylized dragon

Dragons are synonymous with ‘Game of Thrones.’ A stylized black dragon, wings spread in majestic flight, makes for a striking tattoo. It’s a symbol of power and freedom, embodying the untamed spirit of these mythical creatures.

Showcase the power and freedom of dragons with a striking stylized dragon tattoo

Fire-breathing dragon

For a more dramatic flair, a small black dragon with a burst of red flame brings a touch of fierceness to your skin. It’s a compact yet impactful design, perfect for those who want a blend of subtlety and fantasy.

A small, impactful dragon tattoo

Daenerys and Drogon

Revisit the moment Daenerys becomes the Mother of Dragons with a stylized tattoo of her and Drogon at his hatching. It’s a design that speaks of beginnings, change, and the strength of a queen.

Celebrate Daenerys’ transformation into the Mother of Dragons

The Young Wolf

Robb Stark, the Young Wolf, with a wolf’s head and arrows piercing him, symbolizes the tragic hero of the North. This tattoo pays homage to his bravery and the consequences of war.

Pay tribute to Robb Stark

“Winter is coming”

The Stark motto, “Winter is Coming,” with a sword piercing through the words, is not just a warning but a philosophy. This tattoo encapsulates the essence of House Stark – vigilance, honor, and preparedness.

Embody the Stark motto and philosophy

Valar Morghulis

Arya Stark’s journey is captured in a design featuring her sword “Needle,” the Braavosi coin, and the phrase “Valar Morghulis.” It’s a tribute to her transformation and the inevitability of death.

Capture Arya Stark’s journey with this tattoo

Realistic back piece

A grand back piece featuring Jon Snow, Daenerys, the Iron Throne, the Night King, Arya, and other iconic symbols is a canvas telling the story of ‘Game of Thrones.’ It’s an intricate, detailed homage to the series.

An intricate back piece tattoo

Hand of the King Pin

The Hand of the King pin symbolizes authority and the burden of leadership. A tattoo of this iconic pin serves as a reminder of the heavy responsibilities that come with power.

Represent power and duty with this tattoo

The Iron Throne

An artistic rendition of the Iron Throne with a woman lying on it represents not just the seat of power but also its seductive and dangerous nature. This tattoo is a statement about ambition and its costs.

An artistic rendition of the Iron Throne


Three dragons flying in a circle of fire with the word “Dracarys” is a powerful representation of Daenerys’ command and her dragons’ might. It’s a design that speaks of destruction and awe.

Bring Daenerys’ command to life with this tattoo

“Fear cuts deeper than swords”

This quote, accompanied by a sword and a swirling blue background, is not just a piece of advice from Syrio Forel to Arya but a life lesson. This colorful tattoo reminds us of the power of fear and courage.

A colorful tattoo with an impactful quote

Tyrion tribute

A tribute to Tyrion Lannister, this tattoo features a Lannister glass, a lion, flowers, the Hand of the King pin, and wine, along with his famous quote, “I drink and I know things.” It’s a nod to his wit and complexities.

Celebrate Tyrion Lannister’s wit and complexity

Stark wolf

The Stark banner wolf is a symbol of the North’s strength and loyalty. A tattoo of this wolf represents a deep connection to the Stark family values and their enduring legacy.

Show loyalty to House Stark with this tattoo

Valyrian steel dagger

The Valyrian steel dagger breaking through ice, accompanied by the quote “Not today,” symbolizes survival and defiance. It’s a powerful design, resonating with themes of courage and fighting against all odds.

Symbolize survival and defiance with a tattoo of the Valyrian steel dagger

Three-eyed raven

A tattoo of the three-eyed raven with a face in its wings is a mystical and intriguing design. It represents vision, knowledge, and the intertwining of past, present, and future.

Explore mystical themes with a tattoo of the three-eyed raven

Tarot card khaleesi

Daenerys as the Empress tarot card, complete with dragon wings, symbolizes her power, femininity, and destiny. It’s a unique design that combines elements of fantasy and divination.

Combine fantasy and divination with this unique tattoo

“Not today”

The phrase “Not today” with a sword and a split Valar Morghulis coin is a stark reminder of the dance with death and the choices that define us. It encapsulates the spirit of defiance against fate.

Defy fate with a tattoo featuring the quote ‘not today’

Weirwood tree

A Weirwood tree with a three-eyed raven symbolizes the ancient magic and the deep-rooted history of Westeros. It’s a tattoo that speaks of the old gods and the mysteries of the North.

Connect with the ancient magic of Westeros through a Weirwood tree tattoo

“Hold the door”

A poignant tribute to Hodor, this tattoo features a door with the quote “Hold the door.” It’s a heartbreaking reminder of sacrifice and loyalty.

Commemorate Hodor’s sacrifice with a poignant tattoo of a door

Jaime Lannister tribute

An outline of Jaime Lannister with the words “The things we do for love” captures his complex character arc. It’s a design that reflects on love, honor, and redemption.

Reflect on Jaime Lannister’s complex journey with an outline tattoo

Cersei Lannister

A stylized drawing of Cersei with a lion on her head and a glass of wine captures her cunning, strength, and the burdens she bears. It’s a tribute to one of the most powerful female characters in the series.

Celebrate Cersei’s cunning and strength with a stylized tattoo

Realistic Khal Drogo

A realistic portrait of Khal Drogo is for those who want to carry a piece of their favorite character. It’s a homage to his fierce spirit and the love story that changed Daenerys forever.

Immortalize your favorite character with a realistic portrait tattoo

Wolf vs Drogon

A tattoo featuring half a wolf head and half Drogon’s head symbolizes the clash of Stark and Targaryen, two powerful houses with intertwined fates.

Symbolize the clash of Stark and Targaryen with this tattoo

There you have it – a journey through the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ tattoos. Each design is a piece of the series we cherished, a memory etched in ink. From the North’s icy winds to the fiery breath of dragons, these tattoos allow us to carry a piece of that magic with us. Whether you’re a Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, or just a fan of the series, these tattoos are a way to keep the saga alive, long after the final credits have rolled.

Carry the magic of ‘Game of Thrones’ with you through these tattoos

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