Friendliest Dog Breeds: Find The Perfect Dog For You

by John Griffith

Frederick the Great of Prussia once said “dog is man’s best friend.” And since then truer words have never been spoken. These lovable fluff balls fill up our days with laughter and joy. Just like humans every dog has its own unique personality and characteristics. While dogs are generally friendly animals, there are some breeds whose personalities tend to be more sociable than others. So, if you’re searching for which are the friendliest dog breeds, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look.

Dog is man’s best friend

dog very happy on the beach

The Friendliest Dog Breeds

These people pleasers are just some of the friendliest dog breeds. Every dog can be happy, sociable, and loving, as long as you raise it to be. It’s just that for some this comes more naturally. Some are more energetic, while some are less. It’s important to find a dog that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Happy dog = happy human

dogs heads showing from frame happy

Golden Retriever

One of the best picks if you are searching for a family dog. This lovable goofball is maybe one of the most friendly dogs on the planet. These dogs tend to be very outgoing and happy. And they are huge people pleasers, making them much easier to train. They are great around kids, other dogs and in social settings in general.

Golden Retrievers are lovable goofballs 

friendliest dog breeds golden retriver sticking its tongue out smiling


This breed loves to be around people. Beagles are naturally social and love doing various activities. If you want a sociable dog which can come on long walks with you and be always in the mood to fetch, then a beagle is the way to go. Beagles are also comfortable around people, other dogs and small children.

Beagles are great around children 

happy beagles laying down with tongue out

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis are herding dogs. They were originally bred to help farmers with the stock, act as a guard dog and be a companion. Which will explain why they love spending time with their humans. Corgis are super affectionate and love to spend time with their families. They also have a ton of energy, so if you’re also very energetic, a corgi is the way to go.

Corgi’s have a lot of energy 

friendly dogs pembroke welsh corgi smiling

Labrador Retriever

This breed is gentle, cheerful, and loving. Labrador retrievers were originally bred to be companions. So, they love hanging around people. Labs are famous with how well they socialize with pretty much anybody. They do have a high energy level, however, and need plenty of playtime and exercise to keep them in shape.

There are brown, black, and blonde Labrador Retrievers 

sociable dog breeds labrador retriever gold smiling


Boxers are big babies. They love attentions and are super affectionate. Boxers are packed with positive energy. These dogs are super smart and loyal, they also do great with children. Even though they tend to be big goofballs, boxers are also excellent watchdogs. They know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to work. Like many of the other breeds on the list, boxer also need a lot of playtime and exercise as they have a ton of energy.

Boxers are packed with positive energy

boxer dog in grass with open mouth happy

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you are looking for a smaller, but sweet dog, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is for you. They are very gentle dogs and are very eager to please. As they are people pleasers and very smart, they are on the easier side when it comes to training. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a generally happy dog, especially when they are hanging out with their owners.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are people pleasers and very smart

cavalier king charles spaniel dog looking up and smiling

Border Collie

The most famous of all collies has to be Lassie. Just like they were framed on screen, this breed is super friendly and sociable. They do amazing with kids, so they are a great choice for a family dog. They are active dogs, so if you are a very active person as well, a border collie will fit in perfectly into the family.

Border Collies are active dogs 

brown border collie jumping happily on the beach


While the size of this dog may be intimidating to some, the Newfoundland is a gentle giant. They are very sweet, calm, and patient. Some people refer to this dog as a “nanny dog” because it is great around children. Newfoundland’s are very smart dogs, and they are super sociable. If you don’t have a ton of time for exercise, this is the dog for you. While they still need play time, this breed isn’t too high-energy.

The Newfoundland is a gentle giant 

figo a brown newfoundlanddog 2yrs

These were some of the friendliest dog breeds on the planet. Dogs are incredible. The more time, affection, and love you give them, they return it tenfold. So, make sure you take care of your fluffy friend by giving them the proper exercise, the proper dog food, and the proper care.

Dogs are incredible 

brown labrador retriever licking its nose close up

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